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What Does Muggle Mean In Harry Potter

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On Birth And Background


“It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be”

No one chooses where theyre born, or what family theyre born into, but some people get stuck in the mindset that this determines who they are. There are people born to parents who arent well-equipped to take care of a child, or people who have an otherwise bad start in life and cant seem to shake themselves out of that hole.

Dumbledore reminds us that what matters is who a person grows to become, and it is possible to become anyone regardless of your circumstances. It’s choices that determine who someone is, and no-one has to feel stuck because of birth.

Did Hermione’s Parents Know She Was A Witch

Mr and Mrs Granger we’re never told their first names were introduced to the wizarding world in much the same way that most Muggles are: they received a letter from Hogwarts, which revealed their daughter to be a Muggle-born witch. According to Hermione, the news came as a surprise, but her parents were supportive.

What Does Muggles Mean

Long before the Harry Potter series used this term to refer to non-magical humans, muggles were, quite simply, joints. A 1931 Time Magazine article details the rising popularity of cannabis and specifically refers to muggles, along with reefers and Mary Warners, as terms used to describe cigarettes filled with ground, dried cannabis. Almost unsurprisingly, J.K. Rowling was not aware of the words history, as she simply chose it because of how silly it sounded.

Example usage for Muggles

If joints were still called Muggles, it would make reading Harry Potter absurd.

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Who Is Muggle Born In Harry Potter

Throughout the Harry Potter series, we get to see several muggle borns, some of them as the main characters.

We already talked about Hermione Granger, born to two muggle parents who work as dentists and support their witch daughter despite that they do not quite understand her world.

Next, there is Harrys mother, Lily J. Potter, born to Mr and Mrs Evans. She also has an older sister, Petunia Evans mentioned above who is a muggle too.

Lily discovered her magical powers early on her childhood after she met Severus Snape, who recognized her as such and told her about the world of magic.

Kendra Dumbledore despite that we do not see Kendra in live-action, she is mentioned throughout the book series. She is the wife of Percival Dumbledore, and mother to Albus, Aberforth, and Ariana Dumbledore.

We do not know much about Kendras family, only that they were all muggles, and Kendra was the only one who showed magical powers.

Edward Ted Tonks the muggle born wizard who went on to marry Andromeda Black, with whom he had a daughter Nymphadora Tonks . There isnt much information about Teds muggle family, aside from the fact that Andromeda was singled out of the family for marrying a muggle-born, as the Blacks are one of the most prejudiced pure-blood families.

Is Snape Good Or Bad

Fangirl Nation and the Magical Moment: Day 0/Day 1 ...

During Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Snape uses his Patronus to lead Harry to the sword of Gryffindor. … After Voldemort killed her, Snape secretly changed sides and agreed to help Dumbledore protect Harry from Voldemort. With all of this, it seems that the answer is clear: Snape is a good person.

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Harry Potter: The Muggles Ranked By Likability

Muggles obviously aren’t the focus of the wizarding world, but these are the major muggle characters, ranked by likability.

Although the characters that make up the majority of the stories within the wizarding world of Harry Potter are actual wizards or witches, there are the occasional human characters that make an appearance. These human characters, referred to in the series as “muggles” or “no-majes,” are as varied as the rest of the cast of characters.

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While it seems like the majority of muggles within the story are not the best that the human race has to offer, they’re all different people with different ideals and motivations. So out of all of the muggle characters within the Harry Potter fictional universe, who is the least or most likable?

Differences Between A Muggle And A Muggle Born

While a muggle has no magic powers whatsoever, not even the slightest ones, a muggle born can be a fully competent witch or wizard if he/she gets the right training or schooling.

What both have in common, a muggle and a muggle born, is that they are both born to muggle parents, people who have no magic powers at all.

While a muggle may come into this world, live and die, without ever being aware of an existing magical world, the wizarding community takes care to notify the muggle parents of a wizard child or their childs magical powers. The wizarding community is obliged to take that muggle born wizard child into the magic school located in that particular country.

Children and grown-up wizards who are forced to suppress their magical powers through psychological or physical abuse, do not turn into muggles but instead into some kind of dark forces called Obscurus which we have explained below in this article.

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Fred & George Weasley

Although many would expect Fred and George to become stand-up comedians, their humor is more within the realm of creation and pranks. Fred and George have flare and charm so they can be both hosts and inventors. Although a Joke Shop is possible in both the Wizarding World and the muggle world, the muggle world would be tamer than what the twins enjoy making.

So, combining all their talents, the twins could run a very successful and brilliant amusement park brimming with their very own inventions.

