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When Are Harry Potter Vans Coming Out

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What Designs Will Be Available

Vans rolls out Harry Potter line. Here’s what’s trending

As with the official release date, the full Harry Potter Vans designs have yet to be revealed. When fans visit the official Vans website, they are greeted with the following message:

“Vans and HARRY POTTER collaborated to conjure up a magical collection of footwear, apparel, and accessories for witches, wizards, and muggles alike.”

In the background, we can also see the following colour combinations: yellow and burgundy, blue and grey, yellow and black, khaki and black. These combos of course represent each of the Harry Potter houses: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin.

Fans can add their details to the mailing list to get notifications as soon as the line drops.

Behind The Scenes: How Vans Harry Potter And Led Zeppelin Collaborations Came To Be

A look at the new Vans Harry Potter footwear collection, out tomorrow.

Tomorrow, June 7, Vans new collection celebrating the enormous legacy of Harry Potter will be released to the general public. It is the brand’s third massive pop culture release for Vans in 2019, following the launch earlier this year of Led Zeppelin, for the band’s fiftiteh anniversary. and David Bowie shoes.

As was the case with Bowie and Zeppelin lines, which sold out instantly, the Potter launch is a huge deal for the millions of Potter zealots. Alisha Carderella, a die-hard Potter enthusiast who works for a L.A. production company, has already placed her order for her Slytheriun shoes.

“They don’t have a lot of new stuff anymore. So the fact something new is coming out gives another reason to celebrate Harry Potter,” Carderella says. “We kind of grew up with Harry Potter and went through his trials and tribulations with him.”

For her, the marriage of Potter and Vans is a perfect union. “I have two pairs of Vans. Vans are kick ass shoes in general. I go to these crazy Harry Potter events that are like balls and I can dress up and now I can put a cool pair of Vans on and take it to the next level, especially as a Slytherin,” she says. “And they did a great job with the shoes. They get what it means to fan. They got the meaning behind it, they didn’t just slap a logo on there.”

Steve Baltin: How did these relationships come to be and what was Vans looking for in these partnerships?

Vans Is Coming Out With A Harry Potter Collection So You Can Wear The Fandom On Your Feet

Vans is known for its epic collaborations with other pop culture dynamos, such as Disney, Star Wars, David Bowie, Marvel, Hello Kitty, and beyond. But the beloved lifestyle and sneaker brand is taking things to the witches and wizards with its latest partnership. A Vans x Harry Potter collaboration is actually happening and it might leave you wondering why such a magical mash up hasnt happened much sooner. Regardless, its never, ever too late to infuse your wardrobe with some Harry Potter-themed pieces and to display your fandom on your feet.

Vans confirmed the Harry Potter collection on social media but there are no further or concrete details about the actual items, the release date, or the prices. The Instagram and Twitter posts revealing the news featured a spinning graphic with the colors of each of the Hogwarts houses. The caption of the social posts simply read as follows: “Something magical coming soon,” along with a link. When you click the link, it takes you to a landing page where you can sign up for alerts about this much-anticipated and highly coveted range. The message read as follows: “Vans and Harry Potter collaborated to conjure up a magical collection of footwear, apparel, and accessories for witches, wizards, and muggles alike.”

Bustle reached out to Vans PR for further information about this collection.

Vans was being quite coy and “on brand” regarding the details. It only served to further stoke the fires of excitement.

No Parseltongue Is Necessary When Wearing These Snakeskin Slytherin Sneaks

The details on these classic Era Slytherin sneakers look like leathery snakeskin. The shoes have a snake printed on the shoe’s tongue and feature the iconic green and black House colors. Fans of the movie will recognize you as a cunning and ambitious leader, qualities the Sorting Hat deems worthy of the Slytherin House, if you wear these shoes.;

The Countdown To June 27 Is Officially On

When Do The Harry Potter Vans Come Out after Harry Potter ...

A post shared by Pottermore on Apr 8, 2019 at 6:58am PDT

Besides exploring the origins of magic through history and folklore, the e-books will also feature notes, manuscript pages, and charming sketches as previously seen in;Harry Potter: A History of Magic.;The e-books will first be launched in English, French, Italian, and German, and are available to pre-order at;;and;,;Apple,;and;Kobo.

Vans To Launch A Harry Potter Collection

If you didn’t grow up under a rock, then you’re well aware of the Potter phenomenon. You also know that the pandemonium didn’t cease when the last movie of the 8-film installment left the theaters. The success of the prequel Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, should be a huge indication that Harry Potter and the world it represents has undoubtedly made it’s mark on the world. The fans are beyond loyal, which is why it’s still a huge money maker for various companies looking to partner with one of the most successful franchises in history.

The famed sneaker company, Vans, revealing that fans can expect a collab featuring what everyone’s assuming will be at least a Harry Potter sneaker line that will drop fairly soon. BRB… crying.

