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What Is Draco Malfoy’s Boggart

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Draco Malfoy’s Worst Fear

Draco/Hermione ~ The Boggart
  • See Part 1 for warnings and disclaimer. Good evening, Mr. Malfoy, Lupin said, looked all too pleased with himself as Draco entered his office that night. I trust you enjoyed yourself in class the other day. Draco glared at him. You told me to say whatever I wanted. So I did, Lupin smile
  • Per JK Rowling’s original website, it’s not known. Q. What is Draco Malfoy’s Patronus? JKR: As of the end of Half-Blood Prince, he has no idea how to produce one, so nobody knows. You must remember that the ability to produce a Patronus demonstrates an advanced level of magic not routinely taught to young Hogwarts students (hence the surprise of the prospective members of Dumbledore’s Army.
  • Harry Potter: The 10 Saddest Things About Draco. Draco Malfoy is considered an anti-hero in the Harry Potter universe, though he can be villainous. Despite this, he is an incredibly tragic character. Every good story needs not only heroes but also villains. Those who will stand against the heroes and will make their lives more difficult.
  • J.K. Rowling has confirmed what fan fiction writers have known for years, which is that Draco Malfoy is more complicated than the typical school yard bully.. Draco’s new backstory is part of J.K.

Harry Potter: What Are The Main Characters’ Boggarts

In Harry Potter, fear manifests in the form of Boggarts and each main character comes face to face with their fears before the franchise is over.

There are a ton of magical elements in the Wizarding universe of;Harry Potter that define the characters. Their Patronuses define them as much as their Hogwarts Houses and it’s allowed many fans of the series to find their own versions of these to feel a little more at home in the world.

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But whether one identifies as a Gryffindor or a Slytherin and whether their Patronus is a stag or an otter, they all have the same thing in common: they all fear. In;Harry Potter, fear manifests in the form of Boggarts. While the main characters’ Boggarts are well known, the;Harry Potter;franchise;is still;a deep dive that shines light on the true nature of Boggarts.

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I ran my finger along his jaw, feeling the sticky liquorice drink on the top of my pointer. Hes beautiful, really – with his eyes as blue as the ocean, his golden blonde hair reflecting on the pool surface, his smile so widely spread.

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I leaned up from his lap and straightened my blouse, tossing my black hair to one side and giving him my best smile, Are you hungry?

The feeling of him leaving me to the darkness of this world engulfed me as I wrapped my cardigan around me, as if it would protect me from that. From the nightmare that can bring me down completely in a matter of seconds.

Do you want to run away?

His voice wasnt a whisper. It wasnt a loud one, either. Too soft. It sounded real, like he really wanted it.

I wont, I replied back, to which he planted a kiss on my cold lips.

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What Do You Think Draco Malfoy’s Boggart Would Be In His

Draco Neville tried to get the attention to him but the blonde wizard was out of it. – – she-she I- Draco, it was a boggart he tried to convince his friend. B-but she- I- he- he k-killed her he said pointing at the other side of the room. No, he didn’t, Draco Ron said placing his hand on his shoulder Draco plastered his trademark smirk onto his face, determined to not let anyone find out just how scared he really was of his Boggart. He knew what – or who, to be more exact – his Boggart would be, and with every passing second, Draco could feel his heart racing faster Juana Mills. , Potterhead. Respondido el 4 de marzo de 2021. El boggart de Draco Malfoy es nada más ni nada menos que Lord Voldemort, el mismo boggart que tiene su padre. 281 visitas Father: Lucius Malfoy. Mother: Narcissa Black. Wife: Hermione Granger. Son: Scorpius Malfoy and Corvus Malfoy. Daughter: Elladora Malfoy Draco came to Hogwarts as the spoiled heir of the prominent Malfoy family. He fully expected to be at the top of his class, both on the Quidditch pitch as well as academically. Draco’s high hopes would be dashed by Harry Potter and Hermione Granger (who despite being a.

Slight Smut Not That You Wouldnt Be Uncomfortable

What is Draco Malfoy

You look stunning tonight, Harry.

Potter smiled beautifully at you, his cheeks glowing pink.;You look well too, .

Draco wrapped his arms around you tighter, looking at Harry with what looked like a jealous smirk,;Too bad shes mine, eh, Potter?

Too bad, Harry agreed simply, winking at you.;If you dont mind, Draco, can I borrow for a while?

Of course he doesnt mind, you smiled sheepishly, standing beside him.;Lets go, should we?

As you both left Draco looking rather stunned, you let out a silent giggle, knowing that he was furious and jealous of your action. Youre his; and no one could change that.

Draco stared at you the whole time; you had your arms around Harry most of the time, laughed at all of the jokes he made, wiped a chocolate stain on the corner of his mouth, and the way you moved your hips when you were dancing with him.

You love him being jealous; it would always end up serious.

Hows your friends, Potter? You asked, glancing at staring-Draco a few times.;Everythings alright?

Fine, he nodded.;Rons a little bit of a tosser, really.

