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How To Make Harry Potter Potions

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Design Your Potions Labels

Potions From Harry Potter made Real! | How to Drink

Now youll need to decide which potions youre going to make and draw labels for them. I did a Google search of Harry Potter potions for design inspiration. Play around with different fonts, borders and images until you land on what you like best.

I went with Polyjuice potion , Wolfsbane, Draught of Peace and Amortentia. Shhh dont tell Guapo Ive been sneaking the last one into his morning coffee.

Add A Quick Coat Of Paint

Using a normal paintbrush, quickly coat your bottles in off-white paint. I used off white because it is easy to cover but also easy to tone down as you go along. You can add more color later after you get your base done, this step just helps all your other layers stick later on. This is what your bottle should look like after one coat of paint.

Now I did not like how coated the bottle was, I wanted it to look old not painted. So I got a wet paper towel and wiped the bottle down as quickly as I could. You want to do this step quickly so that the paint isnt completely dry, but also make sure it has a chance to actually stick to the bottle before you wipe it off. By the time I painted the entire bottle and got my paper towel wet, it was about the perfect amount of time. Take the paper towel and just wipe the paint off. Again, dont try to make it too perfect. You can see some areas have more paint than others and thats fine, you will be adding more paint after.

You will repeat this same process with all of your bottles, but do it one bottle at a time. If you paint them all and then try to get the paint off after it will just chip and flake off and not look as good. Do one bottle at a time and they will all look fairly uniform. Also, peep that Reeses wrapper in the background. Halloween crafts call for Halloween treats, am I right??

Harry Potter: The 10 Easiest Potions To Make

Polyjuice Potion might be tricky, but there are plenty of other, easier, potions in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

In Harry Potter, brewing potions is an exceedingly difficult task, as both the knowledge of magic and combining of numerous obscure ingredients is necessary to even have a shot at making functioning magical potions. Yet, they are absolutely necessary, as some problems in the Wizarding World can’t be fixed by wand magic.

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However, there are some potions in the Harry Potter universe that are easier to make than others, some of which an ordinary muggle like yourself could brew using normal non-fictional ingredients… with the emphasis being on “could,” as according to Rowling, no magical potion can be made without the use of wands, despite these same potions being usable by non magical folk as well. Here are the 10 simplest potions in Harry Potter.

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Diy Wizard’s Potion Making Kit

Our house is full of Harry Potter fans, so when my mom asked for some help putting together a potions kit for Mini Me as a gift, I was completely on board with going overboard! It all started with a vintage field soil testing kit. I painted a title and some fun potion images on the front of the box.

The box came with all sorts of wooden trays, boxes, and vials. I took my lead from those and purchased a few more to add to it. Then I collected fun bottles and containers that had a vintage look to them.

I made labels for some of the containers using our customizable magic potion ingredient labels, which I printed onto sticker sheets. Even though the containers were full of pretty basic ingredients , I gave them magical names on the labels, to make them more fun for MiniMe to play with.

Besides ingredients, I wanted the kit to have lots of items for mixing up potions. Rather than buying beakers and test tubes individually, I just got a science lab kit and took out all the parts.

The door to this wooden box had a place to tuck in this great Advanced Potion Making book I found on Etsy, which came complete with sample recipes.

I added a small brass apothecary scale to make measuring even more fun.

And to round it out, we included a wooden wand case for storing her special magic wizard wand.

For one last touch, we added a stack of our so she could play shop whenever she needs to purchase new ingredients.

Did Harry Use A Ginny Love Potion

Harry Potter potions

If you have watched all of the movies, you know this question is answered: No. Now as you saw in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince when Ron read the love letter with a love potion that was for Harry from Romilda, Ron acted very weird then returned back to normal after he took another potion, right? via

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What Is A Polyjuice Potion

If your grandkids are Harry Potter fans, you should know a little bit about wizards and potions.

This potion makes the person who drinks it assume the appearance of somebody else. But first, he has to possess a part of his body to add to the brew. It means that in the brew there should be a hair or other part of the person. It is also one of the most difficult and time-consuming potions.

