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How Long Is Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Book

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Behind the Scenes of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
  • The story of Lupins connection to the Shrieking Shack and Whomping Willow is omitted.
  • In the novel, Snape appears in the Shrieking Shack after pulling off the Invisibility Cloak, but in the film, as the trio didnt bring the cloak with them, Snape appears visible and is seen when he disarms Sirius.
  • Also, in the film, Snape disarms Sirius since Lupin passed his wand to him when Sirius was so wanting to kill Pettigrew. In the novel, Lupin never gave his wand to Sirius, so Snape never disarms the latter.

Infiltration Of The Ministry

  • A scene is added showing Death Eaters stopping and searching the Hogwarts Express. Their intentions are left ambiguous until explained by Xenophilius Lovegood much later in the film.
  • Cho Chang, Katie Bell, and Cormac McLaggen are all seen on the Hogwarts Express, even though they should have graduated the previous year. However, a possible explanation to all this is that Katie was to return to make up for all the time she spent in St Mungo’s and McLaggen failing all his studies due to thinking up Quidditch plans or had to repeat a previous year. Another explanation would be that they had left the school due to Dumbledore’s death prior to taking their N.E.W.T.S. With regards to Katie, she is implied to be in Harry’s year in the films anyway seeing as she is shown to be in his Potions class in the sixth film.
  • The events of the new school year at Hogwarts, including the re-forming of Dumbledore’s Army and Snape’s position as Headmaster have been largely omitted, except for an announcement about the latter, and a scene where Harry observes Snape with the and finds him in the Headmaster’s office.
  • Lupin is not present at Grimmauld Place, and the large argument between him and Harry about the former’s son is omitted.

Hermione teaching Ron how to play the piano

Dobby explaining to Harry how he met and helped Kreacher catch Mundungus

Book : Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter and the Deathly HallowsBy J.K. RowlingPublisher: Arthur A. Levine Books784 pages$34.99

When it hit the shelves: July 21, 2007

What happens in the book: The seventh and final installment in the Harry Potter series opens with a dark scene at the Malfoys’, where Voldemort is awaiting Snape’s report on Harry’s whereabouts. The Dark Lord is back in power, and his reach threatens even those in the Muggle world at No. 4 Privet Drive, Harry convinces his aunt and uncle to go into hiding. As the family departs, Dudley thanks Harry for saving his life. The Order of Phoenix arrives to escort Harry to safety, but they are attacked by Death Eaters. Harry, Hermione and Ron apparate to the Burrow, home of the Weasleys.

While the Weasleys prepare for Bill and Fleur Delacour’s wedding, Harry, Ron and Hermione strategize ways to destroy the five remaining Horcruxes. To their surprise, they discover that Dumbledore, the beloved headmaster of Hogwarts, has left them items in his will: Hermione, a children’s book Ron, a Deluminator and Harry, Gryffindor’s sword and a Golden Snitch. Bill and Fleur’s wedding reception is ambushed by Death Eaters, and Harry, Ron and Hermione barely escape. They start on their quest to find the first Horcrux on their list, Salazar Slytherin’s locket, and steal the Gryffindor sword from the Ministry of Magic. They find out the sword is a fake, but they manage to steal the locket from Dolores Umbridge.

The Players:

The Magic Gadgets:

 Miral Sattar

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The Lord Of The Rings By J R R Tolkien

A notoriously slow writer, it took J. R. R Tolkien to finish his book, The Hobbit. However, the success of The Hobbit prompted the publisher to request a sequel from Tolkien, which he began writing at age 45. This story, The Lord of the Rings, wasnt published until Tolkien was 63 years old. The reason for the slow progress was the fact that he still had a full-time academic position. He also abandoned the book for most of 1943 before continuing progress the next year. Even after completing the novel Tolkien continued with revisions before eventually ending up with more than 9250 pages of manuscripts. Issues with publishers further delayed the eventual publishing of the book, which at that point had been split into three parts, until years later.

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How Long Would It Take To Watch All The Harry Potter Movies

Finally The New Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows 15th ...

As highlighted by Mashable, all eight instalments make up a collective runtime of 1,178 minutes.

Le Bal des Folles | Official Trailer

So, if were looking at how many hours that is, its just under 20.

Taking that into consideration, its worth splitting your Harry Potter marathon into two days rather than tackling it in one youre sure to fall asleep around The Half-Blood Prince!

Interestingly, the wonderful Prince Charles Cinema in London actually had a back-to-back Harry Potter marathon planned for May 30th 2020, but due to the current circumstances, the cinema is currently closed.

However, to give you an idea of what watching all eight films in a row looks like, the event was scheduled to begin at 8.30 pm on the 30th and end at 5.25 pm on May 31st.

