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How Much Is Admission To Harry Potter World

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Tickets In Universal Studios Florida

How Much Is Wizarding Money WORTH in the Muggle World? – Harry Potter Explained

In advance of the Wizarding World’s grand opening , Universal decided it would be in its best interest to overhaul its entire ticketing schedule; the result is a ticketing system similar to Disney’s, with single-park tickets and multipark tickets good for between 1 and 7 days. Currently a 1-day, one-park ticket costs $85 for adults, $79 for children 3 to 9. A 2-day, one-park-per-day ticket, good for admission to either of Universal’s major theme parks on each day your ticket is valid, runs $115.99 for adults, $105.99 for children. As the number of days increases, so does the ticket price. A 1-day park-to-park access ticket costs $120.99 for adults, $114.99 for children 3 to 9. A 2-day park-to-park ticket costs $135.99 for adults, $125.99 for children; again, as the number of days increases, so does the ticket price — but the bonus is the cost per day goes down substantially as the number of days your ticket is good for increases . Tickets purchased at the gate cost an extra $20 each. A two-park premier annual pass runs $349.99 . The latter includes unlimited admission to the parks , free self-parking, free valet parking on most days, Universal Express Plus privileges after 4pm, all-club access at CityWalk, and a slew of discounts good at Universal parks and resorts. A two-park preferred annual pass is less expensive at $229.99 and includes unlimited admission to the parks , free self-parking, and numerous discounts good at Universal parks and resorts.

The Flexticket

Where Is The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

Many people dont realize that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is split into two sections in Universal Orlando, Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade Village. The two sections are located in the following theme parks:

Planning a trip to the Universal Orlando can be a bit overwhelming. This is especially true for many millennials who are planning to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and who have been fans sine they have been kids. But the most important thing is to remember to have fun!

As you can imagine there are so many amazing things to do in each section, so the best way to see Harry Potter Universal Studios is to give yourself a few days. This will also allow your family to take everything in and bring the magic of Wizarding World of Harry Potter home.

Buy Your Tickets Online

Convenience is everything, and thankfully also a bit cheaper. By buying your tickets beforehand and online, you can save up to $20 per ticket. If you are going multiple days and are traveling with even just a few people, these savings can really add up! Not only will it save you money, itll also save you time when you get to the Parks. You can grab tickets to Wizarding World from Get Away Today as they have deals all the time. Or on the Universal website.

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Check Out The Knight Bus And 12 Grimmauld Place

Once youve seen everything on Diagon Alley, leave this part of The Wizarding World through the opening in the brick wall. Directly across youll see the Knight Bus. Here you can meet Stan the conductor and Ernie the shrunken head that hangs at the front of the bus. Kids and adults love interacting with these two. Sit by the fountain to listen in.

Then, look across the way and youll see a replica of a London street. Upon closer inspection, youll see 12 Grimmauld Place, the home of Sirius Black . He gifted the property to the Order of the Phoenix that used it as a headquarters. Knock on the door and see what happens.

Grab A Universal Studios Special Offer

While there are some other rides in Harry Potter World ...

Visit the Universal Studios Tickets Page to see what kind of special offers you can take advantage of during your trip. Currently they have a special offer where you can get 2 days free when you buy a 2-day 2-park ticket! Not too shabby and can save you hundreds, especially if youre traveling with a family. These offers change all the time, so always check that out before you go!

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Hotels Near The Harry Potter Studio Tour

If youve already bought your tickets for the Harry Potter Studio Tour and need somewhere to stay as part of your visit, weve found some fantastic cheap hotel deals.

Theres plenty to do in Watford, and its convenient location means its quick and easy to travel into London. If youre a Harry Potter fan, try Butterbeer and see the original costumes on the Warner Brothers Studio tour. And if you need a break from the hustle and bustle, take a stroll in Cassiobury Park.

What Are The Best Studio Tours In Hollywood

9 Best Studio and Film Tours in Los Angeles

  • Warner Bros. …
  • Hollywood Sign, Beverly Hills And Movie Locations Vip Adventure. …
  • Universal Studios Hollywood and Hollywood Celebrity Homes Tour. …
  • Full Day Hollywood Film Studios& TMZ Private Tour. …
  • TCM Movie Locations Tour. …
  • Small Group Warner Brothers and Hollywood with Transport from Anaheim.

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Dining In Harry Potter World Hollywood

Three Broomsticks place to grab a meal, but the meals looked amasing ! They also looked big. So I would only go here if you have a big appetite!

