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What Is Harry Potter’s Patronus

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Best Harry Potter Moments

What Is Voldemorts Patronus? [Harry Potter Theory]

No one can argue the cultural impact that JK Rowlings Harry Potter series has had all over the English-speaking world. Her books are on par with Star Wars when it comes to cultural influence, inspiring film versions, merchandising, a stage play, and even a pair of theme parks. Its no wonder Im a fan of both, lol. So I thought it would be nice to discuss my seven favorite moments in the book series. Some of them are emotional, some of them are just really cool. I explain my reasons why. Feel free to converse in the comments section. Here goes nothing!

#7 The Two Ministers Meet : Up until this point in the series, the reader hasnt really been shown how our world and the wizarding world work together. We are transported to a fantastical place with magical creatures, fun foods and drinks, and quirky characters. However, the world Rowling created exists side-by-side with our own world. So when the Minister of Magic actually calls upon the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to relay information about the Dark Lords return, the result is an eye-opening and humorous scene in which the reader can imagine how most muggles might react to such wonderful and horrific news. Additionally, the meeting of the ministers is one of the only instances in the entire series to jump out of the fantasy and put the reader into a very realistic situation.

The Other Minister Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

The Dueling Club Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

What Is My Patronus Animal

Try to think of your happiest memory.

This is how Harry Potter summoned his Stag. But for us, living in a Muggle world, its not that easy. The Patronus Charm is a defensive spell that produces a silver guardian in the form of an animal. The Patronus guardian will protect a witch or wizard against Dementors. So its crucial to find your true Patronus! So what is your Patronus? Take our Patronus Quiz to find out!

What Is Your Harry Potter Patronus Pottermore

4.5/5Harry Potter’s Patronus

Harry Potter Patronus List. The spell is cast when a person says, “Expecto Patronum,” and for the witches and wizards who can cast it, a silvery-white guardian spews out of the wand taking the form of an animal. A Patronus Charm is adefensive spell used to protect a witch or wizard against Dementors.

Beside above, what is the rarest Patronus on Pottermore? albatross

Moreover, what is your Patronus Pottermore?

The Patronus Charm, introduced in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, is a defensive spell which produces a silver, animal guardian, used to protect a witch or wizard against Dementors. Answer the mysterious questions, and navigate your way through the forest to cast your new Patronus friend.

How do you retake the Patronus quiz on Pottermore?

Once you’ve found your Patronus, you can’t retake the quiz and get one you like better. While there are tons of online quizzes, it’s rare to find one on Pottermore, J.K. Rowling’s official Harry Potter site. Previous quizzes assigned fans to wizarding houses and chose wands for them.

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Why Did Jk Rowling Name Harrys Owl Hedwig

Harry decided to name her Hedwig after an individual he saw mentioned in A History of Magic. In the days before arriving for his first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Harry avoided the Dursleys by staying in his room. Hedwig stayed with him during this time, his only friend at 4 Privet Drive.

And Erm What Exactly Is It

Expecto Patronum! What is your Patronus?

As Professor Lupin told Harry in Prisoner of Azkaban, the Patronus is a kind of Anti-Dementor a guardian which acts as a shield between you and the Dementor. Its also a kind of positive force, a projection of the very things that the Dementor feeds upon hope, happiness, the desire to survive but it cannot feel despair, as real humans can, so the Dementors cant hurt it.

The Patronus has two forms, non-corporeal and corporeal. A non-corporeal Patronus can appear as a thin wisp of silver that hovers like mist. Whereas a corporeal Patronus has a form that is clearly defined and is more than vapour or smoke.

The ability to cast a corporeal or non-corporeal Patronus is down to the skill of the witch or wizard. Each Patronus is unique to the witch or wizard who conjures it, and its possible, in some cases, for a Patronus to change.

Here are the witches and wizards who accomplished it, with some significant Patronus moments from across the stories.