When And Where To Buy Harry Potter Vans

There is no official release date for the new Harry Potter Vans yet, but the company is preparing their website for when the shoes are available for people to buy.

The Vans website has its own page dedicated to the Harry Potter line, where you can enter your email address for updates. When entering email addresses, fans realized that the background of this page is interactive as well.;If you hover your mouse over each colored squared, the design is altered slightly.

Something WICKED this way comes! has a new line of “Harry Potter” footwear, apparel, and accessories on its way!

MuggleNet: #1 Wizarding World Resource Since 1999

The different colored squares represent each Harry Potter Hogwarts house, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin. For fans, this was easy to spot, especially since the website has them labeled, but some people had a different idea as to what this background meant.

Some believe that the designs on the Harry Potter page on the Vans website represent the designs that will be available for the shoes. With no official announcement, its hard to tell what the shoes will look like, but this doesnt look like a bad guess.

For more information regarding the Harry Potter Vans coming soon, visit the Vans website and sign up for emails. You can also check their website regularly or their social media for new announcements, and well also let you know as soon as we know more.

But That’s Not All: We’re Also Getting New Books

Ever wondered where magic really came from? Introducing the Harry Potter: A Journey Through… non-fiction eBook shorts, adapted from the audiobook Harry Potter: A History of Magic and inspired by the exhibition of the same name.

Pottermore May 24, 2019

Pottermore Publishing recently made the big announcement, and we are still processing this major news tbh. Here’s what they had to say:

“Ever wondered where magic really came from? Introducing the Harry Potter: A Journey Through… non-fiction eBook shorts, adapted from the audiobook Harry Potter: A History of Magic and inspired by the exhibition of the same name.”

This White Sweatshirt Features All Of The House Animals Etched Onto The Sleeve With The Vans Logo Stitched Across The Front

New Harry Potter Vans Collection | Shop with Me!

A badger, snake, lion, and eagle all represent the four houses of Hogwarts. Vans decided to utilize these elements of the film on this stark white sweatshirt. The sweatshirt features all of the house colors as well beneath the sneaker brand’s logo. The Ravenclaw shoes are printed with gray and blue checkerboard and made in the Authentic sneaker style.

Harry Potter Vans: Fans Are Ready For The Release Date Already

Vans announced on Monday that they had something magical in store for Harry Potter fans. The news sparked a lot of excitement, and it seems people are already for their Harry Potter-themed shoes.

Despite all the hype, however, they might have to be a little patient to see what Vans has in store, as the announcement of the Harry Potter-themed gear didnt come with a release date.


Harry Potter X Vans Release Date:

The website confirms that they won’t just be making shoes either, but that they’ve got an entire line of Potter merchandise that’ll be ready to buy very, very soon, “Vans and HARRY POTTER collaborated to conjure up a magical collection of footwear, apparel and accessories for witches, wizards and muggles alike.”

In The Meantime We’ll Be Saving Up Money

Theyre making Harry Potter vans… AKA Im gonna be poor soon

Jackie Willis

Some;HP;devotees are choosing to embrace Vans for the;first time;all because of this forthcoming collection. It’s a savvy marketing move to be sure: If the main objective of Vans is to use;Harry Potter‘s insane worldwide reach to bring in new customers to the brand, they are definitely moving in the right direction. Well played, Vans.

There Is A Vans X Harry Potter Collaboration Coming Soon

When Does The "Harry Potter" Vans Collection Come Out ...

Iconic footwear brand Vans, has teased a collaboration with the wonderful, wizarding world of Harry Potter and we’re ready to Accio the hell out of ’em.

Vans are continuing on their never-ending quest of rinsing us for every last dollar we have. The brand are renowned for their eclectic collaborations with pop culture magnets. Weve seen the iconic footwear brand work their magic on collaborations with Disney, Star Wars,;David Bowie, Hello Kitty and more. Never did we anticipate a collaboration as perfect as this.;The brand has teased a collaboration with the wonderful, wizarding world of Harry Potter.;

Very little has been revealed about the impending drop. Vans confirmed that the collection was coming, but there has been no details about what the apparel will look like, the release date, or the prices. Posts shared on Vans socials feature a spinning graphic with the colours of each of the four Hogwarts houses, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. The caption for the post reads Something magical coming soon.

Whilst its not much to go off, were bricking ourselves with anticipation. Were putting our faith in the magic powers of Vans to create Harry Potter inspired apparel that doesnt look like its fresh out of the Hot Topic clearance bin.

First Look At Hogwarts House

This new collaboration between Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Vans looks like a shoe-in for success with a new Vans x Harry Potter collection coming out soon.

These official Wizarding World-themed shoes take the classic silhouettes of four styles of Vans and give them Hogwarts house makeovers, so whatever house youre in, your feet can now represent.

