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Who Is Nagini In Harry Potter

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The Story of Nagini ( How She Met Voldemort) – Harry Potter Explained

We learn in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows that Harrys ability to speak Parseltongue is actually related to the soul shard that Voldemort lost when trying to kill Harry. That soul shard had attached itself to Harry, and was the source of this ability, as well as the ability to see into Voldemorts mind.

Nagini From ‘harry Potter’ Is Human In ‘fantastic Beasts 2’ And The Internet Is Divided

The infamous character is a maledictus…

It’s no secret that J.K. Rowling is prone to shocking fans with surprise Harry Potter revelations. Ever since the hit collection of novels drew to a close with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows back in 2007, the beloved author has been dropping major details about the series’ characters in tweets, on Pottermore and via all of the franchise’s many spin-offs. The Harry Potter universe continues to impress us.

However, it’s this latest detail regarding all things Harry Potter that fans aren’t sure how to deal with. Yesterday, Warner Bros. Pictures unveiled the trailer for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. In it, we get a glimpse of young Dumbledore, a hint at what’s next for Newt Scamander and plenty of drama. Nevertheless, it’s the appearance of Nagini that’s taking fans aback; she’s human.

Say what?! Yes Nagini, as in the humongous snake/Horcrux from the Harry Potter books, is actually a person. Mere seconds into the new Fantastics Beasts teaser, we find out that Claudia Kim is playing Nagini as a human being. Not too much is given away about her but we see Nagini perform at a circus and there she transforms into her infamous snake form for an audience.

Ah, okay. That all makes sense. Still, avid Harry Potter readers still can’t believe that they never knew this. Here are just a few of the reactions.

Everything You Need To Know About Nagini

Today, we discovered that another character from the Harry Potter adventures will be appearing in the new Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald film but not quite in the same way.

In the new trailer, released today, it was revealed that the character played by Claudia Kim has a name familiar to us… Nagini.

Harry Potter fans know this name all too well: Lord Voldemorts deadly snake companion responsible for many terrifying moments.

Before now, Claudia Kims character had only been known as the Maledictus. A Maledictus is a carrier of a blood curse which will ultimately destine them to transform permanently into a beast.

It transpires that Nagini the snake, from Harry Potter, used to be a woman with a terrible curse. And seemingly, based on her friendship with Credence as seen in the trailer, not just the evil character who did Lord Voldemorts bidding. So, what happened?

While we ponder on Naginis past, heres a reminder of everything we know about Nagini from the Harry Potter books and her connection to Lord Voldemort.

I think he is perhaps as fond of her as he can be of anythingAlbus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

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Lord Voldemort And Nagini Had A Special Relationship

So Nagini and Voldemort were definitely close. As a Parselmouth, Voldemort could communicate with her, and the pair often sent each other messages, even suggesting a telepathic connection at times. Lord Voldemort could also possess Nagini, like he did on the night where Arthur Weasley was attacked in Order of the Phoenix. Because of Harrys unwanted mental link with Voldemort, this is why Harry suffered horrendous visions from the snakes point of view. Voldemort and Nagini seemed interlinked in ways beyond imagination and as Albus Dumbledore observed to Harry, he certainly likes to keep her close and he seems to have an unusual amount of control over her, even for a Parselmouth.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald: How Naginis Story Is Revealed

    Save this story for later.
    Save this story for later.

This post contains spoilers for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.

It wasnt long ago that Harry Potter fans knew Nagini, Voldemorts loyal snake-turned-Horcrux as just that: a snake. A preternaturally intelligent snake whose level of devotion spurred rumors that she was something more, sure. But those rumblings were never canonized. For years, fans have only assumed there was something deeper going on in the Voldemort-Nagini bondbut what it was, they would never know. That is, until the prequel series, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, came around.

The second film in the series, written by Harry Potter architect, J.K. Rowling, revealed in a trailer that fans had been on the right trail. Nagini, it turns out, was actually a Maledictusa witch with a blood curse that turns her permanently into a beast . In the film, the witch is played by Claudia Kim.

On Twitter, Rowling said shes been keeping this particular secret for around twenty years; it seemed the rest of us might learn what she knew when Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald opened in November. So, now that the film is upon us, what do we learn about Nagini in the Fantastic Beasts sequel? Well . . . not much, really.

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Nagini Was First Introduced In Goblet Of Fire

Although we met Lord Voldemort in Philosophers Stone, Nagini the snake did not appear until Goblet of Fire. In the book, Nagini was first introduced in The Riddle House, Goblet of Fires opening chapter, where she proceeded to eat the body of the poor, local Muggle, Frank Bryce. Lovely. Nagini seemed integral to Lord Voldemorts survival before he could be restored to his body, and we learnt, quite grotesquely, that Voldemort even tasked Wormtail to milk Nagini so he could live off her venom to keep his strength up. BFFs forever.

