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What Personality Type Is Harry Potter

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The Harry Potter Characters That Share Your Myers

MBTI Types of Harry Potter Characters // INTJ Lair

Harry Potter boasts of a diverse cast as rich as the magic showcased. With such a vast repertoire of personalities, its only predictable every Myers-Briggs type has a flattering representation amidst the students and teachers within Hogwarts.

Visiting the sorting hat and figuring out your house is thrilling by itself, but if you wish to go further, take a look at the MBTI types of the characters. Whether they are heroes, villains, or morally-grey, odds are you grew to love them as we joined The Boy Who Lived in his journey.

Spoilers ahead, so proceed with caution.

Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

Returning for his fifth year of study at the venerable Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the ever-maturing Harry Potter is stunned to find that his warnings about the return of Lord Voldemort have been ignored. Left with no choice, Harry takes matters into his own hands, training a small group of studentsdubbed “Dumbledore’s Army”to defend themselves against the dark arts.

Enfp You Are Nymphadora Tonks

Quick-tempered, passionate and fiercely devoted to whatever cause she took on, Nymphadora Tonks offered a spot-on portrayal of the ENFP personality. Though clumsy and unconventional by nature, Tonks got by on her metamorphic abilities she could quickly change into whatever form she needed to take on to achieve her objective. Her unorthodox transformational abilities were an oddly perfect metaphor for the ever-changing, fiercely determined personality of the ENFP.

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What Is The Personality Type Of Albus Dumbledore In Harry Potter

Albus Dumbledores personality is recognised as INFJ, because of the introverted intuition. They can predict the future not with magic but with their instinct. They have an extraordinary ability to foresee the future. INFJs are renowned for their extraordinary ability to foresee the future. No, its not magic its introverted intuition, a cognitive mechanism that gathers and synthesises established facts to predict possible outcomes. Professor Dumbledores introspective insight is what describes him as a talented long-term strategist and planner.

Istp You Are Cedric Diggory

Image result for myers briggs harry potter characters ...

Coordinated, rational and naturally perceptive of systems in his external environment, Cedric Diggory was an excellent example of the ISTP personality. His natural inclination towards cracking codes and surmounting physical obstacles made him a shoe-in for the Triwizard Tournament until, of course, he died in it.

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Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 1

The end begins as Harry, Ron, and Hermione walk away from their last year at Hogwarts to find and destroy the remaining Horcruxes, putting an end to Voldemort’s bid for immortality. But with Harry’s beloved Dumbledore dead and Voldemort’s unscrupulous Death Eaters on the loose, the world is more dangerous than ever.

Infj You Are Albus Dumbledore

Wise, introspective and eerily adept at understanding the motivations of others, Dumbledore was the epitome of a well-developed INFJ. He was fiercely analytical when it came to determining right from wrong and he was frequently able to see things in a universal scheme rather than simply referring to what was immediately apparent. Dumbledores wise, protective nature represented the INFJ archetype in its most developed form.

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The Istj Most Likely Choice: Hufflepuffsecond

As an ISTJ you believe in justice, nobility, and loyalty. These are all virtues that are prized in Hufflepuff and make you feel especially at home here. You believe in doing the hard work that preserves communities, values, and honorable traditions. Your type is usually less concerned with chasing the spotlight than patiently fighting for fairness and truth. That said, some ISTJs find Slytherin more to their liking. In Slytherin they can use their resourcefulness, wit, and loyalty to achieve new heights of power.

What Are Your Thoughts?

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What Are Harry Potters Best Personality Matches

The Enneagram Types of Harry Potter | Hermione, Draco, Sirius, & More!

As an ISFP personality type, Harry Potters best matches are ESTJ and ESFJ. On So Syncd, these personality matches are considered golden pairs because they have just the right amount of similarities to understand each other and just the right amount of differences to create that spark. Read our blog post to learn more about ISFP compatibility.

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Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone

Harry Potter has lived under the stairs at his aunt and uncle’s house his whole life. But on his 11th birthday, he learns he’s a powerful wizardwith a place waiting for him at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. As he learns to harness his newfound powers with the help of the school’s kindly headmaster, Harry uncovers the truth about his parents’ deathsand about the villain who’s to blame.

Fred And George Weasley: Enfp The Debaters

Its easy to think of the twins as entertainers , and honestly, they might have been but from what we know of them, its actually pretty likely that they were ENFPs, which is an interesting twist.

Sure, they liked to show off and be the center of attention, which is what ESFPs are known for. But ENFPs are good at what they put their minds to and what they enjoy, and they love to experiment. The twins didnt do particularly well in school but they loved their joke shop. Just look at how well their passion did with a little kind funding from Harry

Unlike his brothers, Ron was an unmistakable entertainer.

