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Did Harry Potter Die In Real Life

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Rubeus Hagrid Robbie Coltrane

Harry Potter In Real Life – Movies In Real Life (Episode 8)

Things have been quieter for Robbie Coltrane since Harry Potter ended, but he has still lent his voice and acting chops to a few projects since. Hes also kept up his role of Hagrid by filming the short that now plays before the new Wizarding World ride, Hagrids Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure.

David Ryall Who Played Elphias Doge Died In 2014

BBC News;reported that David Ryall’s death occurred on Christmas Day at age 79. The circumstances around his death were not given to the outlet. Director Mark Gatiss, known for his work on;Sherlock;and;Doctor Who,;tweeted his condolences. “The great David Ryall left us on Christmas Day. A twinkling, brilliant, wonderful actor I was privileged to call a friend.”

Where Is The Freshwater West Harry Potter Beach In Wales

Freshwater West Beach can be found in the county of Pembrokeshire in the West of Wales along its gorgeous coastline.

Pembrokeshire is HUGE and Freshwater West can be found by visiting the South West area. Its a section of coastline owned by the National Trust.

Its nearby the Green Bridge of Wales, Bosherton and just a few miles from the town of Pembroke. So, if youre based in the town, you can visit easily from there.;

To put it into perspective this is around two and a half hours from Cardiff and forty minutes from Tenby.;

You can plug in the postcode SA71 5AH on your SatNav to take you there.

It seems obvious but its important that you dont mix up this Harry Potter beach with Freshwater East Beach. They are completely separate beaches and are nowhere near each other at all!;

Freshwater West Beach, Pembrokeshire

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Professor Quirrell Ian Hart

All the way back in The Sorcerers Stone, Ian Hart played the first Potter villain. Since that role in 2001, Hart has been in many recognizable television series including Bates Motel, The Bridge, Boardwalk Empire, My Mad Fat Diary, and The Terror. Most recently hes been featured in Netflixs The Last Kingdom, as well as .

Other Harry Potter Cast Members

Madame Pomfrey Gemma JonesThe Fat Lady Elizabeth Spriggs/Dawn FrenchMadame Hooch Zoë WanamakerThe Sorting Hat Leslie PhillipsBarman Jim McManusMr Borgin Edward Tudor Pole

Peter Pettigrew Timothy Spall

How did Harry Potter die in real life?

A household name before and after Harry Potter, Timothy Spall has been in countless films and television shows over the course of his career. Since Deathly Hallows: Part 2 his most notable roles were in both Alice in Wonderland films alongside numerous other Harry Potter stars, as well as starring in Mr. Turner in which he was nominated for many Best Actor awards.

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Professor Sprout Miriam Margolyes

The perfectly portrayed Pomona Sprout has had an illustrious career in film, television, and theatre. Aside from two appearances in the Harry Potter films, Margolyes has most recently appeared in season 8 and 9 of , and in 2019 played Miss Shepherd in a production of Lady in the Van. Interestingly, the 2015 film version starred Margolyes fellow Potter professor, Maggie Smith.

Professor Mcgonagoll Maggie Smith

The actress who played Dumbledores right-hand man has slowed down her Hollywood career after Harry Potter. Still, shes had some big roles: She co-starred in the Downton Abbey TV series as the hilarious Violet Crawley, and will appear in the upcoming movie. She also starred in the two The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel films as well as 2015s The Lady in the Van.

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Was Harry Potter Killed And Then Brought Back To Life

In the last movie, Harry was struck by the Avada Kedavra spell cast by Voldemort. Really, he should be dead. But obviously he was not dead because when Narcissa Malfoy asked about the life/death of her son, there was a pause hinting that Harry was talking to the woman. And knowing Malfoy is not dead, in return, the woman declared Harry was dead.

However, one should really be dead if struck by the Avada Kedavra spell. Does this indicate the work of the Resurrection Stone?

