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What Are The Harry Potter House Colors

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Harry Potter House Colors Checkerboard Cake

If you are a fan of Harry Potter, you probably already know the Pottermore website. It was released in 2011 and has now become a hub for all âHarry Potterâ news, more stories, interactive activities, and more. But Pottermore is not working very hard.

As a brand, itâs not bad. Now the site has changed and is now called The Wizarding World. This will be the new home for everything that âHarry Potter and the Fantasy Beastsâ can provide, and it will drive most of Potterâs things.

So far, in the Harry Potter franchise, we know exactly how to obtain a Hogwarts house. Long before Pottermore gave us an official ranking, we only read books, watched movies, and hired fans. We conducted a Harry Potter House Quiz to find out where to go.

Then the Harry Potter house quiz came out, and then the Ilvermorny test. Now, if people want to know which house they belong to, go there and find out. All we have to follow is instinct, reading, and observing everything to understand which Hogwarts Houses resonate most with us.

The Difference Between Colors In The World Of Harry Potter Movies And Books

In the movies, the house colors dont exactly match the descriptions of the houses that you will find in the books, much to the dismay of Harry Potter fans from everywhere. Whether you read the books or view the movies, three of the houses look the same, though Warner Brothers changed Ravenclaws color scheme from blue and bronze to blue and silver. In addition, they decided to replace the eagle as Gryffindors mascot, but they didnt find it necessary to change the lion as Gryffindors.

According to the movie studio, this was simply a design decision. In their opinion, silver looked more pleasing to the eye. Slytherins colors matched it better. Gryffindor and Hufflepuff both have yellow/gold tones in their colors. Hermiones elegant blue dress robes were also transformed into a more prom-like pink dress for the yuletide ball.

Often, these changes go unnoticed, but to the most focused fans that pay attention to detail, this is an outrage. This means they cant buy items found in theme park gift shops in traditional blue and bronze house colors. This ruins even the whole Olympic theory regarding the symbolic meaning of the house colors.

What Is Your Harry Potter House

Its one thing to know the colors, but its just as important to know what each Hogwarts house represents.

Heres a quick breakdown of each house in Harry Potter: ;;

Favorable Traits: ;Brave, Chivalrous, Noble, Competitive, Daring, Adventurous, Willing to Stand Up for OthersUnfavorable Traits: Impulsive, Stubborn, Hot-headed, Arrogant, Reckless

Favorable Traits: Sly, Clever, Ambitious, Prideful, Resourceful, DeterminedUnfavorable Traits: Cunning, Ruthless, Selfish, Entitled, Manipulative

Favorable Traits: Wise, Intelligent, Creative, Clever, Knowledgeable, QuirkyUnfavorable Traits: Know-it-all, Vain, Standoffish, Dismissive, Overly Proud

Favorable Traits: Hard-working, Dedicated, Fair, Patient, Loyal, Kind, Humble, HonestUnfavorable Traits: Too Trusting, Absent-minded, Naive, Spineless, Easy Taken Advantage Of

The color schemes work hand-in-hand with the traits of each house. Gryffindors are flashy, so they use gold. Slytherins are sly and envious, which is why they have green. You get the idea.

The colors you use always matter, so keep that in mind if youre creating a crest of your own, whether its a small image to print on your wedding invitations or a business logo. Your choice of color could make all the difference in the message youre sending.

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Colors In The World Of Harry Potter Movies

Harry Potter is undoubtedly one of the most popular movies in the world of movies and series. Even years after the release of the last episode, its still one of the most controversial films, and fans of this collection are still looking to discover the hidden truths and secrets in it. One of the most fascinating subjects of Harry Potter movies and books, is the colors in the world of Harry Potter movies.J. K. Rowling, as the clever author of this amazing collection, has always shown that there is a purpose behind every little thing in the books or movies. As a huge Harry Potter fan, Im here today to write about the famous colors used in it. If you are interested, join me in reading this article!

