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Where Was Harry Potter Filmed Hogwarts

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The Elephant House Caf And Spoon Caf

HARRY POTTER HOGWARTS LEGACY Trailer (2020) Harry Potter Game

;JK Rowling hung out in The Elephant House on George IV Bridge and in Spoon on Nicolson Street while she wrote The Philosopher’s Stone, and she finished writing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in room 552 of the grand Balmoral Hotel next to Waverley train station now known as the JK Rowling Suite.

Defence Against The Dark Arts Tower

Main article:Defence Against the Dark Arts tower

The Defence Against the Dark Arts Tower overlooked the Suspension Bridge. The tower had a “semi-circular” shape and was where DADA lessons were held and where the DADA professor’s office was. Minerva McGonagall‘s office was located on the first floor of this tower. The Defence Against the Dark Arts staircase ran through the centre of this tower.

The Balmoral Hotel In Edinburgh Scotland

This gorgeous Edinburgh hotel is where J.K. Rowling finishedHarry Potter and The Deathly Hallows in 2007. Since it is a hotel, you can even rent the room that the famous writer stayed in: Room 652. In that room, you can see a message she left on a marble bust.

The hotel is not cheap though, as it opened over 100 years ago and has five stars to its name. The “room” is more like an apartment!

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Slug And Jiggers Apothecary

The Apothecary sells scales, potions and potion ingredients. The shop is quite fascinating despite its very bad smell . The inside includes barrels of slimy stuff on the floor, jars of herbs, dried roots and bright powders on the shelves, and bundles of feathers, strings of fangs and snarled claws hanging from the ceiling. Harry regularly buys ingredients, as well as his scales, from the Apothecary.

Some of the ingredients available are silver unicorn horns , glittery-black beetle eyes , and Dragon liver .

History Of Magic Classroom

Harry Potter: Film Vault

We don’t get to see any History of Magic lessons take place in the movies, meaning we miss out on seeing the subject’s classroom and it’s boring teacher, Professor Binns.

Binns actually tells the pupils all about the Chamber of Secrets in the book of the same name. It’s the only time where students don’t fall asleep, and where he takes a break from lecturing them on medieval goblins and other dull moments from the past. His vital dialogue is instead given to Minerva McGonagall, who tells students about the horrors of the Chamber when it first opened 50 years previously.

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West Highland Train Line

The West Highland train line was opened in 1901 to connect rather remote parts of western Scotland. The train line runs from Glasgow and then branches off to terminate in either Oban or Mallaig.

This is considered one of the most scenic rail journeys in the UK, and even the world, as the train travels through scenic landscapes of mountains, lochs, rural farmland, heather moors, and small villages.;

In Harry Potter, many of the filming locations we list can be seen from or are located near this train route including Rannoch Moor, Loch Shiel, the Glenfinnan Viaduct, and Loch Eilt. Scenes shot from and along this line were used throughout the films, especially in shots of the Hogwarts Express.

For instance in the movie Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, the Hogwarts Express is seen traveling between Corrour and Rannoch stations through Rannoch Moor. In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, the Death Eaters board the train around this same area.

Corrour train station features in the 1996 movie Trainspotting. Corrour is an interesting spot just because it is the highest railway point in the UK and it is also one of the most remote train stations. Corrour is only accessible by train, or by hiking as the nearest road is 17 miles away!

Odeon Luxe Leicester Square

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Odeon Luxe Leicester Square

Odeon Leicester Square in 2006
Odeon Luxe Leicester SquareShow map of Central LondonOdeon Luxe Leicester SquareOdeon Luxe Leicester Square Show map of the United Kingdom
Former names
21;January; 21;December;2018;
Construction cost £232,755

The Odeon Luxe Leicester Square is a prominent cinema building in the . Built in the style and completed in 1937, the building has been continually altered in response to developments in cinema technology, and was the first in the United Kingdom. The cinema is often used for film premieres.

The cinema occupies the centre of the eastern side of in London, featuring a black polished facade and 120 feet high tower displaying its name. Blue outlines the exterior of the building at night. It was built to be the flagship of ‘s Odeon Cinema circuit and still holds that position today. It hosts numerous European and world film premieres, including the annual .

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Other Harry Potter Sites You Can Visit

If you are in Scotland, you may also want to consider the Harry Potter related sites in Edinburgh Scotland. You might also want to consider a day trip to Alnwick Castle, one of the more dramatic Harry Potter locations located in northern England, which is located less than 2 hour drive from Edinburgh.