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Jobs Related To Potion

A potioneer

A potioneer, also known as a potion-brewer or potion-maker, was a witch or wizard who made potions for a living, meaning that their primary source of income came from making potions or in someway related to potions in general. This could include working as a professional brewer, studying or inventing potions, or teaching potions as a subject at a wizarding school. A N.E.W.T. in Potions was one of the necessary qualifications required to become a Healer and an Auror.

A person who taught potions is sometimes known as a Potions Master, one who has achieved a N.E.W.T. in the subject.

Severus Snape was the Potions Master at Hogwarts from 1980 to the fall of 1996.Horace Slughorn, who had taught Potions many years before, took over as Potions Master in 1996. Other known potions professors were Swoopstikes and Vindictus Viridian. Swoopstikes was an entomologist, with a vast knowledge of magical insects and Viridian was a former Headmaster at Hogwarts and author.

Known potioneers:

Harry Potter Potions Class Science Activity

Making DIY Harry Potter Potions Bottles Just Being Jayla

January 12, 2017 by Anna Ranson

Create some fizzy, bubbling concoctions in this amazingly fun Harry Potter potions class science activity! Fantastic as a party game activity as part of a Harry Potter themed birthday party or as a science based investigation at school or home. The kids all loved this!

For my eldests 8th birthday party she wanted a Harry Potter theme as she is feverishly reading through all the books and loving the stories so much! We had lots of themed games and activities at the party, with the absolute favourite being this Harry Potter potions class with Professor Snape!

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Crafting The Harry Potter Way

  • 1Customize your own Harry Potter mug. If you have a favorite line from the Harry Potter books, you can easily use it to inspire your own Harry Potter themed mug. For this project, you will need a white mug, and a few Sharpies in varying colors.XResearch source
  • Using a Sharpie, write your favorite quote from the books on the mug. Let the mug dry overnight before baking it for 30 minute at 350 degrees.
  • Place the mug in the oven before it heats up and allow it to cool down in the oven before removing. Skip this step and you may find cracks in the mug.
  • Possible quotes for your mug include: I solemnly swear I am up to no good, Always and Felix Felicis.
  • 2Make your own potion bottles. Every year, Harry goes to Diagon Alley to stock up on potion supplies and you can make your own potion bottles in just a few easy steps. For this project, you will need miniature bottles, cardstock paper, decoupage glue, a magic marker and a rubber band.XResearch source
  • Tear the cardstock into small pieces. On each piece, write a potion ingredient in magic marker .
  • Place a small amount of decoupage glue on the back of each cardstock label, then affix the labels to the bottles. Wrap a rubber band around the labeled bottle to help the glue set.
  • Allow the bottles to dry, then play with them or display them as you wish.
  • Place a piece of cardboard in between the layers of the t-shirt. This will keep the paint from seeping through to the back.
  • Can You Use Any Type Of Wine For This Recipe

    You can always experiment on the type of wine that you want to use, but be careful as the sweet wines will definitely make this drink really, really sweet.

    Using a Pinot Grigio is a simple wine that really does compliment the flavor.

    If you need to make a substitution, do so depending on your palate.

    If you want the drink to be really sweet, you can substitute with a Moscato. If you like it less sweet, a Sauvignon Blanc or even a Chardonnay is a good fit. For a similar taste, a Riesling works well.

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    Making The Ph Harry Potter Potion

    Setting up your pH potion lab is simple. You just need a few supplies and safe solutions to get started.


    Preparing The Potions

    Set this potion lab up for your younger learners. Let them be surprised with the reactions. Older students might want to get involved in the set-up, especially if you are going to be using this as a pH lesson.

    Gather 4 test tubes and a couple small beakers. Fill all the test tubes half full of water and pour vinegar into a small beaker. You might want to make a new label for the universal indicator solution bottle. I called ours Elixir of Chromaticity.

    Now you are ready to start mixing!

    The Polyjuice Potion Recipe

    Thursday, 7/27, 3:30

    Just three ingredients are necessary! As a matter of fact, all you need is a little Sprite, lime sherbet, and food coloring if you want the green to pop!

    Actually, I got this idea when I saw some fun Harry Potter potion roundups and started searching for non-alcoholic versions. I found a vibrant green Polyjuice Potion Punch on Pinterest from Cooking with Curls and fell in love with the color!

    It was easy to make this recipe non-alcoholic for a kid-friendly version.