House Colors Only Exist On Movie Robes

harry potter colors

As mentioned above, student robes are pulled over the head in the Harry Potter books. Also of note, within the pages of the series, all student robes are black. Students are expected to own at least three each. All robes are purchased for first-year students before they are sorted into their respective houses. Nowhere in the pages of the novels does it ever mention that the robes later have house color detailing added. There’s no red lining in a Gryffindor robe.

There’s no Slytherin emblem on the chest. Only prefects, head boy and girl, and Quidditch captains wear badges with their position and house color.

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Platform 9 3/4 Poster


Fans of the series will immediately recognize this poster as an homage to the track where you need to catch the train to Hogwarts. Those not in the know will just think its a cool piece of typography. You can choose a size that works for your space, as well as a color palette that matches your favorite house at Hogwarts.

Product Pick: Platform 9 3/4 Typography Print, Etsy, $5.99+

One: Cast On Stitches

Lets begin by making our beloved slip knot. Were going to begin casting on the long tail method onto our circular needle. If youd like a little help on your circular needle,;I have a great tutorial on Knitting in the Round.

  • Cast On 51 Stitches of your Color A Yarn onto your 8 US 16 circular needle.
  • Make sure not to twist your stitches before knitting in the round.

I am casting on 51 stitches because were going to slip from the right needle to the left one stitch. This is going to help join our stitches in the round. Add;a little stitch marker.

  • Slip one stitch from the left to right needle;Place your stitch marker;Knit 2 Together

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Cloaks Capes And Robes In Harry Potter

by Portia | Jun 6, 2018 | Harry Potter, Movie Capes |

The cloaks, capes, and robes in Harry Potter demonstrate the different personalities and professions of the characters. The costume designer for the movies after The;Prisoner;of Askaban , Jany;Temime, said an estimated 20,000 robes were produced for the movies. Lets take a look at some of them.

The easiest way to distinguish a wizard from a muggle in the Harry Potter universe is their robesthat, or their misinterpreted muggle fashion. There are dress robes, Quidditch robes, school robes, and formal robes. The long fabric billows and protects, splays out and stays close, just as they would,;being in the same family as cloaks and capes.

Famous Characters In Each House

Harry Potter magic sorting candle changes colors to reveal your Hogwarts house
  • Gryffindor House: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottom, and Dumbledore
  • Ravenclaw House:;Luna Lovegood, Rowena Ravenclaw, and Garrick Ollivander
  • Slytherin House: Severus Snape, Lucius Malfoy, and Tom Riddle
  • Hufflepuff House: Cedric Diggory, Helga Hufflepuff, and Newt Scamander

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Comparing The Colors Of Houses With Each Other

Red vs. Green

Heres a crash course in basic color theory: there are three primary colors , which cannot be made by mixing together other colors, and three secondary colors which are the result of mixing two primary colors equally. The complementary colors are formed by one primary color and a secondary color . Simply put, red and green are the opposite of one another. Complementary colors balance each other out in art , but can be very difficult to achieve unity .

Red vs. Blue

Having your face pressed up against the television can hurt your eyes. The interaction of red and blue light is largely responsible for this. Your eyes have a difficult time adjusting quickly between these colors. In reality, it is more the personality traits that cause conflict between red and blue than the colors themselves. A red prefers action, while a blue prefers intelligence; a red is very competitive with other people, while a blue is more concerned with inner conflict; a red tends to be aggressive, while a blue is very peaceful. It would be difficult for red and blue to work together even if they were on the same side, simply because they could not agree on what method to use .

Green vs. Blue
Yellow Color of Huffelpuff

Yellow goes well with red for two reasons:;1) They share reds tendency toward spontaneous action.2) Red is a leadership color, whereas yellow is a follower.

What Are The Harry Potter House Colors

4.3/5Hogwarts House Colors

Hufflepuff. Hufflepuff values hard work, patience, justice, and loyalty. The house mascot is the badger, and canary yellow and black are its colours. During the books, the Head of this house is the Herbology Professor Pomona Sprout, and the house ghost is the Fat Friar.

