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Who Is The Young Dumbledore In Fantastic Beasts

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He Likely Played A Part In Wwii

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore Final Trailer

It’s well known that the wizarding war and the muggle WWII both lined up with one another, with the two conflicts actually impacting on one another in many ways.

The last place that Aurelius is shown is in Nuremberg Castle. The city has a lot of links to the Nazis, not only housing their rallies and eventually the trials, but also becoming the place of Grindelwald’s eventual imprisonment. This location was not chosen as a coincidence.

Will There Be Another Fantastic Beasts Movie After Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets Of Dumbledore

It seems Potterheads can expect more magical movies to follow Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore. We always knew it was going to be more than one movie. We knew that from the start. So we set a trilogy as a kind of placeholder-because we knew there would be more than one movie, J.K. Rowling said at a Fantastic Beasts global fan event back in 2016. Ive now done the plotting properly, so were pretty sure its gonna be five movies.

Dumbledore Can Now Openly Oppose Grindelwald

Arguably the most important way this is done comes towards the end of the film. In the final act of The Secrets of Dumbledore, Grindelwald is trying to falsely elect himself as the head of the wizarding world using a Qilin, a magical creature that bows to anyone pure of heart. In order to stop this, Dumbledore, Newt, and the rest of their team infiltrate the ceremony and expose Grindelwald. Grindelwald, in his rage, tries to kill Credence who is Aberforth’s son and Albus’s nephew. The latter two protect Credence, with the spells clashing causing Dumbledore and Grindelwald’s blood pact to break.

This sets up what would surely be one of the biggest plot points of Fantastic Beasts 4 and even Fantastic Beasts 5. As mentioned above, the blood pact was of great importance to Dumbledore and Grindelwald’s relationship. Through it, Grindelwald had eliminated the greatest threat to his quest for power by ensuring Dumbledore couldn’t oppose him. However, now that the pact is broken, Dumbledore can directly challenge Grindelwald. This can lead to one of the most speculated aspects of the wizarding world’s history, the legendary duel between Dumbledore and Grindelwald in 1945.

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Albus Dumbledores Plot Holes

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwaldintroduced several plot holes to the Harry Potter franchise, and its sequel continues to retcon or outright destroy established continuity. While most of The Secrets of Dumbledore upholds what we learned about Albus Dumbledore in Deathly Hallows, some parts directly contradict his history.

To begin with, Albus appears to regularly meet with Aberforth for dinner in Hogsmeade. While there is tension between them regarding Ariana, Minerva McGonagall looking for Albus at The Hogs Head implies that this dinner is a scheduled occurrence. The Dumbledore brothers seem much closer in this film than the original books or films ever implied.

Albus also tells Newt that he and Aberforth dueled the day he tried leaving Godrics Hollow while Grindelwald simply stood back and laughed. Ariana was caught in the crossfire as no one had noticed her enter the room.

This change to Dumbledores history makes him a worse person, as he was willing to duel his own brother to avoid his familial responsibility. Originally, Grindelwald attacked Aberforth first and Albus stepped in to stop them from hurting each other.

Mads Mikkelsen Took Over The Role Of Grindelwald In The Secrets Of Dumbledore

Jude Law cast as young Dumbledore in âFantastic Beasts and Where to ...

Following Depp’s departure, Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen was recast as Grindelwald in “Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore.” The actor said that he would have liked to have spoken to Depp before taking on the role, but that his portrayal of the wizard would be different from his predecessor’s.

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Same: His Nice Guy Attitude

The nice guy might be a played-out trope, but Harry Potter has embraced it well in the matter of Dumbledore. Even against those who threatened his life, Dumbledore carried a civil attitude, something that ended up angering his enemies since he was always so polite.

The younger Dumbledore didnt let people irk him up too much either, despite his expressions making his displeasure clear at times. He remained nice to the people he encountered, whether they wanted to behave aggressively around him or not.

Secrets Of Dumbledore Sets Up Fantastic Beasts 4 In 6 Major Ways

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore is only the third film out of a planned five. Here are the major ways it can lead to Fantastic Beasts 4.

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore includes many plot points that set up the potential sequel, Fantastic Beasts 4, in six major ways. The Secrets of Dumbledore is the third movie out of what was originally planned as a five-movie franchise, meaning a fourth is a possibility, albeit an unlikely one given the film’s disappointing box office score and critical reception. While the chances of a sequel at this point are likely low, The Secrets of Dumbledore still includes several things that could be capitalized and expanded on in Fantastic Beasts 4.

The franchise is a prequel to the Harry Pottersaga and tells the story of a young Albus Dumbledore going up against one of the most powerful dark wizards to have ever lived, Gellert Grindelwald. Grindelwald, played by Johnny Depp before Mads Mikkelsen took on the role, was a childhood friend and lover of Albus Dumbledore, played by Jude Law. However, early in their relationship when the two were still in love, Dumbledore and Grindelwald made a blood pact when planning their magical revolution meaning neither could oppose the other.