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  • 1Well I might as well continue the theme.. I hate how people who have only seen the film are under the impression they are knowledgeable enough to answer questions about anything other than the film and only the film. But in the end as long as they enjoy that’s what matters. Even if they’re wrong which if it’s only based on the film they probably are; and of course the books are always better though my brother makes a valid point: if he isn’t going to read the book then the book isn’t ‘better’ in a sense .

No, Harry dropped the Stone before his encounter with Voldemort in the Forbidden Forest.If he survived, it’s because :

Harry Potter clearly did die. This is clear from, for example, the discussion revealed in Snape’s memory between Snape and Dumbledore where it is explained to Snape that the only way to defeat Voldemort is for Potter to die.

The Death Of Harry Potter

This Guy is Harry Potter in Real Life!!

The scene where Harry Potter actually dies happened in the seventh book, Deathly Hallows, during the Battle of Hogwarts. After a lot of fighting and several losses, Harry decided to accept Voldemorts previous offer to give himself up to save the lives of his friends and colleagues. He went on to the Forbidden Forest, where Voldemort was waiting for him with his Death Eaters.;

As they faced each other, Harry Potter gave himself up without a fight, an act Voldemort punished by casting the Killing Curse at Harry.;

Harry Potter fell to the ground and awoke in a place called the Limbo. There, he met his old mentor, Albus Dumbledore, who apologized for his behavior and explained his actions. Dumbledores spirit further explained to Harry that he wasnt actually dead, but could choose to stay there or return to the real world.

Dumbledore explained that due to the fact that Voldemort used Harrys blood to resurrect , the two were intrinsically bound, which protected Harry from being killed by Voldemort.

Also, after the incident in Godrics Hollow, Harry unwillingly and unknowingly became a Horcrux, since he had a part of Voldemorts soul inside him; Harry met that crippled piece in the Limbo.;

Harry Potter and Albus Dumbledore in the Limbo, several moments after Harrys death

After torturing Harrys corpse with the Cruciatus Curse, Voldemort ordered Rubeus Hagrid to bring the corpse back to Hogwarts and claim his ultimate victory.;

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How Does Harry Potter Come Back To Life Without The Resurrection Stone

Harry survived the Killing curse because of his mothers protection. The night Voldemort killed his parents, Lilly created a magical protection power originating from love.;

The protection was supposed to be lifted once harry turned seventeen, however, Voldemort accidentally prolonged its effects. Voldemort concluded that if he mixes Harrys blood into his resurrection potion, it would course through his veins and allow him to bypass Lillys protection and allow him to touch Harry without getting hurt.

What Voldemort didnt know is that this would also make sure the protection continues to live through his own blood and keep Harry alive.;

This is why when Harry got hit by the Killing curse he did end up in J. K. Rowlings version of heaven he wasnt actually dead. After the conversation with professor Dumbledore, he got the chance to either stay with him or return to the real world.

Draco Malfoy Tom Felton

About: Tom Felton

Despite not being one of the big three, Felton has had a great career in the years since the Potter films wrapped. Hes starred in Rise of the Planet of the Apes and the TV series Origin, plus he had a big role on The Flash season 3 as Julian Albert. Hes also kept up a busy fan convention schedule and has participated in numerous events surrounding the Harry Potter franchise, including several Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park attraction openings.

About: Draco Malfoy

Aside from Voldemort, Draco Malfoy might be the top nemesis to Harry Potter in the series. Early on, he tries to make friends with Harry but when Harry snubs that invitation they become enemies. It doesnt help that they were also sorted to rival houses Gryffindor for Harry and Slytherin for Draco.

Through the years the rivalry continues and only seems to get worse. Draco, a pureblood Wizard, chooses to fight beside Voldemort with his family which really makes him an enemy for Harry. Though Harry still showed sympathy for his situation by the end of the war they never really moved past all the events that happened between them.