It would take a strong spell to keep us awake for that one

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Rowling On Finishing The Book

Deathly HallowsBalmoral Hotel

Rowling completed the book while staying at the Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh in January 2007, and left a signed statement on a marble bust of Hermes in her room which read: “J. K. Rowling finished writing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in this room on 11 January 2007”. In a statement on her website, she said, “I’ve never felt such a mixture of extreme emotions in my life, never dreamed I could feel simultaneously heartbroken and euphoric.” She compared her mixed feelings to those expressed by Charles Dickens in the preface of the 1850 edition of David Copperfield, “a two-years’ imaginative task”. “To which,” she added, “I can only sigh, try seventeen years, Charles”. She ended her message by saying “Deathly Hallows is my favourite, and that is the most wonderful way to finish the series”.

Background To The Series

The books concern the adventures of Harry Potter at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and his struggle against the evil villain of the books, Lord Voldemort. Harry is aided in this by his school friends, notably Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, and by various adults including the school’s headmaster Albus Dumbledore. Harry, by accident of birth and a prophecy foretelling his importance, has become the centre of all attention by both sides in the long running war between Dumbledore’s Order of the Phoenix and Ministry of Magic on one side, and Voldemort’s Death Eaters on the other.

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Chapter : A Place To Hide

Where else is there? We can hardly book rooms at the Leaky Cauldron, can we? And Grimmauld Place is out if Snape can get in there… I suppose we could try my parentsâ house, though I think thereâs a chance they might check there…
â Hermione, to Ron

The trio Apparate to Tottenham Court Road

Harry, Ron, and Hermione flee the wedding, first arriving on Tottenham Court Road in Muggle London. There, they quickly make for a to settle down and decide their next course of action. Though they think themselves safe for the moment, two Death Eaters suddenly locate them, almost immediately upon their arrival, and attack them. Harry, Ron, and Hermione manage to defeat the Death Eaters, but thinking themselves in danger in public, flee to 12 Grimmauld Place, former Order headquarters, where they hide. Although there was some debate whether Snape could get in, with reinforcement Death Eaters, but their fears were soon realised to be untrue as they reach the dilapidated house.

Harry Potter: The Prequel

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows book release

Harry Potter: The Prequel is a short story that is 800 words long, written by J. K. Rowling for a charity auction in 2008. The story follows an adventure of Sirius Black and James Potter as they encounter a muggle Police officer.

The short story gained 4.19/5 on Goodreads from 17,527 ratings and has 1,155 reviews, with 92% of people liking it. 52% of raters gave it 5 stars the highest % of any rating with 3% giving it a 1 star. The story leaves a lot of questions for fans in a good way. While not a fully-fledged novel, it leaves a lot of people wanting one.

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Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1
UK theatrical release poster
  • 11 November 2010
  • 19 November 2010
Running time

The film stars Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter, with Rupert Grint and Emma Watson, respectively, reprising roles as Harry’s best friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. It is the sequel to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and is followed by the concluding entry, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 .

The story follows Harry Potter, who has been asked by Dumbledore to find and destroy Lord Voldemort‘s secret to immortality the Horcruxes. Filming began on 19 February 2009 and was completed on 12 June 2010 .Part 1 was released in 2D cinemas and IMAX formats worldwide on 19 November 2010. The film received positive reviews with critics praising its performances, cinematography, visual effects and musical score.

In the film’s worldwide opening weekend, Part 1 grossed $330 million, the third-highest in the series, and the highest opening of 2010, as well as the eighth-highest of all time. With a worldwide gross of $977 million, Part 1 is the third-highest-grossing film of 2010, behind Toy Story 3 and Alice in Wonderland, and the third-highest-grossing Harry Potter film in terms of worldwide totals, behind Deathly Hallows Part 2 and Philosopher’s Stone . Additionally, it received two nominations at the 83rdAcademy Awards: Best Art Direction and Best Visual Effects.

Chapter 1: The Silver Doe

Ron Weasley: “Iâm sorry, Iâm sorry I left. I know I was a â a â
Harry Potter: “Youâve sort of made up for it tonight. Getting the sword. Finishing off the Horcrux. Saving my life.
Ron Weasley: “That makes me sound a lot cooler than I was.
Harry Potter: “Stuff like that always sounds cooler than it really was. Iâve been trying to tell you that for years.
â Harry and Ron, after destroying the locket

The silver doe

While Hermione sleeps, Harry resumes the position of keeping watch outside the tent. Not long after a silver doe appears. It is obviously a Patronus, due to the silvery texture and appearance.

The doe leads Harry away from the camp site and to a small, frozen lake, where, at the bottom, lies Godric Gryffindor’s Sword. Harry breaks the ice using Hermione’s wand, strips to his underpants, and attempts to retrieve the sword. Only when he attempts does Salazar Slytherin’s locket sense that the sword is near, it wraps itself so tightly around Harry’s neck that it cuts his flesh, keeps him from getting to the surface for air, and begins to both strangle and drown him. Harry tries to make it back to the surface, but he only kicks himself into the rocky and icy part of the pool. Harry attempts to loosen the locket but his fingers are too frozen. Harry begins to suffocate, and he feels a pair of arms wrap around his chest before passing out.

