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Is Harry Potter For Adults

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The Once And Future King By Th White

Things You Only Notice About Harry Potter As An Adult

The Hero’s Journey is essential for the Harry Potter series. Apart from the style of the writing, the architecture finds its roots in the stories of myth and legend. If you’re looking a for a novel that embraces this hero’s journey perfectly, look no further than the story of King Arthur.

T. H. White’s adaptation of;Le Morte d’Arthur;titled;The Once and Future King is a near perfect retelling of the classic story. From the Sword in the Stone to the Lady in the Lake, this novel encompasses the full epic myth of this legendary hero.

Destroying A Person’s Soul Should Probably Count As Cruel And Unusual Punishment

It’s kind of easy to gloss over the implications of the Dementors, but let’s take a closer look at these monstrosities for just a moment. So the wizards in the Harry Potter universe have empirical proof that souls exist. And what do they do with this knowledge? They set up a police force consisting of abominations that actually eat your frigging soul. Forget life in prison, or even the death penalty; destroying souls as a form of punishment goes so far beyond cruel and unusual there’s barely any words sufficient enough to describe just how downright evil it is. And these are the good guys?

Serious Question Can An Adult Enjoy The Harry Potter Books

I couldn’t sit through the movies, THB.

Are the books something an adult would enjoy or are they too aimed for teens and young-adults?

The first couple are definitely ‘kids’ books. They’re sweet but quick reads and idk if an adult reading them for the first time will enjoy them as much as someone like myself who read them growing up and have them as a nostalgia thing. However there are a lot of fun little things that fly over a lot of childrens’ heads which would be fun to pick out as an adult, particularly in the later books. Indeed, some things which I really didn’t care for when I was younger .

Idk if I’m being very rambly but I’d definitely say yes. The first couple might be a bit slow but if you just plough through, the 4th book and beyond are amazing.

Definitely not. It was like this massive shift, right at midnight on my 18th birthday, I was even reading one of the books , and I just dropped it and immediately picked up War and Peace and never looked back.

Just kidding, yes, they’re great. I won’t be surprised if they find my old dead body clutching a Harry Potter book and I’m sure my family will know me well enough to drop one into my casket before it’s shut so I have something fun to read in the afterlife too.

I was 60 when I started reading them.

From Goblet of Fire onwards there is a huge shift both in terms of writing quality, and tone. The books become much darker, the writing is better, and the world of HP is expanded 10x.

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The Legend Of Greg By Chris Rylander

There are books like Harry Potter for younger readers that have their tongue firmly planted in cheek. The Legend of Greg is a magical adventure blended with a great sense of humour.

The story follows risk-averse Greg Belmont as he discovers magical abilities triggered by a strange tea his Dad brought home. Before Greg can begin to figure out whats happening, his Dad is kidnapped by a killer Bro-Troll and Greg himself ends up in the secret underground world of the Dwarves whove been living under Chicago for ages.

The Legend of Greg combines quirky humour with magic and if thats not enough for you, than did I mention theres a talking axe too?

A Gorgeous Harry Potter Music Box

Adult Deluxe Harry Potter Costume

For a Harry Potter gift thats beautiful, thoughtful and romantic, consider getting your Potterhead a Harry Potter music box.

There are lots of great options out there that are not only HP-themed on the outside, but also play Harry Potter classics like Hedwigs Theme.

For a more detailed guide, weve written a separate article rounding up our top Harry Potter music boxes, but here are some options:

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The Ministry Of Magic Is A Fascist Dream

If the Dementors seem like something out of a fascist Orwellian nightmare, there’s good reason for that: because that’s exactly what wizarding society is. Forget Big Brother watching you; thanks to magic, the wizarding government can literally see and hear every single thing you do. And they are keeping very close tabs; remember the notice Harry receives for underage use of magic? How about the Marauder’s Map showing everyone’s location and activities at all times? People apparating at will into your living roomor bedroom? There’s no such thing as privacy in the Harry Potter universe. And that’s just how the Ministry of Magic likes it.

Sexual Innuendos Were Everywhere

The;Harry Potter;series was massively popular with kidsso it may come as some surprise that certain aspects of the books seem a little NSFW upon review. For starters, there’s the “engorgio” spell, which just screams double entendre .

Then there’s the fact that these are all teenage students who have no sexual education coursework at all, and some have traced the timing of Nymphadora Tonks’ conception to her parents’ teen years . Rowling;herself has said;she didn’t mean to encourage teen pregnancy in the story, but thanks to a dirty Easter egg in the Marauder’s Map from the;Prisoner of Azkaban;movie, which showed two students;getting busy in a corner, we know Hogwarts could get pretty steamy.

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Dominion Of The Fallen By Aliette De Bodard

Book one: The House of Shattered Wings

Paris has suffered from the war in Heaven. The city lies in destruction, its people learning to live besides haunted ruins. But even then, the Great Houses still want dominion over the capital.

