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How To Earn Gems In Harry Potter

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Take Care Of Your Pets

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hack – How to get free gems in Harry potter Hogwarts mystery
  • Choose a pet wisely but eventually snag all of them if you can.

Just like Harry and Hermione, your first year at Hogwarts wouldnt be complete without an animal companion. Hogwarts Mystery gives you the choice between owl, rat, cat, and toad. Owls cost the most gems, while rats and toads are the cheapest.

After letting them rest, waking your pets up will grant you free energy, which is invaluable to completing the games challenges and quests. While expensive, having all four pets will give you the most free energy per day.

Tap On Items For Energy

  • Tap items and house elves every six hours.

According to Prima Games, there are a lot of items strewn about in the game that you can tap to earn a little extra energy. One of the biggest frustrations for players is the fact you have to wait so long for your energy to replenish, or else pay real money to speed up the process.

If you tap on the house elves you see around, you’ll get some energy! Other things you can tap is the first blank portrait in the East Towers, books near the Bench on the Lower Floor East, the second suit of armor in the Great Hall, and more. These items will reset every six hours, to keep an eye on the clock.

How To Level Up Friendships And Make New Friends In Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

When players arent busy practicing magic and taking classes in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, they will be spending time getting to know some of the other students at Hogwarts and making new friends. Throughout the game, players can cultivate these friendships by leveling them up to unlock additional story content and earn free rewards. In this guide, well go over how to make friends and level up the friendships youve already established in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.

Throughout the game, players can form friendships with several other students at Hogwarts. Players will be able to meet and befriend new characters mostly by playing through the main storyline. Currently, there are seven NPCs that players can befriend in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. Each character will belong to one of the four houses and will have specific personality traits, skills, and values.

Here are all the NPCs that you can befriend in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, along with the year you can meet them:

  • Tulip Karasu
  • Barnaby Lee

Rowan is one of the first friends you will make in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, around the time you obtain a new wand. Rowans gender and house will always match that of the players character. Visit our Rowan Friendship guide to find out how to answer Rowan during each side quest.

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Why Are The Gems And Coins So Important In Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

With them you will simply have much more fun in the game. You can get unlock all game items. Unfortunately, this games are like Pay To Win. This means your chances of winning are much higher if you are willing to spend money. Thats why we developed a Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hack that you can use anytime, anywhere. The hack gives you the unique opportunity to get all the items and expensive in-game Gems and Coins in the game for free. All you have to do is click on the button below and youre ready to go. Choose for yourself how many free Gems and Coins you would like to get. Within a few minutes you will get them. In our tutorial we explained how easy it works.

Features of the Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hack Online Tool:

Get free unlimited Gems and Coins Works on Android and iOS,Windows Devices. No Download or Jailbreak necessary No risk of being banned in the game Use it anytime and anywhere We update the hack almost daily

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Description

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Gem Guide: How to Get Gems ...

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery – an interesting game, when you adore a Harry Potter character, you will like it correctly. Here you can become a graduate of the school where Harry studied directly. You will have to visit questions and always learn spells, as well as always learn the lure of knowledge. The game is quite a room, you will be able to meet all the characters in this dissertation, they will be simple impossible looks, and also endowed with magical dexterity. You control your character in the fun, and therefore you can do it for no reason, like you want. Simple install for the sake of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery hack, always the doors in the lock will be frank, and you can rather understand always who runs in it, and there, believe me, use for which to look. Exciting adventures, exciting assignments and three ways to study that you must learn will help end in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery hack.

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How To Level Up Empathy Courage And Knowledge

Since all three are very important for certain dialogue options and the main quest line, it is tantamount that players stay on top of their empathy , courage , and knowledge levels. These will help you make the decisions you want to make when interacting with certain characters, like Merula or Professor Snape.

You can gain empathy by attending Charms, courage by flying lessons, and knowledge through Potions class. Again, remember to take the 8-hour classes for maximum rewards. In addition, the higher your experience level, the better rewards you will earn.

How To Earn Gems In Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

Let us show you the best ways to get gems that will help us throughout the game with different upgrades, making things easier for you

Gems are one of the main resources of the game, it is considered as the game’s currency because, with them, we can get different improvements, such as energy, materials that we need, or more advantages. If we are big spenders and we run out of gems, it will limit us when it comes to buying resources to have a better user experience. We will show you the different ways, both paying and free, to get gems throughout the game.

