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What Is There To Do In Harry Potter World

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Pygmy Puff At Magical Menagerie

7 Things You MUST Do at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter | Featuring RixFlix

Pygmy Puffs are adorable creatures that are popular in the wizarding world. Luckily, you can buy one at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and bring it back to the Muggle world.

The keychain and small size pygmy puffs are around $10. The huge pygmy puff is about $30. If a pygmy puff isnt for you, there are plenty of other magical creatures for sale at Magical Menagerie.

You can choose from fun creatures such as Hedwig, Crookshanks , Fluffy, Buckbeak, Fang, Fawkes, and many more at Magical Menagerie.

Where Is Harry Potter World Located

First lets start out with the basics and that is where exactly is the Wizarding World of Harry Potter located? And guests might be surprised to learn that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is located between two parks being Diagon Alley which is located in Universal Studios Florida, and Hogsmeade Village is located in Islands of Adventure.

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Listen To The Frog Choir Sing

After Dumbledores welcome speech, its time for some light entertainment! Listen to the real life Frog Choir sing a variety of songs from the Harry Potter series in front of Hogwarts castle.

Youll be treated to acoustic renditions of Double Trouble as well as Do The Hippogriff. Youll have to check the Universal Studios app on the day youre visiting to check what time the choir will be performing but its not one to miss!

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History Of Flight Of The Hippogriff

This one is oddly beloved. Its a roller coaster, of that, theres no doubt. But its a roller coaster the Wizarding World inherited from the former land that occupied the space where Harry Potter reigns supreme today.

The Flight Of The Unicorn was its original name, and Ive heard old-time Floridians grumble, they couldnt even give us a new ride? many times before. This sounds petty but let me remind you that this wasnt the only roller coaster Harry inherited from the former version of the theme park.

Dueling Dragons, epic double B& M inverted coasters that have been standing at Universal since the day it opened until 2017, were also absorbed by the Wizarding World.

Sincerely the finest example of a very popular coaster model that Ive ever ridden, The Dueling Dragons were simply repurposed into The Dragon Challenge just like the Unicorn coaster when Potterville came to town.

Many people complained about it, but the truth is, they are/were great rides. If I may take a brief moment to digress, I miss the Dragons. The park let us know they were shutting down permanently a few months before the official closure, so I was able to get one more set of ridesin.

I went to Uni all by myself and rode those things 3-4x all alone. Whether or not I cried on my last go around with the red dragon, I do not feel the need to discuss it here.

You will always be missed, Dueling Dragons er, um Dragon Challenge!!!

Call The Ministry Of Magic

The Must

This ones only available at Universal Orlando Resort. Just outside the entrance to the Hogwarts Express at Universal Studios Florida is a facade that looks like London, complete with Kings Cross Station, the Knight Bus, and the iconic red phone booth. Inside the phone booth, you can call the Ministry of Magic by dialing 62442 . A message will play from the line and youll learn more about whats going on that day at the Ministry.

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And speaking of things you can only do at the Harry Potter parks in Florida, you can also ride the Hogwarts Express between the two Wizarding World areas of Universal Orlando. Youll need a park hopper ticket to do it, but for true Harry Potter fans its worth the upcharge to be able to get to board the legendary red train.

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You can board the Hogwarts Express from Platform 9 3/4 in Universal Studios Florida or from Hogsmeade in Universals Islands of Adventure. Be sure to ride it in both directions because the scenery and storyline change depending on which direction youre traveling.

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What Universal Park Is Best For Harry Potter

The first thing you need to know about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida is that it is at two different theme parks located right next to each other. Diagon Alley is at Universal Studios theme park and Hogsmeade is at Islands of Adventure. Visit both for a perfect Florida weekend getaway.

Both have incredible Harry Potter theming and offer slightly different experiences. Im just a tiny bit partial to Hogsmeade, but well talk about that later in the article.

Guests can ride the Hogwarts Express in between the two parks, which is more than just transportation its a ride in itself with a different experience each way.

However, to do this, you must have a ticket that allows you to visit both lands within a single day.

What About Hagrids Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure

The best way to find out what is happening with Hagrid on the day of your visit is to use the official Universal Orlando app for your smartphone, which will list the current wait time. You can even set a wait time alert to be notified when the queue reaches a more desirable wait time for your party!

If you are intent on riding Hagrids Motorbike Adventure, our best advice is to try to keep an eye on what is happening every day via the app for a few days before your trip. If the attraction is opening with the park, go straight there on your Islands of Adventure morning conversely, if you are okay with skipping Hagrid, proceed through our plan as follows.

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Buy An Interactive Wand

Don’t think this one is just for kids! If you’re going to go to Ollivander’s to get a wand of your own, be sure to get the interactive version!