House Silverspires lies in disarray. Its founder is missing, monsters lurk in the dark. Therefore three different people will team up to save or break this House: a Fallen, an alchemist, and a resentful man.

Heartstone By Elle Katharine White

Harry Potter Event Canceled Because Adults Complained They Weren’t Invited

Book one: Heartstone

Were you looking for a Pride and Prejudice retelling in a historical fantasy with dragons and warriors who fight alongside them? Im here to tell you the wait is over! Heartstone is just that; its a story that centers Aliza and her sisters. Their home has been attacked by gryphons several times, so the Lord hires Riders to hunt them down. Two young men arrive with the group: one falls for one of her sisters and the other is rathernot of Alizas liking.

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Tips To Make Harry Potter Craft Ideas

  • Let your kids take the wheel and do the project for themselves if theyre going to be involved. Theyll learn so much more, and be so much more proud of the work.
  • You can never have too many wands. Make more. Always make more.
  • Dont forget that these Harry Potter craft ideas make great Harry Potter activities for a Harry Potter party. Oh, my, thats a lot of Harry in one sentence. LOL!

It Is The Ultimate Substitute For A Personality

Why waste time, let’s get to the Hor-crux of the problem. We’ve spoken before about the various things that people are into in lieu of developing a more rounded personality. Gin, pizza, dogs, the US Office, even cheese for crying out loud. And the list doesn’t end there.

Standing head above shoulders, on the smouldering embers of empty pizza boxes and Cathedral cheddar packets, is Harry Potter fandom.

Yes the books were fun to read, you would queue up to buy the latest edition at midnight and then do absolutely nothing else until you’d finished all 700 pages, after which you’d struggle to remember what you spent your time on beforehand.

Some people have taken this as a blueprint for day-to-day life. Adopting a worldview where the wizarding world is at the centre of the cultural zeitgest, where Hogwarts never ends. These people will probably have tattoos of quotes, or the emblem of their adopted house, or if they are less committed then posters in their living room. Either, is a massive red flag.

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Is Harry Potter Ya

The answer is no. But also yes But no. Its complicated.

Is Harry Potter YA? J.K. Rowlings legendary book series is often lumped with young adult lit , but the truth is it doesnt wholly fit in YA until it does.

First things first: Go into Barnes & Noble and youll find Harry Potter in the Childrens section, snuggled next to Rick Riordans Percy Jackson series and down the row from Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Artemis Fowl.

So why do so many consider the Harry Potter books young adult novels? To answer that question, we first have to ask ourselves what YA is. Were going to have to dive into business-talk to get to the heart of it.

News. YA Book Reviews. Upcoming Releases. Monthly giveaways. Weekly. Free.

The Mysterious Benedict Society By Trenton Lee Stewart

Adult Deluxe Harry Potter Costume

The;Mysterious Benedict Society;books start with dozens of children responding to a strange newspaper advertisement. They are subjected to a series of mind-bending tests, but only four come away successful. The quartet is then sent on a secret mission for only the brightest and most inventive children.;

The story about misfits struggling to save the world from dark forces might sound familiar, but the writing is fresh, witty and beautifully descriptive, raves one reviewer on Amazon. It has two brave, brilliant boys and two tough, resourceful girls who overcome complex social and governmental obstacles as they combine teamwork, bravery, and investigative adventure to fight for what is right and sane for all, says another.

The four-book series, recently adapted as a Disney+ television series, begins with The Mysterious Benedict Society and is followed by The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey, The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Prisoners Dilemma, and The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Riddle of Ages.;

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Harry Potter Illustrated Editions By Jk Rowling And Jim Kay

These deluxe hardcover editions of the Harry Potter books feature glorious full-color illustrations by artist Jim Kay, breathing new life into the imaginative world created by J.K. Rowling. The first four illustrated Harry Potter books have been completed. The remaining novels in the series will follow.;A fully illustrated edition of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is also available.

Harry Potter For Adults

Harry Potter For Adults is a Harry Potterwebring for adult-owned fansites containing fanfiction. Its description states:

“This webring is for all of us adult Harry Potter fans out there that write fanfiction. Het and slash both welcome. Archives of fanfiction also welcome. It’s not just kids that like Harry Potter!”

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The Brooklyn Brujas By Zoraida Cordova

Labyrinth Lost, the first book of Latinx-infused queer fantasy trilogy The Brooklyn Brujas, was one of NPRs Best Young Adult books of 2016. Alex is a powerful witch, but she hates her magical powers. When she casts a spell to rid herself of her powers, though, it backfires, causing her family to vanish into thin air. To save her loved ones, Alex and her friend Nova must travel to;the dark, strange land of Los Lagos on a journey of self-discovery.;Fantastically imaginative and diverse, raves one reviewer on Amazon. A story for those who feel out of place and want to be different, says another.;

The subsequent books in the Brooklyn Brujas trilogy follow Alexs two sisters, Lula and Rose, as they battle evil in the their home town and across the magical realms.

