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Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone Spanish

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Learn Spanish By Reading Harry Potter

Harry Potter and the Sorcere’s Stone BEHIND THE SCENES

This past week, I read Harry Potter y la piedra filosofal, which happens to be the Spanish version of Harry Potter and the Philosophers/Sorcerers Stone. Big deal! Millions of Spanish-speaking people can say the same, thanks to the translation by Alicia Dellepiane Rawson, published by Ediciones Salamandra in 2001.

The catch is, I dont speak Spanish. I kid you not. I live in a highly Hispanic community so close to Mexico, people in my town have been known to cross the border for lunch. There are more Spanish-speaking people within a 50 mile radius of where I live than English-speaking. Yet I do not know Spanish. Not to speak it, anyway. About 15 years ago I took one semester of elementary Spanish in high school. Besides that, and studying several other languages since then, and being smart and good with words, the only help I had was knowing Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone practically by heart. Okay, yes, and for about two chapters right in the middle of the book, I tried looking up the words I didnt know on an on-line Spanish-English dictionary, but that slowed me down so much that I stopped doing it.

For the rest of the book, I just guessed. Or skipped the parts I didnt know. Or, and this is the really cool part, I figured out what a lot of Spanish words and expressions meant just from the context, which I knew so well. I pencilled a lot of notes into the margins. And by the end of the book, I was cruising along pretty smoothly.

The Journey From Platform Nine And Three

  • In the book Harry first learns about the connection between Dumbledore and Flamel on the back of his chocolate frogs card. In the film, it is Hermione who comes across the name in a book she picked up for ‘light reading’. In a deleted scene however you see Harry finding the name on a chocolate frog card after which the trio runs off to the library, so it only appears as a “mistake”.
  • In the book, Neville comes into the compartment where Harry and Ron are sitting asking if they have seen his toad, which was omitted. Later Hermione shows up again with Neville asking the same question. In the film, Hermione shows up by herself asking if anyone has seen a toad, and that a boy named Neville has lost one.

Rhymes Anagrams And Acronyms

The series involves many songs, poems, and rhymes, some of which proved difficult to translators. One rhyme, a riddle told by a sphinx in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, posed a particular problem. The riddle involves taking words from a poem and using them to form a longer word, “spider,” in answer to the riddle. In the Taiwanese translation, the English words are simply put in parentheses. In other translations, the riddle is changed to provide different words that can be put together to make up the translated version of “spider”.

Some acronyms also proved difficult the abbreviations “O.W.L.s” and “N.E.W.T.s” needed to be translated to reflect the fact that their abbreviations spelled out the names of animals associated with the wizarding world, which did not always work in other languages. “N.E.W.T.s” was translated into Swedish as “F.U.T.T.” . “Futt” means “measly” in Swedish.

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Invented Words Proper Nouns And Names

Rowling invented a great number of words and phrases for the books such as spells, incantations, magical words, items, and place names. Many of these words involve word play, rhyming, and historical references that are difficult to translate. A large number of spells are drawn from or inspired by Latin, and have a certain resonance with English speakers due to its relatively large proportion of Latinate-derived vocabulary. For example, priori incantatem would be familiar to many English-speaking readers as the words prior and incantation . To create a similar effect in the Hindi version, the Sanskrit, typical in mantras, has been used for the spells. Some translators have created new words themselves others have resorted to transliteration. Names that involve word play, such as Knockturn Alley and Pensieve are also difficult to translate.

In Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, when Professor McGonagall is about to introduce Harry to Oliver Wood, she asks another professor if she can “borrow Wood for a moment”, momentarily confusing Harry. In order to retain this pun, the Yiddish translation renames Wood as “Oliver Holtz”, “holtz” being the Yiddish for wood, unlike the Italian one, which changed the surname to “Baston”, from “bastone”, “stick”, but returned to the original “Wood” with the second translation.