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Differences Between Hogwarts Mystery Mods

Lets shed some light on the differences between the two versions of the moddata apk with infinite energy and infinite gems of Hogwarts Mystery:

Mod Hogwarts Mystery number 2 : Android only

  • Unlimited energy:
  • Unlimited gems: to skip the waits and friendships
  • Unlimited money:
  • No Countrylock: In some countries this game is not normally playable, now everyone can play
  • You can turn the mod on and off at will via the menu, read here. To turn the menu on or off and therefore also the mod, you must allow it to appear above other apps when it asks you at the first opening!
  • No Cheat Detection
  • No problem with in-game events
  • Mod Hogwarts Mystery number 3 : Android only

  • Unlimited energy:
  • Animals cannot be purchased
  • No Countrylock: In some countries this game is not normally playable, now everyone can play
  • No Cheat Detection
  • Crashes with an event that appears once a month, to resolve you have to perform THIS steps
  • Mod Hogwarts Mystery number 4 : ALTERNATIVA IF mod2 NOT ONLY android

  • Unlimited energy:
  • Animals cannot be purchased
  • Infinite gems once finished
  • Crashes with an event that appears once a month, to resolve you have to perform THIS steps
  • I donT take any responsibility! Installed at your peril, I have only collected publicly available information on the internet!

    Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Walkthrough Guide


    After the tutorial ends, you will find yourself in dungeons.

    Tap on the quest icon, just below the avatar and then tap on the go option to start the quest. To interact with professors, students, tap on the icon.

    Heres the process in this game;

  • You complete the quest tasks
  • Complete all the parts of a story to progress to next chapter
  • Complete all the chapters to progress to next year
  • In the quests; usually, you attend lectures, learn new spells or about potions, casting, and many more things. You will meet new students as you progress, some students are of devil nature while some are of friendly.

    How to Explore? Hogwarts Mystery Guide

    Tap on the stairs icon on the main screen of the game to access all the locations in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery game;

    • East Towers

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    Help It Doesnt Let Me Log In To Facebook

    To log in with facebook you need to remove any Facebook app present on your device, in some cases you do not need to uninstall if you have Facebook Lite! On some devices/emulators, you cannot remove this application because it is preinstalled on the device. In this case, go to your devices app settings, click on Facebook and press the block/disable button. Once you have installed the mod and logged in, then you can safely reactivate it.

    Hogwarts Mystery Infinite Energy And Infinite Gems Mod 361

    Happy save and welcome to my channel! Here you can find the Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery 3.6.1 mods with infinite energy and endless gems! But please read the instructions well so you dont risk losing the rescue! On this page you will also find the download of the apk 3.6.1 of the version of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery with gems and infinite energy!

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    Friendships Can Come At A Cost

    In some cases, you will need to spend a bit of coin before you can start a friendship quest with a character. Though coins arent that hard to come by in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, you should still make sure to always have some coin available in case you want to complete a friendship side quest and level up a friend. If youre making decent progress through the main story and are working through classes to earn House Points, then you should have little trouble maintaining a steady flow of cash.;

    Leveling friendships in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is always a worthwhile endeavor, as it can lead to new interactions and allow players to earn special bonus rewards, such as free gems. If its energy youre after, we suggest you check out our guide on how to get extra energy in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery instead.;

    Of course, friendship questions arent the only questions youll have to worry about in the game. Make sure you study up on the various questions and answers in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery as well to ensure you pass your classes.

    Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Gem Guide: How To Get Gems For Free

    17 Hidden Gems Harry Potter Fans Should Look For In Diagon ...

    Gems are used to refill energy and reduce wait times. As we all know, it takes time to refill energy and you might just need that extra energy point to complete a lesson or a quest before time runs out. This is where gems can come handy. You can get a quick refill of 10 energy points using 20 gems or stash of energy if you have more than fifty gems. You can spend real money to buy gems, but there are a few ways to get them for free. Check out these tips and hints if you want more of these precious stones:

    1. When you earn a star for completing an activity in a class, you can choose one from three rewards. Although rare, gems also find a place in reward options. When you spot such an opportunity, tap the pink gem icon to get one. In Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, players can easily earn attribute and house points, but not gems. So if a gem is a reward option among others, you should prefer the pink trinket over other rewards.

