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Who Is Dumbledore’s Brother

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Order Of The Phoenix Members

Abeforth Dumbledore Expecto Patronum

The original Order of the Phoenix

Although he had a good relationship with some members of the Order of the Phoenix, Aberforth was described as a “strange bloke” by Alastor Moody. He also fought in the Battle of Hogwarts in 1998. Aberforth seemed to know Remus Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks and Fred and George Weasley. He saw Lupin fighting with Antonin Dolohov and he told Tonks so. He met many allies of the Order during the Battle of Hogwarts, when many people were getting into Hogwarts through a portrait-hole in a room of his pub.

Aberforth had a mixed relationship with Mundungus Fletcher. While Aberforth banned Mundungus for life from the bar for offending him, the two remained in touch, with Mundungus selling stolen goods to Aberforth.

He did not seem to have a very high opinion of Elphias Doge for his hero worshipping Albus both as students and later in life.

The Woman With Baby Aurelius On The Boat Was His Aunt

During the voyage flashback scene in The Crimes of Grindelwald, baby Aurelius Dumbledore is shown being accompanied by an unknown woman, who ultimately ends up drowning trying to rescue Corvus Lestrange, who she thought was Aurelius. Though the flashback never revealed who this mysterious woman was, her identity was revealed in the credits.

This character was played by actress Linda Santiago, who was credited as “Credence’s Aunt.” More than likely, this was not his aunt on the Dumbledore side of the family. More than likely, this woman was the sister of Credence’s biological mother, who presumably ended up falling in love with Percival Dumbledore. It’s still unclear why Aurelius’s aunt was taking him on a voyage to America, but we now at least know that she was not his mother.

Hog’s Head Inn Barman

A younger Aberforth running the Hog’s Head Inn

At some point, Aberforth became the barman of the Hog’s Head Inn in Hogsmeade village. When Tom Riddle returned to Hogwarts to apply for the Defence Against the Dark Arts post, Albus revealed that one of ‘the local barmen’, presumably Aberforth himself, told him about Riddle’s followers awaiting him in the Hog’s Head. Later, when the First Wizarding War broke out, Aberforth joined the Order of the Phoenix, opposing Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters.

First Wizarding War

Sometime around 1975, Mundungus Fletcher was banned from Hog’s Head for life. Sirius Black later noted that Aberforth had ‘a good memory’ for whom he had thrown out of his tavern.

The original Order that Aberforth was a member of

In 1980, Albus visited the Hog’s Head to interview Sybill Trelawney for the position of Divination professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Severus Snape, then a Death Eater, overheard part of Trelawney’s prophecy about Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort. Snape was unable to hear its entirety, however, as Aberforth caught him eavesdropping and threw him out.

Between the wars

Aberforth as the barman for the Hog’s Head between the wars

Second Wizarding War

Dumbledore’s Army gathering in the Hog’s Head

The funeral of his older brother, Albus Dumbledore

Aberforth looking out of the mirror fragment

The trio talking with Aberforth before the Battle of Hogwarts

After the war

Aberforth with Dean and Seamus after the battle

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Aberforth Knows The True Story

While Magical Beasts builds numerous theories about Aurelius around Albus and Grindelwald, there’s one person we feel who has the true answer. That’s “middle” brother Aberforth.

He’s the one who told the story about Albus’ friendship with Grindelwald and the death of their sister to Harry and his compatriots, so why wouldn’t he have the scoop about who Aurelius truly is. Unless someone put a confundus charm on him.

Just A Reminder: Albus Dumbledore Only Has One Known Brother And That’s Aberforth

Will Aberforth Be In

There was a big twist at the end of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, and it sent a ripple through the entire Wizarding World. In the final moments of the film, we learned that Credence Barebone is actually a Dumbledore. First name . . . Aurelius?! If you were confused, you weren’t alone. After all, there’s not a single mention of Aurelius anywhere in any of the Harry Potter books. You’d think he’d be a pretty big name to mention, especially if he is, in fact, a Dumbledore who ends up as Grindelwald’s right-hand man. The easy conclusion, at this point, is that Aurelius must be a brother of Albus, but we don’t think that’s the case. Let’s break it down.