Goathland Train Station Yorkshire

HARRY POTTER HOGWARTS LEGACY Official Trailer (2021) Harry Potter Game HD

Another filming location for Harry Potter in Yorkshire was Goathland train station. Found in the North York Moors in the village of Goathland , this was the filming location of the Hogwarts train station, Hogsmeade.

The station appeared in Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. When the train pulls into the station, we can see Hogwarts in the distance . Its here that Hagrid welcomes the first years and takes them to the boats which they cross to the school.

It also features at the end of the same movie, when the students head home after the end of their first year of adventures at Hogwarts.

Goathland train station is a part of the North Yorkshire Moors railway, and is an active station, with services running to Whitby. Its free to visit, and theres a fee to park if you park on site. You can even stay on site, in the camping train.

There are also a variety of experiences on offer, including the chance to ride a steam train or take a ride on a classic Pullman dining train.

If you want to do an activity like this, we recommend you book in advance as they do not run every day or year round.

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Where Was Harry Potter Filmed

Post by C Clayton. Posted in Harry Potter, TV / Movie Locations on August 3, 2016.

The Harry Potter films were filmed all over the UK and many locations you can visit on our tours. Some of the fictional locations like Diagon Alley were sets filmed at Leavesden Film Studios, but many of the;external shots can be found in locations around Oxford, London and Scotland.

For big fans who want to visit the external locations below is a list of the main locations and links to their google maps listing.

The Potions Task Room

In The Sorcerer’s Stone, fans see Harry battle his way to a confrontation with Professor Quirrell. He gets past Fluffy the Dog, overcomes Devil’s Snare, captures a flying key, and wins a game of wizard’s chess before facing off against his Defence Against The Dark Arts teacher – and Lord Voldemort.

But the movies cut a bit from the book where Harry and Hermione enter a great big room with seven potions. Hermione uses her astonishing intellect to work out which would send Harry through and which would lead her back to safety. This was likely cut to save time but, despite that, it’s still a scene;that would have been fun to see.

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Top Sights Where Harry Potter Was Filmed

Harry Potter’s story is set in a magical, largely fictional Britain, but the film series used many real locations as evocative backdrops. Other settings, like Diagon Alley, exist only at Leavesden Film Studios .

Many of the real-life filming sites are closed to visitors, far out of the way for most travelers, or an unmagical disappointment in person for all but the most committed fan. But plenty of locations are worth visiting for their own sake; these are my top picks.


Harry first realizes his wizard powers;in The Sorcerer’s Stone when talking with a snake at the London Zoo’s Reptile House.

When Hagrid takes Harry shopping for school supplies, they enter the glass-roofed Leadenhall Market and approach the storefront at 42 Bull’s Head Passage the entrance to The Leaky Cauldron pub .

Harry catches the Hogwarts Express train at King’s Cross Station. Inside the glass-roofed train station, on a pedestrian sky bridge over the tracks, Hagrid gives Harry a train ticket. Harry finds his way to the magical platform 9¾ with some help, but these days it’s well-signed, with a luggage cart that looks like it’s disappearing into the wall, and a cleverly located gift shop. Expect a 30-minute wait for a photo with the cart.

In The Prisoner of Azkaban , The Leaky Cauldron’s exterior was shot on rough-looking Stoney Street, at the southeast edge of Borough Market, near The Market Porter pub. En route there, the Knight Bus squeezes between Muggle buses on Lambeth Bridge .

Near Bath

Warner Bros Studios Where Harry Potter Was Filmed

Harry Potter fans can dine in the Hogwarts Great Hall this ...

Want to see more? A must-visit Harry Potter filming location for any true fan is the Warner Bros. Studios in London. Here youll discover Snapes potions classroom, the fearsome Dolores Umbridges office, a giant replica of Aragog, 4 Privet Drive, Hagrids hut Youll be amazed!

During your visit, you can also try the famous butterbeer or buy items from this magical universe, including chocolate frogs, dragees of all flavours or choose your favourite wand.

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Australia House Aka Gringotts Bank

While we know that the real Gringotts is located in Diagon Alley, and therefore the real facade is found on set at the Warner Bros Studio, you should know that the interior shots of Gringotts were filmed inside Londons Australia House.

NOTE: This is actually an important government building so you cant just waltz in with your wand and robe, SO if youre short on time, I wouldnt necessarily go out of my way to see it. That said, if you really need your Gringotts fix, the studio tour has unveiled a new Gringotts section for 2019 so be sure to go check it out!

The Jacobite Train In Scotland

The Jacobite Train in Scotland was used for some scenes in the Harry Potter films and is most remembered for traveling across the bridge of Hogwarts. In reality, the train runs from Fort William to Mallaig. A ticket is about 30 pounds and the trip is 84 miles long.

