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How Do You Spell Harry Potter

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How Do You Pronounce These Harry Potter Spells

How to Make a Harry Potter Wizard Spell | CyberLink PowerDirector 11 Ultimate

Where do you stand on “Accio”?

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  • The Sound Of Silencio

    Working on animals as well as humans, the Silencing Charm is guaranteed quiet time.

    It’s perfectly okay to use on kids , though it does take a practiced hand. Hogwarts students are taught this spell during their fifth year, and it’s known to be a particularly tricky one to master. Get it wrong, and it can have the opposite effect the target begins to swell and screech.

    Hermione Granger found this out the hard way in Professor Flitwick’s Charms class. The students were given frogs and ravens to practice the Silencing Charm on, and, in a very non-Hermione moment, the brightest witch of her age messes up, turning Harry’s frog into a balloon animal. Silencio is thought to be the spell that Harry accidentally used non-verbally on his menace of an aunt, Marjorie Dursley, who started to swell and float after unfairly and unwisely berating him in “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.”

    Flipendo Was A Basic Jinx & Would Have Been Taught In First Year

    Professor Quirrell’s Defence Against The Dark Arts classes were never shown in the first Harry Potter movie, other than Professor McGonagall interrupting one to fetch Oliver Wood in order to introduce him to Harry. However, he allegedly taught the Knockback Jinx to first years, which had previously been a part of the Charms class curriculum with Professor Flitwick.

    The Knockback Jinx, better known as Flipendo, is mainly known for its video game appearances, although it has also been used on Harry himself on multiple occasions, seemingly being the spell that Snape silently used on Harry while making his escape in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. While the various formats in the franchise can become confused and intertwined, Flipendo is one of the most well-known spells that Harry never verbally used in the movies.

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    Harry Potter: The 10 Easiest Spells To Perform

    From the infamous Expelliarmus to the lesser-known Muffliato, here are the ten easiest to spells to cast in the Harry Potter Wizarding World.

    After reading or watching the Harry Potter series, nearly every person who was compelled by the story also dreamed of becoming a witch or wizard themselves. And that comes as no surprise, because who hasn’t at least once fantasized about what it would be like to have magical powers or live in a world where that kind of magic was real?

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    However, the wizarding world of Harry Potter doesn’t make things easy for the average witch or wizard. Yes, they’re gifted with magical powers, but they still have to learn how to use those magical powers and actually execute the spells and charms that are designed to achieve their particular aims. There are many spells in the Harry Potter world that are actually quite difficult to do properly and do well, but of course there are some spells that even the most inexperienced witch or wizard can pull off easily. And these are the 10 easiest spells to perform.

    Oculus Reparo Was A Spell That Harry Should Have Been Using Himself

    124 best images about Harry Potter on Pinterest

    The Mending Charm, Reparo, is a wizard or witch’s best friend in terms of being able to repair and maintain a wide range of items. It is first introduced along with Hermione Granger on the first Hogwarts Express journey to Hogwarts in the first movie, but with a twist. Hermione actually uses a variant of the spell called Oculus Reparo, which focuses on fixing broken glasses.

    For whatever reason, throughout the movies and books, Harry always has other people fixing his own glasses with the spell. The basic Mending Charm is on the curriculum for Charms class, being taught to first years, and Harry utilizes the spell in the books to fix broken objects, but never uses the variant that would certainly be beneficial to him.

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    How To Use Siri Harry Potter Spells And Make Your Phone Magic

    How many of you dreamt of becoming a wizard growing up?

    Dressing in a cloak and waving around a stick was commonplace for many children growing up at the height of Harry Potters popularity.

    The novels introduced a generation into the magic world of reading and the film series which began in 2001 went on to become one of the most successful and beloved movie franchises of all time.

    Recently, audiences were invited to revisit this exhilarating universe courtesy of the Harry Potter 20th Anniversary Return to Hogwarts special, with the original cast shedding light on the experience.

    Not only that, but your phone invites you to get into the spirit too. So, lets talk about how to use Siri Harry Potter spells

    A Closer Look At A Few Spells

    Heres a closer look at some of them: The spell Alohomora is used to open and unlock doors. The word is supposedly from the West African Sidiki dialect and means friendly to thieves.

    Need to make invisible ink appear? Try the spell Aparecium, which supposedly derives from the Latin appareo, meaning to become visible or to appear.

    Heres a fun one: Confringo. It causes something to explode in flames. The spell is likely derived from Latin and means to break in pieces, to bring to naught.Densuageo is derived from two Latin words: dens, which means tooth, and , which means to enlarge. The spell causes the victims teeth to grow quickly.

