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Who Plays Goyle In Harry Potter

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Nina Young As The Grey Lady

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When the ghost of the Grey Lady first appeared in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, no one could have predicted how important the character would later become. True to the first few books, she was originally depicted as just another one of the many poltergeists that pesters the students of Hogwarts, with actress Nina Young floating around in the CGI role. However, it would eventually be revealed in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows that she was so much more than some random apparition.

The Grey Lady was Rowena Ravenclaw’s daughter Helena, who had given Tom Riddle access to her mother’s diadem so that it could be made into one of his horcruxes. Considering the enhanced importance of the role that emerged in the later books, the film part was given to a more accomplished actress instead of its originator. Kelly Macdonald, who was tearing up the silver and small screens alike with her celebrated work in No Country for Old Men and Boardwalk Empire, stepped into the ghost’s shoes to give them a little more gravitas in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. According to Pottermore, the actress had previously been considered for the role of Nymphadora Tonks.

Did Crabbe Turn Black

Crabbe and Gregory Goyle were rarely seen without their ringleader Draco Malfoy. While Dolores Umbridge was Headmistress, he joined the Inquisitorial Squad with Goyle and Malfoy. In his last year at Hogwarts, he became a Dark Wizard. He learned to cast powerful dark curses, such as the Killing and the Cruciatus Curses.

Different Actors Played Voldemort Through The Films

Veteran British actor Richard Bremmer played HP1 Lord Voldemort, while English actor Christian Coulson played the younger Tom Riddle in HP7. British actor Ralph Fiennes first appeared as the Voldemort in HP4 and reprised the role until the last movie. Younger versions of the Dark Lord were presented through Hero Fiennes-Tiffin for the 11-year-old Tom Riddle in HP6 and Frank Dillane for the near-30-years-old in HP6. The uncle-and-nephew Ralph and Hero showed a creepy resemblance that helped portray the two versions of the character.

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Two Different Actors Played This Harry Potter Character And Fans Have Only Just Noticed

A number of characters were recast during filming, but many went under the radar

  • 22:45, 10 Feb 2017

MANY witches and wizards in the Harry Potter world are able to change their appearance through spells and the polyjuice potion.

But there were some character changes that looked nothing like their original actors but did you actually spot them?

One of the first characters we met in the wizarding world in the Philosophers Stone, was the owner of the Leaky Cauldron, Tom.

Polishing a glass, the magical pub owner asks Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry teacher Hagrid if he would like his usual drink.

Hagrid replies he is on official Hogwarts business so cant linger, and Tom isnt seen again until film three, The Prisoner of Azkaban.

However when Harry arrives at the pub once more, Tom looks unrecognisable and is now a bald hunchback.

He isnt the only one to have changed appearance during the filming.

The actresses playing fellow Gryffindor students Angelina Johnson and Lavender Brown also changed during the films.

Famously the actor playing Dumbledore changed after the first two films, as Richard Harris sadly died of cancer after filming The Chamber of Secrets, with Michael Gambon being his replacement.

Another change to the line-up was pointed out by fans who saw Draco Malfoy wasnt flanked by both of his usual thuggish henchman in the last film.

Dumbledore Was The One Who Anonymously Gifted The Invisibility Cloak To Harry Potter

Gregory Goyle, played by Josh Herdman

Harry got his iconic cloak from Dumbledore as an anonymous Christmas present that only came with a note that read, Use it well. Since then, the piece of advice stuck to the Chosen One through his school life and beyond, through mischief and missions, especially the hunt for the Dark Lords Horcruxes.

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Harry Potter’s Crabbe Was Removed In The Last Part Of The Movie Series

According to a report by BBC, Jamie Waylett who played the character of Crabbe actually landed in serious trouble and was arrested in 2009 for growing marijuana in his family home, and later on, he even pleaded guilty for possessing cannabis and a knife. He was twenty years old at that time and was ordered to do 120 hours of unpaid work by Westminster Magistrates Court. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 came out two years later in 2011. 2011 was the same year when Waylett was arrested and found guilty of violent disorder during the London riots. He was even caught holding a petrol bomb and was even charged with a two-year sentence for violent disorder and 12 months of handling stolen goods. Reportedly, Wayletts first arrest removed him from the Harry Potter movie series and Warner Bros. decided to remove his character rather than finding an actor to replace him.

What Happened To The Actor Who Played Goyle

And yet, Crabbe is replaced by Blaise Zabini, another Slytherin student, during this scene in the film. Apparently its because the actor who played Crabbe, Jamie Waylett, actually landed himself in some serious trouble off screen, which eventually cost him his role in the last film in the Harry Potter franchise.

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Dumbledore’s Full Name Is Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

Better known as simply Albus Dumbledore, the previous Headmaster of Hogwarts was in office for nearly 40 years. Sadly, he was not spared from the story as Severus Snape killed him. Dumbledore was buried in a white marble tomb on the Hogwarts grounds. All in all, Albus Dumbledore was considered as the most powerful wizard of his time.

