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Where Can I Watch Harry Potter And The Cursed Child

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Weirdest Things That Became Harry Potter Canon Thanks To The Cursed Child

Official Trailer | Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

All of the weirdest things that Rowlings The Cursed Child made part of the Harry Potter wizarding world canon, including Voldemorts SON.

Ive been in the Harry Potter fandom for a long time. I started reading the books when I was seven and Im now well, old. That means I was around when Harry Potter And The Cursed Child was first announced. Originally, there was a rumor that it was going to be about Harrys days with the Dursleys, which I was excited for. Then it was announced it would take place after the epilogue, and I was a bit more wary, but still excited.

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Ive since read the script and I, erkind of wish it wasnt a thing and Id been left to my own devices and headcanons. Listen. I am or was a diehard Potter fan, but I would kind of like to pretend this doesnt exist. Theres just too much to wrap my head around.

When Is Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Movie Coming

Despite no announcemenst being made officially regarding the Harry Potter and The Cursed Child Movie release date there were rumours that there plans were being made to adapt it inot a movie but unfortunately, amid Coronavirus outbreak there can be serious changes within the plans due to the third installment of the movie, Fantastic Beasts and Where to search out Them has also been seemingly delayed thanks to it further. So, theres a giant punctuation over the discharge of this new Harry Potter movie.

This has literally sent the fans of the movie eager and there are other sources reporting that the movie is going to be made to support the story of a play referred to as Harry Potter and also the Cursed Child. Theres a reason for the fans to be super excited about the project. Perhaps the Coronavirus can be a giant blocking stone within the pursuit of creating this movie as everything and everywhere people are battling for his or her lives.

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The Harry Potter Cast Is Super Excited For The Reunion

While the fans are eager for this reunion to drop, the cast is just as excited. Emma Watson recently commented on the 20th anniversary on her page, saying how much she cherished those years, and is so proud of what they created, saying she is looking forward to the upcoming special.

Happy 20th Anniversary Potterheads! We hope you enjoy the Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts which will stream New Years day, Jan. 1 on HBO Max. Lots to look forward to.

Tom Felton was also one of the many cast members to share his excitement for the Harry Potter reunion via

Is this what school homecoming is like? Mark your calendars for New Years Day. #ReturnToHowarts, streaming on HBO Max.

Matthew Lewis spared a moment on his feed to announce his eagerness for the special.

This News Year’s Day…were putting the band back together.

Its so exciting to see everyone so happy to return to where it all started, and reunite to celebrate this lovely franchise that we all care about so deeply. If I can just hear Tom Felton say Potter one more time to Daniel Radcliffes face, I think I would die happy.

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The Harry Potter Reunion Will Premiere On Hbo Max On New Year’s Day

Thankfully, we wont have to wait long for this spectacular Harry Potter reunion, as it is going to be premiering on HBO Max , on New Year’s Day, 2022. Right at midnight, you can log onto your HBO Max account and take a trip down memory lane back to the world of Harry Potter movies. The anticipation is killing me.

If you, for some reason, dont have an HBO Max account, the special will also be airing on TBS and Cartoon Network ahead of the latest Fantastic Beasts movie, which premieres on April 15, 2022, so you could also wait for that.

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Release Date

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Broadway Tickets in New ...

As there are no plans to adapt Harry Potter and the Cursed Child into a movie, there is no release date information to speak of.

Instead, film fans will have to look forward to the next Fantastic Beasts film, the third in the series, which is currently slated for release on July 15th, 2022.

Performances of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in London are suspended until further notice owing to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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How Voldemorts Daughter Fits Into Harry Potter Canon

Voldemorts daughter, Delphini, was Harry Potter and the Cursed Childs biggest surprise. Heres how the character fits into Harry Potter canon.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child unearthed many revelations but none were as shocking as the introduction of Lord Voldemorts daughter, Delphini. The young Dark witch, nicknamed Delphi, was the product of Voldemorts romantic relationship with Bellatrix Lestrange. Heres how Voldemorts only known spawn fits into Harry Potter canon.

Delphi made her franchise debut in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the two-part play that debuted on Londons West End in 2016, with the script later being published for readers worldwide. The witch pretended to be the niece and caretaker of Amos Diggory, the father of Cedric. Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy then teamed with Delphi to steal a Time-Turner to bring back Cedric. Delphi had ulterior motives and put the young wizards in great danger. It wasnt until Harry, Draco, Ginny, Hermione, and Ron tried to rescue the boys that they realized Delphi was actually Voldemorts secret daughter. When Harry disguised himself as Voldemort, Delphi admitted that Bellatrix was her mother.

  • Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore Release date: Apr 15, 2022

The Warlocks Hairy Heart

The story is about a young and handsome warlock who decides to never fall in love, so he uses Dark Arts to prevent himself from doing so. His family, hoping he will change, does nothing. However, one day, he hears two servants whispering about him not having a wife, so he decides to find a talented, rich, and beautiful witch and marry her to gain everyones envy.

He meets that girl the next day. Though the girl is both fascinated and repelled, the warlock persuades her to come to a dinner feast at his castle. During the feast, she tells him that she needs to know he has a heart. The warlock shows her his beating hairy heart inside a crystal casket in his dungeon. The witch begs him to put it back inside himself. After the warlock does so, she embraces him. However, being disconnected from its body for so long, his heart has developed savage tastes as it has degenerated into an animalistic state. And so he is driven to take by force a truly human heart. He tears out the witchs heart to replace his own, but finding that he cannot magic the hairy heart back out of his chest, he cuts it out with a dagger. Thus he and the maiden both die, with him holding both hearts in his hands.

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Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Script Released At Midnight

A whole generation grew up during the years 1997-2007 breathlessly awaiting the release of each new book in J.K. Rowlings seven-volume Harry Potter series of fantasy novels about young witches and wizards battling evil. The books were released at midnight and parents would allow the young fans to stay up long past bedtime at the local bookstore to be the first to buy and read the latest installment.

All that returns tonight when the script for the play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Parts 1 and 2, is released as a hardcover book, as the eighth book in the series. It goes on sale at midnight between July 30 and 31

Special release parties are planned at select Barnes & Noble stores across the U.S., the Strand Bookstore and at Books of Wonder. Script publisher Scholastic is maintaining a directory of release parties.

Rowling, and Jack Thornes play, which has been in previews since June 7, opens officially July 30 at Londons Palace Theatre. It runs four hours and must be seen over the course of two performances.

To book London tickets and for full performance schedules, visit

The Eighth Instalment Of The Popular Series Takes The Form Of A Script With The Play Version Being Staged At Londons West End In Two Parts

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child Part 1 Official Trailer 2016 HD by SOLANKI ON

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, billed as the the eighth instalment in the wildly popular series, was out in bookstores across India at 11:30 am on Sunday. The date of the release, July 31, marks the birthday of the title character. The book is a departure from the series tightly woven novel form, and is actually the script of a new two-part play staged at Londons West End, set 19 years after Harry Potter defeats Dark Lord Voldemort.

The story, written by original author JK Rowling, playwright Jack Thorne and director John Tiffany, follows Harry, now 37, an employee at the Ministry of Magic and a father of three children. It prominently features a surprising friendship between Harrys son Albus and Scorpius, the son of his school nemesis Draco Malfoy, among other revelations. The highly anticipated play has opened to rave reviews in London, five years after the final movie in the series came out. The last book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, was released in 2007.

According to PTI, the book had the highest preorders any hardback ever in India. The trade orders are over 1.7 lakh copies and we were sold out last evening, said Thomas Abraham, Managing Director of Hachette India.

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Could Harry Potter & The Cursed Child Happen

While J.K. Rowling and Warner Bros. have both denied that Harry Potter and the Cursed Child would ever be adapted for the big screen in the past, Kilar’s remarks rekindled old rumors. Taking into account that the play is shown in two parts because of its length, many argue that a movie version of Harry Potter in the Cursed Child wouldn’t really work and might it be better adapted in a TV show format. It so happens that the studio has announced a call for writers for a potential spinoff show set in the world of Harry Potter.

What Is Harry Potter And The Cursed Child About

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is an original new story by J.K. Rowling. The story takes place many years after Harry Potters last adventure Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at the end of which, Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Draco are bringing their own children to the Hogwarts Express.

Thats where the story picks up. When Harry Potters son Albus first arrives at Hogwarts, not only must he face the challenge of living up to his famous fathers reputation but also must carve his own path in the schools hallowed halls. Nothing is ever simple in Hogwarts and Albus adventure is both nostalgic for fans of the original series and packs plenty of its own twists and surprises for seasoned and new viewers alike.

We cant tell you more at this point, as we dont want to reveal the entire story for you. At each viewing, fans are given collectible buttons with the phrase #KeepTheSecrets, reminding us not to give away any spoilers.