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    Pick Out Your Bottles

    I think glass bottles work best, so you can be creative with how you fill them. Alternately, you can use bottles in dark colors. It depends on what look youre going for, either bright and whimsical or dark and mysterious.

    I happen to have an assortment of glass bottles in different shapes and sizes, some of which came from food gifts and others I picked up at estate sales. Goodwill is also a great place to look for glass bottles if you dont have any. You can also save glass jars from pasta sauce and other food items and paint the lids black or gold.

    Find cork lid jars similar to the ones shown here. Find swing top bottles similar to the one shown here.

    How Do I Distress Bottles To Look Old

    A major part of making your Harry Potter Potion Bottles look cool is making sure you distress the glass to get the old and spooky look. If you want to learn how I distressed the glass, check out my post with this tutorial for aging glass jars! I give you 3 different techniques that are super simple!

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    Wet Potion Ingredient Bottle Ornaments This Is What You Should Not Do

    Okay, to be honest, I struggled with these. I read other bloggers tutorials and watched videos and still I wasnt happy with the results I was getting.

    Did you ever read the old book in the Berenstein Bears series The Bike Lesson? Im feeling like Papa Bear right now. This is what you should not do, so let this be a lesson to you!

    So, here are my fails. Maybe theyll save you a headache or two.

    Color Your Labels With Tea

    How To Make Super Easy Harry Potter Potions!

    To make my labels look more like they were designed on parchment paper, I colored the paper with tea. To do this, first brew a cup of tea, preferably one in a deeper shadeI used oolong. Pour some tea into a small dish and enjoy the rest in your mug as you work! Allow the tea in the dish to cool a bit, then dip your finger in the dish and dab the tea all over the labels. Add more tea to certain spots to give the labels an aged look.

    I only did one layer but you could let the labels dry then go for a second coat. I havent experimented with this but you might be able to get a deeper color with multiple coats.

    Heres what my labels look like after drying with one coat:

    Since the labels will curl up a bit on the edges after drying, I suggest laying a heavy book on them for a while before adhering them to your bottles.

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    Fun Harry Potter Activities For Your Party

    You have this bubbling Polyjuice potion recipe! What is next? You need to think of a way to incorporate it into your party and have fun with it.

    We have some fun activities for your and your grandkids to try and make your family time memorable.

    • Try science experiments for kids and make more potions.
    • Try to make different colors of the potion and put it in small glass bottles with labels. The same like wizards in Hogwarts do.
    • Your grandkids can make a drawing of Harry Potter and the Polyjuice potion.
    • Play a game when somebody drinks the potion to become somebody else, and the other players should guess who that person is.
    • Potions was a class at the Hogwarts school where Harry Potter was a student. You can create a fun game with your grandkids and learn about potions and play wizards.
    • Have a Harry Potter quiz.
    • Create Harry Potter wands.

    Making Your Own Wizarding Items

  • 1Make a wand out of a chopstick. Harry needed to go to Diagon Alley for his wand, but you can create your own at home! For this project, you will need a 15 bamboo cooking chopstick, brown acrylic paint, a foam brush, a hot glue gun and glossy spray sealant.
  • Use the hot glue gun to carefully dribble glue on the bottom third of the chopstick to create the wands handle. Use between 1 2 glue sticks to make the handle extra thick.
  • The handle should look thicker than the rest of the wand, but other than that can be decorated however you’d like.
  • After the glue is dry, paint the wand.
  • After the paint is dry, apply a coat of sealant to all sides of the wand.
  • 2Make a Golden Snitch out of a ping pong ball. You dont need to catch a Golden Snitch on the Quidditch pitch if you can make your own at home. For this project, you will need a ping pong ball, a thin piece of cardboard, a marker, a glue gun, scissors and gold spray paint.
  • Use the marker to draw two wings on the cardboard. Snitch wings should be small enough to attach to your ping pong ball.
  • Use scissors to cut out the wings.
  • Carefully dribble hot glue on the ping pong ball to create an intricate design of your choosing.
  • While the glue is still hot, affix the wings to either side of the ping pong ball.
  • Apply two coats of spray paint to the ping pong ball and wings.
  • Hot glue a piece of string to the top of the Snitch and hang it from your Christmas tree.
  • Wrap some excess wire around the middle key ring to hold it in place.
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