Also Know, what do the 4 houses of Hogwarts represent? The four houses of Hogwarts represent the 4 founders of Hogwarts and their philosophy. It is according to their wishes that certain category of people are sorted into each house. Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw and Salazar Slytherin are the 4 founders and the houses are named after them.

Keeping this in consideration, what are the colors of Ravenclaw?

Blue and bronze are the Ravenclaw colors, not silver and blue as in the movies.

What house is blue in Harry Potter?

Blue Blue is a very delicate balance between devotion and obsession .

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The Pattern: Crochet Wizard School Spirit Beanie

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The samples I made are in the child and adult sizes . ;After working with the Heartland yarn, I decided to modify the recommended yarns to all Heartland, so the pictured Slytherin beanie isnt in Heartland, but I assure you, it will look fabulous worked up in the Heartland shades.

Harry Potter Owl Cupcakes

4 Colors/SET Harry Potter Hogwarts House Decor Banner Flag ...

If you were wondering how to make Harry Potter cupcakes but didnt know where to start then read on.

Here are some Harry Potter owl cupcakes that are super easy to make. Firstly ice them with white buttercream icing it doesnt have to be neat. Then split an Oreo cookie to stick onto the icing for the owls eyes. I used M&Ms for the pupils and the orange beak.

Once I made the cupcakes above I googled a picture of Hedwig and decided that I could do better. There Hedwig cupcakes pictured below have a far greater likeness to the actual Hedwig.;

I made these with the same icing and Oreos and added a drop of a dark-colored food coloring to the centre of the eyes to be the pupils.;

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The Significance Of House Colors

One of my good friends from high school is currently studying to be a Graphic Arts major. This past semester, he took a class entitled Color Theory, which, as he described it to me, is the study of how colors can be used in art to represent or elicit certain emotions or traits. Color theory is most used in;Harry Potter;analyses in some of the Harry/Lily Potters eye color discussions, but I thought of something else to look at instead: House Colors. Just to refresh your memory, here are the colors of each house:

  • Gryffindor: red and gold
  • Ravenclaw: blue and bronze
  • Slytherin: green and silver

The Metallic Colors;First lets look at the metallic colors: gold , silver , and bronze . As many of you have probably recognized, these are the colors of the medals given at most sporting events. Gold, the first place prize, has been given to the Gryffindors, while Slytherin and Ravenclaw are second and third place, respectively. I know many of you would argue that this isnt significant, that JKR is not intentionally ranking the houses from best to worst. But I would have to disagree.

Dont believe me? Lets look at the end-of-the-year feast in;Sorcerers Stone. After Dumbledore readjusts the house points, Gryffindor comes out on top with 482, with Slytherin in second place with 472, Ravenclaw in third with 426, and Hufflepuff in a distant fourth with 352.


Changes In The Third Movie

Even the uniforms within the movie world of Harry Potter have not remained consistent from film to film. In fact, the entire student outfit was given a makeover in the third movie,;Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. The first film not helmed by director, Christopher Columbus, Alfonso Cuaron not only allowed the cast to wear more “muggle” attire, but also darkened the house colors and changed the striping pattern on scarves and ties. The house emblems on all robes also shrunk slightly.

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The Symbolism Of The House Colors

The next time you read a Harry Potter book or sit down to enjoy one of the movies, pay attention to those house colors. They are much more than an afterthought. These amazing colors foreshadow events in the story, perfectly represent the characters, and help define the courage and strength of each team. Regardless of which theory works for you, we can all agree that J. K. Rowlings knew exactly what she was doing when she first described those Hogwarts house colors in that very first adventure.

Creation For Books And Films

Harry Potter Nail Tutorial: Hogwarts House Colors

Rowling has suggested that she may have inadvertently taken the name from the hogwort plant , which she had seen at Kew Gardens some time before writing the series, although the names “The Hogwarts” and “Hoggwart” appear in the 1954 Nigel Molesworth book How to Be Topp by Geoffrey Willans.