You can grab Butterbeer at carts throughout the street. Get a Butterbeer!I mean, how could you not!?!? They come in two versions: Frozen and cold. Frozen butterbeer is blended like a smoothie while the cold is just a cold drink the consistency of milk. My daughter got one and I got the other and they were both sooooooo

Do You Sell The Same Tickets That They Sell At The Gate

A Tour of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Universal Studios

Yes! Because is a registered travel agency we; sell the exact same tickets you would buy from Universal directly. Some of thediscounted Wizarding World of Harry Potter;tickets we have seen in the past few months include the third and fourth days of admission included in the price of a two day admission ticket absolutely free.;

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Are Your Universal Orlando Tickets Refundable

The Park Prodigy is a registered travel agency and must abide by the refund policies put forth by our vendors. All Universal Orlando tickets purchased through our online store are nontransferable and nonrefundable. However guests can always upgrade any wholly unused theme park tickets to visit during a different date.

Guests can find additional information on our;FAQ page;and also our;terms and conditions page.

Two Amazing Lands At Two Theme Parks

Please note that youll need admission to Universal Studios Florida and Universals Islands of Adventure to experience all of the wonders of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. A;Park-to-Park admission ticket;or an Annual Pass will grant you access to both parks, as well as the Hogwarts Express.

Travel Tip:;Staying at one of Universal Orlando Resorts official hotels will allow you to enter The Wizarding World of Harry Potter up to one hour before the parks open with Early Park Admission.

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The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Diagon Alley At Universal Studios Florida

Experience The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Diagon Alley as you walk the familiar streets of London, passing buskers, red telephone booths and Kings Cross Station. You will know youre close to Diagon Alley once you see the Knight Bus. Just pass through the brick archway and catch your first glimpse of this hidden magical marketplace.

Once inside, grab a cup of Butterbeer or Pumpkin Juice from iconic establishments like Leaky Cauldron, the Hopping Pot and other themed dining options, or even from a passing street vendor. Several Diagon Alley venues also have wizard-friendly eats.

Of course, its not the wizarding world without adventure, and youll find plenty of it at Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts. Keep a watchful eye on the roof of Gringotts Money Exchange while youre there, though the 60-foot Ukrainian Ironbelly dragon is known to breathe fire!

Next, its time to gear up on everything youll need to make your time at Hogwarts a success. Find the perfect wand at Ollivanders, get sized for your school uniform at Madam Malkins Robes for All Occasions, prepare for the big game at Quality Quidditch Supplies, or just stock up on side-splitting gags at Weasleys Wizard Wheezes, among other shopping opportunities. And if you have the nerve to brave Knockturn Alley, Borgin and Burkes is your source for Death Eater masks and other merchandise coveted by members of House Slytherin.

Orlando’s Only Official Website

What Should I Bring To Get Into Early Park Entry At Universal

Wizarding World of Harry Potter London

You should always bring your room key and park tickets when visiting the parks for early admission.; Some hotels give their guests a wristband, so be sure to wear it if youre given one. If you purchased your Universal tickets from The Park Prodigy we will give you an E-travel document. This will verify your early park admission access.

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Advance Purchase Tickets Universal Website Phone Order Or Hotel Desk

Save $21.30 ;off the gate prices of multi-day tickets when you buy;online at the Universal Orlando website, over the phone, or in person at a Universal Hotel ticket desk. When purchasing online, you can print them yourself, use kiosk pickup , or use ticket-booth pickup. All of those options avoid shipping charges.

Prices displayed on Universals site do not include 6.5% tax, which is added further along in the transaction. Once you get to the final price, its always a better deal to buy tickets from Undercover Tourist, which displays its real prices up front, with all taxes and shipping included.

Power Annual Pass Deals

This deeply discounted Annual Pass has blackout days . It does not include parking or food/merchandise discounts.

Annual Passholder Ticket Discounts

Holders of Universal Premier, Preferred and Power Annual Passes get 15% off the gate price of multi-day tickets when purchasing at the front gate. Seasonal Passholder get 10% off the gate price of multi-day tickets at the front gate. For most tickets this is less than the regular advance-purchase discount for buying online, and usually much worse than the Undercover Tourist discount. There is no discount for 1-day tickets.

AAA/CAA Ticket Discounts at the Gate

AAA/CAA Advance Purchase Ticket Discounts

What Time Is Universal Studios Early Admission In 2021

As you can imagine it is easy to figure out what time the one-hour early park admission starts at Universal Orlando. Simply figure out what time the parks open and plan to show up one hour before that time. Just in case, we have broken it out for you below:

  • 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM for Universal Orlando and Islands of Adventure
  • 8:30 AM for Volcano Bay water park.

Keep in mind that the theme parks will open earlier during peak season, in which case Universal early park admission will typically start at 7:00 AM. Its important to always check with your Universal Orlando hotel front desk upon check-in as hours can change. Or, download the Universal Studios app and check the park opening time there.

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Are Universal Studios Florida And Universals Islands Of Adventure Connected

Universal Studios Florida and Universals Islands of Adventure are separate parks, but are connected to each other via the Harry Potter-themed Hogwarts Express. You need a Park-to-Park ticket enabling same-day access to both parks to ride the Hogwarts Express between the parks.

