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Why Does Voldemort Look Like That

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He Created An Army Of Corpses By Murdering Muggles

Why Voldemort Looks Like A Snake | Harry Potter Theory

The books reveal that an Inferius is a corpse that’s been reanimated by dark magic.

Fans may recall the scene in “Half-Blood Prince” when a swarm of Inferi surrounds Dumbledore and Harry in the cave as they try to retrieve the locket Horcrux.;

What they may not know is that Voldemort by murdering vulnerable Muggles and reanimating their corpses.;

Nagini Was First Introduced In Goblet Of Fire

Although we met Lord Voldemort in Philosophers Stone, Nagini the snake did not appear until Goblet of Fire. In the book, Nagini was first introduced in The Riddle House, Goblet of Fires opening chapter, where she proceeded to eat the body of the poor, local Muggle, Frank Bryce. Lovely. Nagini seemed integral to Lord Voldemorts survival before he could be restored to his body, and we learnt, quite grotesquely, that Voldemort even tasked Wormtail to milk Nagini so he could live off her venom to keep his strength up. BFFs forever.

Voldemorts Wand Only Connects With Harrys Once

In the novels, Voldemort and Harrys wands only connect once. This is due to very specific reasons with the pair using wands with the same core. However, the movies play out differently. Their wands constantly connect and dont seem able to be used against each other, even when they use different wands.

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Does Hermione Kiss Harry

The moment that all fans had been waiting for finally occurred during Deathly Hallows when Ron and Hermione shared a passionate kiss during the heat of the Battle of Hogwarts. The kiss that Ron and Hermione shared is certainly incredibly passionate, but she did technically kiss Harry before their big moment.

Fiennes Had An Unusual Situation Under Those Robes

This Is How The Cast Of Harry Potter Should Have REALLY ...

One of the most unique aspects of the wizarding world is that every wizard and witch dons a distinctive robe, and naturally, Voldemort is no exception. With his sweeping black get-up, Voldemort looks more imposing than ever once he resumes his semi-human form, but if viewers had known about the entire construction of Fiennes’ costume, they might’ve been a little less frightened.

Despite playing one of the most formidable villains of all time , Fiennes had a fairly comical situation happening under his flowing robes. In an interview with Graham Norton, Fiennes admitted that he couldn’t handle the women’s tights in which he was originally outfitted, so he begged the costume designer to cut part of them out, leaving him with a garter belt and suspenders throughout the entire production. This was a wise move on Fiennes’ part when you consider that he had trouble performing Voldemort’s smooth, powerful walk without this adjustment. But still, it’s amusing to think about Fiennes’ clothing situation under those robes. A garter belt is guaranteed to make an evil wizard far less intimidating.

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Did Voldemort Have A Nose Before He Died

Part of what makes Voldemort so memorable is his uniquely alien look. Hes tall, skeletal, pale as chalk, without any discernible body hair, and most crucially, without a nose. In its place are two reptilian slits that render him profoundly less human in appearance which is exactly what he wants.

Differences Between The Book And The Film Adaptation

In the film, after discovering the truth of himself being a Horcrux, Harry met up with Ron and Hermione at the Grand Staircase, where he expressed his necessity to die, before bidding the two of them goodbye, something he avoided in the novel.

The duel as shown in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

In the film version of the duel, Harry reveals himself after he jumps from Hagrid’s arms as Voldemort looks on with a surprised and bewildered look. Harry fires a Blasting Curse at Nagini, but due to her protection, it rebounds on several Death Eaters behind Voldemort. Next, Harry dashes through the Courtyard as Voldemort follows, firing explosions at him. Shocked, Voldemort turns and sees a fraction of his Death Eaters retreating. Bellatrix screams and yells at all the Death Eaters to return, even pinpointing the fleeing Lucius Malfoy. He then turns and sees Harry dashing into the Entrance Hall as the battle recommences. Harry runs up the Grand Staircase; Voldemort stuns Neville, sending him flying into the Great Hall. Voldemort then grabs Nagini and Disapparates in pursuit.

Harry and Voldemort duelling on the Marble Staircase

Harry Potter holding the Elder Wand after Disarming Voldemort, in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

Tom Riddle: “Why do you live?” Harry Potter: “Because I have something worth living for!”

Voldemort disintegrates upon death in the film adaptation, as opposed to merely dying as in the book

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When Did Tom Riddle Lose His Nose

He lost his original body when he tried to kill Harry and the curse rebounded on him. The body he has now, with the snake-like features, and as everone is so focused onn, lack of nose, was created later through a potion and looks the way it does because it was magically synthesized.

Harry Potter: 10 Things About Voldemort That Make No Sense

Why Voldemort Looks Like A Snake

Voldemort may be a phenomenal villain, but even in the Harry Potter series, there are some things about him that just don’t make sense.

