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Is Harry Potter World Inside Or Outside

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What To Do At The Harry Potter Studios

Harry Potters magical Hogwarts world now inside vintage GC University

There is an absolutely fantastic photo opportunity to be had during the Studio Tour where you are given the chance to ride a broomstick. Using CGI and green screen effects, they make it look like you are actually flying and it is absolutely incredible.

Firstly, you are given a set of Hogwarts robes from your chosen house, and then you wait in line for your turn. There are a total of three broomsticks there so the waiting time isnt too long.

When I joined the queue, it said that the waiting time from this point onwards was 45 minutes, and I wasnt too fussed about this because I was determined to get on that broom, but thankfully, it didnt take nearly as long as that.

When it is your turn, a staff member talks you through everything. You make yourself comfortable on the broom, and then the magic begins.

Now, this isnt just any photo opportunity, because before your photo is taken, you get the chance to see yourself fly over London and Hogwarts. There is a small screen in front of you so it looks like youre actually moving and the broom itself isnt fixed so you can swerve from side to side and bob up and down.

The member of staff attending to you will make sure you get the most out of your experience by giving you a few things to do whilst on your broom. When your flying experience is over, there are a few quick snaps and then its off to the counter to collect your photos.

Catch The Hogwarts Express At Platform 9 3/4

Venturing on, you can see and even board The Hogwarts Express in all its glory at the set of Platform 9 3/4. Having a photo at the stations secret passage is a must-do during your tour! After, you can even pretend you are journeying to the magical school with the exciting Hogwarts Express simulation.

Have your photo taken inside a replica carriage and experience a virtual, magical train journey with many wicked special effects. The adventure begins with you leisurely drifting through the wizarding world until the train is attacked by dementors! To add to your adventure, a voice-over instructs you on how to defend yourself and battle these infamous villains!

Potions Class: Lacock Abbey Wiltshire England

Lacock Abbey‘s Warming Room which contains a giant cauldron was Professor Quirrells Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom, whilst Professor Snapes Potions Class was held in the Sacristy. It was in the abbeys Chapter House that Harry stumbled upon the Mirror of Erised, which shows the users hearts deepest desire.

And amid all that selfie wizardry in the lab, the abbeys South Gallery includes the very spot where William Henry Fox Talbot took the worlds first ever photograph.

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Where Is The Harry Potter Studio Tour

The Harry Potter Studio Tour takes place in the Warner Bros. Studio, which is found in Leavesden, England. This is around 20 miles northwest of London.

The Warner Bros. Studio is a fully working film studio, one of the largest in the UK, and many films have been shot here, including the whole Harry Potter and some of the Star Wars, Batman, movies, the Mission: Impossible films.

Budgeting For Food And Drinnk

Inside the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Theme Park ...

Food is normally a major part of the budget on our trips with the kids. They do like to eat, and I do hate carrying heavy picnics, so we arent as frugal here as we could be.

On this trip, we allowed money for buying the adults coffees cos it was very cold and very early and I NEEDED it. Theres a Starbucks coffee counter in the lobby cafe, perfectly positioned for your arrival.

Incidentally, in the mornings the lobby cafe next door offers a breakfast menu that included bacon sarnies and porridge , among other things. Wed already eaten, or I doubt I could have resisted that bacon.

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How Much Is A Wand At Harry Potter World

If you buy one thing during your Harry Potter vacation, its got to be a wand. There are lots of different types available, from replica character wands to interactive ones to cast a little extra magical throughout the parks. Prices in the USA parks are currently $55 for a standard wand, $59 for an interactive wand, and $75 for an exclusive, limited edition wand.

In the Warner Bros Studio Tour, detailed replicas of characters wands from the movies start at £32.

History Of Magic Classroom

Main article:Classroom 4F

This classroom was where History of Magic classes were taught at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The subject was taught by ProfessorCuthbert Binns, a ghost, who was widely regarded by almost all Hogwarts students as the most monotonous and boring teacher in existence.

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Grinchmas & Christmas In The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter At Universal Studios Hollywood

When: Various hours through Jan. 9, 2022

Where: Universal Studios Hollywood, 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City

Tickets: $99-$134 one-day California resident pass $179-$279 California resident Universal Express $109-$134 one-day general admission $189-$279 general admission Universal Express Universal VIP Experience starting at $349 per person. All holiday activities are included in ticket price. Passes are available at

Kids Lunchboxes And Adult Options

Inside The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – 9¾ secrets everyone should know

For reference, as of Jan 2017, kids lunch boxes were under a fiver and contained a sandwich Capri-Sun drink, a piece of fruit and a flapjack. We still have that box several years later its great for storing little Harry Potter bits in!

The cafe also had more adult sandwich, wrap and salad options, including a couple of vegetarian choices and some pots of crudites and humous. Pretty standard tourist-cafe fare, but enough variety to keep most people happy.