Most exterior scenes were shot on location at Alnwick Castle, but views of the exterior of the entire school were created from shots of Durham Cathedral with a digital spire added to the towers. Durham Cathedral also served as a set for Hogwarts interiors.

A scale model was created for exterior shots of the entire school. Models of Alnwick Castle and Durham Cathedral were also built to create more integration between the model and on location shots. It took a team of 86 artists and crew members 74 years worth of man hours to complete the model.

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Knit Up The 4 Harry Potter House Scarves From Your Sorting Ceremony

Each house is named after the four founders of Hogwarts. Knit up your Harry Potter scarf according to the House youve been sorted into! Youll see that my sample was knitted for my Gryffindor friend.

  • Named for Godric Gryffindor, the Gryffindor House colors are Scarlet and Gold with the Lion as its mascot. Gryffindor values courage, bravery, nerve, and chivalry.
  • Named for Rowena Ravenclaw, the Ravenclaw House colors are Blue and Bronze with the Eagle as its mascot.;Ravenclaw;values intelligence, creativity, learning, and wit.
  • Named for Salazar Slytherin, the Slytherin House colors are Green and Silver with the Serpent as its mascot.;Slytherin;values ambition, cunning, leadership, and resourcefulness.
  • Named for Helga Hufflepuff, the Hufflepuff House colors are Yellow and Black;with the Badger as its mascot. Hufflepuff values hard work, patience, justice, and loyalty.

The Colors Of Ravenclaw

Speaking of the colors that adorn the robes in the Harry Potter films, book readers again will notice that wise old Ravenclaw has different house colors in the movies than they do in the books. Their house crest, first of all, is decorated with an eagle in the books, not a raven as it is in the movies. In the books their house colors are blue and bronze, where in the film they are changed to blue and silver. A small change, but a rather noticeable detail to fan purists.

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Fun Facts About Harry Potters Colorsby Fans

Fans have extended the houses color symbolism even further. One fan commented on about the metallic associations with three of the four houses and how Rowling may have used them as foreshadowing. Ravenclaw is bronze, Slytherin is silver, and Gryffindor is gold. In Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone, Dumbledore adjusts the points for each house: Gryffindor follows with 482, Slytherin in second with 472, Ravenclaw in third with 426, and Hufflepuff in fourth.

Some fans have used Hufflepuffs association with Earth and plants to mean its the stoner house. The theory also comes from the houses reputation as being easygoing and friendly, as well as the fact that the houses head teaches herbology.

Whatever the truth or falsity of these outlier theories, Rowling made a conscious choice to link each house with a different color, translating each to a different element so that each would be intimately associated with form.

Harry Potter House Quiz

Hogwarts Uniform Color Swatch by chaoticteapot on ...

If you are a Harry Potter fan, you would know about all the four houses. But, did you know that each house has a unique meaning? By taking up Harry Potter House Quiz, you will get to know about the Hogwarts House you truly belong to.

Which pet would you bring to Hogwarts?

What is your favorite movie genre?

Which is your favorite element?

Which potion would you like?

What is your favorite spell?

Which is your favorite Dumbledore quote?

What dessert would you order?

Which is your favorite magical creature?

Which part of Hogwarts would you explore?

What do you see in the Mirror of Erised?

Which quidditch position would you take?

Which Harry Potter quote do you like best?

What core would you choose for your wand?

Which would you like to study about?

Which Hogwarts subject is your favorite?

Which is your favorite magical transportation?

Which muggle profession would you choose?

Which is your favorite color?

Which Hogwarts House is your favorite?

Hogwarts University was founded more than a thousand years ago by four powerful wizards: Godric Gryffindor, Salazar Slytherin, Rowena Ravenclaw, and Helga Hufflepuff,

They decided to divide the students into four âhousesâ, each with its name and featuring young wizards and witches. Show their skills.

And the personality they want to cultivate. To this end, Godric Gryffindor decided to use his magic hat to let the children go to the house.

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