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Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Movie Plot

The story of this upcoming movie will show us a grown-up Harry Potter because the story takes place 19 years sooner than time from the last Harry Potter movie. Harry Potter nows an employee of the Ministry of Darkness. hes employed tirelessly hard for the community, he is also a husband and a father now. Harry Potter and his wife have now three kids all of whom attend school. Harry Potter has his son Albus who is his youngest one. Albus thinks an excessive amount of about his future and his familys legacy and the way he can shift this legacy of Harry Potter.

There are numerous new truths that both Albus Potter and Harry Potters father-son duo will be tested plenty during this story. Theyll be confronting news things that weve never seen before. As J. K. Rowling said in her tweet Darkness Comes From Unexpected Places. therell thus be certainly some new dark elements emerging within the new movie. theres sure to be an all-new antagonist of the story. The reigns of power and protagonist will slowly be transferred to the kids of Harry Potter and it seems that this is often visiting to start a full new era of Harry Potter. Its magnificent for the series because now Harry Potter has both prequel and sequel series, fans of the series feel very happy.

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Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter Cursed Child Full Movie Watch Online ...

The final book in the series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, was divided into two films, with the first one coming out in 2010. Get ready for plenty of the creepy villain Lord Voldemort, he of the smashed, slit nose, as Harry sets out to find and destroy Voldemort’s Horcruxes, which give him immortality. And there’s another sob-worthy death, because of course there is.

Memorable quote: “Dobby did not mean to kill anyone! Dobby only meant to maim, or seriously injure!” –Dobby the house elf, after dropping a chandelier, aiming for Bellatrix.

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Harry Potter And The Cursed Child To Be Eighth Book

An eighth Harry Potter book is to be released this summer containing the script for a new stage play telling the wizards story.

A hardback edition of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts I & II will be released on 31 July, the day after the play has debuted on stage.

It sees Harry as a father and an overworked Ministry of Magic employee.

The play is from an original new story by JK Rowling, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will tell the untold part of the boy wizards story, including the story of the lives of his murdered parents, Rowling has said.

It will pick up the story 19 years after Harry was last seen in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, waving his two eldest children off to Hogwarts.

The Cursed Child Story

Set 19 years later after the events of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child shows Harry, Ron and Hermione as 37-year-old parents who are seeing their children off to Hogwarts. The play continues Harry Potters story through his son, Albus, following Albus Severus Potter as he uncovers secrets from his fathers past in a time-travel adventure. On top of the original set of characters, the play also features Draco Malfoys son Scorpius, Hermione and Rons daughter Rose, as well as Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestranges surprise offspring Delphi. The time-travel aspect of the play could make for a very engaging movie or TV series, both for new and old, loyal audiences by exploring much of the original story through a fresh lens.

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Jason Kilar On The Next Harry Potter Film

While giving away the keynote speech at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecommunications Conference, WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar teased about the next Wizarding World movie after the Fantastic Beast series. Since the series came to an end, the Wizarding World has been seen in the Fantastic Beasts film series. While Fantastic Beasts 3’s release is set in 2022, the series has two more movies.

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Kilar, as per The Hollywood Reporter, said that Harry Potter is Warner Bros.’ one of the most beloved franchises, and Warner Bros. is incredibly thankful to be able to partner with author J.K. Rowling. The CEO added that there is a lot of fun and potential there. Reportedly, this could be about an upcoming live-action TV series on HBO Max. However, according to several reports, a new tentpole could also be developing based on Harry Potter And The Cursed Child stage play.

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Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets

If there was 9th HARRY POTTER movie – LET’S IMAGINE

The second film, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, came out in 2002. Here, Harry, Hermione and Ron begin their second year at Hogwarts. But it’s not all just spells, Quidditch and tests. The heir of Salazar Slytherin opens the Chamber of Secrets and people and animals start turning up petrified, leaving Harry to solve the mystery and save his friends.

Memorable quote: “It is not our abilities that show what we truly are. It is our choices.” –Dumbledore to Harry

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How To Watch Harry Potter Movies Online

In the US as of May 2021, as well as being able to rent or buy the Harry Potter movies on services like Amazon, they’re all streaming on the Peacock service. At the time of writing, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Chamber of Secrets and Prisoner of Azkaban are available to stream for free with ads, while the rest are behind the paywall. From June 1, all eight movies are available to stream on HBO Max again, too.

In the UK, you can’t currently stream the movies, but you can rent them on Amazon, iTunes and more. The complete Harry Potter series is also available on Blu-Ray.

The Fantastic Beasts movies aren’t currently streaming in the US or the UK.

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