Snake From Zoo In Sorcerer’s / Philosopher’s Stone = Nagini

How true is this? I’ve encountered from Tumblr this post of JK Rowling saying:

âYes, itâs rather funny, really, that next to no-one realised the snake that Harry set free in Philosopherâs Stone turned out to be Voldemortâs final Horcrux, Nagini.â â J.K. Rowling

This is false. The rumor started on Tumblr as a joke. I just took the time to find the original post. When you click on the source, it brings you to Youtube to Rick Astely’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.” AKA, it’s a RickRoll. Here’s the original Tumblr post.

However, both the zoo snake and Nagini were played by pythons in the movies. It is very possible that J. K. Rowling did say this, but that she was referring to the snake actors in the movies, not the characters.

But I tried to google the very same quote but all of the links are from tumblr. Could someone confirm this? 01:22, July 21, 2011

Well I myself didn’t believe what you said at first but then I googled it and I found a dozen of different sites stating the quote by Rowling and saying that the Snake is infact Nagini. This is no 100% proof, however, unless there is a video or some more reliable proofs that confirm it. My personal belief is that Nagini is not the same Snake as the Boa Constrictor from the first book simply because I think Nagini was picked up in Albania while the Boa Constrictor was going to Brazil. It is possible however. 16:09, July 22, 2011
Nagini is a female, and the snake from PS is a male…
A Vipon!

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Career At The Ministry

After graduating from Hogwarts, Bertha joined the Ministry of Magic and floated between Departments. She finally ended up in the Department of Magical Games and Sports under the head of Ludo Bagman.

Bertha had the misfortune of making a visit to the estate of Barty Crouch Snr with some papers for him to sign, where she discovered the Crouch family secret that they were keeping their convicted Death Eater son Barty Crouch Jnr trapped in their house under the Imperius Curse and an invisibility cloak when their house-elfWinky was talking to the criminal, of which Bertha heard enough to deduce who was under the cloak. When Bertha confronted Crouch Snr, he had to place a powerful Memory Charm on her to alter her memory and make her forget what she had found out. However, the Memory Charm was so powerful, in fact, that she suffered permanent brain damage, leading to the extreme forgetfulness she had since been known for.

Nagini Lived In An Alternate Timeline

Why Making Nagini a Horcrux Proves That Voldemort CAN Love – Harry Potter Theory

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child remains a point of contention among many fans. Many embraced it, especially those who were lucky enough to witness the live performance. Others felt somewhat alienated by both the new script format, retconning of the previous canon, and what many considered betrayals of characterization. No matter where audiences stand on the play, there is no denying that it offered additional Potter material to chew on, including an alternate future for Nagini.

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In the production, Scorpius Malfoy and Albus Potter save Cedric Diggory’s life during the Triwizard Tournament. Some way or another, this causes the entire course of the wizarding world to change. Cedric becomes a Death Eater, and kills Neville, thus saving Nagini from death. In this alternate future, Nagini survives and continues serving her master, the now living Voldemort.

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Why Fantastic Beasts Deserves More Criticism Than Harry Potter

In the Harry Potter books, Wizarding politics were firmly based on the British class system. The setting felt authentic, depicting a conservative society falling foul of bigotry and authoritarian leadership. Its an effective and thoughtful allegory, so it was disappointing to see Rowling display such an ignorant attitude to American politics leading into;Fantastic Beasts.;In a series of official canon posts called;A;History of Magic in North America, Rowling introduced an insurmountable conundrum as part of the backstory for Fantastic Beasts:

  • Wizarding America is supposedly more segregated than Britain, creating a society where magical people obsessively avoid muggles for fear of persecution. This explains why theyre ruled by a Black woman in the 1920s: wizards dont share muggle racism.
  • However, its fundamentally impossible for wizards and no-majs to evolve completely separate cultures, because magical children are often born to non-magical parents. They would unavoidably bring their cultural background into the Wizarding World.
  • For instance, what happened to;magical children born to enslaved parents? Were they allowed to use magic to rescue their no-maj friends and relatives? And if not, how the hell were they meant to integrate into magical society without resenting their white peers? How did the MACUSA retain such a tight leash on secrecy when America received a constant influx of immigrants from other magical cultures?

    Differences Between Book And Film

    Nagini killing Snape in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

    In the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Nagini was not protected by the magical orb, but instead by what appeared to be an invisible force field that deflected all spells cast at her. This allowed her to participate in the second stage of the battle, as opposed to dying before it began, where she attempted to strike Harry from the back while Voldemort duelled him from the front. Ultimately, she was fighting against Hermione and Ron, both of whom tried to stab her with a Basilisk fang, before Neville decapitated her. Upon her death, she vanished into black smoke, as opposed to simply dying and falling onto the ground in the novel. Why her body perished was not known, and she was the only Horcrux to disappear in such manner; all the others did not disappear, but instead left behind fragmented pieces, except the Diadem when Ron kicked the remnants into the oncoming Fiendfyre. Also, Nagini was killed while Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort were duelling, when in the book, Neville Longbottom killed Nagini while Voldemort and his Death Eaters were standing outside the Entrance Hall. Furthermore, Voldemort’s and Snape’s final meeting occurs in the Boathouse in the film, as opposed to the Shrieking Shack in the novel, and thus Nagini murders Snape there instead of on her master’s orders.