As far as we know, Albus Dumbledore only has one brother and one sister. His brother, Aberforth, appears in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The real reason Aurelius can’t be Albus and Aberforth’s younger brother is pretty cut and dry. Their father, Percival Dumbledore, gets locked away in Azkaban when the children are very young. Additionally, their mother dies in a tragic accident involving Ariana, when the latter is just 14! Sounds like the Dumbledore family would be a little too tied up to produce more sons, barring earlier affairs Percival may have had. Again, though, it would be hard for Dumbledore to have a younger sibling, or even a younger half-sibling, with Percival locked away.

â Additional reporting by Lauren Harano

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The Name Credence Means To Trust Or Believe

When baby Aurelius Dumbledore was given to the Barebone’s, his first name was changed to “Credence.” Much like the name “Aurelius,” the meaning behind “Credence” actually fits his thought process and motivation during the first two Fantastic Beasts movies. The name “Credence” is rooted from the Latin word “credere,” which means “to trust or to believe.” More specifically, the name came directly from the word “credentia,” which means “belief.”

During the time when Aurelius went by the name “Credence,” he was lost as a character, desperately believing what the people around him told him, being seemingly unable to follow his own free will, going so far as to suppress his magic because he “believed” that his powers were to be feared. At the end of The Crimes of Grindelwald, Aurelius finally abandoned the name “Credence,” and, at the same time, abandoned the fear of himself that he was forced to believe his entire childhood.

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows

Rowling used several chapters in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows to reveal two major details concerning Dumbledore: his early life and his death. The book introduces his parents, Percival and Kendra Dumbledore, as well as his little sister, Ariana his brother, Aberforth Dumbledore, was mentioned in previous books. At six years old, Ariana was attacked by three Muggle boys who had witnessed her performing magic. Because of this attack, Ariana was seriously traumatised and never able to control her magic again. Enraged, Percival attacked the Muggle boys , and was given a life sentence in Azkaban. After this, Kendra moved her family to the village of Godric’s Hollow. In one of her outbursts, Ariana accidentally killed Kendra at around the time that Albus completed his education. Albus became the head of the family and was forced to remain in his house with his sister while Aberforth completed his education.

Harry Potter

Decades later, in 1945, Dumbledore finally defeated the now-Dark wizard Grindelwald, who had come to possess the Elder Wand. Grindelwald’s defeat made Dumbledore the master of the Elder Wand, which remained his until just before his death, when Draco used the Disarming Charm on him.

Dumbledore had another Hallow in his keeping since the death of James Potter: the Invisibility Cloak, which he had borrowed to examine. When James died, Dumbledore kept the cloak and decided to pass it on to Harry, James’ son.

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His Name Has A Deeper Meaning

Speaking of J.K. Rowlings favorite connections to make, some fans started speculating as soon as they heard Aurelius Dumbledores name. Rowling certainly loves to hide hints about her characters into her characters names, a prime example being the dog-shapeshifter Sirius Black. Aurelius could be named after a Roman emperor whose death signaled the end of a 200-year peace, or he couldve been named after an Arthurian leader with connections to Merlin. Could his death bring about a Great War, or could he be a successor to Grindelwald? Only time will tell.

One more quick note on this one. Redditor u/harrypotterCoG did some digging into that Roman emperor we mentioned, and his original surname was… Severus.

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Camelot A Man Called Horse

How Credence Is Albus Dumbledore’s Brother – Fantastic Beasts Theory

Harris next performed the role of in the film adaptation of the musical play . Critic described the casting of Harris and as “about the best King Arthur and Queen Guenevere I can imagine”. Harris revived the role in a revival at the from 15 November 1981, to 2 January 1982, and broadcast on a year later. Starring as Guenevere, as Lancelot and as Tom of Warwick. Harris, who had starred in the film, and Muenz also took the show on tour nationwide.