Harry Potter Actor Makes Cameo In Alex Rider Tv Series

LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 Part 14 – Year 2 – Crabbe and Goyle

The Alex Rider television series features an all-star cast including a recognisable face fromthe Harry Potter films. Read on to find out more about the stars cameo.

The long-awaited Alex Rider television show finally premiered on Amazon Prime in early June 2020. The series stars an ensemble cast including Stephen Dillane, Vicky McClure, Andrew Buchan, Brenock OConnor and Otto Farrant, in the title role. However, one cast member is known for a different franchise altogether.

Joshua Herdman, 33, played the role of Slytherine crony Gregory Goyle in Harry Potter. The character, one of Draco Malfoys main associates, regularly tormented Harry and his friends. Additionally, Herdman is one of the few Harry Potter actors who appeared in all 8 films and is now also a martial artist.

His Alex Rider character, Stan, is a barber and tattoo artist. He provides Alex with the haircut needed at Point Blanc Academy. Furthermore, considering the characters demise in the final Potter film, any theories that this could be Goyle under a false Muggle identity are out. Not to mention the fact that Harry Pottertook place in the 90s while Alex Rider is a contemporary adaptation.

Image: ITV

Fans on Twitter have also noticed Herdmans appearance in Alex Rider, with one writing: The actor who played Goyle is the tattoo artist in Alex Rider. Whew this is the first ive seen him in anything after Harry Potter.

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Derek Deadman As Tom The Innkeeper

The Leaky Cauldron’s chief barkeep Tom went through a sizable transformation between his first appearance in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and his return for another Diagon Alley moment in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. His hair was all gone, for one thing, and he looked a lot less stout.

The reason is that actor Derek Deadman did not return to the role for film three, and it was filled by Jim Tavare. Though Deadman was an accomplished actor before stepping into the world of witchcraft and wizardry, he largely left the movie scene after the first Harry Potter and only appeared in one film afterwards before passing away in 2014 from complications associated with his diabetes. Although it’s unclear whether Deadman chose to step away from the role, incoming director Alfonso Cuaron did want to darken up the atmosphere in Azkaban and even instructed Tavare to play the role like Igor from Young Frankenstein, which may mean that Deadman’s chipper persona was no longer a good fit.

Jennifer Smith As Lavender Brown

Although several of the actors portraying minor and background Hogwarts students came and went throughout the Harry Potter films, the recasting of Lavender Brown proved to be highly controversial. In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, it was black actress Jennifer Smith who sported the Gryffindor character’s robes. Shortly after the film’s release, J.K. Rowling debuted her sixth book, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, which gave the character a much more central role than she had ever had before.

By the time that installment was adapted for the screen, it was a white actress named Jessie Cave who stepped into the part of Ron ‘s would-be love interest, which resulted in manycrying foul over the choice to replace Smith before she could have more meaningful screen time. There was no specific description of the character being white in the books, and even if there was, some people didn’t think it was necessary to replace her, especially since it seemed to imply that the character wouldn’t be lovable unless she was as pale as Ron. For what it’s worth, that wasn’t the last time the Harry Potter franchise would be accused of under-representing people of color.

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Two Actors Played The Role Of Dumbledore In Harry Potter

Irish actor Richard Harris played the role for the first two Harry Potter movies until he died of Hodgkins lymphoma in 2002. From the third film down to the rest of the film adaptations, British-Irish actor Michael Gambon stepped up for the role.

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Josh Herdmans Role In White House Farm

This Is What Goyle From " Harry Potter"  Is Up To Nowadays

White House Farm tells the grisly true story of a five-person murder in 1985 and stars acting big-wigs Mark Addy and Stephen Graham as the police officers charged with investigating what, at first, appears to be a murder-suicide before new evidence comes to light.

Eagle-eyed fans had to be quick to spot former Harry Potter actor Josh Herdman as his brief appearance as PC Collins was almost a blink and youll miss it moment.

Luke Bryan: My Dirt Road Diary | Official Trailer | IMDb TV

However, Herdmans distinctive appearance was too easy to spot for some fans, even with the 32-year-old sporting a new moustache.

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Why These Harry Potter Actors Were Replaced In The Sequels

The Harry Potter books were a worldwide phenomenon even before J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World hit the big screen. From the moment Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone began production, fans were eager to see how the filmmakers would bring Hogwarts and its characters to life. The movies rose to the challenge, conjuring a class of talented young newcomers, along with some of the most respected thespians of our times.

Most of the central cast got to stick around from start to finish, with many of the child actors even growing up right alongside their characters. However, there were several actors who were replaced along the way throughout the eight-film series as well. In some cases, it was simply a matter of the roles outgrowing their original stars, while some of the other cast replacements were caused by everything from a tragic death to legal troubles to a controversial whitewashing decision. Here are some of the major Harry Potter characters who were ultimately recast between films, and the stories of how these transfigurations came to be.