Did Harry And Hermione Kiss

The Malfoys Were RICH Because of Muggles?! – Harry Potter Explained

No, Harry Potter and Hermione Granger never kiss or sleep with each other, neither in the books nor in any of the movies. … Scene from the Deathly Hallows book, where Ron, after destroying one of Voldemort’s Horcruxes, has a vision of Hermione kissing Harry, thus choosing his best friend over him.

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What Does Your Patronus Say About Your Personality

Its finally here! What youve all been waiting for! MuggleNets comprehensive list of Pottermores Patronuses.

Not only have we provided a list of Patronuses, but we have also included descriptions and how they can relate to your personality.

What does yours say about you?!

Aardvark – The aardvark is a beady-eyed, long-snouted burrowing mammal native to Africa. Fierce and persistent, this critter pursues soldier ants under cover of darkness without the slightest fear. This ferocious, determined little beast would be fearless in the face of a soul-sucking Dementor.

Abraxan Winged Horse – A breed of winged horse, gigantic in size and extremely powerful. They are selective eaters and usually require forceful handling. As a Patronus, they represent power, determination, and a free spirit.

Adder – The common European adder or common European viper is a venomous snake that can be found throughout Europe. Adders are not normally aggressive and tend to only bite when they are threatened in some way.

Albatross – There’s no way a Dementor will mess with you if your Patronus is an albatross. One flap of its 11 ft wingspan is enough to beat even the most determined Dementor flying toward you! Their ability to glide for hours without needing to use any energy means your albatross Patronus will always be ready to fight for you at a moment’s notice. You’ve got yourself a true battle-ready Patronus!

Differences Between A Muggle And A Squib

Both a squib and a muggle have no magic powers, and cannot lift even a feather no matter what magical wand is given into their hands. Yet, while a muggle is also born to non-wizard parents, a squib is an offspring of at least one wizarding parent.

Many in the wizarding world refer to them as wizard-born Muggles, which means they are the opposite of muggle borns.

While squibs are very rare, a large share of the wizarding community looks down on them, and disdains them, particularly those that take pride in being from pure-blood families for centuries, without ever mixing with muggles.

We must note that the magic gene still lives in the blood of squids, so they are capable of producing descendants with magical powers, even if they marry with muggles only, for generations.

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Why Do Some Wizards In Harry Potter Hate Muggle Borns And Mudbloods

When J.K. Rowling wrote the Harry Potter series, she managed to create a magic world that is quite similar to ours. There are the good and the bad guys in both worlds, and there are white supremacists in our world, and pure blood supremacists in their world.

Yes, pure blood supremacists are the equivalent of white supremacists. They look down on muggle borns and call them mudbloods, which is a derogatory term.

They, in fact, throughout the whole Harry Potter series tend to create a magical world without muggle-borns, as they believe they do not deserve to use their magical powers, as they do not have wizard parents.

They believe that wizards and witches who have no muggles or muggle borns in their family trees, were biologically superior to wizards and witches who had done so.

Ironically, their leader the Dark Lord is not a pure blood, as his father Tom Riddle Sr. is a muggle.

The Blacks and Malfoys are some of the bigger supremacist families throughout the Harry Potter series.

The New Hacker’s Dictionaryrate This Definition:

Muggle Wall Harry Potter Harry Potter : forget sign ...
  • muggle

    A non-wizard. Not as disparaging as luser implies vague pity rather than contempt. In the universe of Rowling’s enormously popular children’s series, muggles and wizards inhabit the same modern world, but each group is ignorant of the commonplaces of the others’ existence most muggles are unaware that wizards exist, and wizards are perplexed and fascinated by muggle artifacts.In retrospect it seems completely inevitable that hackers would adopt this metaphor, and in hacker usage it readily forms compounds such as muggle-friendly. Compare luser, mundane, chainik, newbie.

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    Use By Prejudiced Witches And Wizards

    No one asked your opinion, you filthy little Mudblood.

    Bellatrix Lestrange carved the slur into Hermione Granger‘s arm

    Many older wizarding families placed great emphasis on blood purity and rejected association with Muggles and Muggle-borns, both of whom they considered greatly inferior to themselves. The notion was foremost in the minds of Dark Wizards, Death Eaters, and other followers of Lord Voldemort. It is possible that some well-meaning pure-blood families espoused this prejudice as well, but to a less virulent degree. Notably, some pure-bloods, such as members of the Weasley family, rejected these prejudices and were labelled “blood traitors” or “Mudblood-lovers” as a result.

    The term “Mudblood” was generally not used in polite society, as it was considered highly offensive and vulgar, on par with the racial epithets often heard in the Muggle world. When Draco Malfoy called Hermione Granger a Mudblood in 1992, he was nearly attacked by several members of the GryffindorQuidditchteam and was nearly cursed by Ronald Weasley. However, when Voldemort was in control of the Ministry of Magic in 1997, the term became more prevalent, appearing even in the Daily Prophet and Ministry propaganda. This was in line with Death Eater ideology being disseminated to the general public, which claimed that Muggle-borns were not “real” wizards and witches.