Throughout both Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade, there are interactive shop windows, fountains, and statues where you can wave your wand and bring something to life.

It was so fun to watch faces of both kids AND adults light up when they made something move or made a fountain spring to life with the correct flick of a wand.

I didn’t know about this feature of the parks before arriving the first time , but thought it was genius and a fantastic way to make people feel like they were really part of the magical world.

Once I got a wand of my own, it only made the Harry Potter parks feel more magical. I had so much fun following my map to all the spots where I could cast a spell and cause it to rain or make a feather float. So. Much. FUN.

Ride The Hogwarts Express From Hogsmeade Station To Kings Cross Station

Whatâs It Like To Be A Student at Hogwarts? | Discover Harry Potter Ep.6

Not only is the Hogwarts Express a useful mode of transportation between Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios, but its also a ride in and of itself!

Youll board the scarlet steam engine and find yourself in a compartment where youll get to experience scenes from the movies and books taking place right outside your window!

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In What Order To Watch The Harry Potter Movies

So, without further delay, we offer you the following The chronological order to watch Warner Bros. Pictures and JK Rowlings Wizarding World movies,

  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Available on HBO Max.
  • Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald Available on HBO Max.
  • Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledores Secrets Available on HBO Max.
  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone Available on HBO Max.
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Available on HBO Max.
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Available on HBO Max.
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Available on HBO Max.
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Available on HBO Max.
  • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Available on HBO Max.
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 Available on HBO Max.
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Available on HBO Max.
  • In addition, to round out the experience on HBO Max, there is also Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts, an hour and a half long documentary where the cast of the original saga share their impressions of the premieres 20th anniversary. The first installment, Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.

    All You Need To Know About The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Orlando: Itinerary And Tips For A Magical Time

    Are you a muggle or aspiring wizard ready to walk in Harry’s footsteps at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Orlando? Walt Disney World isn’t the only magical place to visit in Orlando. The two parks at Universal Studios are also filled with magic and fun.

    Based on the Harry Potter franchise books and movies, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios is a spellbinding adventure for the whole family and any super Harry Potter fans. It’s full of fun rides and thematic experiences everyone will love.

    Located in Universal Studios, Florida, and Universals Islands of Adventure, there are plenty of rides, shops, and interactive experiences that apparate you right into the heart of Harry’s world. And, you will feel like you received your own owl mail invitation for your spot at Hogwarts!

    My Gryffindor-loving kids were mesmerized by our enchanting experience at this incredible theme park fit for even the most knowledgeable wizards and all Harry Potter fans. It is so true to life that you feel like you are in Edinburgh on a Harry Potter tour with Harry himself. Or, more specifically, like you are a fellow wizard getting ready for your next year at Hogwarts.

    But truth be told, it was a bit tricky to understand all of the house rules for navigating it when we were first planning our trip. So to ensure your experience is the most magical, I have created this helpful guide with tips and an itinerary that will impress even the most studious of wizards like Hermione!

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    Eat At Either The Leaky Cauldron Or Three Broomsticks

    There’s one restaurant in each Harry Potter park . You’ll find the Leaky Cauldron in Diagon Alley and the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade.

    Both serve traditional British pub food I had a plate of mini meat and fish pies and a range of Harry Potter-inspired drinks and beers. The prices actually aren’t terrible, and it’s a fun atmospheric thing to do.

    My tip? Go for lunch instead of dinner and the lines won’t be as long.

    All The Shop Windows And Facades

    Visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando ...

    I mention this separately because each of the shop windows is really a treasure. They are highly themed to the stores inside and often loaded with animation such as the self knitting needles and screaming Mandrakes. Many of the storefront facades dont lead into an actual shop but are worth taking in too, like the House Elf House Placement Agency, Flourish and Blotts and my favorite the The Daily Prophet where you can hear the wizard reporters inside working away. There are also a few fun Easter eggs to be found. For example the area that is now Diagon Alley occupies what was once the ride Jaws. In the window at Mr. Mullpeppers Apothecary, youll find a set of sharks teeth in tribute to the retired ride.

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    Harry Potter And The Escape From Gringotts

    • Ride Vehicle: Coaster-style cart
    • Opening Date: July 8th, 2014
    • Height Restriction: Gotta be at least 42 inches
    • Single Rider Line is available

    4D ride that takes guests from Gringotts Bank throughout a number of interactions of the movie. This is by far the best attraction in the lineup of experiences, so expect a substantial waitbut the queue is actually indoors so you wont have to be subjected to the Florida heat!What should you look for? The queue line includes your introduction to the staff of the bank. Stop and enjoy the details because too many folks walk right through and dont get the full respect for the work that the creative staff added to the attraction.