All’s fair in love and war, and this is a bit of both.
â Ron, to Harry

The Lovegood’s House

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Chapter : The Elder Wand

Why doesn’t it work for me, Severus?
â Voldemort, about the Elder Wand

Voldemort and the Elder Wand

Harry, Hermione, and Ron finally make it to the Shrieking Shack, where Voldemort is waiting out the battle. They discover him talking to Severus Snape, who wishes to participate in the battle to find Harry, but Voldemort’s only concern is that the Elder Wand does not seem to work properly for him. He coldly sets his snake on Snape, believing that the wand cannot serve him while Snape is still alive, as Snape had killed Dumbledore.As he dies, Harry runs out to him, and Snape gives up his memories to Harry, and his last request was to look into Harry’s eyes who has the same eyes as his mother Lily. Voldemort then delivers an ultimatum if Harry does not surrender himself in an hour, he will join the battle, and all in Hogwarts will be destroyed. Returning to the castle, Harry sees the defenders looking for loved ones and counting up the dead, with Lupin and Tonks laying next to Colin Creevey and Fred. After seeing this, Harry makes his way up to Dumbledore’s office to view the memories Snape left him.

Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows (Book

Harry Potter is an orphaned boy brought up by his unkind Muggle aunt and uncle. At the age of eleven, half-giant Rubeus Hagrid informs him that he is actually a wizard and that his parents were murdered by an evil wizard named Lord Voldemort. Voldemort also attempted to kill one-year-old Harry on the same night, but his killing curse mysteriously rebounded and reduced him to a weak and helpless form. Harry became extremely famous in the Wizarding World as a result. Harry begins his first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and learns about magic. During the year, Harry and his friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger become entangled in the mystery of the Philosophers Stone which is being kept within the school.

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Chapter : The Dursleys Departing

I don’t think you’re a waste of space.
â Dudley, to Harry

Dudley thanks his cousin for saving his soul

Harry is beginning to have regrets about not having asked Dumbledore more about his past, but this is soon forgotten as he leaves his home that night. He convinces Petunia, Vernon, and Dudley Dursley that they need to leave as well to avoid being captured by the Death Eaters. Eventually Order of the Phoenix members Dedalus Diggle and Hestia Jones arrive to escort them to an undisclosed location. Before leaving, Dudley admits that he cares about Harry and thanks him for saving his soul during the Dementor attack of 1995, and they shake hands. Petunia burst into tears saying what a gentleman her son was, yet Hestia objected, saying he didn’t really say, “Thank you.” but Harry tells her he was.

The Wizard And The Hopping Pot

This story is about the legacy of an old man who, in his generosity, used his pot to brew magical potions and antidotes for other people when they needed his help. Upon his death, he leaves all his belongings to his only son, who has none of the virtues his father had. After his father’s death, the son finds the pot and a single slipper inside it together with a note from his father that reads, “In the fond hope, my son, that you will never need it”.

Bitter for having nothing left but a pot, the son closes the door on every person who asks for his help. Each time he does so, the pot takes on the symptoms of the ones who ask for help, it starts disturbing the son and prevents him from having any peace of mind. This continues until the son finally gives up and provides aid to the town. Upon doing this, the pot’s ailments are removed one by one and the son’s ordeal finally ends one day when the slipper he received from his father falls out of the pot he puts the slipper on the pot’s foot and the two walk off into the sunset.

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Chapter 2: The Missing Mirror

Nice job, I hope? Pleasant? Easy? Sort of thing you’d expect an unqualified wizard kid to be able to do without overstretching themselves?
â Aberforth, about Dumbledore’s mission

Ariana Dumbledore’s portrait

When they arrive in Hogsmeade, they immediately trigger the Caterwauling Charm placed on the village alerting the Death Eaters to their presence. Harry and friends are cornered by the Death Eaters, but are saved by Aberforth Dumbledore, Albus Dumbledore’s younger brother. Harry also discovers that Aberforth was the one he saw in the mirror at Malfoy Manor. During the ensuing argument, Aberforth urges the trio to flee, but they refuse to give up. Aberforth then tells them the truth about Ariana She had been a witch, but an attack on her by Muggle boys had left her unable to control her natural magical abilities. Percival attacked the Muggles in retaliation. The family kept Ariana and her incurable condition secret to protect her, with Kendra and Aberforth caring for her the most. However, one of Ariana‘s magical outbursts killed Kendra. With Aberforth about to return to school, Dumbledore took over care of Ariana. At this time he was introduced to Gellert Grindelwald. He began to neglect his duties as he was planning his uprising with Grindelwald, for which he was confronted by Aberforth. Grindelwald, Albus, and Aberforth got into a duel, in which Ariana was accidentally killed in the struggle.

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