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Why Did Dumbledore Have To Die In Harry Potter

Over the course of seven books and eight films, Harry Potters adventures packed many twists and turns, but few shocked fans as much as Albus Dumbledores death at the climax of the sixth story, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. J.K. Rowlings wizarding saga was already taking a darker turn as Harrys nemesis, He Who Shall Not Be Named, and his army of Death Eaters publicly revealed themselves, but Dumbledores death darkened the story further, setting the tone for the final volume of the wizarding saga.

It wasnt just the death of this well-loved character that was shocking, but the way he died. In a stand-off high up in a Hogwarts tower, it was Severus Snape who cast the fatal spell. The suspicions Harry Potter had long held about his former Potions Master appeared to be confirmed in that moment.

Where Is Dobby Buried

Who died in real life from Harry Potter?

Harry is bereft that his loyal friend has passed away and decides to bury him without magic at the beach, just above Shell Cottage.

His grave reads,Here lies Dobby, a Free Elf. Its a beautiful location, right by the sea!

In the books and movies, Shell Cottage is actually based on the outskirts of Tinworth, Cornwall.

But, if youve ever wondered where Dobby is buried in real life then you only need visit the Pembrokeshire coastline in Wales.

The Dobbys grave location can be found tucked away in the sand dunes of the stunning Freshwater West Beach.

This was the Harry Potter Beach filming location where they filmed Shell Cottagefrom Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows part 1 and 2.;

Here, you can visit to pay your respects to the heroic loyal elf!;

Freshwater West Beach in Pembrokeshire, Wales

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Why Was Dumbledores Death Such A Shock

The headmaster of Hogwarts had been established as one of the most powerful characters in the wizarding world. He had also acted as a mentor to Harry since the young wizards arrival at school. He had guided Harry into the world of magic and helped him uncover his family history as well as the truth behind the return of the dark wizard that Dumbledore insisted on calling by his actual name: Voldermort.

From the outset, we knew that Albus Dumbledore was more than just headmaster of Hogwarts. As the books progressed, we saw his plots and plans develop along with Harry and his friends. It was Dumbledore who assembled two generations of the Order of the Phoenix to combat the dark wizards Death Eaters.;

In the build-up to Half-Blood Princes publication, there were rumors that one of the series main characters was going to die. While many correctly predicted Dumbledores demise, few expected events to unfold the way they did. But Rowlings tightly-plotted novels laid hints before and after Dumbledores death that proved it was unavoidable.;

Rob Knox Who Briefly Played Marcus Belby Died In 2008

18-year-old Rob Knox died tragically young. Rob, who wrapped filming for;Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince;in 2008,;was stabbed;in London outside of a club. He was reportedly trying to protect his 16-year-old brother, Jamie, from a group of men inside the bar. Director David Yates dedicated the film premiere to him, and the cast wore white ribbons on their wrists to pay him tribute.

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Political And Social Views

Politically, Radcliffe is a supporter of the Labour Party. He previously supported the Liberal Democrats, and in the 2010 general election he endorsed Nick Clegg, the party’s leader. In 2012, however, he switched his allegiance to the Labour Party, citing disillusionment over the performance of Clegg and the Liberal Democrats in government, and approving of the Labour leader, Ed Miliband. In 2015, Radcliffe endorsed Jeremy Corbyn‘s campaign in the Labour Party leadership election. He told The Big Issue, “I feel like this show of sincerity by a man who has been around long enough and stuck to his beliefs long enough that he knows them and doesn’t have to be scripted is what is making people sit up and get excited. It is great.”

Radcliffe is a supporter of a British republic. He is also a supporter of British unionism. When asked about the 2014 Scottish independence referendum, he said, “I personally like the U.K. being how it is”.

Dolores Umbridge Imelda Staunton

Voldemort in real life

After a perfect performance as the villain you loved to hate, Imelda Staunton went on to star in multiple theatre roles in London in which she received 5 Olivier Award Nominations, including a win for her performance in Gypsy. She has also kept up appearances on the silver screen with roles in both Maleficent films, both Paddington films, and an appearance in the Downton Abbey movie, alongside her husband, and Downton Abbey star, Jim Carter.