You laughed- yet, again at this stupid remark he made- but Harry didnt notice the sarcastic tone. He, however, continued making horrible jokes out of the most common things in the world.

Harry, hey– you jerked forward, grabbing a tissue and wiped an invisible stain on his pink lips,;Youve another chocolate stain here.

Unfortunately, this is a major turn-on for you.

Well, hes cute.


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Who Did Draco Malfoy Kill

Albus DumbledoreSo, during the summer between his fifth and sixth years at Hogwarts, Draco Malfoy was tasked with the assassination of Albus Dumbledore to restore his family to Voldemorts good graces. Also at this time, Draco was branded with the Dark Mark. This killed two birds with one stone for Voldemort.

Personal Boggarts Chapter 1 A Harry Potter Fanfic

Draco Malfoy Pokes Fun At Kim’s Hair. Her Patronus is a giant iPhone camera lens; her boggart is Amber Rose. She and Nearly Headless Nick were married, but only for a month or two Il boggart di Draco Malfoy sarebbe stato di vedersi, con la bacchetta in mano, in piedi sul cadavere di Silente, solo che quel cadavere si trasformasse lentamente, a sua volta, in Harry Potter, Hermione Granger e Ron Weasley, tra gli altri, lentamente mutando in molte persone che odiava, ma non desiderava mai davvero vedere morti DracoMalfoyis a Harry Potter minifigure first released in 2001. 1 Background 2 Notes 3 Appearances 3.1 Other Physical Appearances 3.2 Video Game Appearances 4 Gallery of Variations 5 Gallery 6 See Also Draco Lucius Malfoy was the son of Lucius Malfoy and Narcissa Malfoy. He was a student of Hogwarts that was sorted into Slytherin upon his arrival. He became an enemy of Harry Potter soon. Draco Abraxas Malfoy. If you don’t know me, then something’s wrong with you. I’m Draco Abraxas Malfoy and I’m forty three years old. I was born on June fifth, nineteen eighty. Don’t get me started on what my favorite color is or anything. You’re daft. I graduated from Hogwarts from Slytherin house and I’m telling you now, there’s no better house

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What Was Draco Malfoys Patronus

J.K. Rowling says Draco doesn’t have a patronus because he never learned the spell but I think it’s because he doesn’t have any powerful happy memories to use. For Umbridge it was necessary to learn to cast a Patronus as she works in the Ministry. Remember: the Ministry worked with Dementors at that time.

Has Lucius Malfoy Killed Anyone

Draco Malfoy boggart – lovely

Lucius never kills anyone in the texts, but he is a high ranking Death Eater. Its a possibility but not a certainty. Voldemort has plenty of people who dont mind killing, as well as some who enjoy it. He also has Pettigrew, who doesnt seem to like killing but does it regardless because hes afraid to disobey.

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What Is Draco Malfoy Afraid Of

It was clear that Draco was fearful that Voldemort would kill him AND his parents, showing that there is more to him than originally perceived. What he truly feared wasnt Voldemort himself, but that Voldemort would kill his family. Peter Ramirez, Avid reader of the Harry Potter series and related subjects.

Did Luna Lovegood Die

Luna guided both the injured Ginny and the Confunded Ron until they met up with Harry and Neville. Luna was one of the last D.A. members to fall, eventually being stunned by a Death Eater and thrown across the room. She regained focus just before the end of the battle and survived relatively unscathed.

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What Happened To Hedwig In Harry Potter

In the book, Hedwig was killed as she sat in her cage by Harrys side as she had so many times before as they attempted to escape on the back of Hagrids motorcycle. In the film, the scene was made even more heartbreaking, as Hedwig was killed while attempting to protect Harry from Death Eaters.

What Is Draco Malfoys Job


Draco works at the Ministry Of Magic, directly below Hermione, who is Minister of Magic. Draco originally had no job as he inherited Malfoy Manor and all the money but seeing as he wanted to be a better person he applied for a different job as a Auror and then got promoted multiple times to where he now stands.

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What Is Voldemorts Patronus

Originally Answered: What is Voldemorts patronus? The natural thought would be that Voldemorts patronus would be a snake. But, thats not true, Voldemort would be incapable of producing a patronus. Dementors are Voldemorts allies, he and his death eaters dont need patronuses to keep them at bay.