Okay, it might have been a little mistakable in the beginning. Constantly in the shadow of his brothers and Harry when they became friends on the Hogwarts Express, he didnt get much of a chance to show off. But as the books went on, it became pretty apparent that he loved attention and enjoyed getting it wherever he could. He was prone to showing off, telling stories, and seemed to genuinely love it when people appeared impressed by him. All classic signs of a standard ESFP, someone who loves to entertain others.

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The Enfj Most Likely Choice: Gryffindorsecond

As an ENFJ you have a strong desire to catalyze others towards growth and transformation. You believe in standing up for others, doing what is right, and following your moral compass all things that embody a Gryffindor. Your outspoken, chivalrous nature means that youre willing to fight for your cause and speak up against tyranny. That said, some ENFJs might find their allegiances at Hufflepuff, where loyalty, kindness, and sympathy prevail.

Professor Minerva Mcgonagall Istp

The Erudite Ravenclaw: Myers Briggs and Harry Potter ...

The ISTP will be full-on, or full off – they dont do shades of grey. The ISTP moves seamlessly from quiet bystander to active participant and leader in one fell swoop, then back again to invisible, apparently disinterested introvert. They are at their best in times of crisis and challenge. The ISTP is at their best in times of crisis and challenge, but will have little appetite for follow-through, as they will be waiting for a new complex challenge. Independent and self-contained the ISTP will be difficult to get to know as they will reveal only what they choose to reveal, when they choose to reveal it as that is their way, when they are ready.

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Type 8 Enneagrams Basic Fear

As mentioned earlier, this type has the innate fear of being harmed or controlled by someone else. This fear leads to the desire to automatically protect oneself from such harm.

There are multiple examples from the life of the Harry Potter character where Harry takes drastic action to protect himself as well as others. In one instance, he arranges classes for Dumbledores army in the Room of Requirement away from the Headmistresses eyes as he knows with the new syllabus they would never be able to protect themself.

In individual efforts, he takes whatever steps he can to improve his skills and knowledge in order to do whatever he can to battle Voldemort. He discovers the book of the Half Blood Prince and reads that thoroughly including the dangerous spells as he realizes their power. When he feels helpless, he even takes classes from Snape to control his mind and prevent Lord Voldemort from controlling him.

The basic fear and desire of The Challenger are interrelated and go hand in hand. Each must be understood to understand the other.

What Is Your Harry Potter Personality Type

Harry Potter has certain personality traits that make him so lovable and adored by everyone. He is loyal, brave, and humble. He always takes a stand to protect the weak and can even put his own life in jeopardy to help his friends. Harry is also very valiant as he always steps forward to face off against his evil and powerful enemies.

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But which Harry Potter resembles your own personality type? We are all different and unique individuals. So is it even possible for you to find a resemblance with fictional characters? Actually yes. All of us have certain traits based on our personality and these traits are usually common among people who share the same personality type.

This Harry Potter personality quiz can help you figure out which particular character you share your personality type with and help you understand yourself better. You may be like Albus Dumbledore. Or Hermione Granger. Or even Harry himself. And this fun quiz can help you find out exactly that.

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Which Enneagram Type Is Harry Potter

Harry Potter is an Enneagram Nine personality type with an Eight wing. Enneagram Nines belong to the body centre, along with Eights and Ones, and they naturally make decisions based on gut instinct. Harry likes to feel in control, particularly of his physical environment. For Enneagram Nines, freedom and independence is important.

As an Enneagram Nine, Harry is supportive, non-judgmental and agreeable. He places a strong emphasis on maintaining harmony, both internally and externally. Enneagram Nines are known for going with the flow and are often viewed as relaxed. Warm and stable, Harry has a calm presence that others find soothing.

The Estj Most Likely Choice: Slytherinsecond

TAKING PERSONALITY TESTS | harry potter house, patronus, enneagram, myers briggs, buzzfeed

Courageous, resourceful, and ambitious House Slytherin gives you a chance to show the world your unique leadership capabilities. As an ESTJ you prize determination, hard-work, and loyalty all things that are revered in Slytherin. Sure, you might get power hungry sometimes but thats only because you quickly see how to make things efficient and effective. If youre not sure about Slytherin, Gryffindor is an excellent second option. Many ESTJs wind up in Gryffindor because of their courage, chivalry, and desire to do whats right for their community.

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Estp You Are Ginny Weasley

Outgoing, athletic and action-oriented to a fault, Ginny offered an interesting perspective on the ESTP personality portrayed in a female character. Despite being the youngest of a large family of wizards, Ginny didnt let anyone push her around. She knew what she wanted in life and never hesitated in going after it she displayed the epitome of the ESTP attitude.

