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How Tall Is Hermione Granger

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Harry Potter: 10 Facts About Hermione They Leave Out In The Movies

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From her Yule Ball dress to her prominent teeth and her greatest fear, here are some curious facts about Hermione you’ll only find in the books.

Hermione Granger is a fan-favorite in the Harry Potter series, and it’s easy to see why. Her character is honored for highlighting her intelligence over her looks and she is as brave as she is kind. She’s a force to be reckoned with, and Emma Watson’s portrayal of the character in the films just made Hermione all the more likeable.

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It may seem strange to note that, unless you have read the books, you don’t have a full picture of just who Hermione is. The depth of her character in the books goes beyond anything that could be shown in the films, and as such, there are several details that movie fans don’t know about her.

Fighting The Cold And The Bad Guys

Our final look is Hermione in cold weather gear, with long sweater sleeves to warm her hand and a rather severe coat to keep the rest of her warm. It’s an extremely practical outfit and a long way from the Yule Ball. Deathly Hallows Part II culminates with The Battle of Hogwarts. It’s a close-run thing, but Voldemort is defeated.

The last scene in the film has Ron and Hermione taking their daughter Rose to catch the Hogwarts Express. The outfit she wears then is definitely momsy. So, we decided to skip it and end with the fierce warrior Hermione that we know and love. And respect.

She Was Almost In Ravenclaw

Hermione is referred to as the “brightest witch of her age” by both professors and her peers. Despite her reputation for being a know-it-all, her classmates recognize her keen mind. One Hogwarts student, Terry Boot, even questions why she wasn’t in Ravenclaw since this house is known for their intelligence.

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Hermione replies with, “Well, the Sorting Hat did seriously consider putting me in Ravenclaw during my Sorting, but it decided on Gryffindor in the end.” Hermione previously mentioned that she considered Gryffindor house to be “by far the best,” so chances are the Sorting Hat detected her preference, which is how she became a Gryffindor.

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Magical Abilities And Skills

Horace Slughorn praising Hermione’s encyclopedic knowledge of potions

Hermione attending Potions class in her sixth year

  • Potions: Hermione was exceptionally gifted in the field of potion-making. She was able to identify potions and their effects quickly after having only read about them. She was able to brew the very advanced and difficult Polyjuice Potion in second year for her, Harry, and Ron to find the truth about the Chamber of Secrets from Draco Malfoy by disguising themselves as his friends. She achieved an ‘Outstanding’ on her Potions O.W.L. and was only one of twelve to advance to N.E.W.T.-level. Hermione was the only one in her sixth year class who understood Golpalott’s Third Law, without need for further explanation and was able to compose an antidote containing fifty-two ingredients, including a chunk of her own hair. The only time she was ever out-smarted in potions was in her sixth year by Harry Potter because he was using the Half-Blood Prince’s old copy of the Advanced Potion-Making textbook that was full of hints and scribbles that helped Harry excel. This frustrated her greatly.
Lucky you pay attention in Herbology, Hermione.
Harry Potter praising Hermione’s Herbology knowledge in their first year
Mandrake, or Mandragora, is a powerful restorative. It is used to return people who have been transfigured or cursed to their original state.
Hermione demonstrating her knowledge of Mandrakes in Herbology class

The Bellatrix Lestrange Look


We arrive at Deathly Hallows Part II and it’s Polyjuice Potion time again. This time Hermione transforms herself into her mortal enemy, Bellatrix Lestrange, in order to get access to Bellatrix’s vault at Gringott’s Bank. We think she is doing a pretty good job of the Bellatrix look, clothes, hair and all. She even looks a little crazy and a lot arrogant. Ron just looks like Ron trying not to look like Ron.

Deathly Hallows Part II is the darkest film and Hermione’s clothes reflect that fact. We are about to get to the warrior Hermione, the no-nonsense witch on a mission.

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Playing Hermione Granger In ‘harry Potter’

Watson had never acted professionally when her theater teachers suggested her to agents looking to cast an upcoming movie based on the first novel of the best-selling Harry Potter series. A 9-year-old Watson auditioned eight times for the role that would make her an international star. Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, who was deeply involved in the film process to make sure it stayed true to the book, wanted Watson involved in the project.

Watson sufficiently impressed casting agents and the film’s producers, and won the role of Hermione Granger, Harry Potter’s smart, bossy best friend and voice of reason. Harry Potter was portrayed by Daniel Radcliffe, and Rupert Grint was cast as Ron Weasley, Harry’s other best friend. The trio of British child actors would become known around the globe for their roles as young wizards fighting a battle between good and evil, beginning with the release of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in November 2001.

Watson’s film debut was an enormous success: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone earned a record-breaking $33.3 million on its opening day in the United States, en route to grossing $975 million worldwide. It was nominated for three Academy Awards and seven BAFTA Awards, with Watson receiving critical praise to cement her status as an up-and-coming star.

LONDON, ENGLAND – JULY 07: Actress Emma Watson attends the ‘Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2’ world premiere at Trafalgar Square on July 7, 2011 in London, England.