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    Nagini’s Venom Holds Magical Properties

    More on this later, but Nagini has anatomical powers that do not seem natural whatsoever. Looking past the fact that she is a Maledictus, a Horcrux, and a psychic vessel for the dark lord, her venom appears to be of great importance. In service to his master, Wormtail must milk Nagini for her venom as it sustains Voldemort’s withering life force.

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    Now, venom is not traditionally the healthiest nutritional substitute. As mentioned in the books, when Nagini bites Arthur Weasley, her venom causes his wounds to bleed profusely and take longer to heal. Somehow her toxin kept a decaying Voldemort healthy in the same way Unicorn Blood did. Perhaps it speaks more to how far gone Voldemort was, but it also could show that Nagini’s snake form held more than just traditional poison.

    List Of Magical Creatures Mentioned In The Film Series


    In the Harry Potter universe, the Acromantula is a monstrous spider capable of human speech. It originated in Borneo, where it inhabits dense jungle. Its distinctive features include the thick black hair that covers its body; its legspan, which may reach up to fifteen feet; its pincers, which produce a distinctive clicking sound when the Acromantula is excited or angry; and a venomous secretion. The Acromantula is carnivorous and prefers large prey. It spins dome-shaped webs on the ground. The female is bigger than the male and may lay up to one hundred eggs at a time. Soft and white, these are as large as beach balls. The young hatch in six to eight weeks. Acromantula eggs are defined as Class A Non-Tradeable Goods by the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, meaning that severe penalties are attached to their importation or sale.

    This beast is believed to be wizard-bred, possibly intended to guard wizard dwellings or treasure, as is often the case with magically bred monsters. Despite its near-human intelligence, the Acromantula is untrainable and highly dangerous to wizard and Muggle alike. Hagrid was expelled from Hogwarts in his third year for possession of the Acromantula Aragog who was thought by Hogwarts teachers to be the monster in the Chamber of Secrets.

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    Can A Snake Love You

    Snakes dont have the intellectual capacity to feel human emotions like love or affection. So no, they cant feel affection for you. They can, however, feel an affinity for you as a non-threatening creature that cares for it. Snakes make amazing pets, even if they dont feel affection the same way humans do.

    Nagini Is A Maledictus Not An Animagus

    The Harry Potter franchise is full of beings and wizards who can change their form at will. Occasionally, Polyjuice Potion does the trick, turning the drinker into the shape of another. There are also Animagi, the most traditional shapeshifters. These individuals master sophisticated magic to change into the form of a single animal. The Marauders and Professor McGonagall are all Animagi.

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    When audiences learned that Nagini was once a human, many assumed that she was also an Animagus. Unfortunately, Nagini’s case is far less controllable. Nagini was a Maledictus. These beings suffer a blood curse which eventually forces them to turn into an animal permanently.

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    When Did Nagini Become A Horcrux

    Rowling described Voldemort than as a ghostly creature who survived in the forest by communicating with animals especially snakes. The only other facet of Naginis character that Rowling made crystal clear was her avid devotion to Voldemort. She was turned into a horcrux following the death of Bertha Jenkins in 1994.

    Fantastic Beasts : The Tragedy Of Nagini

    How Did Nagini Meet Voldemort? Harry Potter Theory

    The backstory added to Nagini in Fantastic Beasts 2 recontextualizes the whole Potterverse… and not for the better.

    This article contains Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald spoilers.

    Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald gave a very human backstory to a creature long assumed to simply be a fantastic beastVoldemorts loyal snake Nagini. In the new movie, we meet Nagini as a twentysomething maledictus and Credence Barebones only friend as theyre trapped working in a magical circus in Paris circa 1927. In Fantastic Beasts 2, Claudia Kim portrays the character as empathetic and perceptive, as she tries to protect Credence at all costs and attempts to dissuade him standing by Grindelwalds side. Yet by the very fact of her name, we know that in addition to the tragic fate of a maledictus, some contorted story awaits her to justify her eventual fervent loyalty to Lord Voldemort.

    After seeing the Fantastic Beasts 2, where Nagini is largely relegated to the background, Im troubled by the options this character has moving forward. How and why would the woman we met in The Crimes of Gindelwald one day serve Voldemort, the character that symbolizes ultimate evil in the world of Harry Potter, and serves as an analogue to Nazism?

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    Facts About Nagini That Most Fans Don’t Know

    The world of Harry Potter is filled with tiny details that many fans are never aware of – especially about Nagini.

    If there is one thing the Harry Potter universe has an overabundance of, it’s snakes. Whether it’s Slytherin House, the basilisk, or Harry’s affinity for a second language, there are just too many snakes. One of the most iconic slithering beasts in the whole series, though, is Voldemorts best buddy Nagini.

    This serpentine being has been a part of the Harry Potter universe for a long time. The most recent installment, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindlewald, revealed that Nagini had once been a woman involved in the first wizarding war. This multifaceted character has a history shrouded in mystery and one that not all fans are aware of. Take a deep dive into the murky life of Nagini with these ten facts most fans don’t know.

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