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What Side Is Harry Potter’s Scar On

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Like many of us, Harry Potter has accrued more than his fair share of nicknames some good, and some not so good. Of these, the first and most positive is The Boy Who Lived,” which was bestowed on him as a baby after he survived the attempt on his life by Voldemort.

This moniker which was adopted by the entire Wizarding community didnt simply celebrate Harrys miraculous escape, but the Dark Lords subsequent downfall, as well.

Then theres The Chosen One, which was essentially foisted on Harry by the Daily Prophet to boost public morale. Even if the boy wizard was never entirely comfortable with this title which grossly over-simplifies the nature of the Harry/Voldemort prophecy, we might add at least it was typically used in a well-meaning sense.

On the flipside, labels like Undesirable No. 1 which applied to Harry when he was a fugitive from the Voldemort-controlled Ministry are decidedly less well-meaning.

What does all this have to do with Harrys scar, you ask? Well, as it happens, said scar served as the inspiration behind arguably the least imaginative of any of Harrys nicknames.

In Chamber of Secrets, Harrys bitter rival Draco Malfoy obviously running low on quality material resorts to calling Harry Scarhead, which is just lame.

It certainly didnt cause Harry to break his stride, as he went on to win the Quidditch match against Slytherin shortly after.

The Symbolism Of The Scar:

Harrys scar symbolizes something more than his survival of the killing curse. The scar is a symbol of Harrys internal suffering and loss. At the age of just one, Harry lost his parents and since then he felt an agony that shaped his life ahead. This internal suffering is always there and is represented in physical form by the scar on his forehead which is also the reminder of the night his parents died.

Is Harry Potters Scar A Lightning Bolt

Harry Potter fan claims scar isnt actually a lightning bolt and fans are losing it. Warner Bros. Yep, as pointed out by a fan on Twitter, Harrys lightening bolt-shaped scar is shaped that way because its actually the wand movement of the Avada Kedavra curse that Voldemort was trying to cast on him when he was a baby

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Scars On Harry’s Hand

Ron Weasley: “Bloody hell, Harry. The woman’s torturing you… If the parents knew about this…
Harry Potter: “I haven’t got any of those, have I, Ron?
Hermione Granger: “But, Harry, you’ve got to report this.
Conversation regarding the scars on Harry’s hand

The words “I must not tell lies” carved on the back of Harry’s hand

Dolores Umbridge, a Ministry employee, became Defence Against the Dark Arts professor and High Inquisitor of Hogwarts in Harry’s fifth year. She pushed the Ministry’s position that Lord Voldemort had not returned, and that Harry and Dumbledore were liars or nutters for saying otherwise. Harry argued with her about this on numerous occasions, resulting in her assigning him detentions. She made him write lines with a Black Quill, which used his own blood as ink.

As a result, Harry was left with scarring on his right hand reading “I must not tell lies” that showed up white against his skin when he clenched his fist. The scars tingled whenever Harry heard or touched Umbridge’s name, or any reference to her.

It Was Supposed To Be The Last Word In The Series

In Prisoner of Azkaban the scar is on the wrong side in ...

JK Rowling had the overall narrative for all seven Harry Potter novels planned out far in advance of sitting down to actually write each individual book. Thats how she was able set-up so many plot threads early on in the series, only for them to pay off further down the line.

Sure, things changed along the way like how Rons father Arthur was set to;lose his life in Order of the Phoenix, only to be spared by the author at the eleventh hour. But by and large, everything pretty much went down the way Rowling originally mapped it out.

As youd expect given the intricate plotting that characterizes the books, Rowling prepped many chapters in impressively granular detail to the point of even roughing out some of the prose. Famously, this included the epilogue of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, with the author long maintaining in the lead-up to its release that the final word would be scar.

Right up until the final revisions on Deathly Hallows, the last word in the series did indeed refer to Harrys iconic facial blemish.;

Ultimately, Rowling decided to re-work the text to more clearly convey her intended meaning, and Deathly Hallows wraps up with the word well instead.

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He Liked His Scar As A Kid:

;As a kid when Harry lived with the Dursleys and did not know about his magical abilities, he had body image issues and hated his own appearance. He was a super skinny kid with bushy hair and big glasses and his scar was the only thing that did not say anything about his condition and he liked it. It was almost like a connection to his parents and it even made him feel special.

What Is Harry Potter

In the simplest terms, its a franchise. In more elaborate terms, its like a tidal wave of literary influence that has defined a generation or two, and has spawned everything from:

  • Movies
  • Memes
  • Plays
  • Spinoffs
  • Internet quizzes
  • And much more

No one ever knew that the story about a little boy with glasses and a scar would turn out to be so popular the books were initially rejected for publishing and didnt really take off until the release of the second book Chamber of Secrets. But from that point onwards, the books became an unstoppable literary phenomenon until the series ended.