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows

Hermione later uses Polyjuice Potion to impersonate Bellatrix when the trio attempt to steal Hufflepuff’s cup from Gringotts. She, Harry, and Ron join Dumbledore’s Army in the Battle of Hogwarts, during which Hermione destroys Hufflepuff’s cup in the Chamber of Secrets with a basilisk fang, eliminating another Horcrux. Hermione and Ron also share their first kiss during the battle. In the final battle in the Great Hall, Hermione fights Bellatrix with the help of Ginny Weasley and Luna. However, the three of them are unable to defeat Bellatrix and stop fighting her once Molly Weasley orders them to disengage.

Epilogue and later life

Nineteen years after Voldemort’s death, Hermione and Ron have two children, Rose and Hugo. Though the epilogue does not explicitly say Hermione and Ron are married, news articles and other sources treat it as a fact. The two children are named Rose Granger-Weasley and Hugo Granger-Weasley.

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Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone

Hermione first appears in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone when she meets Harry and Ron on the Hogwarts Express, where she mocks Ron for his inability to perform a spell to turn his rat yellow. She proves just how much she knows by declaring that she memorized all the textbooks by heart. She constantly annoys her peers with her knowledge, so Harry and Ron initially consider her arrogant, especially after she criticises Ron’s incantation of the Levitation Charm. They heartily dislike her until they rescue her from a troll, for which she is so thankful that she lies to protect them from punishment, thus winning their friendship. Hermione’s knack for logic later enables the trio to solve a puzzle that is essential to retrieving the Philosopher’s Stone, and she defeats the constrictive Devil’s Snare plant by summoning a jet of “bluebell flame”.

Hermione is the brains behind the plan to enter the place where the Stone is hidden. She responds to Harry’s wariness of Professor Severus Snape and is also suspicious of him. She reveals to Harry and Ron that she does a lot of research in the library, which helped her defeat the Devil’s Snare and work out the logic of the potions.

Rowling said on her website that she resisted her editor’s requests to remove the troll scene, stating “Hermione is so very arrogant and annoying in the early part of Philosopher’s Stone that I really felt it needed something huge to bring her together with Harry and Ron.”

Who Is Emma Watson

Hermione Granger – Hot Girl Bummer Edit #Shorts

Emma Watson was born on April 15, 1990, in Paris, France, but raised in England. The actress got her big break as a child with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, growing up on screen as she reprised her role of Hermione Granger through the franchise’s eight films. Watson went on to enjoy success in the fashion and modeling industries, and continued to prove her abilities as an actress with roles in films like My Week with Marilyn, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Beauty and the Beast and Little Women.

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Emma Watson Has Dated More Than 10 Men

Over the years, there have been a few men who, at one point, called themselves the boyfriend of one of the most famous British actresses ever. From Jay Barrymore to George Craig and Rafael Cebrian, the list of Emma Watsons boyfriends keeps getting longer, and it all started with Tom Ducker, a rugby player.

She Had A Feud With Rita Skeeter

Rita Skeeter had a knack for twisting words around to mold her own story, which Hermione deeply resented. Skeeter became a prominent character in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, as she covered the Triwizard Tournament at Hogwarts. She took a particular interest in Harry, due to his fame, and used her Quick Quotes Quill to twist stories and slander his name.

Hermione, who is never one to bite her tongue, called Skeeter out on this. In retaliation, Rita wrote a piece on her, suggesting that Hermione had a “thing” for famous wizards. Skeeter came up with the story by eavesdropping on Harry and Hermione’s conversation. Turns out, she was an unregistered Animagus and could turn into a beetle. When Hermione finds this out, she captures Rita in a jar in her beetle form and threatens to report her unless she stops writing lies.

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Her Biggest Fear Was Failing

In their third year, Remus Lupin introduces his Defense Against the Dark Arts class to Boggarts. These shapeshifters’ true forms are not entirely known, as they take on the appearance of whatever their opponent fears the most. Hermione never gets a chance to face the Boggart in class, much to her disappointment. Ron pokes fun at her, stating that the creature would probably turn into a sheet of parchment with something less than full marks. This turns out to be somewhat true.

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Later, Hermione does gets to face the Boggart, and comes out screaming. When Professor Lupin asks her what’s happened, Hermione tearfully tells him that the creature took the form of Professor McGonagall, who told her that she had failed all of her classes.

Harry Potter: Hermione’s Best Outfits In The Franchise

How Well Do You Know Hermione Granger ?

While Harry Potter’s Hermione Granger isn’t a fashion plate, her looks change a lot over time. From dances to polyjuice potions, here are her best.

Hermione Granger is not what you would call a fashion plate, and that’s fine. The character goes from the adorkable early years at Hogwarts to a more mature look beginning with Goblet of Fire. As the franchise progresses, her looks become more and more no-nonsense. By the time we get to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Hermione is a seriously important witch. Her clothes say that in volumes.

And let’s not forget the hilarious occasions when Polyjuice Potions transform her looks and her clothes. Here are 10 of what we think are Hermione’s best looks.