Differences Between Philosopher’s Stone And Sorcerer’s Stone Films

Harry Potter and the Philosopher
  • Five different takes were necessary to replace the words Philosopher’s Stone with Sorcerer’s Stone in the American version of the film. When the two DVDs were compared side by side it was noticed that in every case but one, only a slight difference in synchronisation was noticed. The most noticeable difference was when Hermione was reading from the book she had taken out of the library for a “bit of light reading”. The words on the page were changed from Philosopher’s to Sorcerer’s and her fingers, while straight in Philosopher’s they are bent in Sorcerer’s .

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The Letters From No One

  • Dudley appears to know about Hogwarts, as he stares worriedly at Harry like his parents do. In the books, Dudley does not know about magic when Harry gets his letter.
  • Harry does not get Dudley’s second bedroom until the second film, with the latter film implying that the Dursleys supplied Harry with the room after the First Year.
  • The scene where Harry and the Dursleys go to a random hotel to get away from the letters was omitted from the film, so instead they went straight to the hut.
  • Because of this, Dudley’s line of “Daddy’s gone mad, hasn’t he?!” was moved to immediately after Uncle Vernon declares that they are going to move far enough away to ensure that the owls can’t find them. In the book, Dudley says this line only after Vernon pauses driving long enough to do a glance around to see if any owls are following them on a bridge.
  • The scene with Harry and the Dursleys using the rowboat of the toothless old man to get to the hut is omitted Therefore, the old man is also omitted from the film, but he appears in concept artwork only.
  • The Man With Two Faces

  • In the book, Voldemort kills Quirrell by leaving his head, causing him to die. In the film, Harry kills Quirrell by grabbing his face, causing him to turn to dust.
  • In the book, when Harry touched Quirrell, Quirrell’s skin blistered wherever Harry touched. In the film, when Harry touched his hand, Quirrell’s hand turned to stone and crumbled. Also, when Harry grabbed his face, it made his whole body demolish and Voldemort escaped. This is what knocked Harry out.
  • In the book, Harry Potter is unconscious when Quirinus Quirrell dies, while in the film, Harry watches Quirrell die. This creates a plothole with his ability to a see a Thestral in the film version of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, since Harry could not see Thestrals until he saw Cedric Diggory die. This could also be due to the film being released before the Order of the Phoenix book was published, and so the film crew wouldn’t have known about what would happen in later books.
  • Poppy Pomfrey is omitted but there is an unknown nurse who appeared before Albus Dumbledore took a bite of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans. The unknown nurse could be Poppy Pomfrey being played by an uncredited actress in a non-speaking part.
  • Once again, Nicolas Flamel’s wife Perenelle is not mentioned when Harry asked about Flamel dying.
  • In the book, Hagrid gives Harry a of his family at the hospital while in the film version, he gives it to him at the end of term when about to board the Hogwarts Express.
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    List Of Harry Potter Translations

    Jump to navigationJump to searchThe Deathly HallowsMoscow

    The Harry Potter series of fantasy novels by J. K. Rowling is one of the most translated series of all time, with the first book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, having been translated into at least 79 languages. This includes languages such as Azerbaijani, Malayalam and Welsh as well as the Classical languagesLatin and Ancient Greek. Additionally, regional adaptations of the books have been made to accommodate regional dialects such as the American English edition or the Valencian adaptation of Catalan.

    For reasons of secrecy, translations were only allowed to begin after each book had been published in English, creating a lag of several months for readers of other languages. Impatient fans in many places simply bought the book in English instead. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix became the first English language book to top France’s best-seller list. In some cases, fans have created their own unofficial translations, either ahead of a licensed translation or when a licensed translation is unavailable.

    Issues arising in the translation of Harry Potter include cultural references, riddles, anticipating future plot points, and Rowling’s creative names for characters and other elements in the magical world which often involve word play and phonology.