In , he played , the detective who infiltrates the title organisation, headed by . It was a box office flop. However , with Harris in the title role, an 1825 English aristocrat who is captured by Native Americans, was a major success.

He played the title role in the film in 1970 opposite as King . That year British exhibitors voted him the 9th-most popular star at the UK box office.

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He Has The Name Of The Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius

It’s no secret that J.K. Rowling likes to include secret meanings behind the names of the characters she creates, and the meaning behind Aurelius Dumbledore’s name may actually give clues to his future in the franchise. The name “Aurelius” is best attributed to the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, who lived from 121 AD until 180 AD.

He Likely Fled New York Via The Circus

The time between Fantastic Beasts and The Crimes of Grindelwald featured Credence travelling from New York City to Paris in secret, seemingly inexplicably. When The Crimes of Grindelwald opened up, it was revealed that Credence had joined a circus. However, Credence joining the circus was actually foreshadowed in the first Fantastic Beasts.

During the first movie, a poster was briefly shown advertising the Circus Arcanus, which was the exact circus that Credence was with at the beginning of The Crimes of Grindelwald. More than likely, this magic circus was how Credence managed to escape New York unseen, trading his labor for secrecy. This was a small detail that really helps to show how great J.K. Rowling is at planning ahead.

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What Do The Next Fantastic Beasts Films Have In Store

We know from Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone that Albus Dumbleore defeats Gellert Grindelwald in 1945. Grindelwald is imprisoned in his own prison, Nurmengard, where he is killed by Voldemort in search of the Elder Wand during the events of Deathly Hallows.

We see the destructive power of the Second World War during Grindelwalds vision of a violent future. Will the Muggle War have a connection to Grindelwalds defeat? Fans have long suspected a connection. How will Dumbledore destroy the blood pact and thus destroy Grindelwald?

Theres likely lots more exciting additions to the Harry Potter canon to come!

Why Does He Look Familiar

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

If youre a fan of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, you may recognise Richard Coyle as Father Faustus Blackwood, former high priest of the Church Of Night.

Other notable TV credits include BBCs Coupling, Amazon Original historical drama The Collection, and NBCs Crossbones. Coyle also had a brief feature in popular BBC drama The Fall, where he starred alongside Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan.

The actor is also known for his film roles and recently starred in Discovery+ film Resurrection, which was released in March.

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Is Nagini A Horcrux

Nagini was the final Horcrux

There will come a time when Lord Voldemort will seem to fear for the life of his snake. Nagini was not only the last Horcrux to be killed, but also the last Horcrux to be created. In an interview, J.K. Rowling revealed that it was the murder of Bertha Jorkins that made Nagini a Horcrux.

Who Killed Aurelius Dumbledore

However, Rowling has been known to rework the math of the Potterverse. While she originally said in an interview that Dumbledore was around 150 years old when he died, we know from Pottermore that he was actually around 115 years old when Snape fired the killing curse at him on top of Hogwarts astronomy tower.

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Jk Rowling Revealed ‘the Twist’ In 2016

At this point, J.K. Rowling is like a subtle Mark Ruffalo. She makes references to the future of her stories constantly, admittedly in a more discreet way than Bruce Banner. One of those references that makes sense in hindsight is a picture she tweeted out in 2016. In it, she highlights a book on Marcus Aurelius, the Roman Emperor we keep bringing up. This was an obvious nod to the character that we then knew as Credence Barebone, but could it be even more? If she does decide to incorporate the Emperors story into Aureliuss, was Rowling giving us a major Fantastic Beasts spoiler over two years ago? Knowing the woman who hid the truth about Snape in his first ever lines to Harry Potter, we think its pretty likely.

Is There Going To Be A Fantastic Beasts 3

Harry Potter And the deathly hallows p2: meeting dumbledores brother

The third movie in the series and a sequel to 2018s Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, Fantastic Beasts 3 is directed by David Yates, with a screenplay by J. K. Rowling and Steve Kloves. The film will see the return of Eddie Redmayne as Newt Scamander, with a dangerous new mission.