Hot food started at £3.50 for soup, and there were options like mac n cheese at £6, hot dogs or very tasty gourmet-style fish-finger hotdogs at £5.50, and burgers at £7. They dont, for some bizarre reason, do chips.

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Hogwarts Castle Photo Tour

This post offers a photo tour of Hogwarts Castle at Universal Studios Japan, both inside and outside, to showcase this impressive feat of theme park design. This castle is home to Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey at Universals Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios Hollywood, and Universal Studios Japan theme parks.

All of the interior photos here were photographed in Universal Studios Japan, where there is a separate line for those guests who want to take a tour of Hogwarts Castle, but do not wish to ride the attraction. During my visit to Universal Studios Japan, I entered this line shortly before the park closed.

With few other guests also taking the tour, I was able to take some long exposure photos with my tripod to bring out some of the detail in this normally dark queue. Exterior shots are a mix of Universal Studios Japan and Universal Orlando Resort, with each location denoted under the photo. This post features some of my favorite photos I captured inside Hogwarts Castle

Before we get to the photos, for those unfamiliar with Hogwarts Castle, heres a bit of background about its lore from the Harry Potter series. Hogwarts was built in the late Early Middle Ages by wizard architects and designers Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw and Salazar Slytherin.

Alright, on with the tour

It then winds around outside, sweep past the outdoor queue before entering the castle.

Staircases Ascending From The Seventh

Main article:Astronomy Tower

The Astronomy Tower was the tallest tower at Hogwarts Castle, surrounded by a parapet and turret. It is where students studied the stars and planets through their telescopes in Astronomy lessons with ProfessorAurora Sinistra. This was usually done at midnight when the stars were best seen. The tower was usually out-of-bounds except for classes. All the way down from the boathouse, one could see the huge window of the Astronomy Tower. Located within this tower was the Astronomy Corridor, Astronomy reading room, Astronomy classroom, Astronomy stairwell, Astronomy department and the Astronomy Room. In 1997, Hogwarts’ headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, was killed here on this tower by his eventual successor, Severus Snape. However, it was planned between Dumbledore and Snape to spare Draco Malfoy being a murderer and spare the headmaster from a slow painful death. This was because Dumbledore’s hand was affected by a dangerous curse created by Tom Marvolo Riddle, to protect his Horcrux .

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Slug And Jiggers Apothecary

The Apothecary sells scales, potions and potion ingredients. The shop is quite fascinating despite its very bad smell . The inside includes barrels of slimy stuff on the floor, jars of herbs, dried roots and bright powders on the shelves, and bundles of feathers, strings of fangs and snarled claws hanging from the ceiling. Harry regularly buys ingredients, as well as his scales, from the Apothecary.

Some of the ingredients available are silver unicorn horns , glittery-black beetle eyes , and Dragon liver .

Take Your Time At The Model Of Hogwarts

The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter launches at Universal ...

The Warner Bros. Studio Tour London has a huge model of Hogwarts that was actually used during filming for sweeping exterior shots. Elevated walkways allow you to see the model from all angles and heights, making for a truly breathtaking experience. The room the model is housed in constantly fades from day into night and back again, so take your time and admire this work of art in all its glory.

If youre visiting around Christmas, youll get an additional snowy treat.

Plan your visit: There are two options for you to get to Harry Potter Studio Tour. The first is via public transport and the second is via a tour operator. You can find all the details on how to get there at the bottom of this post.

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St Pancras Railway Station

St Pancras is Londoners favorite railway station and is located just off Kings Cross train station.The station can be seen in the second part of the film series. Remember how Harry and Ron flew to Hogwarts in Mr. Weasleys light blue flying Ford Anglia in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets? They took off just in front of this wonderful architectural structure which in real life is a beautiful example of Neo-Gothic British architecture.The St. Pancras Renaissance London Hotel forms the facade of St Pancras station.You can also notice St. Pancras in the final scene of the film series.

Quidditch And Then Some

In terms of actual gameplay, Seeker VR is mostly a demo right now. When you fire it up, you’ll go through a 10-minute tutorial that mimics Harry’s first Quidditch lesson, when then-Gryffindor Quidditch team captain Oliver Wood explains the rules: Team Eldritch even hired an actor to voice the demo, and he uses a very Oliver Wood-esque accent.

In the demo, you learn how to fly your broomstick throw, catch, and score with the Quaffle beat away the Bludgers and, if you’re fast, catch the Golden Snitch. I wasn’t able to achieve that last feat, but my husband did, and he said he felt “really cool.”

I had some trouble just getting the flying down, and I kept getting stuck under the grass somehow. But eventually I got the hang of it, and taking off, accelerating, and doing loop-de-loops is a rush.