Harry Potter Stag

Harry flung himself out from behind the bush and pulled out his wand.EXPECTO PATRONUM! he yelled.And out of the end of his wand burst, not a shapeless cloud of mist, but a blinding, dazzling, silver animal. He screwed up his eyes, trying to see what it was. It looked like a horse.Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

James Potter StagJames Potters Patronus was the same form as his Animagus.

Albus Dumbledore Phoenix

Nymphadora Tonks Wolf

Minerva McGonagall ;Cat

Severus Snape Doe

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The Harry Potter Patronus Quiz

  • What is harry potters patronus
  • A.&nbsp
  • What is cho chang’s patronus
  • A.&nbsp
  • What is luna lovegoods patronus
  • A.&nbsp
  • What is kingsley shacklebolt’s patronus
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  • What was lucius malfoys patronus
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    • Sample QuestionWhen your two best friends argue, do you pick sides or stay out of it?Support the friend you like better.Support the friend that appeals to you first.Stay out of the fight.

    Accurate Patronus And Animagus Finder

    All-time popular Harry Potter Series has lots of magical elements whether the magical spells, animals, wands, brooms and others. But our favorite is the Patronus Charm! Have you ever thought, What would be your patronus? or Which Harry Potter patronus are you? Wait a minute! Maybe you even have no idea about Patronus Charms! Dont stress out, you can know the fine details about Patronus and animagus in a matter of minutes after taking this Harry Potter Patronus Quiz.

    Patronus is a complex magic which means Spirit Guardian. It is an extremely arduous spell and not everyone can use it. Patronus Charm is used for protection against Dementors and Lethifolds because no other spell or potion works against them. In the Harry Potter Series, there are two types of Patronuses: the first one is known as Incorporeal Patronus which protects its producer but does not have a particular shape and can be observed as a thin thread. On the other hand, Corporeal Patronus releases from the magical wand and turns into an animal to shield its master; it is believed that Corporeal Patronuses are stronger than Incorporeal Patronuses. Find yours by this accurate patronuses quiz.

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    Severus Snape’s Patronus Was Also A Doe Which Symbolized His Love For Lily

    Snape’s doe Patronus reveals his one true motivation throughout Harry’s life: to protect the child of the woman he loved.

    In “Deathly Hallows,” Snape also uses his Patronus to help Harry on his quest to find Voldemort’s horcruxes; a Patronus charm can be used to send messages, and Harry seems to subconsciously recognise the doe as an extension of his mother, allowing him to trust it.

    According to Rowling, Snape was the only Death Eater who could conjure a Patronus charm at all.

    “A Patronus is used against things that the Death Eaters generally generate, or fight alongside,” she wrote in 2007. “They would not need Patronuses.”

    “He was careful not to use the talking Patronus means of communication with ,” she added. “This was not difficult, as his particular job within the Order, ie, as spy, meant that sending a Patronus to any of them might have given away his true allegiance.”

    Ron Weasley: Jack Russell Terrier

    What is Lucius Malfoy’s PATRONUS? – Harry Potter Theory

    In a 2005 interview, Rowling shared that she owns a Jack Russell dog, and that it’s a sentimental choice on her part for it to also be the animal form of Ron’s Patronus.

    Jack Russell Terriers are also considered to be loyal and protective dogs,;traits which are also true of Ron as an individual and in his relationships with his family, Harry, and Hermione.

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    What Is Your True Patronus

    One of the most iconic spells in Harry Potter is Expecto Patronum. When a wizard or witch speaks this incantation, a barrier arises between themselves and their attacker, a dementor that sucks happiness from its victim. If a wizard or witch is especially powerful, their spell creates a Patronus an animal representation of their very soul. Which animal appears depends on the magic-user’s personality, goals, and other qualities. As every Potterhead knows, Harry’s Patronus was a stag, Ron’s was a weasel, and Hermione’s was an otter. Expecto Patronum is a signature spell in the Harry Potter world, and the manifestation is as important to a wizard or witch’s identity as their Hogwarts house. If you want to protect yourself from rogue dementors, you’ll need to learn this spell. This quiz will reveal to you what form your Patronus takes and with it your true essence!

