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What Does Hermione Say When She Waves Her Wand

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It’s All Krum’s Fault

The Noble Collection: Hermione Granger’s Wand

As we mentioned earlier, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is a time-travel story that allows us to see the butterfly effect: how changing one small event can lead to huge, unexpected changes. The play virtually confirms a pretty awkward reality for Ron and Hermione fans: they would never have gotten together if not for Viktor Krum.

Or, more accurately, Rons jealousy of Krum.

Due to time-travel shenanigans, Hermione doesnt go to the Yule Ball with Krum, and Ron ends up marrying Padma Patil instead!

Ultimately, this is a really hard pill to swallow for fans of Ron and Hermione because it basically confirms that their relationship is was prompted by petty jealousy. If Ron was not jealous of Hermione’s affection for Krum, their relationship may never have happened

What Expecto Patronum Means

The Patronus Charm Expecto Patronum, the spell that conjured up Harrys magnificent stag Patronus, roughly translates into I expect a guardian in Latin, which is apt. In Ancient Rome, the word patronus meant protector, too, but with very different connotations.

When She Ditched Divination

If we had to guess which Hogwarts student would be most likely to storm out of a classroom mid-lesson, Hermione wouldnt even make the list yet thats exactly what happened. As a lover of firm facts and theories, our favourite bookworm just couldnt get her head around the woolly predictions of Divination, and struggled to hide her scepticism.

When Professor Trelawney tried to turn the tables and suggest that perhaps she simply didnt possess the skills to be successful, Hermione decided shed had more than enough tea and proceeded to make a rather dramatic exit. Despite Trelawney later being unmasked as the originator of the big prophecy , Hermione was not impressed. Professor McGonagall would probably have approved.

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Jk Rowling Made A Mistake

For some fans, Ron and Hermione are one of the great love stories in all of literature. They have the obvious spark that comes from opposites attracting, and the onscreen chemistry between Rupert Grint and Emma Watson really sells us on the relationship. However, one person isnt fully sold: Potter author J.K. Rowling!

In an old interview with Wonderland Magazine involving Rowling and Watson, Rowling admits that she pushed Ron and Hermione together as a form of wish fulfillment. She said it was a choice I made for very personal reasons, not for reasons of credibility. To twist the knife even further, Rowling admitted that In some ways Hermione and Harry are a better fit.

While she stopped short of saying Hermione and Harry should have gotten married , this still seems bad for fans of Ron and Hermione.

Ron Sacrifices Himself For Hermione

Post the best picture of Hermione using her wand for props ...

As we mentioned, things look grim for Ron and Hermiones relationship for the bulk of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, as they are shown as never having gotten together in multiple alternate realities. However, we do see a huge gesture from Ron when he literally gives his life for Hermione.

In one of these terrible alternate realities, Harry has been taken out and Voldemort rules the world. Dementors chase down dissenting wizards, and in one instance, they are closing in on Ron and Hermione. The injured Ron has a chance to run away but instead sticks by Hermiones side, choosing to lose his life with with her rather than abandon her.

It seems like even when reality tears them apart, Ron is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for Hermione.

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When She Had A Schoolgirl Crush On Gilderoy Lockhart

Its an understatement to say that Hermione was clever. She was bright, perceptive and usually a pretty good judge of character. Unless that character was Gilderoy Lockhart.

Maybe it was those blinding pearly whites or his gleaming blond coiffure, but Hermione wouldnt hear a bad word against him. Despite Harry and Rons protests, even rampaging Cornish pixies couldnt convince her otherwise. Dont worry Hermione, weve all been there love certainly can be blind sometimes!

At Least Some Of Her Anger Towards The Half

Dont get us wrong, Sectumsempra proved to be a nasty business but Hermione disliked the Prince long before Harry impulsively unleashed that dark little spell on Malfoy. Hermione initially distrusted the book because she thought it could be dangerous, Tom Riddle-diary style, but it turned out to just be a Potions book that gave Harry little pointers to transform him into a better student than she.

Turns out that Hermione wasnt enjoying being the second-best student in the class for once, especially coming second to someone who was deviating from the set instructions and lets face it sort of cheating. But despite all the misgivings, the Half-Blood Prince did do the trio a few favours. It won Harry the Felix Felicis that proved rather helpful later on, and it inadvertently saved Rons life by advising Harry to give him a bezoar.

Fair play to Hermione, however, for figuring out that the Prince was something to do with an old Hogwarts student called Eileen Prince…

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Harry Potter And The Contradictions About Racial Justice

The idea of a black Hermione is fantastic in pushing against the idea that fictional heroes are white by default but it also points to inconsistencies in the series

Hermione is black, and fans are understandably thrilled. When Noma Dumezweni was cast as an adult Hermione in the London theatrical production Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the internet gave an enthusiastic cheer. JK Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series, quickly pointed out that this is fully consistent with canon. In the books, Hermiones main features are brown eyes and frizzy hair. Her skin color is not mentioned, but could certainly be black.