But the franchise itself is far from over, and it looks like JK Rowling still has a lot to offer fans in terms of material. As of the moment, the franchise has steered away from the British story setting of Hogwarts and into the international wizarding world, courtesy of the film series Fantastic Beasts.

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What Does The Lightning Bolt Mean On Hp Laptop

The battery light has a lightning bolt icon. If the battery light is solid amber: If the battery light is amber, the battery should be charging. Try to turn on the laptop at this point, it should be able to do this while it is charging. If the laptop does not turn on, then the laptop has some other power failure.

Wait Harry Potters Scar Might Not Be A Lightning Bolt

Harry Potter’s Scar on the Forehead

Harry Potter fans are freaking out because, apparently after all these years, the Boy Who Lived’s scar isn’t actually in the shape of a lightning bolt at all. The young wizard was left with the legendary scar on his forehead when Lord Voldemort attempted to kill him as a baby with the Avada kedavra killing curse but was thought to have been protected by his mother’s love and sacrifice.

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In The Books Descriptions Of Harry’s Scar Only Say That It Is Somewhere On His Forehead

“Under a tuft of jet-black hair over his forehead they could see a curiously shaped cut, like a bolt of lightning.” from Philosopher’s Stone

“He wore round glasses, and on his forehead was a thin, lightning-shaped scar.” from Chamber of Secrets

“He lowered his hand absentmindedly and touched the lightning scar on his forehead.” from Deathly Hallows

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    • pencils.
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    What do Hogwarts students wear under their robes?

    It’s definitely only robes and underwear for the uniform, and also a cloak in winter – perhaps they also wear thermals in winter or something, although the books usually do complain that the castle is too cold in winter.

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    Over 5000 Scar Templates Were Used During Filming

    Any true Potterhead will tell you that Harry Potter’s scar is pretty freaking important, so it was absolutely crucial for the filmmakers to get the placement and the look of Harry’s scar juuuuuust right. So how did they do it? Special templates were strapped to Daniel Radcliffe and his stunt doubles’ heads and the scar was carefully applied approximately 5,800 times during filming! That’s a lot of work for one little detail, but the fandom wouldn’t have it any other way.

    At Hogwarts, the;Study of Ancient Runes, more specifically Runology, is an elective course taken by Hermione herself. In the Harry Potter Universe, ancient runes are an old form of writing once used by wizards and witches, similar to hieroglyphs. Although there are many magical things in Harry Potter that we wish were real, ancient runes actually DO exist in the real world. One particular rune symbol, the Sowilo, is shaped suspiciously like Harry’s famous scar. Interestingly enough, Sowilo means “sun” and represents victory and protection. Coincidence?

    It’s Not His Only Scar


    Harry Potter has more than one scar on his body, although the one on his head is certainly the most famous. One particular scar was a result of his run-ins with Delores Umbridge, who had him write “I must not tell lies” on his own hand with a blood quill during detention. As a result, Henry is left with a handwritten scar that tingles whenever Harry hears Umbridge’s name.

    Given how many scrapes Harry gets himself into, I would be surprised if he didn’t have scars all over his body.

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    Does The Scar Do Anything

    Not on its own. The lightning scar on Harrys forehead was more or less just something that he had during his early childhood when he wasnt aware of his magical ancestry. But after the events of Philosopher’s Stone, his scar starts to twinge and hurt.

    Harry discovers in Prisoner Of Azkaban the story behind his parents murder, which leads to Voldemorts resurrection in Goblet Of Fire where the scar acts as an alarm of sorts, signalling when Voldemort or his influence was near Harry.

    More than that, the scar represents the connection between Harry and Voldemort: particularly in how the two of them are destined to destroy each other eventually. A large part of the latter books deals with how Harry struggles to prevent Voldermorts influence on his life and mental psyche, and his scar was always a good indicator of when this presence was particularly powerful.

    Eventually, good triumphs over evil and Harry finally destroys Voldemort as prophesied. The scar doesnt disappear with his defeat, but it doesnt twinge or hurt anymore, giving Harry the assurance that Voldemort is gone for good.

    Things You Didnt Know About Harry Potters Scar

    A crucial thing that marks Harrys identity is his scar that has its own backstory and significance. We know how he got the scar and how it connected him to the one who gave him the scar. It was a big link between Harry Potter and the dark lord Voldemort. There are many other things about the infamous scar that you might not know and these are some of them:

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    Its The Only Thing Younger Harry Liked About His Appearance

    Its fair to say that growing up living in a cupboard under the stairs, and raised by your monstrously callous;aunt and uncle doesnt do much for your self-esteem. Thats probably why the young Harry Potter prior to discovering his magical heritage on his eleventh birthday was plagued by some pretty major self-image issues.