    Harry Potter Y La Piedra Filosofal Publisher’s Summary

    Learn Spanish with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stoneð§ð?»â¡ï¸? / Spanish Videos with English Subtitles

    Con las manos temblorosas, Harry le dio la vuelta al sobre y vio un sello de lacre púrpura con un escudo de armas: un león, un águila, un tejón y una serpiente, que rodeaban una gran letra H.

    Harry Potter nunca había oído nada sobre Hogwarts cuando las cartas comienzan a caer en el felpudo del número cuatro de Privet Drive. Escritas en tinta verde en un pergamino amarillento con un sello morado, sus horribles tíos las han confiscado velozmente. En su undécimo cumpleaños, un hombre gigante de ojos negros llamado Rubeus Hagrid aparece con una noticia extraordinaria: Harry Potter es un mago y tiene una plaza en el Colegio Hogwarts de Magia y Hechicería. ¡Una aventura increíble está a punto de empezar!

    Tema musical compuesto por James Hannigan.

    • 5 out of 5 stars 42
    • Story5 out of 5 stars 42

    Con las manos temblorosas, Harry le dio la vuelta al sobre y vio un sello de lacre púrpura con un escudo de armas: un león, un águila, un tejón y una serpiente, que rodeaban una gran letra H. Harry Potter nunca había oído nada sobre Hogwarts cuando las cartas comienzan a caer en el felpudo del número cuatro de Privet Drive. Escritas en tinta verde en un pergamino amarillento con un sello morado, sus horribles tíos las han confiscado velozmente.

  • 5 out of 5 stars
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    List Of Titles Of Harry Potter Books In Other Languages

    This article is not part of the Harry Potter universe.

    LocationsHarry Potter book titles

    This page is part of the Harry Potter in translation series – a list of the Harry Potter book titles in languages other than the original English.

    When adding or editing titles, please add a transliteration of the title in English, and the meaning, if different from the original.

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    Harry Ludens: Harrypotter And The Philosopher’s Stone As A Novel And Computer Game


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  • Foreign Variations Of Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone

    Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone High Resolution Stock ...

    Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone has been printed into 97 official versions. These 97 books are composed of unique translations, adaptations of those translations , retranslations , transliterations , and other variants.

    The five adaptations include Chinese , Serbian , Spanish , English , and Valencian .

    The two transliterations are Braille from English, and Serbian Cyrillic.

    The entire series wasn’t printed for every version! Languages like Asturian and Greenlandic were ONLY printed for the first book in the series! Others may have the entire set printed in that language, but in different cover illustrations. That means that there are some languages like Czech, Icelandic and Hungarian that have a completely unique cover illustration for the first book in the series, but not for everything else. Many of the 97 variations come with a variety of cover illustrations that can be unique to that version, or mimic that of very common books.

    The Harry Potter Collection is an unofficial Harry Potter website. All images are proudly from the personal collection of Melanie Friedman.

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    Norbert The Norwegian Ridgeback

    • The part where the dragon Norbert is sent to Charlie Weasley is omitted. Instead, Hagrid later revealed to the Trio that Dumbledore sent him to Romania .
    • In the book, when Harry and Hermione get detention, it is because they left the Invisibility Cloak in the Astronomy tower while sending Norbert to Charlie Weasley and were caught by Argus Filch at the foot of the stairs. In the film, they get detention because Draco Malfoy saw them in Hagrid’s hut past midnight .
    • In the book, Neville was also given detention for being out of bed because he was trying to warn Harry about Malfoy and was caught by Professor McGonagall.
    • Ron is also with them in the film, while in the book he was recovering in the hospital wing after being bitten by Norbert. Therefore, in the film, Ron gets detention instead of Neville.

    List Of Translations By Language

    The original British English versions of the book were published in the United Kingdom by Bloomsbury. Note that in some countries, such as Spain and India, the series has been translated into several local languages sometimes the book has been translated into two dialects of the same language in two countries .

    Translations of the Harry Potter series


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