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Inspiration And Mother’s Death

Rowling worked as a researcher and bilingual secretary in London for , then moved with her boyfriend to Manchester where she worked at the Chamber of Commerce. In 1990, she was on a four-hour delayed train trip from Manchester to London when the idea “came fully formed” into her mind for a story of a young boy attending a school of wizardry. When she reached her flat, she began to write immediately.

In December 1990, Rowling’s mother Anne died after suffering from for ten years. Rowling was writing Harry Potter at the time and had never told her mother about it. Her mother’s death heavily affected Rowling’s writing, and she channelled her own feelings of loss by writing about Harry’s grief in greater detail in the first book.

Present: Return To Theatre And Other Projects

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore Soundtrack | Family History – James Newton Howard

In May 2009, Law returned to the London stage to portray the title role in William Shakespeare‘s Hamlet at the Donmar Warehouse West End season at Wyndham’s Theatre. The BBC reported “a fine and solid performance” but included other reviews of Law’s interpretation that were mixed. There was a further run of the production at Elsinore Castle in Denmark from 2530 August 2009. In September 2009, the production transferred to the Broadhurst Theatre in New York City. The Washington Post felt the much-anticipated performance was “highly disappointing”. Nonetheless, he was nominated for the Tony Award for Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Play and at the Critics’ Circle Theatre Awards ceremony, he was presented with the John and Wendy Trewin Award for Best Shakespearean Performance. Also in 2009, Law became one of three actors who took over the role of actor Heath Ledger in Terry Gilliam‘s film The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Along with Law, actors Johnny Depp and Colin Farrell portray “three separate dimensions in the film”.

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Done Already A Few More Words Can Help Others Decide If It’s Worth Watching

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The image is an example of a ticket confirmation email that AMC sent you when you purchased your ticket. Your Ticket Confirmation # is located under the header in your email that reads “Your Ticket Reservation Details”. Just below that it reads “Ticket Confirmation#:” followed by a 10-digit number. This 10-digit number is your confirmation number.

Your AMC Ticket Confirmation# can be found in your order confirmation email.

Where Is Tina In The Trailer

Aside from thirst tweets for both Law and Mikkelsen, fans were quick to point out that one very important character seems to be missing, at least from the trailer. Katherine Waterston, who plays Porpentina Goldstein , is notably absent from the teaser. This caused quite a bit of concern, and some fans believe its because she spoke out against Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, who also serves as The Secrets of Dumbledore screenwriter. She is credited in the film, but its possible her role has been made smaller due to her comments.

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Why Is Johnny Depp Not In Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets Of Dumbledore

Days after losing his libel case against The Sun, which called him a wife beater, Depp revealed in November 2020 that Warner Bros. had requested his resignation from his Fantastic Beasts role.

In light of recent events, I would like to make the following short statement, he wrote on Instagram. Firstly, Id like to thank everybody who has gifted me with their support and loyalty. I have been humbled and moved by your many messages of love and concern, particularly over the last few days. Secondly, I wish to let you know that I have been asked to resign by Warner Bros. from my role as Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts and I have respected and agreed to that request.

Depp continued, Finally, I wish to say this. The surreal judgment of the court in the U.K. will not change my fight to tell the truth and I confirm that I plan to appeal. My resolve remains strong and I intend to prove that the allegations against me are false. My life and career will not be defined by this moment in time. Thank you for reading.

At the time, Warner Bros. thanked Depp for his work on the films. In a statement a studio spokesperson said, Johnny Depp will depart the Fantastic Beasts franchise. We thank Johnny for his work on the films to date. Fantastic Beasts 3 is currently in production, and the role of Gellert Grindelwald will be recast.

Jude Law Will Play Young Dumbledore In ‘fantastic Beasts’ Sequel

Jude Law To Play Young Dumbledore In Fantastic Beasts 2

Jude Law is trading his Young Pope cassock for young Dumbledore’s robes.

Warner Bros. Pictures announced Wednesday that Law will play Albus Dumbledore in the next Fantastic Beasts film, the follow-up to 2016’s Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them.

The new Wizarding World film written by J.K. Rowling, who also penned the first Fantastic Beasts screenplay is set decades earlier than the original Harry Potter films, featuring Law’s Dumbledore as a Hogwarts Transfiguration professor, long before he assumed the headmaster role. In a press release issued by the studio, Rowling shared that the new films would explore a “troubled” and “formative period of life.”

The film will also explore Dumbledore’s relationship with Johnny Depp’s dark wizard character, Gellert Grindelwald. The final scenes of the first Fantastic Beasts movie revealed that Depp would be playing the character of Grindelwald, who will eventually face off against his former friend Dumbledore in a wizarding war.

Rowling previously revealed that Dumbledore was gay and secretly harbored feelings for Grindelwald, calling his love a great tragedy.