Isfp You Are Rubeus Hagrid

Sweet, protective half-giant Hagrid offered an unconventional look at the ISFP personality type. While he was certainly an introverted personality living alone always suited him best he became passionately involved with any neglected creature he came across and held the people he loved close. Hagrids spacey yet devoted attitude was a breath of fresh air in the Harry Potter series just as ISFPs so often are in real life.

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How To Study Like Hermione Granger: 7 Study Tips From A Logistician Personality Type

As another school year begins, its a great time to think about your academic goals and how you will work toward achieving them. Whether youre feeling excited for the year ahead or nervous, unmotivated, or stressed out, it can help to take inspiration from people who love to learn.

And when it comes to studying, who better to take inspiration from than Hermione Granger, our favorite A+ student from J. K. Rowlings Harry Potter series?

A top student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Hermione is a Logistician personality type who loves school. Enthusiastic and perfectionistic, Hermione may have a bit of a reputation as a know-it-all, but she is motivated by a genuine desire to learn. She is curious about the world around her, she enjoys challenging herself, and she sets high standards when it comes to studying.

Are you a Logistician like Hermione? Take our free personality test to find out.

If you want to get a strong start to the school year, no matter your personality type, here are seven tips based on Hermiones tried-and-true study strategies.

Harry Potter Personality Statistics

Pin by Geanida Velizia on INFJ and Enneagram

Harry Potter is a character from Harry Potter. This page summarizes crowd sourced ratings of their personality collected from users of the Statistical “Which Character” Personality Quiz. People who take the quiz are asked if they would also be willing to volunteer to rate characters that they know. The ratings are made on a 100 point scale between two adjectives and then all averaged together into a composite. Because of the “law of large numbers” this profile is very reliable. If you take one persons opinion of what a character is like and compare it to the opinion of another person about what that character is like, they could be very different. But if you compare the opinions of two groups, the difference gets smaller and smaller the larger the groups.

  • Dennis Nedry
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    Ron Weasley: Esfp Or Enfp

    Harrys gregarious and optimistic best friend shows signs of being an ENFP or an ESFP. The ESFP is the personality group known as the performers. If you remember, despite his quirky personality, Ron enjoys being in the spotlight, such as during the time in The Half-Blood Prince when he became a Quidditch hero.

    Meanwhile the ENFPs are known as being optimistic, openhearted, a bit sensitive, and overflowing with positive energy, all of which are also traits connected with Ron.

    Molly Weasley: Isfj The Defender

    And then there was Mrs. Weasley. She was quite different from her husband, but its easy to see where Ginny got her fiery personality from!

    Molly Weasley could be comforting and motherly, but when something or someone threatened her family, she absolutely became a defender going as far as to kill Bellatrix Lestrange for trying to go after her daughter. She was an extremely dedicated protector and very loyal to those she cared about, which included her husband, children, and Harry, who she essentially took in as one of her own.

    Dont mess with Molly!

    And now for the bonus, honorary Weasleys!

    Fleur was a half-veela who married into the family when she met Bill. Molly didnt seem super keen on her initially… Actually, that didn’t really change by the end of the series but whatever her faults, it was obvious that Bill didnt just marry her because she was pretty. Fleur was also very social and caring, very warm to everyone around her, and seemed to possess a genuinely good heart. In that regard, it not only makes her an obvious ESFJ, but a very good addition to the family. The Weasleys prided themselves on their good hearts!

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    What Is Personality Type Of Neville Longbottom In Harry Potter

    Neville Longbottom in Harry Potter is characterized as ISFJ-The Defender. ISFJs are often misunderstood and underrated, just like Neville, because they are conscientious and discreet. However, it would be a serious mistake to overlook them. ISFJs are enthusiastic about the people, locations, and practices they cared about, and they will struggle to the end to protect them, even if it means forcing a strong ruler like Sauron.

    Your Harry Potter Personality Type

    Luna Lovegood: INFP or INTP? – HARRY POTTER

    Who in Harry Potter are you? Take my Flow Type test and find out which person you would be in Harry Potter As a special, put on the sorting hat and find out which Hogwarts House you would best fit in in my subtype test Red types fit better in Gryffindor, and blue types in Ravenclaw Green types would fit best in Slytherin, and Yellow types in Hufflepuff But let’s be real, most people are a mix of two houses Which ones are you a mix of?

    Sixteen types, their house, and their most likely personality type PS: Any personality type can be sorted into any house There is a difference between MBTI type and house preference

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    What Is The Personality Type Of Luna Lovegood In Harry Potter

    According to 16 personality types Luna Lovegood is characterized as INFP- The Mediator. INFPs are great friends just like Luna Lovegood. To the hard of thinking, INFPs can seem kind of crazy, but upon closer inspection, youll discover that theyre quick thinking, creative, and innovative. They simply enjoy fantasising. Theyre fantastic companions to have around, and due to their perceiving orientation, theyre incredibly adaptable.

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