    Harry Potter Early Park Admission Tickets

    We offer some of the best Universal Orlando vacation packages and discounted tickets! Not only do our experts know all of the best deals, there are a ton of perks and benefits that come with booking with our small business.

    Receive EARLY PARK ADMISSON to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and purchasediscounted Universal Orlando theme park tickets with The Park Prodigy! All of our tickets are the exact same tickets you receive if purchasing from Universal directly. The best part is you can combine our Universal Orlando ticket deals with any vacation package booked through our travel agency.

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    How To Get There

    The Wizarding World of Harry Potter attraction is inside Universal Orlando Resort, just off Interstate 4, about 10 miles from downtown Orlando, for a 20-minute drive. If you arrive by bus, get off at Universal Boulevard and Hollywood Way, and walk about 10 minutes to the park entrance. The Hogwarts Express train ride connects the two parks.

    Go Shopping In Hogsmeade

    The HIDDEN SECRETS of Harry Potter World

    As you explore Hogsmeade village, youll notice that the window displays are exceptionally eye-catching one might even say magical!

    If youre drawn in by one of the storefronts, the wonders inside will amaze you even more. You can purchase robes, quidditch supplies, and much more at the many shops in the wizarding town. Here are some of the shops you should stop by for sure:

    • Owl Post You can buy stationary and send your friends a letter by owl post.
    • Gladrags Wizarding Wear for all your robe and Harry Potter-themed muggle clothing needs.
    • Honeydukes wizarding candy in every flavor .

    There are also plenty of other shops if youre looking specific Hogwarts house gear or souvenirs for muggle friends.

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    Guide To The Harry Potter Rides In Diagon Alley

    Theres only one ride in Diagon Alley, and it sits just below that fire breathing dragon inside Gringotts Bank. But what a ride it is!

    Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts

    The concept for this Harry Potter ride is that youre there to take a tour of Gringotts, but, as so often happens on theme park rides, things go awry. Thanks to ride vehicles that can tilt and spin, 3-D glasses, and other special effects, this Harry Potter ride is a step up from your everyday coaster. The minimum ride height is 42, but there is a child swap room where one parent can wait with anyone who is too young or doesnt want to ride.

    Accio Tips And Tricks

    More than a decade into its existence, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter has become a must-visit attraction at Universal Studios Orlando. For the Potter devout, its Mecca. For people who honestly don’t give a damn, the park’s enormous castle and winding streets are still magical. And whether you grew up alongside Harry, Ron, and Hermione or can barely pronounce petrificus totalus, it’s guaranteed to be a wildly immersive experience.

    As any muggle might expect after being cast into the world of wizards, theres a lot to take in, and your first trip can be more overwhelming than discovering your pet rat is actually an old man. Fortunately, there are plenty of tips and tricks that’ll help you discover the best of the Wizarding World. Here’s what to know.

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    Which Is Better: Hogsmeade Or Diagon Alley

    It comes down to personal preference. I prefer the ambiance in Diagon Alley. To me, it transports me into the magical world, and I truly feel immersed in it. Im not sure if its the secret entrance or the colorful shops lining the alley, but the vibes are immaculate.

    If youre a thrill seeker and prefer the rides, then Hogsmeade is the place for you! Its still tons of fun, and theres something to be said about the year-round cozy Christmas atmosphere with the permanent snow-covered rooftops. Sipping a hot butterbeer while watching the Christmas lights show on Hogwarts castle is one of my favorite memories from in the park.

    Arrive To The Park Early

    Here Are the 11 BEST Rides at Disneyland, According to Parkgoers ...

    Get there early. Like,before-it-opens early. Leave now if you can. Once the park opens, walk directly to the Harry Potter area without stopping for anything. I cant stress this Harry Potter theme park tip enough: If you want to experience the Wizarding World of Harry Potter without shoulder-to-shoulder crowds, you must arrive before everyone else does. Theres no other way.

    With the Universal Express Pass, you can get onto virtually every ride in both parks in pretty short order. But Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley arent ridestheyre open areas with shops, restaurants, vendors, and all of the design details you dream about when you imagine your visit. So naturally they are quickly overwhelmed by the crowds.

    Casting a successful spell in a virtually empty Diagon Alley is magical being 10th in line to perform the same trick is frustrating and a bit ludicrous.

    When you arrive at the parks, go directly to Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley, wander around, take it all in, maybe browse the shopsenjoy the scenery and the atmosphere of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter before everyone else gets there. Then, once the rest of the world arrives, use your Express Pass to quickly hop on the various Harry Potter-themed rides.

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