As you can see, each house is currently represented by a different style of Van Sk8-Hi for Gryffindor, Era for Slytherin, Authentic for Ravenclaw and Classic Slip-On for Hufflepuff, boasting their respective house colours, of course. Look out for the finer details of each Van too: for example, the Slytherin Van is embossed in a snake-skin style as a shout-out to the houses signature animal.

But this is only the beginning of your new Hogwarts look Vans x Harry Potter will soon announce additional footwear styles as well as a selection of further apparel and accessories.

Well keep you posted when the Vans will be available, along with new upcoming styles, so for now – best foot forward!

For more details on the Vans x Harry Potter range, check the official website.

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Vans Harry Potter Collaboration To Showcase The Houses Of Hogwarts

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Costa Mesa-based action sports brand Vans has announced an upcoming collaboration with Warner Bros. Consumer Products thats all but guaranteed to put some magic in your step: a Harry Potter-inspired collection of shoes and apparel.

The footwear assortment consists of four classic Vans sneaker silhouettes, each paired with a different house at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy; Gryffindor gets a scarlet and gold Sk8-Hi, Ravenclaw a blue and silver checkerboard Authentic, Hufflepuff a black Classic Slip-On that depicts that houses badger namesake edged in yellow, and Slytherin a reptile-textured green and black Era.

The shoes exact release date has yet to be announced , but theres apparently more merch for muggles to come. According to Mondays announcement, additional footwear styles as well as mens and womens apparel and accessories will follow.

Were keeping our fingers crossed that theres an official Vans X Harry Potter sorting hat in the mix.

Fans Are Reacting To Leaked Photos Of The New Shoes Which Feature The Four Harry Potter Houses

Sneaker Talk | Harry Potter Vans Are Releasing? (First Impressions)

Vans has released the first look at their Harry Potter collection, with more items to follow. What do you think so far?

Fandom hears the bells May 14, 2019

So far ,the Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw designs follow the colour scheme of each of the houses. Slytherin is green, Gryffindor is red and yellow, Hufflepuff is yellow and black, and Ravenclaw colours are blue and white.

Based on the photo, the Gryffindors appear to be high tops, the Hufflepuffs are slip ons and Slytherin and Ravenclaw are low tops.

The Harry Potter Vans Collection Is Coming And Here’s What The Shoes Look Like

A first look at the upcoming Harry Potter Vans collaboration with Hogwarts-themed designs.

Photos of the highly anticipated Harry Potter Vans collaboration are here and fans of the magical series are sure to be thrilled for the upcoming launch. Harry Potter is only the latest in a growing list of collaborations for the iconic shoe brand who have brought us designs in conjunction with the likes of Supreme, Disney, and even NASA.

Last month, Vans teased the upcoming Harry Potter collaboration and now photos of the collection have made their way online.

Rita Skeeter Would Be Proud Of Her Salacious Headlines Printed Across These Bonus Sneakers

While the rest of the shoes in the line revolve around the four Hogwarts houses, these newsprint sneakers resemble the wizarding world newspaper. The ComfyCush Era shoe style is a separation from the rest of the line’s House designs. Keep a close eye on the images from the paper to see if the people are moving about.;

Case In Point: Harry Potter Collabs


When Vans;announced its collaboration with Harry Potter, fans completely lost it. While there’s no official release date just yet, judging from the spellbinding animated visual on the shoe company’s site, plenty of gear will be available and based around the four houses:;Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw.

Vans’ Iconic Surf Shoes Inspire A Fashion

Vans Vans X Harry Potter Marauders Map Slip On Size 8.5 ...

Ravenclaws Authentic is adorned in a blue checkerboard design and a crest-branded tongue, while the Hufflepuff Slip-On shows off a black suede upper with the houses name and crest emblazoned on the front.

Although J.K. Rowlings best-selling books hit shelves more than two decades ago, Harry Potters storyline is still hugely popular, so its no surprise Vans is joining forces with Warner Brothers on the themed collection.

The California-based brand has also embarked on myriad collabs over the years, including David Bowie and Led Zeppelin collections in 2019 alone. Sign up for updates on Vans Harry Potter page.

Watch FNs interview with Manolo Blahnik, who reveals what its like to work with Rihanna.

Want more?

Fans React To The News Of Harry Potter Vans

When Vans announced on their social media platforms that Harry Potter Vans were coming soon, fans didnt hold back when taking to their own accounts to talk about just how excited they are.


Although there are no official details yet, it looks like Vans will soon be making a large profit from all of these Harry Potter fans around the world.


Patrick Dougall

Of course, there are many people who are wondering why Vans is doing a Harry Potter line of shoes now when the series has been out for over 20 years.

Its 2019. Harry Potter should not be a thing anymore.

This didnt dampen spirits for most, though. Although the series has been around for a while, many fans have found it hard to find properly themed clothing, especially shoes. For those fans who have whole closets full of Harry Potter apparel, the new Vans will just be another great addition.

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