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Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire

Hermione is horrified by the cruelty that house-elves suffer, and establishes S.P.E.W., the Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare, as an effort to gain basic rights for them. She is Bulgarian Quidditch prodigy Viktor Krum‘s date at the Yule Ball of the Triwizard Tournament. The proper pronunciation of her name is interjected into the plot when she teaches it to Krum the best he can do is “Herm-own-ninny,” but she has no problem with it. She later gets into a heated argument with Ron after he accuses her of “fraternising with the enemy” about her friendship with Krum. In the book, Hermione’s feelings toward Ron are hinted at when she says that Ron can’t see her “like a girl,” but Krum could. She supports Harry through the Triwizard Tournament, helping him prepare for each task. At the end of the second task, Krum asks her to come to see him over the summer in Bulgaria, but she politely declines. Near the end of the term, she stops fraudulent tabloid reporter and unregistered Animagus, Rita Skeeter, who had published defamatory material about Hermione, Harry, and Hagrid during the Triwizard Tournament, by holding her Animagus form captive in a jar.

Her Yule Ball Dress Was Originally Quite Different

In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Hermione’s true coming of age story is highlighted when she descends down the steps in a gorgeous purple and pink gown. Her Yule Ball ensemble is clearly the most stunning, and fans of the film were pleasantly surprised with this wardrobe. However, her famous gown is actually very different from how it is described in the books.

In true wizard fashion, all of the students wore dressy robes to the ball. The book tells us that Hermione wore robes of a “floaty, periwinkle-blue material.” Fans have taken to Photoshop tor re-imagine her layered Yule Ball dress in its rightful color scheme, and it honestly looks gorgeous either way.

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Harry Potter And The Half

New Potions professor Horace Slughorn invites Hermione to join his “Slug Club”, and she helps Ron retain his spot on the Gryffindor Quidditch team when she casts a confund spell on Cormac McLaggen, causing him to miss his last save attempt during Keeper tryouts. Hermione’s feelings for Ron continue to grow and she decides to make a move by inviting him to Slughorn’s Christmas Party, but he romances Lavender instead in retaliation for his belief that Hermione had kissed Krum years earlier. She attempts to get even by dating McLaggen at the Christmas party, but her plan goes awry and she abandons him midway through the party. Ron and Hermione continually feud with each other until he suffers a near-fatal poisoning from tainted mead, which frightens her enough to reconcile with him. Following Dumbledore’s death, Ron and Hermione both vow to stay by Harry’s side regardless of what happens. A minor subplot in the book is that Hermione and Harry form a rivalry in Potions, as Hermione is used to coming first in her subjects and is angered that Harry outperforms her undeservedly by following tips and different instructions written in the margins of Harry’s potions book by the previous owner. Hermione is also the only one of the trio to successfully pass her Apparition test .

Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

LEGO 76393 Harry Potter Harry Potter & Hermione Granger – Smyths Toys

Hermione buys a cat named Crookshanks, who takes to chasing Ron’s pet rat, Scabbers. Before the start of term, Professor McGonagall secretly gives Hermione a Time-Turner, a device which enables her to go back in time and handle her heavy class schedule, though this is not revealed until the penultimate chapter. Much tension comes into play between Hermione and her two best friends Harry is furious with her because she told McGonagall that he had received a Firebolt, which was confiscated to be inspected for traces of dark magic. Ron is angry because he feels Crookshanks is responsible for Scabbers’ disappearance, while Hermione fiercely maintains that Crookshanks is innocent.

While filling in for Remus Lupin in one Defence Against the Dark Arts class, Snape labels Hermione “an insufferable know-it-all” and penalises Gryffindor after she speaks out of turn in her attempt to describe a werewolf when no one else does. She correctly deduces Lupin’s secret after completing Snape’s homework assignment from the class. Crookshanks proves vital in exposing Scabbers as Peter Pettigrew, an erstwhile friend of James and Lily Potter, who revealed their whereabouts to Lord Voldemort the night of their murders, and was able to wrongly implicate Sirius Black in the Potters’ deaths. The Time-Turner enables Hermione and Harry to rescue Sirius and the hippogriff Buckbeak.

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She Used Sleekeazy’s Hair Potion For The Yule Ball

The moment that Hermione arrives at the Yule Ball in the novel, it’s not just her blue gown that makes people stop and take notice. This is the first time that Hermione’s hair is described as anything but bushy. With the aid of Sleekeazy’s Hair Potion, Hermione is able to drastically alter her appearance.

In the films, Parvati Patil’s comment, “she looks beautiful” has much less impact, because Watson hadn’t been through such a transformation. However, because Hermione’s real looks are more conventional, seeing her with gorgeous flowing locks, a blue dress, and no buck teeth is simply astonishing for everyone at Hogwarts.

A Very Serious Witch Indeed

Before we get to the Deathly Hallows years in the film, let’s pause and visit Hermione, the Minister of Magic in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. The play has been a huge success on Broadway and London’s West End. Hermione is married to Ron and they have a bubbly daughter named Rose. Her dress sense can best be described as giving off a power vibe, with a slight feminine undertone.

Tailored suits are the name of this Hermione’s game. As might have been expected, it’s Hermione who is the driving force in the marriage. Ron is working at his brother’s magic shop and being a very supportive husband. Most of the time.

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