Voldemort may be the main villain in a book and film series that were created primarily for children, however, he is still one of the most frightening and legendary villains of all time. Voldemort is basically the boogeyman come to life, and although many Harry Potter fans are adults now it seems safe to assume that the thought of Voldemort still strikes a tinge of fear into their hearts.

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However, despite the fact that Voldemort is one of the greatest villains in fiction history, that doesn’t mean that everything about his characterization is flawless or even makes that much sense. Some aspects of Voldemort’s behavior and development seems to be utterly incomprehensible, in fact. So here are 10 things about Voldemort as a character that simply do not make any sense.

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Fiennes Didn’t Spend Much Time In The Makeup Chair

Considering that the original Potter film franchise spanned an entire decade and ran for a whopping eight films , you might think that once Fiennes made his debut in Goblet of Fire, he would’ve spent most of his time prepping to become Lord Voldemort, with all the makeup and prosthetics.

However, thanks to Voldemort’s relatively low profile throughout the final books in order to prevent the wizarding world at large from realizing he’s returned, he remains largely quiet until he stages a successful coup of the Ministry of Magic in Deathly Hallows; Fiennes only had the makeup applied around 60 to 70 times, many of which were for the final two films. Really, that makes a whole lot of sense. Voldemort doesn’t appear at all in the sixth book or movie , and with only a brief cameo in the previous installment, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, it checks out that Fiennes didn’t have to spend an inordinate amount of time sitting in hair and makeup. And honestly, when he does show up on-screen, it’s clear the makeup crew did a magical job.

He Worked At Borgin And Burkes

Lord Voldemort doesnt exactly seem like the kind of person youd excpect to work in a shop, but thats exactly what he did after leaving Hogwarts. We learn in the Harry Potter books that a young Voldemort took a job at Borgin and Burkes in Knockturn Alley although it is revealed that he only took the job so that he could find more famous items to turn into Horcruxes.

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Why Didn’t He Try Straight Up Murder

This is a question that we could ask about pretty much every character in the Harry Potter series, but it seems especially relevant since Voldemort’s ultimate goal throughout the story is to kill someone. And that is, why didn’t he just try some more traditional killing methods? Why didn’t he just stab Harry? Or shoot him with a gun?

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There are literally dozens of different ways too successfully kill someone without using magic, so instead of trying a murder method that had already failed and yielded horrible results for Voldemort, why didn’t he try something different that presumably wouldn’t once again end with Voldemort accidentally killing himself?

How Did He Learn About Horcruxes

Why does Voldemort look like he does?

One of the mysteries in the first books of the series is how, exactly, Voldemort learned about Horcruxes. Its ultimately revealed that none other than Horace Slughorn, Voldemorts professor in school and the man who returns to Hogwarts to teach Defense of the Dark Arts, blurted out the truth of Horcruxes to Tom, seduced by the younger mans irresistible charm.

Slughorn, deeply shamed at his complicity in Voldemorts rise to power, obscured the memories until finally revealing them to Harry.

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What Did He Do To His Paternal Family

In some ways, Voldemorts backstory is one of the most tragic in the novels. His mother fell in love with a Muggle and drugged him with potions, only to have him abandon her and her unborn child. Its understandable, then, that Voldemort would bear a great deal of anger and hatred toward his paternal family.

However, Voldemort is never one to let a grudge go peacefully, and so he ends up murdering several members of his paternal family, including his own father.

There Are Plenty Of Other Celebs In His Family

One of six children, Ralph Fiennes comes from an artistic family. “There was creativity, for sure, but it always went hand in hand with discipline,” Ralph’s brother, actor Joseph Fiennes, told The Guardian in March 2016. His mother was Jini Fiennes, the author of six novels, including Blood Ties, a book completed in 1989 but published in 1999, six years after she passed away from cancer and very much due to the persistence ;of her children. His sisters Sophie and ;Fiennes are both directors, and his brother, the aforementioned Joseph, has appeared in everything from Season 2 of American Horror Story to the acclaimed television drama The Handmaid’s Tale, based on Margaret Atwood’s masterful 1985 novel.

His family constantly moved around, which turned Ralph into something of a control freak: “I function better if I think everything seems to be in order,”;he told the;Evening Standard;in 2016. “It’s a way of protecting myself from chaos and the threat of mess, spillage, s**t.” He claims this need for control is “absolutely” due to the fact that he comes from a large family that moved fourteen times in fifteen years… but there’s a part of him that yearns to embrace the chaos, too:;”Enjoy the unmade bed and its rumpled sheets. Enjoy your clothes in a pile on the floor. Accept! ACCEPT!”

Oddly enough, it sounds like he almost didn’t accept the role of Lord Voldemort at all.

