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What Point Of View Is Harry Potter Written In

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In case you arent familiar with the definition, third person limited means that the novel is told through one characters perspective and only that characters perspective . We only know that one characters thoughts and dont otherwise jump into another characters head. Other than the very beginning of Harry Potter and the Sorcerers/Philosophers Stone and a few other scattered moments throughout the series, we only know what Harry knows and only see what Harry sees.

This very constrained perspective is a big part of what makes the story great. We really feel close to Harry and his struggle, as the rest of the world of Harry Potter is literally on the outside. Like Harry, were gradually getting to know this magical world, we learn the answer to the mysteries at the same time that Harry learns them, and feel anchored to Harry throughout the series.

But this limitation isnt without its immense narrative challenges. At some point the characters need to know whats going on in the broader world. And Rowling is remarkably adept at finding creative and suspenseful ways to let Harry learn what he needs to know: he overhears things while using the invisibility cloak, he sees things through the pensieve, he sees things in newspapers, and he develops a tenuous connection with Voldemort so he can see some of what is going on with him as well.

What Is Point Of View First Second And Third Person

One of the best ways to prepare for the AP Literature exam is to learn about different literary devices and how you can use them to analyze everything from poetry to novels. Not only will this help you on the multiple choice section of the test, its critical for earning perfect scores on your essays, too!

Today, were going to take a closer look at one specific device: point of view. First, well give you the point of view definition, then well explain how the works narrator affects its point of view. Then well explain the four types of point of view and provide examples and analysis for each one.

So lets get started.

Third Person Limited Vs Omniscient

Third-person narration is a story written from the character’s perspective.

In writing in the third person, the writer can choose an omniscient or limited point of view:

  • Third-Person Omniscient POV allows the writer to slip inside every character, giving the reader a glimpse inside that characters thoughts, motives, and plans. The third-person point of view is a bit detached since we, as readers, have godlike powers to step into and out of everyones thoughts.
  • Third-Person Limited POV the narrator of the story is the main character whose inner thoughts, plans, desires, and fears are revealed to us directly. All other characters are observed from that narrators viewpoint.

Choosing which type of third-person point of view means deciding how much or how little of each character the reader sees.

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It Determines Psychic Distance

Psychic distance, also called narrative distance, an idea developed in James Gardners The Art of Fiction, is all about where the narrative stands in relation to the character. Its important to think about how much distance you want to cultivate between your reader and the story. Itll impact the tone of your book, how much information is shared with the reader, and how plot development occurs.;

Some stories will invite close psychic distance, particularly if a novel grapples with emotional themes others might want to establish more distance so that a more objective point of view can be shared with the reader in the style of a commentary.

The Neutral Point Of View

If "Harry Potter" Had Been Written From Voldemort

The neutral point of view is a means of dealing with conflicting views. The policy requires that, where there are or have been conflicting views, these should be presented fairly, but not asserted. All significant points of view are presented, not just the most popular one. It should not be asserted that the most popular view or some sort of intermediate view among the different views is the correct one. Readers are left to form their own opinions.

As the name suggests, the neutral point of view is a point of view, not the absence or elimination of viewpoints. It is a point of view that is neutral – that is neither sympathetic nor in opposition to its subject.

Debates are described, represented, and characterised, but not engaged in. Background is provided on who believes what and why, and which view is more popular. Detailed articles might also contain the mutual evaluations of each viewpoint, but studiously refrain from stating which is better. One can think of unbiased writing as the cold, fair, analytical description of all relevant sides of a debate. When bias towards one particular point of view can be detected the article needs to be fixed.

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Understanding Third Person Point Of View

A;third-person;narrator is often an unknown, all-seeing narrator. This form of writing uses;third-person;pronouns;like he,she and they to refer to the;main characters. Two types of;third-person;point of view exist, which are:

  • Third Person;Omniscient;Point of View: This narrator knows everything about the story, including things that the;main character;cannot know.
  • Third-Person;Limited;Point of View: This narrator often only knows what the;main character;knows and sees, but still uses;third-person;to tell the story.

What Is The Point Of View Of A Story

If you are a student of literature, then when learning text, you would have come across the question what is the point of view of a story?. This one of the basic and important subject. Understanding the point of view of a story can give you an insight about the story. Understanding the point of view of the story also lets you decide what you should believe and what you should not. There are also several types of points of view authors use when writing a story. In this article, we will first pay attention to the definition of a point of view and then we will move on to discuss the different types of points of view.

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Narrator Vs Point Of View: Whats The Difference

Before we start really digging into point of view, its worth pausing a minute to talk about the differences between point of view and narration. Because narration and point of view are closely linked, its tempting to think of them as interchangeable terms.