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Professor Slughorn Jim Broadbent

Jim Broadbent was a late edition to the Harry Potter cast, first appearing in Half-Blood Prince, but he certainly made his mark in a short time. The prominent roles continued after Potter, where Broadbent was cast in films such as The Iron Lady, Cloud Atlas, Brooklyn, the Paddington films, and a return as Dad in Bridget Joness Baby. He also managed to snag a role on Game of Thrones before the series end, as Archmaester Ebrose of the Citadel.

The Elder Wand Was His All Along

No matter how many horcruxes Harry and his friends successfully destroyed, Voldemort was still a more powerful wizard than him, so when Harry arose from the dead to pick a final fight with the Dark Lord, he was handily overtaken by Voldemort. But Voldemort still couldn’t kill him a second time with the wand, even after he’d taken ownership from Snape. Why? Well, it turned out that Snape wasn’t the one who’d gained control of the Elder Wand in the first place, so it didn’t pass to Voldemort upon Snape’s execution by Nagini.

Sure, Snape had killed Dumbledore and taken possession of the wand in Half-Blood Prince, but it was Draco who’d originally disarmed Dumbledore, and thus received the allegiance of the Elder Wand. Then, when Harry disarmed him in their subsequent duel, it was Harry who’d laid claim to the Elder Wand’s efficacy. So, while the Elder Wand was successfully used to strike its master down in the forest, when Harry had thoroughly surrendered himself, he still wasn’t disarmed of the wand in that battle. So, it remained loyal to Harry, instead of Voldemort. When Voldemort tried to cast a death curse on him a second time, this time against its owner’s wishes, it was a no-go. This is how the fight got dragged out long enough for …

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What Else Is There To Do At The Harry Potter Beach

Beyond Dobbys burial site, Freshwater West beach is one of Pembrokeshires best-kept secrets!;

Its called freshwater for a reason; its gorgeous clear waters really sparkle any time you visit. That and the miles of clean sand make it a spectacular bit of coastline.

Although I visited on a day which was a bit of a washout with heavy rains. I was so happy that the sun came out for the last few hours of the day.;

It made such a difference being able to stroll along here in the sunshine.;

There is not a lot to do at Freshwater West beach as its so remote. Its not your typical beach resort with a pier, arcade games and a build-up of shops.

Its untouched and natural and thats the best part about it!;

Its a great place to visit all year. In the summer, you can walk along the shore or sunbathe.

In the cooler months, its still great for a scenic walk even if it is a bit bracing!;

Severus Snape Alan Rickman

Who died in real life from Harry Potter?

Rickman unfortunately passed away in 2016 at the age of 69. The actor had a huge career outside of the Harry Potter film series, starring in well-known films like Die Hard, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, and Love Actually. His final film was a voice role in Alice Through the Looking Glass as Absolem. He also voiced the Blue Caterpillar in Disneys 2010 iteration of Alice in Wonderland.

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What Youll Find At Dobbys Burial Site

I wasnt too sure what to expect when I got here. Of course, I knew that Shell Cottage wouldnt be there.;

But, what I found in its place was so touching. It was like a portal that transports you into the Wizarding World all over again! ;

What started out as just a few pebbles left at this location a couple of years ago has now transformed into a HUGE memorial. Its like a Dobby shrine.

There were beautiful hand-painted pebbles all with loving messages.

They said things likeR.I.P Dobby,Master has given Dobby a sock, Forever a Free Elf, Such a beautiful place to be with friendsand Harry Potter Forever.;

There were even socks left here and other gifts! Some kind fan had even made a crucifix for the gravesite. It was incredible to see and quite moving.;

I could have spent hours looking at all the pretty paintings and reading the messages that had been left. Plus, the views from up here are breathtaking.;

Anyone is free to bring their own pebbles, socks and gifts to Dobbys grave. So, dont be shy! Why not prepare something for your visit?;

Leaving something for Dobby!So many lovely offerings!

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