Draco Malfoy’s Boggart : Harrypotter

  • The boggart it’s a creature that turns into your biggest fear he explained again. Oh right, you said Ron’s boggart was a spider she remembered and he nodded. Um, what’s your boggart? I’m sorry? Draco asked a bit nervous. sat up and faced him with a sweet smile. What’s your boggart? she asked again
  • Draco: Draco is Greek for Dragon Sepernt. Lucius: The name Lucius is Latin and it means: Light. Malfoy: Malfoy is Latin for Bad Faith it unfaithful. Nickname Malfoy, Foul Loulsome evil little cockroach. Age. Depends on the book/movie he can range from 11-39. Birth date
  • Snapchat presents ‘REVAMPED’ Draco Malfoy. It is an alternate universe. Wizards are finally embracing Muggle technology. And not only that, the young wizards at Hogwarts are having a little too much fun with all the exciting applications available
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    What Would Hermione’s Boggart Be

    4.1/5seen here

    Known Boggart forms

    A Dementor
    Hermione Granger Professor McGonagall telling her that she failed her exams
    Jacob’s sibling
    Leta Lestrange Her drowning half-brother Corvus Lestrange

    Subsequently, question is, what is Hermione most afraid? Her greatest fear was probably failure’ Ron was joking but he was actually very close to the truth. Part of the reason Hermione worked so hard was that she was terrified of getting things wrong and letting people down a common trait among high achievers.

    Similarly, what is Draco’s Boggart?

    Malfoy’s boggart is probably his mom dying. After book 5 it’s probably Voldemort or Voldy killing his mom. He was a Death Eater, second-in-command of Voldemort for most part of his DE career and a vicious enemy to whoever he considered beneath him. Short answer: Draco Malfoy had no reason to fear his father.

    What is Hermione’s Favourite subject?

    Class informationArithmancy was Hermione Granger’s favourite subject at Hogwarts. She once told Harry Potter it was “wonderful” when he remarked that her challenging homework looked “terrible.” However, one of her roommates said that, in her opinion, it was difficult, and by far preferred Care of Magical Creatures.

    What Is Draco Malfoys Boggart

    POV: Draco Malfoy’s boggart…

    Malfoys boggart is probably his mom dying.

    After book 5 its probably Voldemort or Voldy killing his mom.

    He was a Death Eater, second-in-command of Voldemort for most part of his DE career and a vicious enemy to whoever he considered beneath him.

    Short answer: Draco Malfoy had no reason to fear his father..

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    Did Cho Chang Marry Dudley

    If you remember Rons favorite quidditch team, it is Chudley cannon. Now, Cho and Dudley equals Chudley! This seems like a far fetched Easter egg from Rowling, and would be awesome if it were true but there has been no confirmation about the fact that the muggle Cho married is Harrys cousin Dudley.

    Number 12 Grimmauld Place

    Rons body turned into Bills, spread-eagled on his back, his eyes wide open and empty. Mrs Weasley sobbed harder than ever. R-riddikulus! she sobbed again. Crack. Mr Weasleys body replaced Bills, his glasses askew, a trickle of blood running down his face. No! Mrs Weasley moaned. No … riddikulus! Riddikulus! RIDDIKULUS! Crack. Dead twins. Crack. Dead Percy. Crack. Dead Harry …
    Molly Weasley struggling to defeat a boggart in 12 Grimmauld Place

    While cleaning up 12 Grimmauld Place, the new headquarters of the reconvened Order of the Phoenix, Molly Weasley stumbled across what she thought was a Boggart in a locked cabinet of a writing desk. She decided to wait for Alastor Moody to confirm it was a Boggart, before opening the cabinet.

    After escaping from the party being held in celebration of Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger becoming Prefects, Harry heard sobbing coming from the drawing room. When he looked inside, Harry saw Mrs Weasley cowering against a dark wall, and the body of her son, Ron, sprawled on the floor. After Molly tried the Riddikulus charm without success, Ron’s body turned into the body of Bill Weasley, with his eyes wide open and empty. Molly’s next attempt turned Bill’s body into Arthur Weasley, with blood running down his face. The next attempts turned the boggart into Fred and George Weasley, Percy Weasley, and then Harry.

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    What Is My Boggart Pottermore

    5/5boggartmore on it

    Nobody knows what a Boggart looks like if nobody is there to see it, although it continues to exist, usually giving evidence of its presence by rattling, shaking or scratching the object in which it is hiding. Boggarts particularly like confined spaces, but may also be found lurking in woods and around shadowy corners.

    Secondly, which Hogwarts house do you belong in? Are you a loving Hufflepuff, a curious Ravenclaw, a daring Gryffindor or a negative Slytherin? Take our quiz and find out now! The Sorting Hat magically determines which of the four school Houses each new student is to be assigned.

    what kind of creature is a Bogart?

    A boggart is a shapeshifter that usually lurks in dark spaces. It has no definite form, taking the shape of that which is most feared by the person who encounters it. When not in the sight of a person, it is believed to look like a dark blob.

    Is a Boggart dangerous?

    Boggarts are pests, basically. Harmless, but a nuisance– and a more disturbing nuisance than some. Exactly, why would they introduce kids directly to a creature that had anyway of killing them. It’s like taking kids to a zoo and throwing them in with the lions and saying “now find a way out!”

    What Is Lilith In Your Birth Chart

    IV. The Boggart

    In an astrology chart, Black Moon Lilith represents a persons primitive impulses and behavior in their rawest form. It reveals our repressed sexuality, together with what makes us feel most vulnerable; it expresses the dark side of ones personality, buried deep in the subconscious realms of our psyche.

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