Richard Harris As Dumbledore

Although there are still plenty of Harry Potter fans who prefer Richard Harris’ depiction of the Hogwarts headmaster, the role was recast ahead of the third film, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, after the two-time Oscar winner passed away in 2002 from Hodgkin’s disease. Harris had expected that he might not be able to carry the character, which he took to please his granddaughter, to its cinematic end. He told the press, “I’ll keep doing it as long as I enjoy it, my health holds out and they still want me, but the chances of all three of those factors remaining constant are pretty slim.”

The part would eventually go to Michael Gambon, who starred in all six of the films to follow, but he wasn’t the first major British star who was invited to don the heaping wig and decadent cloaks. Years after the fact, Sir Ian McKellen revealed that he, too, had a shot at becoming Albus Dumbledore but turned it down. He later explained on BBC’s HARDtalk, “When they called me up and said would I be interested in being in the Harry Potter films, they didn’t say in what part. I worked out what they were thinking, and I couldn’t take over the part from an actor who I’d known didn’t approve of me.” Harris was reportedly unimpressed with McKellen during his life, implying that he was a “passionless” actor. Even so, though, McKellen added that he sometimes saw himself in the posters of Gambon as Dumbledore.

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Voldemort Used To Have A Nose

Lord Voldemort was born Tom Marvolo Riddle to Merope Gaunt, a Salazar Slytherin-descendant, and Tom Riddle, a Little Hangleton wealthy muggle. The half-blood orphan transformed into the Dark Lord in his journey of taking over the Wizarding world through manipulating the relationship between purebred and Muggle-born wizards.

Where Harry Potter Cast Are Now Nude Playboy Shoot Netflix Star Jail Sentence And Hunky Transformations

Crabbe & Goyle – Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Deleted Scene
  • Alison Maloney
  • 8:00, 19 Nov 2021

WE watched them grow from bumbling young Hogwarts students to Voldemort slayers – but what happened to the cast of Harry Potter once they hung up their brooms?

It’s 20 years since the first film in the popular franchise – adapted from JK Rowling’s world-famous book series – launched on to our screens.

And while we know that Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson – who played the title character and Hermione Granger – are still starring in Hollywood films, and Rupert Grint, who starred as Ron Weasley, is enjoying life as a dad, some of their classmates have taken different paths.

Luke Youngblood, who played Gryffindor student Lee in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, has been showing off his impressive six-pack on social media.

But the talented actor, who is now 35 and currently lives in LA, is not the only lesser-known Harry Potter star to have carved out a successful career for himself after the hugely popular franchise came to an end.

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Hermione Granger Is The Only Girl Of The Golden Trio

Recognized as the brightest witch of her generation, Hermione Jean Granger was evidently brilliant, headstrong, and resourceful throughout the series. Harry considers her and Ron his closest friends regardless of her being a Muggle-born. Hence, Hermione is a living example of the misconception of pureblood wizard supremacy.

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Many Actors Played Harry Potter Throughout The Movies

English actor Daniel Radcliffe can be easily identified as the face of the franchise but there are others who portrayed the character as well. Saunders Triplets acted as baby Harry in HP1 while Toby Papworth went up for the same role in a flashback scene in HP7. Moreover, Josh Herdman played the role of Harry in HP2 when he was in Polyjuice Potion Goyle form.

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Jamie Waylett As Vincent Crabbe

As Draco Malfoy’s pastry-loving henchman Vincent Crabbe, Jamie Waylett did a suitable enough job. The young actor, like many of his contemporaries in the series, was completely new to the world of film when he suited up as the Slytherin sycophant, but he gradually got more and more screen time throughout his six-film tenure and was convincing as the sniveling sidekick. By the time Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 arrived, however, Gregory Goyle was seen standing next to a new Malfoy lieutenant: Blaise Zabini .

Meanwhile, Crabbe was completely out of the picturewhile the role itself wasn’t recast, the character was shuffled out of sight to make room for Zabiniand it all stemmed from Waylett’s off-camera run-ins with the law. Waylett was arrested in 2009 after he was caught growing marijuana plants in his mother’s home. That incident alone was enough to lose him his prime position in the Potter world , and the troubles would only continue for him. The actor was later arrested again in 2012 for participating in a riot, and this time, he faced jail time. At least one of his co-stars would publicly rise to his defense, but the damage was still done to the actor’s career, and he hasn’t worked in a single film since.

From Mma To White House Farm Josh Herdman Is No

Josh Herdman, Goyle in Harry Potter films, makes debut as ...

ITVs White House Farm boasts a stellar cast including one former Harry Potter actor.

For many of us, well have grown up with Harry Potter and, as a result, feel like we share a connection with the actors who weve grown up alongside.

While the attention on the main cast is still huge, other actors who appeared in the film franchise might not get as much of the spotlight but its always great to see a familiar face pop up on our screens.

In the final few weeks of 2019, keen-eyed Potter fans spotted a familiar face in the BBCs His Dark Materials series and now, viewers of ITVs White House Farm have done the same with non-other than Josh Herdman, the actor who plays Goyle in the Potter franchise making an unexpected appearance.

  • FAMILIAR FACES: Did you recognise the Harry Potter star in His Dark Materials?

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