As Chitra Ramaswamy writes, part of whats great about a black Hermione is that it pushes against the idea that fictional characters, and fictional heroes, are white by default. It also resonates with Harry Potters themes the series, as Ramaswamy says, is as much about the evils of racial supremacy as anything else.

A black Hermione also highlights the contradictions in Harry Potters stance against racial supremacy. As with many supervillains, Voldemorts evil is based in a pseudo-eugenic ideology. He thinks pureblood wizards are superior, and that mudbloods and Muggles should serve them, or be blotted out, or both.

Early Hints In Prisoner Of Azkaban

Ron and Hermione Most Perfect Moments | Harry Potter Compilation | Wizarding World

A constant topic of debate among Potter fans is exactly how faithfully the Harry Potter movies translated their respective texts. It seems like the movies are always playing catch-up to the richer, fuller universe of the books. However, on one special occasion, a movie actually predicted the course of the books before anyone knew what was coming!

For Ron and Hermione fans, it actually took a really long time for their relationship to get going: if you remember, they werent officially together until the final book!

However, one person who saw what was coming was Prisoner of Azkaban director Alfonso Cuaron. In his movie, we clearly see Ron and Hermione holding hands during class and also at the Shrieking Shack, which goes nicely with seeing Ron swoon after she punches Malfoy.

When you go back and watch these quiet moments, it becomes downright weird to think it takes their onscreen romance so long to fully bloom.

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Rumors Of Hermione’s Affair With Krum

If you look back, there wasnt a lot of real competition for Hermiones affection. This was partly because she only had eyes for Ron and partly because she intimidated the various boys at Hogwarts. However, one boy she liked was Viktor Krum.

As it turns out, gossip about Krum and Hermione continued for a great many years!

On the Pottermore website, J.K. Rowling has been able to flesh out her universe in many exciting ways. In one entry, she revealed that Viktor Krum came out of retirement to play one last game at the 2014 Quidditch World Cup. Hermione and Ron were in attendance, and Rita Skeeter covered the game. Skeeter hinted that Hermione and Krum might still have some love between them.

While this is likely untrue, its interesting to think that Hermiones Yule Ball date was making waves so many years later!

Ron Weasley Quotes In Harry Potter And The Half

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceHarry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceChapter Four: Horace SlughornQuotes

In spite of the feeling of dread that had just swept through him, his spirits could not help but lift at the sight of it. Ron was in thereand so was Mrs. Weasley, who could cook better than anyone he knew

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They Renew Their Vows

Ever since J.K. Rowling admitted that pairing Harry and Hermione together would have made more sense than pairing Ron and Hermione, fan debate over this romance has been reignited. However, we get a powerful argument for their love in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child when Ron decides to renew his vows with Hermione.

Of course, Ron does it in his own weird and goofy style: he laments that he was young and very drunk the first time and that he cant remember much of it. However, he loves her passionately to this day, and would like the opportunity to say so in front of lots of other people. Again. Sober.

Hermione is overjoyed at Ron learning this romantic trick from the Muggles and seeing how devoted he still is to their relationship.

Hermione Is Drawn Caucasian

Post the best picture of Hermione using her wand for props ...

The US versions of the Harry Potter books had chapter illustrations that were hand-chosen by JKR. Although it’s a little hard to see the detailing, in the pictures that contain Hermione, she certainly appears to be white/Caucasian. There’s no substantial shading and her colouration appears to be the same as Ron’s and Harry’s.

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Accio Or Wingardium Leviosa

I cannot even begin to describe the horrifying agony that comes with wanting to change the channel despite the television remote control being too far out of reach. Now you have to abandon the comfort of your sofa to retrieve it unless you can make it come to you.

There are a couple of Harry Potter spells that come in handy when retrieving foreign objects, the most effective being Accio, which summons any object of your choice right to you immediately. If you dont mind taking your time with it a bit more, use Wingardium Leviosa, the Levitation Charm, to make the object float toward you.

The Levitation Charm would also be a great help with rescuing cats stuck in trees, rearranging or transporting furniture, or serve as a wonderful alternative to elevators if you dont feel like using the stairs. It has also proven effective in prank wars.

Harry Potter: 16 Things Only True Potterheads Know About Ron And Hermiones Relationship

Ron and Hermione were the couple everyone was rooting for in Harry Potter. Here’s what we missed in the movies.

Harry Potter has taken its rightful place as one of our major pop culture touchstones. While it started as a series of beloved books, its now includes a franchise’s worth of movies, theme parks, and more licensed memorabilia than you can shake Rons broken wand at.

This means that there are fans of these characters all over the world. And if theres one things fans love to obsess over, its the romantic lives of their favorite characters. Thats why Ron and Hermiones relationship is an absolutely epic love story to Potter fans everywhere.