    Poor Harry was a short, scrawny kid thatll happen when youre chronically underfed with knobbly knees and over-sized, round glasses. As if that werent enough, he also sported a head of perennially unkempt, overgrown hair inherited from his father.

    Its not all that surprising to learn that the one physical characteristic upon which the Boy Who Lived prided himself on was actually his lightning bolt-shaped scar!

    Not only does it look next-level cool, but it also somehow suggested to Harry that he was special and provided him with a link to the parents he so sorely longed for.

    In the years following his arrival at Hogwarts, our hero morphed into a tall, well-nourished, handsome guy , and his self-image problems largely evaporated. Its a good thing, too: Harry gradually became self-conscious about his scar due to the fame attached to it and the stares it drew and no longer held such high affection for it!

    Did we miss out any other cool facts about Harry Potters scar? Let us know in the comments!

    It Was Almost The Last Word In The Series

    Harry Potter Scar SFX Makeup Tutorial | Rigid Collodion | Grin and Dagger

    Before she ended the Harry Potter series with the words “all is well,” the final word of the Harry Potter series was almost “scar.” In an interview with;Dateline,;Rowling explained that for the longest time, the last line was something like ‘only those whom he loved could see the lightning scar.’ This would reference the final platform scene, when Harry was surrounded by his loved ones who were the only ones close enough to see it. This would have also made the scar’s fate somewhat ambiguous, leaving readers to wonder whether the scar was still there at all.

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    It Was The First Clue To His Connection With Voldemort

    Dumbledore was a very clever guy its part of the reason why hes considered one of the greatest wizards of all time. Somebody with his immense amount of brainpower doesnt need much more than the vaguest of hints to pull together a fully-fledged not to mention accurate theory.

    Harrys scar is a perfect example of Dumbledores knack for using a minor clue to tease out a major, game-changing revelation. In Order of the Phoenix, Albus divulges that the moment he first saw the lightning bolt-shaped cut on baby Harrys head, he instantly surmised that it signified a lasting connection between the boy wizard and Voldemort.

    Fast forward 15 years, and Dumbledores guess was proven correct, when a unique mental bond was discovered to exist between Harry and the Dark Lord. Now, lesser wizards would have chalked up Harrys increasingly surly, temperamental demeanour solely to him being a teenager.

    Thanks to the scar, Dumbledore knew that Harrys volatile moods were an indication that Voldemort was capable of reading and even invading the Boy Who Liveds mind. Armed with this knowledge,;Dumbledore was able to take steps to guard against a possessed Harry compromising the heroic efforts of the Order of the Phoenix although it did mean keeping the poor kid at arms length.

    The Pain Is Actually Caused By:

    Harrys scar usually hurts when he senses danger related to Voldemort but the reason this happens is because of the fragment of Voldemorts soul that resides inside Harry. This fragment caused Harry the pain and after the part of Voldemorts soul inside Harry was killed, the pain ended and the scar did not hurt. In the cursed child however it hurts again.

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    Is Harry’s Scar On The Left Or Right

    Harry’s scarHarryHarry’s scarleft

    Considering this, which eye is Harry Potter’s scar over?

    Secondly, what does Harry’s scar symbolize?


    How did Harry Potter get the scar on his forehead?

    isHarry Potter got the scarhisPotterwas the

    Did Harry lose his scar?

    Harry’s scarhisHarry

    Is Harry Potter More Powerful Than Albus Dumbledore

    .A scar on Harry Potter

    All across the wizarding world from Hogwarts to Beauxbatons, from Diagon Alley to Little Whinging there is one catastrophic problem: Voldemort. Hes the source of pure evil and the worlds most wanted power-crazed dark wizard.; Youre either with him or youre against him, also known as soon to be dead.

    Superfans and casual observers alike will know that Voldemort and his crew of murderous Death Eaters are eventually defeated by the forces of good, led by the Order of the Phoenix.; But there is still one question that no one seems to be able to settle: Is Harry Potter or Albus Dumbledore the more powerful wizard?

    Although he isnt the wisest or cunningest of wizards, Harry Potter is more powerful than Albus Dumbledore.

    Let us explain, and show you both sides, and we can guarantee you will be surprised by what has made our decision.

    At the time of Voldemorts death, Albus Dumbledore, headmaster at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and possessor for many years of the Elder Wand is already dead. It is Harry Potter who uses the Elder Wand to once and for all vanquish Voldemort.;;

    Further complicating the issue is that all this began before Harry was ever born. Dumbledore has been revered in the wizarding community for years as a genius and according to groundskeeper at Hogwarts, Rubeus Hagrid, is a great man. It is Dumbledores master plan that leads Harry and the Order of the Phoenix to be able to defeat Voldemort.;;

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