However, instead of taking the train there is also the opportunity to hike to a viewing point to watch the train go across the bridge. The location is gorgeous and perfect for some memorable photos.

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Durham Cathedral In Harry Potter: A Magical Guide To Locations Scenes & More

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Curious about the connection between Durham Cathedral and Harry Potter? This post covers everything you need to know about which of the HP movies/scenes filmed here, along with fun facts about production!

As most superfans know, in the magical world of Harry Potter, a number of real-life locations were expertly strung together to create the most sought-after learning institution of all time: the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

But of all the real life stand-ins for Hogwarts , Durham Cathedral may just be the most extreme.

After all, it was Durham University that rolled out the 1st university course in the UK to focus on Harry Potter. And who can forget their;Harry Potter movie nights where people are encouraged to dress up like their favourite characters?

How Many Days To See Harry Potter Movie Locations

The Battle of Hogwarts – CHAPTER 1 (HARRY POTTER FAN FILM)

You could visit all the Harry Potter filming locations in 2 days if you concentrated just on visiting these sites and didnt mind driving around a lot. However, since there is a lot;more to see in Scotland, wed recommend a 5 day trip or longer so you can mix Harry Potter sites with lots of other of Scotlands great attractions.

It is not realistic to visit all the filming location in one day, but you can see several if you head to the northwestern part of Scotland . You can see many of these same attractions by taking a train along the West Highland Line.

If you want to visit Black Rock Gorge, you have to go 2 hours further north in Scotland. If you also want to see Alnwick Castle, it is located just across the border in northern England, but in the opposite direction from the other filming locations.

Our favorites are The Jacobite train ride , Alnwick Castle , and Glen Coe . Rannoch Moor, Glen Etive, and Steall Falls are also great for those who like hiking and scenic landscapes.

The lochs in general are the least interesting places in our opinion. There are over 30,000 lochs and lochans here in Scotland, and several of them made their way in the Harry Potter films. However, without the characters, props, and CGI enhancement, most are just going to look like another lake. The most recognizable loch location to Harry Potter film fans is probably Eilean na Moine in Loch Eilt.

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Sample Itinerary For Seeing The Top Harry Potter Sites In Uk

If you want to plan a trip to the UK specifically to see Harry Potter related sites, weve put together a couple of options for you.

One of these is a self-drive itinerary which requires you to rent a car, and the other uses a combination of public transport and day tours to get to the major locations. We hope you find them useful in your planning.

Malham Cove North Yorkshire

Malham Cove is a massive limestone formation near to the village of Malham in North Yorkshire. It was formed over 12,000 years ago at the end of the ice age, and is in fact what is left of a massive waterfall.

Its a very picturesque location that is popular with walkers, and the large area at the top of what was the waterfall will be very familiar to Harry Potter fans.

This area was used in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, when Harry and Hermione are travelling together in an effort to destroy the Horcruxes. The top of Malham Cove is where they camp for the night after being abandoned by Ron.

Malham Cove is free to visit, and the walking trail from Malham Village to the foot of the cove is around a mile each way. You can also climb to the top from a footpath at the base, which is quite steep. There are around 400 steps to conquer so we only recommended this if you are relatively fit!

If you have time, there are lots more natural attractions to see in the area and plenty of walking trails. You can see more on visiting as well as tips for walks, on this community website.

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Lego Harry Potter: Years 1

Hogwarts in the LEGO Harry Potter game seems to be based on the castle seen in Prisoner of Azkaban, although it is based on the first four films. Presumably this is because it includes the Entrance Hall Antechamber which only appears in the first three films; also, the Central and Bell towers have the shape used from the third film onwards. However, the Clock Tower is not connected to the castle like in the films. Additionally, it seems that the Whomping Willow will change location from the second to third year as it does in the films. The North Tower also receives its own courtyard, the North Tower courtyard.

The Hogwarts Castle shown in cutscenes, etc. are from the film adaption of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. However, there are some changes present:

  • The suits of armour is present in the Entrance Hall
  • Hagrid’s Hut is just off the Training Grounds

The Hogwarts shown in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is based off of the design set in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 prior to The Battle of Hogwarts

Other Locations On The Third Floor

This Is A Harry Potter Hogwarts Themed ONLINE Escape Room ...
Main article:Restricted Section

The Restricted Section was an area in fourth floor section of the Hogwarts Library closed off by a rope and only accessible to students with permission from a professor. In order to enter, they had to present a signed note from a professor. The books within the Restricted Section typically discussed the Dark Arts or other information not for the general public or young children. They could be studied by older students for Defence Against the Dark Arts.

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