How do you buy Universal Orlando discount tickets?

*Photos are courtesy of Universal Orlando Resort

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The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

eating too much at Harry Potter’s Wizarding World

For the most up-to-date information on Universal Orlando Resort safety guidelines, please visit: New Safety Guidelines. Same Fun.

So, you never got that letter from Hogwarts? Youre not alone. If youve ever fantasized of ditching your Muggle status and joining the ranks of wizards and witches and surrounding yourself with all things Harry Potter in the process prepare to have your dreams come true at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at;Universal Orlando Resort!

Save on discount tickets:;;Universal Orlando Resort

Too wildly imaginative and expansive to be contained by any one theme park, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is split between Diagon Alley at;Universal Studios Florida;and Hogsmeade at;Universals Islands of Adventure, with the Hogwarts Express connecting the two. Before you know it, youll be casting spells, quaffing Butterbeer, going to a Quidditch match and even facing off against Lord Voldemort himself.

In short, its the fantasy adventure of a lifetime and its waiting for you exclusively at Universal Orlando!

Please note: Depending on the timing of your visit, some experiences may be temporarily modified. Learn more about healthy travel, and check with your favorite Universal Orlando Resort theme parks and other venues for their current status.

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Tips To Know Before You Go To The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter In Hollywood California

Getting ready to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in California? Im happy to tell you, you are making a GREAT choice.

My daughter turned 10 years old and we needed a fun way to clecbrate her turning double digits. 10 is a big deal! And since we have gone to Disney about a dozen times, it was time for something new.

Thank goodness I basically forced her to watch the Harry Potter movies a few months beforehand. She became as addicted to Harry Potter as I did when the books first came out. So when I mentioned going to Universal Studios for her birthday and getting to see Harry Potter World, she was ecstatic!

I had a lot of questions about visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter before we went, so I imagine you do too. Im here to help get you totally prepared for your visit so you can make the most of every minute there. Because lets be honest youre probably more excited then your kidamiright?!?!

How Do I Get A Return Ticket For Hogsmeade

When seeking a return ticket for Hogsmeade, you will be directed to Jurassic Park. It doesnt matter which route you take to get there left or right around the lagoon as neither is faster nor better. Just be aware that, if you take the route that goes by Hogsmeade, youll be sent over the bridge connecting Jurassic Park to The Lost Continent, as indicated by the yellow marker.

When you arrive at Jurassic Park, it may look like this:

Although its crowded, dont panic! Just keep your group together, be patient, and make your way to the team member holding the return-ticket sign. See the orange line on our custom map for an idea of where this will be located.

Once you have your ticket, you can explore Islands of Adventure as you please. Ask an employee where you should enter Hogsmeade, as Universal can opt to allow guests to enter at either the Jurassic Park or the Lost Continent side.

Now that you have reviewed the Hogsmeade procedures, check out this video to see the process in action:

As in Diagon Alley, its possible that Universal will have a standby line open for Hogsmeade. While not ideal, its important to be prepared for this possibility.

Proceed to Jurassic Park and find the employee with the Hogsmeade standby sign. It used to be that you would be directed to the area behind;Jurassic Park Discovery Center, near the lagoon, but seeing as how this area is currently under widescale construction , were not yet certain where the standby queue will be located.

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Are There Other Ways To Save Time In The Parks

Buy your tickets in advance.

You do not want to waste any of your precious time standing in line to buy tickets at the gate to start off your day. Plus, you will save more money if you buy in advance.

Arrive at the parks ahead of official opening.

The gates often open even before their official opening time, so you can get a hop;on your day. This is the least busy the parks will be all day, so it is the best time to visit the most popular rides like the brand new Jurassic World VelociCoaster. If you are staying on-site at one of Universal’s hotels, take advantage of Early Park Admission to the parks, especially Universal’s Volcano Bay.

Follow a park plan.

We have several park plans for Universal that were created with families in mind. You can see them here or via our app .

Use the Single Rider lines.;

As mentioned above, the Single Riders line is often even faster than Universal Express. As long as you’re fine with splitting up the group, Single Rider lines can be major time-savers.

Whew! We’ve covered a lot of ground here. Have questions about Universal Express Pass that we haven’t answered? Share them in comments below!;

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Keep hopping!

Does The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter California Require Separate Admission

21 Things To Know Before Going To Harry Potter World ...

Harry Potter world is a themed area lcoated inside Universal Studios Hollywood.

No, it does not. I believe in Orlando, its a lot bigger and does require an additional fee. Harry Potter Hollywood is not as big but also does not require a single extra dollar to visit if you buy a regular Universal Studios Ticket ( whoohoo

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