In both the books and the movies, we got to see these characters grow closer and eventually get together. Their adventures are so well-documented that you might think you know everything about these characters. However, there are several secrets about these characters and their relationship that not even Dumbledore could have predicted!

Some of these secrets fundamentally alter what we know about their love and their future. Others will ensure that you never look at your favorite movie scenes the same way again. Finally, some of them will make you wonder if you ever really knew Ron and Hermione at all!

Keep reading to discover 16 Things Only True Potterheads Know About Ron And Hermiones Relationship.

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Hermione Is Described As Having A ‘white Face’

âOne moment, please, Macnair,â came Dumbledoreâs voice. âYou need to sign, too.â The footsteps stopped. Harry heaved on the rope. Buckbeak snapped his beak and walked a little faster.

Hermioneâs white face was sticking out from behind a tree.

âHarry, hurry!â she mouthed.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – Chapter 21: “Hermione’s Secret”

Note, however that JKR has now gone on record as stating that this was not indicative of her race:

âI had a bunch of racists telling me that because Hermione âturned whiteâ â that is, lost colour from her face after a shock â that she must be a white woman, which I have a great deal of difficulty with. But I decided not to get too agitated about it and simply state quite firmly that Hermione can be a black woman with my absolute blessing and enthusiasm.â

The Keeper Of The Keys

What Happened to Hermione Granger’s Parents? – Harry Potter Explained
  • Enter, stranger, but take heed
Of what awaits the sin of greed,
For those who take, but do not earn,
Must pay most dearly in their turn,
So if you seek beneath our floors
A treasure that was never yours,
Thief, you have been warned, beware
Of finding more than treasure there.

  • pg. 78
  • Engraved on the doors of Gringotts Bank
  • ‘Curious indeed how these things happen. The wand chooses the wizard, remember…. I think we must expect great things from you, Mr Potter…. After all, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named did great things terrible, yes, but great.’
  • pg. 85
  • Spoken by Garrick Ollivander, the Wandmaker

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Everyone But Them Saw It Coming

As a fan of Ron and Hermiones relationship, its difficult to sometimes remember that it took their relationship so long to get started. However, as with many real-life couples, there were quite a few who saw their relationship coming from miles away, even if they had not already taken the Divination class.

For instance, when Harry Potter runs into Hermiones ex, Viktor Krum, Viktor asks if Ron and Hermione are together now. Harry responds sort of.

Speaking of Viktor, plenty of students saw the weird fallout between Ron and Hermione when she told Ron he should have asked her to the Yule Ball.

As we mentioned, Azkaban director Alfonso Cuaron knew, putting hints of it in his movie. Even studious Rowling fans knew, as she mentioned way back in 2000 that something was going on between Ron and Hermione but that Ron simply hadnt noticed.

How Come Hermione Tried Spells Before Boarding The Hogwarts Express

OK, so here is a sequence of facts:

  • It’s prohibited to use magic in Muggle areas.

  • Before boarding Hogwarts Express, Hermione lived in a Muggle area.

  • Hermione and her parents must have been told, upon getting a wand, about restrictions on use of magic. Or she would have read about it in Hogwarts: A History or some other book.

  • If so, this being Hermione, she would never have violated the rules.

  • Yet, Hermione told Ron in the beginning of PS, on the train, that she already successfully tried out some spells after witnessing him trying to turn the rat yellow. This was right after they boarded Hogwarts Express, so she must have done it before.

So, how could she have possibly practiced any magic?

I’d strongly prefer canon or JKR based answer if available.

Based on the following quotes I suggest Hermione had time to practice these spells on the train.

“I just take the train from platform nine and three-quarters at eleven o’clock.”


Around half past twelve there was a great clattering outside in the corridor and a smiling, dimpled woman slid back their door and said “Anything off the cart, dears?”

After the chocolate frogs, many as Harry had a few cards, Neville arrives in the compartment

There was a knock on the door of their compartment and the round-faced boy Harry had passed on platform nine and three-quarters came in.


He had just raised his wand when the compartment door slid open again. The toadless boy was back, but this time he had a girl with him.

Theory 1

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When She Was Bested By A Boggart

She might have achieved the highest grades in the year, but Hermione still became ever so slightly highly strung around exam time. Panicking over every last detail, it was rare that she actually came up against anything she couldnt handle but then again, she wasnt betting on a Boggart. Or rather, what it turned into.

So what was it? A soul-sucking Dementor? The most horrific Hungarian Horntail? Ron snogging Lavender Brown? Worse. During her third year Defence Against the Dark Arts practical exam, her Boggart transformed itself into a stern Professor McGonagall who went on to announce shed failed everything. Lets just say it took her a while to digest the situation.

And finally, an honorary mention…

How were the Runes? said Ron, yawning and stretching.I mis-translated ehwaz, said Hermione furiously. It means partnership, not defence I mixed it up with eihwaz.Ah well, said Ron lazily, thats only one mistake, isnt it, youll still get Oh, shut up! said Hermione angrily.Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

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