Is Dumbledore half human? The children of Harry and Ginny Potter were considered half-bloods because although Ginny was pure-blood, Harrys mother was Muggle-born.

Penny Haywood

Are all Slytherins pure-blood?

No. While Slytherin House is the only one to place any importance on blood purity, they do not seem to prioritize it . There have been half-bloods in Slytherin, most notably Voldemort, Umbridge, Snape, and Albus Potter.

Is Nymphadora Tonks Hufflepuff? Tonks attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from 1984 to 1991 and was Sorted into Hufflepuff House. She was in the same year at Hogwarts as Gryffindor Charlie Weasley.

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Creation For Books And Films

Rowling has suggested that she may have inadvertently taken the name from the hogwort plant , which she had seen at some time before writing the series, although the names “The Hogwarts” and “Hoggwart” appear in the 1954 book How to Be Topp by . The name “Hogwart” also appears in the 1986 .

Most exterior scenes were shot on location at , but views of the exterior of the entire school were created from shots of with a digital spire added to the towers. Durham Cathedral also served as a set for Hogwarts interiors.

A scale model was created for exterior shots of the entire school. Models of Alnwick Castle and Durham Cathedral were also built to create more integration between the model and on location shots. It took a team of 86 artists and crew members 74 years worth of man hours to complete the model.

Percival Dumbledore Escaped Prison And Fathered Credence

Out of all the theories out there, this one seems the most feasible. Let’s face it, The Death Eaters aren’t the sharpest spirits to guard Azkaban. If Barty Crouch, Jr. and Sirius Black could escape, a wizard who is a Dumbledore could do this as well.

The only problem with Percival being Aurelius’ father is the timeframe. As is continually mentioned, Kendra Dumbledore supposedly died in 1899. If his birth in 1901 is true, then it would seem Percival had relations with another wizard.

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What Happens To Grindelwald And Dumbledore

As noted last time around, we do already sort of know where this is all heading: in 1945, Dumbledore and Grindelwald reunite, with the two powerful wizards facing off in what Rowling describes in the Harry Potter books as the greatest wizarding duel of all time. But Crimes adds a few new wrinkles to that eventual fight.

Specifically, theres more context about why it takes Dumbledore so long to rouse himself to fight his former friend / lover . Apparently, the two wizards once swore a blood pact against battling against each other, taking the form of a pendant that contains droplets of both their blood. Until that pact is broken Dumbledore suggests at the end of Crimes that its possible, since he ends up with the pendant in hand the wizarding worlds most powerful ally has his hands tied when it comes to confronting the threat.

Crimes adds a few new wrinkles to that eventual fight

We also get more information as to how Grindelwald is getting the Wizarding World on board with his agenda visions of the horrors of the future World War II, something that rings as tone-deaf, given that Grindelwalds movement is expressly designed as an emulation of the Nazi regime.

Fantastic Beasts: 20 Things Fans Didn’t Know About Dumbledore’s Hidden Brother

Matthew A. C. Newsome: A kilted Dumbledore

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald revealed that Dumbledore apparently had another sibling that even he did not know about: Aurelius.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwaldrevealed that Albus Dumbledore apparently had another sibling that even he did not know about: Aurelius Dumbledore. Aurelius appears to be the youngest member of the Dumbledore family, being around 15 years younger than Albus’s late younger sister, Ariana.

Aurelius had previously been one of the highlights of 2016’s Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, where he was known as Credence Barebone, the Obscurial wizard who lived in an abusive foster home in New York City. Much of The Crimes of Grindelwald focused on “Credence” trying to learn more about his heritage, with a good chunk of the movie making it look as though he was descended from the Lestrange family and was actually the estranged brother of Lita Lestrange.

However, as revealed by Grindelwald, Credence actually descended from the Dumbledore’s, creating a much richer history about his past than we had previously anticipated. While most of Aurelius Dumbledore’s heritage is still kept secret, likely only being known by J.K. Rowling herself, there is still quite a bit we know about this mysterious character.

With this in mind, here are the 20 Things Fans Didn’t Know About Dumbledore’s Younger Brother.

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