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Why He Made His Horcruxes So Identifiable

Okay, so this is something that J.K. Rowling has actually explained in canon, and while it does make some sense that someone as haughty as Voldemort would want his Horcruxes to be something very magically valuable and iconic it’s still not something that seems totally understandable.

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Yes, Lord Voldemort is obsessed with proving himself as a legend in the magical world, but creating his Horcruxes with extremely identifiable magical objects seems to directly contradict what the purpose of a Horcrux is. And even if he wanted to have Horcruxes that were magically powerful, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he needed to use things like Marvolo Gaunt’s ring or Salazar Slytherin’s locket.

Harry Potter And The Half

What does Lord Voldemort look like with a nose?

Voldemort does not appear in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, although his presence and actions are felt: he once again declares war, and begins to rise to power once more. He murders Amelia Bones of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, and begins to target members of the Order of the Phoenix, including Emmeline Vance.

Rowling uses several chapters as exposition to establish Voldemort’s backstory. In a series of flashbacks, using the pensieve as a plot device, she reveals that Voldemort was the son of the witch Merope Gaunt and a Muggle called Tom Riddle. Riddle abandoned Merope before their child’s birth, soon after which Merope died. After living in an orphanage, young Riddle met Dumbledore, who told him he was a wizard and arranged for him to attend Hogwarts. Riddle was outwardly a model student, but was in reality a psychopath who took sadistic pleasure in using his powers to harm and control people. He eventually murdered his father and grandparents as revenge for abandoning him. The book also discusses Riddle’s hatred of Muggles, his obsession with Horcruxes, and his desire to split his soul to achieve immortality. Rowling stated Voldemort’s conception under the influence of a love potion symbolises the coercive circumstances under which he was brought into the world.

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Tom Riddle Cursed The Defence Against The Dark Arts Position

Although it is hinted at that the Defence Against the Dark Arts teaching position is jinxed in the movies, no one goes into the specifics. In the books, it is heavily suggested that this was a result of Tom Riddle being turned down twice for the job. Dumbledore theorizes that he put on a curse on the position, meaning no one can do the job for more than a year.

The Lego Batman Movie

Lord Voldemort appeared as a supporting antagonist in The LEGO Batman Movie, being a prisoner of the Phantom Zone. He is released on Gotham City by the Joker, who uses him to help him wreck havoc and try and destroy Batman. He unleashes his wand to transfigure citizens and officers alike into fish and frogs. He is defeated when Batgirl disarms him with her grappling hook and sends him back to the Phantom Zone.

Here, he was voiced by Eddie Izzard, who also played Sir Miles Axlerod in Cars 2, Abel Gideon in Hannibal, Nigel Bakerbutcher in The Simpsons, Professor Bedlam in My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Dr. Schadenfreude in Igor, and Hervnick Z. Snerz in the 2019 Netflix series Green Eggs and Ham.

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His Greatest Fear Was His Own Death

Boggarts are magical shape-shifters that transform into whatever a witch or wizard fears the most.

In a 2005 interview with the fan site Mugglenet, Rowling said that Voldemort’s greatest fear is “ignominious death,” and if he ever encountered a boggart, he would probably see his own lifeless body.

Even without this insight, it is clear that Voldemort does everything in his power including fragmenting his soul seven times throughout the series to live up to his name and beat death.;

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He Was Not Initially Going To Kill Lily

What Happened to Lord Voldemortâs Nose? â Fiction Horizon

Voldemort never planned to kill Lily Potter, although this is something that is only revealed to readers. The movies never mention the fact that Snape begs his master to spare Lily. Voldemort only killed the woman as she tried to defend Harry and it seemed better to Voldemort to kill the entire family.

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His Wand Had Its Own Special Effects

Aside from Albus Dumbledore , Voldemort was known as one of the most powerful wizards to have ever lived. That’s pretty bad news for basically everybody else in the wizarding world. Though the measure of power between witches and wizards is a topic of some dispute, it’s clear that Voldemort is among the top dog sorcerers,;which makes him even harder to ultimately defeat.

For the film adaptation, another element was added to make it clear that Voldemort was an especially strong wizard: his wand. Whenever the Dark Lord shows up, his wand often seems to float underneath his hand without ever tumbling to the ground.;As it turns out, Fiennes worked with the production designer to ensure his wand would never fall, thanks to a handy hook connected to his finger. It gave him the illusion of always keeping control of his wand, even when it was hovering around.;By giving Fiennes an extra element of comfort by keeping the wand light in his hand, it gave Voldemort more visual power, which worked perfectly for the character.

Just How Powerful Were His Magical Abilities

Evil as he is, theres no question that Voldemort is also one of the most powerful wizards to have ever lived. Hes a master duelist, able to defeat almost anyone who comes against him .

Perhaps most notably, he also has the power of necromancy, i.e. the ability to raise creatures from the dead . This is an ability that seems to be unique to him, making him a very formidable enemy indeed.

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