    2. You also earn gems when you level up. To level up your character, you will need XP. If you want to level up your character faster to get gems, you should attend classes. Every time you tap an action bar in a class, you gain little XP. You may also receive XP as bonus rewards after a class ends. You will also get more XP when you win a duel and complete a chapter, story mission or a side-quest.

    3. Finishing story-based tasks and side quests is another way to get gems for free.

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    How To Level Up Friends In Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

    Interacting with these characters causes you to level up your friendship with them, which will eventually allow friends to join you during certain quests. You can also earn some free gems for leveling up your friends, which makes strengthening bonds with certain characters that much more valuable in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.

    Take Those Charms Lessons

    Though the Duelling Club Event only lasts a few days, it’s smart to try to level up your Charms lessons as much as possible whenever you can. Having Depulso is key to hitting your opponent hard.

    If your dueling skills aren’t very high right now, spend time after the event working on them. There are going to be more Duelling Club events throughout the summer.

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    Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Cheats Tips Play Duel Like A Pro

    You will be able to choose action if your stance beats the opponents stance. And you should choose it wisely; heres how:

    • Stun your opponent Check the actions you can perform and choose that, which can stun your opponent..

    If you stun the opponent, the opponent would not be able to choose an action. It means, on the next turn, if opponents stance beat your choice, he/she will not get the advantage. Stunning your opponent is a great defensive tool during a duel.

    How to restore stamina?;

    In the duel, the player who losses all the stamina first will lose. If your stamina has decreased due to an attack by the opponent, you can restore it by choosing a defensive stance and then choose the healing action.

    Another tip Increase your attribute points to strengthen your duel performance. Read the attribute guide above.

    Hogwarts Mystery Duel Strategy Tips, Cheats: ;

    • The first action depends on the luck no strategy. If you win, then choose aggressive or sneaky
    • If the opponent is low on health, chances are they will choose defensive in this case, you should choose sneaky
    • If you are low on health, chances are they will choose aggressive. In this case, you should choose defensive and heal
    • And at last, if both are low on health, choose sneaky.

    Take Care Of Your Attributes:


    You can easily find your characters attributes via role status menu. In there, you will see three attributes : Courage, Empathy and Knowledge. Each of them has its own bar status to describe their level. Once the bar is full, it means that attribute has reach its max level. Evey time you win a battle, you will be rewarded some skill points. You can use these skill points to improve your roles attributes. You can pick any one to start your attribute improvement. But keep in mind that, you should focus on your attributes balance if you want to develop a outstanding character.

    To conclude, Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery is a fun-to-play game that can be enjoyed by all age groups, especially Harry Potter fans. If you want to make the game all the more engrossing, then you should make use of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hack 2020, which has been recommended by several professional game players. The hacking tool will make sure you have plenty of currencies and resources so that you dominate the harry world quickly.

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    How To Earn House Points In Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

    Building up points for you house is one of the main tasks in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. There are numerous ways to earn House Points, and we’ve detailed them for you below:

    • Perform well at school – Answer questions correctly and do well during demonstrations to earn House Points
    • Complete story quests
    • Dialog choices – make sure you make dialog choices that are in-keeping with the values of your chosen house

    Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Tips And Guide

    Harry Potter Hogwarts mystery is a magical role-playing game that revolves all around Hogwarts University. In the game, you will be experiencing the feeling of being in the magical school of the Hogwarts. It is more of a kind of a novel game where the players can interact with the characters in the school following a particular storyline.

    If you are an amateur at the game, then you may are unaware of the basics, therefore, here are some useful tips and information that will help up you out to learn and perform in the game in a much better way.

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    How To Get Free Gems In Hogwarts Mystery Without Human Verification

    The only way to get gems in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is through purchasing them or by completing in-game activities. But many third-party websites claim to provide free gems that require without any human requirements. Such websites are fraudulent and do not have any tie-up with the developers of the game. So they should be avoided at all costs. These websites are phishing sites looking to steal sensitive information like username, password, credit card details, etc.;

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