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Can You Guess The Harry Potter Character By These Emojis

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Trivia Quiz: Can You Name The Harry Potter Character Emoji

Harry Potter Characters Emoji Quiz | Harry Potter Characters Picture Puzzle Quiz

Can You Name The Harry Potter Character Emoji? Some famous people and movie characters have emojis representing them that only their die-hard fans can interpret. How big of a fan are you of the Harry Potter books and movies? The quiz below will see if you can match the character to the emoji. Have fun taking it up as much as you want.

  • Name this character .
  • 2.;Name this character .
  • 3.;Name this character .
  • 4.;Type question here. Example: Practice makes you
  • 5.;Type question here. Example: Practice makes you
  • 6.;Type question here. Example: Practice makes you
  • 7.;Type question here. Example: Practice makes you
  • 8.;Type question here. Example: Practice makes you
  • 9.;Name this character .
  • 10.;Name this character . ;
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This Hogwarts Ghost Was Named Sir Nicholas De Mimsy

  • Xenophilius Lovegood
  • Neville LongbottomRodolphus Lestrange
  • One of best fan theories is that Neville Longbottom was the real chosen one and Lord Voldemort just made a mistake when he chose Harry. A lot of people think that perhaps the entire book series has been following the wrong person and here’s why: Remember that moment in the end when Harry tried to kill Voldemort and failed? And just when all hope seemed lost, Neville rose from the dust and performed the heroic act. There is even a fan fiction that explores what the world of Harry Potter would’ve looked like if Voldemort had chosen to mark Neville as his opponent instead. This long, exciting story makes huge changes to each book.

  • Rubeus HagridViktor Krum
  • The founder of the Order of the Phoenix with a fondness for sherbet lemon, Albus Dumbledore is considered by many to be one of the most powerful wizards of his time. One of the most popular and intriguing Harry Potter fan theories is the idea that legendary wizard Albus Dumbledore is none other than Ron Weasley, grown up and gone back in time. This bizarre idea first surfaced in 2004, known memorably as the Knight2King theory, in which the authors presented a truly impressive amount of circumstantial evidence that Ron/Dumbledore are two sides of the same person.

  • Cuthbert BinnsRegulus Arcturus Black
  • Can You Guess The Harry Potter Character From These 3 Clues

    Aright now…how well do you think you know the characters from Harry Potter? Do you think you know them well enough to know them by only three clues? And those clues could be anything from looks to actions to family members and beyond. Do you think you have what it takes? I’m not saying outright that there might be some trickery in this quiz but…well, there might be some trickery.

    Don’t think the photos are going to help you. I wouldn’t be so silly as to give you a photo of the character I’m giving you clues about. That would be cheating on a pretty grand scale and while I might belong to Slytherin House, that doesn’t mean I want to help you succeed. For all I know, you’re part of Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff…or even worse…Gryffindor.

    Be that as it may, It’s up to you to take the clues I give and unravel the mystery of just which characters I’m speaking of.;The clues will be a mix of both simple and complex so I hope you really know your Harry Potter characters. Some of them might seem pretty obvious. But don’t get cocky. They’re not all so easy to suss out.

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    Played By Actor Kenneth Branagh This Narcissistic Character Was A Defense Against The Dark Arts Professor At Hogwarts

  • Gilderoy Lockhart
  • Quirinus QuirrellSturgis Podmore
  • Vain, arrogant and selfish, Gilderoy Lockhart had never been a bad wizard, only a lazy one. After Hogwarts, he decided to hone his talents in one direction: Memory Charms. By perfecting this tricky spell, he succeeded in modifying the recollections of highly accomplished and brave witches and wizards, allowing him to take credit for their achievements.

  • Olympe MaximeLuna Lovegood
  • In the wizarding world, there are few people as kind as Luna Lovegood. A true Ravenclaw, Luna was always supporting Harry and his friends without expecting anything in return.

    Could You Decipher The Harry Potter Movies And Characters From The Emoji Clues Then Put Your Spell

    Can You Guess The âHarry Potterâ? Character By These Emojis ...

    First Published:;

    Emoji enthusiast and positively Potter potty? If you legit knows your Harry P – then prepare yourself for an emoji encounter of magically mythical proportions. For more quizzes check out our Guess The Song Emoji Quiz, or to push your Potter proficiency to the ultimate limit – try our hard Harry Potter Quiz!

    Let’s go! Which film is this?

    And finally, time for a really tricky one… who is this? Say what you see!

    Oh dear! It seems you may need to concentrate a little harder if you’re to decipher these clues! Never mind, why not have another go and improve your score?

    Not so hot! While not a total disaster, you may need to concentrate a little harder if you’re to ace this quiz! Never mind, why not retake the quiz and improve your score?

    Pretty good! While not an absolutely perfect victory, you certainly know your Harry Potter! A very impressive result, great job!

    Amazing! You got a PERFECT score… you ACED your NEWTS! There’s no doubt about it, you most certainly know your Potter – when it comes to quizzes you’re an absolute whizz-kid wizard. Great job, well done!

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    Guess The Wizarding World Resident

    Get your thinking cap on for this one, because the wizarding world is a big place. There’s Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade, Knockturn Alley, and… erm… never mind. Anyway, keep an open mind and there are one or two where if you are in doubt, just sound it out.;

    Answers. Round one: 1. Minerva Mcgonagall 2. Dolores Umbridge 3. Sybil Trelawney 4. Rubeus Hagrid 5. Remus Lupin 6. Mad Eye Moody 7. Severus Snape 8. Guilderoy Lockhart 9. Pomona Sprout 10. Madam Hooch Round two: 1.;Fred and George 2. Harry Potter 3. Luna Lovegood 4. Vincent Crabbe 5. Draco Malfoy 6. Hermione Granger 7. Pansy Parkinson 8. Seamus Finnegan 9. Ginny Weasley 10. Colin Creevey;Round three: 1. Dobby 2.;Rita Skeeter 3. Viktor Krum 4. Madam Rosmerta 5. Voldemort 6. Peter Pettigrew 7. Peeves the Poltergeist 8. Dudley Dursley 9. Ludo Bagman 10. Igor Karkaroff

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    Can You Name Every One Of These Characters From Harry Potter

    The first Harry Potter movie was released in 2001. It is called;Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.;It was the perfect movie to start off such a great saga of films. Everything about this first movie came together so perfectly. After;Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was released,;Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets followed in 2002. This movie may have been the second to be released, but that does not take away from how important it was to the storyline.

    After those first two films, we got;Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban,;Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire,;Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,;Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,;Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, and;Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.;

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    Do You Know The Name Of This House Elf Who Desperately Tried To Help Harry Along His Journeys

  • Bane
  • DobbyCrookshanks
  • Dobby the house elf is one of Harry Potter’s most loyal friends, who supported him from his second year at Hogwarts and even saved his life. The clumsy and naive house elf may have been a bit of a nightmare at times redecorating the Dursleys’ kitchen with cake, hiding Harrys personal mail and almost getting him expelled werent great but you cant say he was never a devoted friend.

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