    Usage In Harry Potter

    The term Muggle is sometimes used in a pejorative manner in the novels. Since Muggle refers to a person who is a member of the non-magicalcommunity, Muggles are simply ordinary human beings without any magical abilities and almost always with no awareness of the existence of magic. Witches and wizards with non-magical parents are called Muggle-borns. There have also been some children known to have been born to one magical and one non-magical parent. People of this mixed parentage are called half-bloods magical people with any Muggle ancestry on the one side or the other are half-bloods as well. The most prominent Muggle-born in the Harry Potter series is Hermione Granger, who was born to Muggles of undisclosed names. Witches and wizards with all-magical heritage are called pure bloods.

    In the Harry Potter novels, Muggles are often portrayed as foolish, sometimes befuddled characters, who are completely oblivious to the wizarding world that exists in their midst. If, by unfortunate means, Muggles do happen to observe the working of magic, the Ministry of Magic sends Obliviators to cast Memory Charms upon them, causing them to forget the event.

    Some Muggles are aware of the wizarding world. These include Muggle parents of magical children, such as Hermione Granger‘s parents, the Muggle Prime Minister , the Dursley family , and the non-magical spouses of some witches and wizards.

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    Quotes From Harry Potter All Muggles Should Live By

    Wise words from everyone from Hagrid to Dumbledore, these inspiring lines from Harry Potter will help you live your best life.

    The Harry Potter series may be set in a magical world far from anything that exists in reality, but that doesnt mean it doesn’t have real life lessons. Many of us grew up on these books, and J.K. Rowling made sure to instil some moral values into us that wed want to follow for the rest of our lives. She did this by having ethical, brave characters, who would often preach their traits and tell others it was the right way to behave.

    And these characters usually came out triumphant, in the end. The good guys certainly won overall, and we can be inspired by them – and these ten quotes.

    Can A Muggle Turn Into A Wizard

    Every Time Someone Says ‘Muggle’ or ‘Mudblood’

    No, a muggle cannot turn into a wizard. At least there is no reference in the Harry Potter book series, the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child or the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and its spin-offs.

    Aside from having no magical abilities at all, a muggle wouldnt be able to cast a spell if he or she were to receive a magical wand, as the latter work only in the hands of true witches and wizards.

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    When Did Tonks Get Pregnant

    They were married quickly in a quiet ceremony in the summer of 1997, shortly before the Battle of the Seven Potters. Tonks became pregnant by this time, so Remus, fearing that his child would be a werewolf, was initially horrified at the prospect, believing he had put both Tonks and his unborn child in great jeopardy.

    Are Muggles Aware Of Wizards

    Muggles Mr and Mrs Granger with wizard Arthur Weasley in Diagon Alley Some Muggles were aware of the magical world but chose to ignore it, such as Vernon Dursley, who was aware his sister-in-law was a witch but otherwise remained intentionally ignorant of the wizarding world until he was forced to recognise it with the …

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    In Harry Potter Universe Do Wizards Take Up Muggle Jobs

    Actually, muggle jobs as cleaning or cooking are done by elves. The rest of the jobs may be quite similar to those of muggles but are always somehow related to magic.

    We cannot exclude the fact that there may be some wizards and witches who decided to give up on their magical life and went on to work at a muggle post office, a shopping mall, muggle architects or doctors, etc.

    What Is A Muggle

    Pin on Harry Potter

    As explained above, a muggle in the wizarding world of Harry Potter is a person who has no magical powers whatsoever and is born to non-magical parents as well.

    While the word muggle is used in the British wizarding world, in the United States of America its equivalent is No-Maj, which is short for No Magic. Both words muggle and No-Maj have the exact same meaning.

    While even you didnt know before, they are some cards that exist called Harry Potter Cards Against Muggles, that you can play with your friends. Well now you know.

    Many people tend to misunderstand the differences between a muggle, and a muggle born, a squib, and a mudblood. They are all different terms for different types of people in the world of magic

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    What Does The Word Muggle Mean

    The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word muggle as an informal noun, the meaning of which is a person who is not conversant with a particular activity or skill.

    The word derives from the word mug, a British slang, which in the late 70-es and early 80-es of the 20th century was used to describe a foolish or stupid person.

    However, the word muggle, which as many other words that later were adopted to an actual real world meaning and added to the English Dictionary due to the popularity of the Harry Potter books, was invented by the children author Joanne K. Rowling.

    In the wizarding world of Harry Potter, of magic, witches and wizards, the word muggle means a person without magical powers.

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