    Quiz WriterKyle

    What Was Jk Rowling’s Inspiration For The Patronus

    While there is no concrete answer, there’s plenty of speculation. J.K Rowling alluded in an interview that the inspiration for the Patronus came from the idea of spirit animals and totems in indigenous religions. Totem comes from the Native American Ojibwe language and refers to the belief that an animal represents the spirit of a clan. Many cultures around the world have similar beliefs, and some historians theorize that spirit animals may be the origin of religion. The practice was adopted into Western popular culture through “spirit animals,” and it’s likely Rowling adapted this when developing her Patronus spell.

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    Ever Watched Harry Potter And Wondered What Animal Your Magical Guardian Would Be Take Our Harry Potter Patronus Quiz And Find Out

    The Patronus Charm is so advanced, even the best witches and wizards find it troublesome. Its so tricksy its not even taught at Hogwarts .

    That means even if youve aced your NEWTs your Charms tutor still might not have mentioned this one.

    So, how will you find out what your Patronus is? Never fear! Even a muggle can discover their Patronus animal with our magical Patronus quiz.

    Answer 10 questions and just a few moments from now youll know the answer to that very important question: whats your Patronus?

    Wands at the ready. Small circles now. Think of a happy memory, the happiest memory. One, two, three EXPECTO PATRONUM!

    What Does Your Patronus Say About Your Personality


    Its finally here! What youve all been waiting for! MuggleNets comprehensive list of Pottermores Patronuses.

    Not only have we provided a list of Patronuses, but we have also included descriptions and how they can relate to your personality.

    What does yours say about you?!

    Aardvark;– The aardvark is a beady-eyed, long-snouted burrowing mammal native to Africa. Fierce and persistent, this critter pursues soldier ants under cover of darkness without the slightest fear. This ferocious, determined little beast would be fearless in the face of a soul-sucking Dementor.

    Abraxan Winged Horse – A breed of winged horse, gigantic in size and extremely powerful. They are selective eaters and usually require forceful handling. As a Patronus, they represent power, determination, and a free spirit.

    Adder – The common European adder or common European viper is a venomous snake that can be found throughout Europe. Adders are not normally aggressive and tend to only bite when they are threatened in some way.

    Albatross – There’s no way a Dementor will mess with you if your Patronus is an albatross. One flap of its 11 ft wingspan is enough to beat even the most determined Dementor flying toward you! Their ability to glide for hours without needing to use any energy means your albatross Patronus will always be ready to fight for you at a moment’s notice. You’ve got yourself a true battle-ready Patronus!

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    Ginny Weasley Casts A Patronus In The Shape Of A Horse

    Ginny’s Patronus is never described in the books, but we see her successfully produce a Patronus in the shape of a horse in the “Order of the Phoenix” film.

    As noted on Pottermore, the shape of Ginny’s Patronus has a small connection to that of her future husband’s. When Harry first sees his corporeal stag Patronus across the lake in “Prisoner of Azkaban,” he thinks it looks like a horse.

    The Deep Origins Of The Patronus In Harry Potter

    The stag is at war with the serpent: it traces out the serpents hole, and draws it forth by the breath of its nostrils, and hence it is that the smell of burnt stags horn has the remarkable power of driving away serpents Pliny the Elder, Natural History, Book VIII

    The incantation for the Patronus charm is expecto patronum which, roughly translated from Latin would mean I am awaiting my benefactor. The charm is introduced as a way to fend off Dementors, the terrible eyeless creatures who thirst for fear and despair, who extinguish all hope and ultimately want to feast on human souls. Harry is particularly susceptible to the suffocating cloud of despair brought on by Dementors because of the deeply-lodged unconscious memory of the night his parents were murdered before his infant eyes. When Dementors draw near, Harry hears his mother pleading with the serpentine Voldemort and screaming her last screams before she sacrifices her own life to save Harry.