But the narrator of a text and the point of view of a text are two different things. The narrator is who is telling the story. In contrast, a texts point of view is the perspective the story is being told from. If you think of the narrator as a person, their point of view is the angle theyre taking on the story.

Think of it this way: in literature, point of view and narrators go together like…well, like thunder and lightning. You cant have one without the other, but theyre definitely not the same thing.

The Three Modes Of Point Of View

Harry Potter P.O.V Part 3 Harry Potter Point Of View TikTok Compilation

Stories can be told from one of three main points of view: first person, second;person, or third person. Each of the different modes offers an author particular options and benefits, and the point of view that an author chooses will have a tremendous impact on the way that a reader engages with a story.;;

First Person Point of View

In first person point of view, the narrator tells the story from his or her own perspective. You can easily recognize first person by its use of the pronouns “I” or “We.” First person offers the author a great way to give the reader direct access to a particular character’s thoughts, emotions, voice, and way of seeing the worldtheir;point of view;about the main events of the story. The choice of which;character gets to have;first person point of view can dramatically change a story, as shown in this;simple scenario of;a thief snatching a lady’s purse

  • Thief’s POV: “I was desperate for something to eat.;Judging by her expensive-looking;shoes, I;figured she could afford to part with her purse.”
  • Victim’s POV: “He came out of nowhere! Too bad for him, though: I only had five dollars in my bag.”

Consider also one of the most famous examples of first person point of view, the very first line of Herman Melville’s;Moby-Dick:

First Person Point of View and the Protagonist

Second Person Point of View

Third Person Point of View

Third Person and Degree of Distance

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Use Tone In Limited Third Person Narration To Show Feelings

Third person limited POV works well for showing how others actions impact your viewpoint character. Because you can only share what your viewpoint character knows or guesses, other characters actions keep all of their mystery.

In limited third person, our guesses regarding what other characters private thoughts and motivations are become only as good as the narrating characters ability to observe, describe and interpret.;

Making It Look Easy Is Really Really Hard

One of the greatest achievements of the series is just how unputdownable it is. In terms of flow and rhythm and scene to scene and book to book construction, reading Harry Potter is just. so. easy.

And when its so darn easy to read, its tempting to feel like it sprung forth fully formed from Rowlings pen and was correspondingly easy to write.

Nuh uh. As anyone who has written a book knows, building a compulsively readable 700 page book with intricate plotting and incredible polish is not just something that happened.

I dont know Rowling, nor have I read much about her writing habits, but she has to be one of the hardest working writers in the business. These books didnt just happen. Yes, shes obviously phenomenally talented, but dont for a moment forget the rule of ducks: look pretty on the surface and paddle like heck under water.

Rowling was paddling like heck to write these books.

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Second Person Point Of View

In second person point of view, the story is told from the perspective of another character. Sometimes this character is another person in the book, but it can also be the reader themselves! More importantly, when a writer uses second person, they want readers to connect emotionally with the topic theyre writing about!

Heres an example of what we mean. Say youre reading an article about the amount of plastic pollution in the ocean. If the writer wants to pull on your heartstrings and make you take the issue theyre writing about seriously, they might use a second person point of view and write something like this:

Imagine youre on the vacation of your dreams sailing across the Caribbean. You cant wait to get out into the open water, where everything will be calm, peaceful, and gorgeous. You take a nap as the captain sets sail, and when you return to the deck, youre shocked by what you see. Instead of a vast expanse of sparkling blue water, you see a huge, bobbing mound of trash. Fast food containers, plastic bags, and discarded water bottles bob along the surface as far as you can see. It looks like youre sailing through a garbage dump, and you feel equal parts disgust and despair.

While its very rare to find a text thats written completely in second person, many authors will switch to this perspective when they want readers to feel connected to the topic theyre writing about.

Tips for Identifying Second Person Point of View

Example: Showing Another Characters Unknown Thoughts And Feelings In Limited Third Person

And Deathly Hallows was justwell you know If Harry Potter ...

For example, we could have a scene where an investigator encounters a possible murder suspect:

Inspector Garrard watched the man behind the counter serving a customer. His movements were quick, almost agitated. As he approached he saw the mans eyes flick to his chest, as though looking for a telltale badge. Or was he imagining things, the man had glanced down out of shyness?

Here, we only know what the detective sees and guesses. We see him actively reading peoples body language and giving it meaning.

Because hes looking for a suspect, the mans smallest gestures movements, where he looks seem suspicious. Yet our viewpoint characters perspective is warped or rather shaped by his current focus catching a culprit. The man could be wholly innocent.

Third person limited lets us feel the tension of how unknown another person a not-I may be. Because we dont know with certainty their private thoughts and opinions.