“I spent a long time just figuring out the flight mechanics and making sure they felt fun,” Team Eldritch said. “Cornering, braking, accelerating everything had to be dialed in exactly to strike that balance between speed and control. The first time I felt like Id nailed it was when I finally managed to do a figure-eight around the three goal hoops without smacking into any of them.”

“You can look down and actually feel it. What itd be like to fly up there. Its the closest Ive ever felt to real magic.”

So how did this developer do it?

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Harry Potter Studios Faqs

A visit to the magical world of the Harry Potter film series at Harry Potter World is a must for fans of the worlds most famous wizard. In this article, we explore some frequently asked questions, provide travel advice and recommend the best way to travel to Warner Bros Studios from Central London.

If youre looking to buy tickets online, our fantastic selection of tours are the easiest, most convenient way to explore this magical world.

How long does it take to get to the studio from London?

Travel times vary depending on your chosen transport method. For more information, see our handy travel guide

What time does the studio close?

The studio closes at 22:00 Monday to Sunday, although closing times will vary depending on public holidays in the UK

How much are tickets?

Ticket prices vary depending on whether you book directly with the studio or not. Tickets purchased directly do not include travel and are cheaper for this reason. However, packages that include entrance and travel to and from Central London are often more convenient and have a host of other benefits.

How to get to the studio from London

The best, most hassle-free way to get to the studio from London is by purchasing a ticket that includes travel to and from the attraction. For visitors making their own way to the studio, it is possible to travel

Where is the studio located?

How long does the studio tour last?

Can I buy tickets at the studio?

Where can I buy tickets?

When did the studio tour open?

How Much Does The Harry Potter Studio Tour Cost

Inside the shops of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando

Prices for the tstandard our are as follows .

  • Adult: £47
  • Family: £150
  • Carer: Free

For a family, this can be either 2 adults and 2 children, or 1 adult and 3 children.

You can also purchase more expensive tour packages, but these are the basic prices. Note that these are just entry prices, and dont include any transport.

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Phase : Islands Of Adventure

Construction of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter began seven months after the official announcement, in January 2008. By July, the Flying Unicorn and Enchanted Oak Tavern were closed. The Flying Unicorn then began an almost two-year refurbishment which transformed it into the Flight of the Hippogriff. The Enchanted Oak Tavern was later demolished. A bridge was built to connect The Lost Continent with Jurassic Park allowing guests to avoid the construction zone that was to become the Wizarding World. Construction progressed with the Hogwarts Castle slowly taking shape. By September 2008, the Dueling Dragons entrance was moved to Jurassic Park to make room for construction of Hogsmeade. One month later, the old entrance was demolished. By September 2009, the top shell of Hogwarts Castle was completed. On September 15, an announcement was made detailing what was going to be included in the Wizarding World. In early 2010, Universal increased its marketing of the area, which included newspaper advertisements, billboards and television commercials. The Dueling Dragons were closed for some maintenance before being transformed into the Dragon Challenge. Construction was completed by June 1, 2010, when the area began soft openings.

Booking Harry Potter Tour Tickets

It appears that the initial rush to buy tickets is now over however, I still recommend that you buy your Harry Potter Studio tickets about a month in advance if you want to get the perfect time for you. If youre only available at the weekends then you definitely need to think about booking in advance because they weekend slots book up fast.

The booking itself is very simple. All you have to do is select the date and time you want to go on the tour, enter the number of each type of ticket you want and then checkout. There is also the option to add on some extras to your package.

You can pre-book a Souvenir Guidebook and a Digital Guide, both of which supposedly enhance your experience. I opted for the Souvenir Guidebook, but not the Digital Guide, but in hindsight, I should have selected both.

The Souvenir Guidebook is a really nice booklet with glossy pages and big pictures. It is very well presented and serves as a lovely reminder of the things youve seen on your trip.

You dont need to pre-order this book as it is also on sale at the gift shop at the Studios for exactly the same price. It is a bit pricey at £9.95, but for Potterheads it is well worth it.

As far as I could tell , the Digital Guide was basically a device that looked a lot like an iPod touch that had extra snippets of information and videos on it. This costs around £4.95, though you do not get to keep it so its not entirely necessary.

Ticket Prices

Child: £35

Opening Hours

8:30am 10pm every day

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How To Get Selected For Ollivanders Wand Experience

During the wand experience, one lucky guest will get chosen from the crowd by Ollivander himself! This guest gets to try out several wands until a wand picks them, just like Harry did on his very first trip there. Many people hope to be selected for this fun, interactive opportunity, but Ollivander does choose the person based on specific criteria. Usually, the chosen guest looks to be around 12 years old. Why? Because this is the age young witches and wizards get their letter to attend Hogwarts! So if youre accompanying a young wizard, try to get them to the front or just in Ollivanders eye line to get chosen.

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