    Expecto patronum!

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    Dolores Umbridge Also Produces A Patronus In The Shape Of A Cat

    While Umbridge is an objectively hateful woman, she is also a skilled witch. As Rowling noted on Pottermore, she is one of few Dark Magic enthusiasts who’s capable of producing a Patronus.

    “While there is a widespread and justified belief that a wizard who is not pure of heart cannot produce a successful Patronus… a rare few witches and wizards of questionable morals have succeeded in producing the Charm,” Rowling wrote. “Dolores Umbridge, for example, is able to conjure a cat Patronus to protect herself from Dementors.”

    Discover Your Patronus On Pottermore

    Can Grindelwald Cast a PATRONUS? What Is it? – Harry Potter Theory

    Pottermore is extremely proud to reveal the new Patronus experience. From today, registered users can discover their own unique Patronus for the first time. Yes, really! And its right here.

    The Patronus Charm, introduced in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, is a defensive spell which produces a silver, animal guardian, used to protect a witch or wizard against Dementors. You can find out more about what a Patronus can do here.

    Each Patronus takes the form of a different animal that has a special affinity with the caster in Harrys case, his Patronus is a stag. Hermiones Patronus is an Otter, while Rons is a Jack Russell Terrier.

    Now its time to discover yours. Summon up your happiest memory, and the Patronus experience will take you through a beautiful forest where youll be asked to make a series of choices, based on a set of cryptic prompts written by J.K. Rowling. Your answers will be timed and you can only discover your Patronus once.

    There are many forms that your Patronus could take; it could be a familiar animal or, in rarer cases, a magical creature. Answer the mysterious questions, and navigate your way through the forest to cast your new Patronus friend.

    Once youve become acquainted, youll be able to share your results, read the Patronus Charm writing by J.K. Rowling, or go back and visit your Patronus which you can do at any time here.

    J.K. Rowling also shared the story of discovering her own Patronus today on Twitter:

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    James Potter’s Stag Patronus May Have Been Different When He Was Younger

    Harry’s father’s Patronus was the same as his Animagus a form he adopted at Hogwarts, which earned him the nickname “Prongs.”

    However, Rowling has said that Lily’s Patronus being a doe and James’ Patronus being a stag is not a coincidence.

    “The Patronus often mutates to take the image of the love of one’s life ,” she wrote of the couple in 2007.

    It’s more likely that James’ Patronus morphed to match Lily’s when they fell in love, rather than the other way around; since Snape had known Lily since childhood and his Patronus matched hers, it seems reasonable to assume that Lily’s Patronus had been a doe all along.

    Harry Potter Patronus Quiz

    The Patronus Charm remains the favorite fan in the increasing arsenal Wizarding World magic by J.K. Rowling .

    It is one of the most mysterious, revealing, challenging, and powerful sorts of magic to master. The defense spell takes the form of a white, silvery, animal which is individually suitable for the witch or the magician who casts it.

    It is known to have mastered twenty-two characters in the universe of Harry Potter Here are all the forms of their charms, plus Rowling herself. Also, you will find your Patronus in this Harry Potter Patronus Quiz.

    Patronus, Snapes doe shows his one true motivation throughout his life: protecting the womans kid he loved.

    In Deathly Hallows Snape utilized his patron to help Harry locate the horrors of Voldemort, and he could convey signals using a Patronus charm and Harry would seem to instinctively recognize the doe as his mothers extension, allowing him to believe it.

    The form of the Lupin patron was originally distributed in Pottermore in 2015 and not in books or movies. Instead of a was a wolf, his patron is the ordinary wolf. Furthermore, the distinction is the family-oriented and unaggressive nature of regular wolves.

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