Law, 44, will become the third actor to play Dumbledore. Richard Harris played him in the first two Harry Potter films. Upon his death in 2002, Michael Gambon was cast for the remaining four movies, beginning with The Prisoner of Azkaban.

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‘fantastic Beasts: The Secrets Of Dumbledore’ Is Now Available On Hbo Max Here’s How To Stream It At Home

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  • “Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore” is available to watch on HBO Max.
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  • You can also rent or buy the movie from , Apple TV, , and Vudu for a starting price of $20.

The “Fantastic Beasts” series is back with a third movie, titled “The Secrets of Dumbledore.” The latest film in the “Harry Potter” spin-off franchise is now available to watch on HBO Max, with either an ad-supported or ad-free plan . You can also buy or rent the movie from retailers like and Vudu.

“The Secrets of Dumbledore” is the direct sequel to “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.” Eddie Redmayne returns as Newt Scamander, a shy wizard employed by the Ministry of Magic, and Jude Law reprises his role as a young Albus Dumbledore. Several years after the events of the last movie, Newt Scamander and his companions are given a critical mission to stop the dark wizard Grindelwald’s army.

Every Dumbledore Appearing In Fantastic Beasts 3

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore will continue exploring Albus Dumbledore’s story, but he’s not the only Dumbledore who will appear.

The final entry in the Fantastic Beasts trilogy, Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore, will focus heavily on Albus Dumbledore and his family, as hes not the only Dumbledore appearing in the trilogy. In 1997, readers were introduced to the Wizarding World in J.K. Rowlings debut novel Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, the first entry in a series of seven novels. Harry Potter and the Wizarding World became a cultural phenomenon, making way for a movie saga, plays, theme-park attractions, and supplementary material to expand on this peculiar universe.

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The second movie, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, added a young Albus Dumbledore into the mix, making the conflict with Grindelwald more personal due to their history together, and also dropped a big reveal right at the end: Credences real identity is that of Aurelius Dumbledore, Albus long lost brother. Now, the plan for Fantastic Beasts was to launch a new movie saga within the Wizarding World formed by five movies, but it seems like it will only be a trilogy, with The Secrets of Dumbledore being the closing chapter. As the title suggests, the story will shift its focus to the Dumbledore family, and so far, there are three Dumbledores who can appear in Fantastic Beasts 3.

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Newt And Tina Can Rekindle Their Relationship

One of the most disappointing aspects of Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore was the sidelining of Tina Goldstein, played by Katherine Waterston. Tina was the main love interest of Newt Scamander in the first and second movies. However, she didn’t feature in the third movie in a significant way at all. With that being said, the ending of Fantastic Beasts 3 sets up a way for Fantastic Beasts 4 to rekindle Tina and Newt’s relationship, despite the film only giving half-hearted reasons for her absence up to that point, and none that explain why it made any sense. Given how it is confirmed Newt Scamander gets married to Tina eventually in the Harry Potter universe, Fantastic Beasts 4 would be the ideal place to begin setting up that relationship.

The Mirror Of Erised Is Used For A Flashback

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore | Mads Mikkelsen’s Grindelwald

The Mirror of Erised shows the user their deepest desires. When a young Dumbledore looked in the mirror, he saw a memory of him making a blood pact with Grindelwald. Making this pact shouldn’t have been Dumbledore’s deepest desire because it already happened. Grindelwald shouldn’t have been his desire either, as Dumbledore’s deep shame about Ariana’s death made him hesitant to confront Grindelwald.

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In the books, Dumbledore states that he saw his family in the Mirror of Erised. He desperately wanted to be forgiven for his mistakes and was so eager to apologize to his deceased loved ones that he carelessly put on the ring with the resurrection stone, despite it being a Horcrux.

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Young Dumbledore Grindelwald Star In New Fantastic Beasts Sequel Photos

Jude Law is no longer the uncharacteristically cool young pope, but instead a dapper young Albus Dumbledore, as seen in two new photos from Warner Bros. upcoming sequel, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.

Law can be seen as Dumbledore in the photo below, sitting in what appears to be an office, as seen by the stack of books and quill on the desk behind him. Warner Bros. did not provide any information on who the man lurking over his shoulder is. Dumbledore has always been rather laid back, even in the face of certain death, but theres a new essence of cool surrounding his younger self.

Just for added effect, heres a behind-the-scenes photo of a young Albus Dumbledore talking to a young Newt Scamander.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Another interesting photo released today gives us a better look at Johnny Depps controversial Grindelwald. Depp was cast as Grindelwald in 2016, taking over for Colin Farrell, who technically played the role in 2015s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, although he hid under the guise of a man named Graves. Depps casting was met with scorn from fans, who argued that after allegations arose of Depps alleged domestic abuse of ex-wife Amber Heard, he shouldnt be involved in the film.

Depps version of the character is much different than Farrells, and can be seen in the photo below standing beside actress Poppy Corby-Tuech, who will play Vinda Rosier, one of Grindelwalds most trusted followers.

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