Tristan Strong Punches A Hole In The Sky By Kwame Mbalia

10 Moments In Harry Potter Only Adults Understand

Thirteen-year-old Tristan Strong goes to live with his grandparents following a tragic bus accident that claimed the life of his best friend, Eddie. While there, he accidentally tears an opening;to the MidPass, a fantastical land whose inhabitants are trying to destroy everyone in Tristans world. Shackle monsters and ships made of bone evoke images of slavery, and Tristan joins with figures from African mythology to fight them.;

Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky is the first of a planned trilogy.;Tristan Strong Destroys the World;comes next. A third book is expected in 2021.;

Tristan is the perfect embodiment of how it is okay to feel those emotions and view them as a source of power rather than a weakness, writes one Amazon reviewer.;Author Kwame Mbalia received the Coretta Scott King Honor Award for his debut novel.;

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The Weasley Twins Were Weirder Than They Seemed

In;The Prisoner of Azkaban, the Dark Lord’s sniveling sidekick Peter Pettigrew was eventually spotted alive and well on the Marauder’s Map that Fred and George Weasley had been holding onto, which is how he was ultimately discovered to be disguised as Ronald’s “pet” rat Scabbers. But if he was visible on the map, and the Weasley twins had full access to itand, in theory, would check in on their younger brother once in awhilethey;had;to know he had unexpected company in his room each night, and just ignored it. The Weasley twins might’ve seemed like feel-good pranksters, but that’s way more messed up than inventing mischievous items like U-No-Poo and anti-gravity hats. Looks like they made good on their oath to be up to no good.

Storm Runner By Jc Cervantes

Based on Mayan mythology, the;Storm Runner;trilogy features Zane, a young boy with a physical disability that not only makes it difficult to walk but also challenging to navigate bullying from his peers in middle school. Zane likes exploring the dormant volcano near his home in New Mexico with his dog Rosie, but little does he know the volcano is a gateway to another world.;Zane finds himself in the middle of a powerful prophecy that will transport him far away from the life hes always known. Cervantes writing is funny and her characters are likable, says a reader on Amazon. This is a great read for students who like action and adventure. And Kirkus Reviews notes, Zanes incredibly appealing kid voice and wry internal interjections make him easy to root for.

The first book in the series is The Storm Runner, followed by The Fire Keeper and The Shadow Crosser.;

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Fun Harry Potter Inspired Letterboard Letters

Letterboards are all the rage these days and if your gift recipient is someone who already owns a letterboard, then this simple gift will absolutely make their lives!

These fun HP inspired letterboard letters come in the iconic Harry Potter font and include fun elements like a little sorting hat. This is definitely one unique Harry Potter gift that theyll love.

For A School Hogwarts Makes A Great Morgue

Adult Deluxe Harry Potter Costume

Parents entrust their children to schools, which are supposed to be safe havens where kids can learn and grow. And then there’s Hogwarts, where their motto is: “eh, eff that.” It’s bad enough that you could get crushed by a troll, impaled by a hippogriff, or eaten by a giant carnivorous spider. At least those would sort of be accidents. But the faculty at Hogwarts goes out of their way to intentionally put their students in danger, like at the Triwizards Tournament, where they use kids as living bait for dragons and mermaids. What the heck are the adults even thinking?

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The Khorasan Archives By Ausma Zehanat Khan

Book one: The Bloodprint

The Talisman is a dark power that has risen in this land. But there is a group of influential women who fight this power. Among them are two women, our protagonists, Arian and her apprentice Sinnia, with the task of breaking slave trains and saving the land from this dark power. Also the Bloodprint, a dangerous text the Talisman wants to destroy, will be their only hope.

What To Read After Harry Potter

But like all good things, these magical books eventually come to an end. Fortunately for young readers and adults alike, there are lots of great options for what to read after Harry Potter that will give you a similar thrill as J.K. Rowlings Harry Potter series and its companion Harry Potter Wizarding World theme park. Heres a comprehensive list of the best books like Harry Potter for every grade level, continuously updated as new fantasy books make their debuts.;

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The Magicians By Lev Grossman

Quentin Coldwater is a high school student obsessed with the made of world of Fillory. ;He finds himself admitted to a magical college that is both secret and elite. ;The best way I can describe this series is if Harry Potter was admitted to Hogwarts in College. ;It has a different feel but it is fun, imaginative and entertaining. ;Im a little obsessed with the tv series as well. ;

New: Harry Potter Bath Bombs

Adults Read Harry Potter For The First Time

I have had so many of you ask about Harry Potter bath bombs and here they are! Finally finished and ready for gifting.;

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