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First Vs Third Person Point Of View: What Makes Sense For Your Story

Writing a book or short story? The first decision you will make is the use of the first vs third person point of view. Choose which fits your story best.

When writing a fiction work,;point of view;is a critical part of the overall writing process. Will your narrator be an omniscient third-party person or limited to a;first-person;narrative?

While the;second-person;point of view;occasionally shows up in fiction stories, most writers decide between the first vs;third-person;point of view.

As you plan and outline your story, make sure you nail down the;point of view;early in the process and keep it consistent throughout. Here is a closer look at the first vs;third-person;point of view;so you can decide the right course for your story.

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Point Of View Definition

punctum visus

Note that point of view also has a second definition.

In a discussion, an argument, or nonfiction writing, a point of view is an opinion about a subject. This is not the type of point of view were going to focus on in this article .

I especially like the German word for POV, which is Gesichtspunkt, translated face point, or where your face is pointed. Isnt that a good visual for whats involved in point of view?

Note too that point of view is sometimes;called narrative mode.

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Why Point Of View Is So Important

Why does point of view matter so much?

Because point of view filters everything in your story. Everything in your story must come from a point of view.

Which means if you get it wrong, your entire story is damaged.

For example, I just finished judging a writing contest for The Write Practice Pro. I personally;read and judged over ninety;stories, and I found point of view mistakes;in about twenty percent of them, including a few stories that would have placed much higher if only the writers hadnt made the mistakes were going to talk about soon.

The worst part is these mistakes are easily avoidable if youre aware of them. But before we get into the common point of view mistakes, lets go over each of the four types of POV.

Third Person Limited Pov

All About Writing in Third Person

A story told in the third person limited is similar to one told in the first person in the way that its narrated from the close perspective of just one character. However, the difference is that in third person limited, the reader is not trapped inside that characters head.

That means the author can tell the characters story closely without being bound to that persons voice, or their thoughts, feelings, and attitudes toward the events of the story. This allows the reader to see the character in a more clear and objective way than the character himself would allow in the first person.

Heres an example of third-person limited from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling –

Harry had taken up his place at wizard school, where he and his scar were famous … but now the school year was over, and he was back with the Dursleys for the summer, back to being treated like a dog that had rolled in something smelly. The Dursleys hadnt even remembered that today happened to be Harrys twelfth birthday. Of course, his hopes hadnt been high; theyd never given him a proper present, let alone a cake but to ignore it completely …

Because you dont have an omniscient narrator, the reader can only know and see what the POV character knows and sees. Depending on the type of story youre writing this can be an advantage or a disadvantage.

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Harry Potter Is All About Point Of View

In Comic Book Movies and TV, Movies and Television by Leijah PetelkaSeptember 11, 2019

Writing a compelling point of view is vital to defining a storys narrative narrative text. The best written POVs allow writers to successfully establish a connection between the readers opinion and a characters overall feelings. In HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERERS STONE, J.K. Rowling opts this by narrating with a limited third-person POV while finding valuable ways to open up her protagonists viewpoint.

While SORCERERS STONE primarily follows Harry Potters point of view, Rowling occasionally finds ways to shift and subvert itscentral viewpoint. One such example takes place during a quidditch match, in which Harry suddenly loses control of his broom . While Harry desperately tries to stay on the broom and regain control, the focus shifts to Hermione;Granger and Ron;Weasley in the stands.;Hermione thenfocuses;her binoculars on Professor Snape .

Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire

full title;Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

;J.K. Rowling

type of work;Children’s novel

genre;Fantasy; Coming-of-age; young detective fiction


time and place written;2000, Edinburgh

date of first publication;2000

publisher;Scholastic Inc.

narrator;Third person, following Harry

point of view;Although the narrative is written in third person, we see from Harry’s point of view, and we witness his private thoughts.

tone;The tone is matter-of-fact, and the author’s fondness for the heroes is clear.


setting ;Present-day

setting ;United Kingdom, primarily at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

protagonist;Harry Potter is the hero and protagonist. The story follows his adventures and growing-up process.

major conflict;Harry attempts to remain alive through the Triwizard Tournament, and to discover who submitted his name to the Goblet of Fire.

rising action;Tension rises with each of the Triwizard tasks that Harry is expected to do.

climax;On the evening of the final task, Harry and Cedric wind through the maze, reach the trophy, and ultimately are transported to a graveyard where Voldemort awaits them.

falling action;Once Harry has escaped Voldemort he is transported back to Hogwarts, and various characters explain the mysteries present in the rising action of the story.

themes;Crusade against enslavement; Community connectedness; Entering adolescence

motifs;Fallen facades

symbols;Sexual tension; Varying levels of education;

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