    The spell Episkey is derived from the Greek episkeu, which means repair, restoration. Its used to heal minor injuries, such as Harry Potters broken nose in Half-Blood Prince.Protego Horribilis is also used in Deathly Hallows. It provides protection against Dark Magic and comes from the Latin protego, meaning to protect, and horribilis, meaning horrible.Scourgify, which is a spell used to get something clean, such as Hedwigs cage, is likely a play on the word scour.

    The spell Tarantallegra makes a victims legs dance uncontrollably. Its likely that it combines the Italian allegra, which means joyful, and tarantella, which is a Southern Italian folk dance with rapid movements.

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    Harry Potter: 10 Spells Harry Technically Knows

    There were several spells that were obviously or allegedly a part of their school curriculum but were never actually seen being used by Harry Potter.

    Upon its introduction as a franchise back in 1997 with the books and later with the movies, the Harry Potter franchise was a breath of fresh air to readers and audiences worldwide, with the pure magic of it all.

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    With spells and magic being the name of the game in the Harry Potter universe, the audience was essentially learning about spells and all things magic at the same time as the students. However, just because all manner of spells and charms were taught in classes and used by all sorts of witches and wizards, doesn’t mean that the main characters, particularly Harry, were seen utilizing all of them. There were several spells that were obviously or allegedly a part of their school curriculum but were never actually seen being used by Harry, even if he may have known them.

    Reparo Is The Clumsy Person’s Best Friend

    How to Make Basic Harry Potter Spells

    If you’re a Harry Potter fan and you wear glasses, chances are you’re already aware of Oculus Reparo, a variation on one of the most useful spells featured in the franchise. Also known as the Mending Charm, Reparo allows the user to restore just about anything to its original state. Dropped your favorite coffee mug? Fixed in an instant. Cracked your TV moving home? Good as new. Blown your bedroom door off messing around with potions? No problem. In fact, you could trash your entire house from top to bottom and put it all right again in a jiffy using this incredible spell.

    When Hogwarts headmaster Albus Dumbledore attempts to recruit Horace Slughorn for a teaching post at the start of “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” he finds him hiding out in a wrecked muggle home. In the book, the on-the-run Slughorn helps put things back in order via Reparo, but in the movie, Dumbledore does it solo. The Mending Charm fixes everything in the room: the mirror, the grand piano, even the chandelier , leaving Harry in awe of the spell’s power.

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    Voldemort Lucius Malfoy And Snape: The Shrieking Shack In The Book The Boathouse In The Movie

    When Harry searches Voldemort’s mind to find Nagini in the books, he’s in the Shrieking Shack, but in the movie, this scene occurs in the boathouse. In the novel, Harry, Ron, and Hermione put the Invisibility Cloak on and go together to the Shrieking Shack. On the way, they save Draco again and see Hagrid dragged away by his beloved Acromantulas. Luna and Seamus also help Harry and his friends cast a Patronus charm to fend off the Dementors. The movie shows the trio without the cloak, and the scene skips ahead to the Patronus, which is cast by Aberforth Dumbledore .

    Then there’s the heartbreaking scene of Voldemort killing Snape. In the book, Snape picks up on the danger and lifts his wand before Voldemort has Nagini bite his throat. In The Deathly Hallows Part 2, Snape doesn’t attempt to defend himself, and Voldemort slits his throat with a spell before Nagini bites him. Harry goes into the house alone in the movie, and retrieves Snape’s tears for the Pensieve, whereas in the book, he retrieves his memory wisps, much like Dumbledore is seen doing earlier in the saga. The movie also added Snape’s final line, “You have your mother’s eyes,” hinting at his undying love for Lily Potter.

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    The Final Duel: Great Hall In The Book Schoolyard In The Movie

    Rowling’s original story has Harry duel Voldemort in front of everyone else, in the Great Hall, but the movie’s final showdown happens outside, as director David Yates commented he wanted a Western aesthetic to it. Harry goes into the Great Hall in the books and witnesses several fights: Ron and Neville vs. Fenrir Greyback, McGonagall, Slughorn, and Kingsley vs. Voldemort, and Hermione, Ginny, and Luna fighting Bellatrix Lestrange. When Bellatrix almost kills Ginny, Molly Weasley delivers her famous “Not my daughter, you bitch!” and kills the dark witch.

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    In the Harry Potterbook version of the aftermath, Harry, Ron, and Hermione go to Dumbledore’s office and are applauded by all the portraits, including a teary Dumbledore. Harry uses the Elder Wand to repair his old wand, then returns it to Dumbledore’s grave. In the movie, however, the friends share a peaceful moment on the stone bridge, and Harry snaps the Elder Wand in half, throwing it over the bridge.

    • Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore Release date: Apr 15, 2022

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    Bombarda & Bombarda Maxima Could Blow Through Doors & Walls Respectively

    Known as the Exploding Charm, Bombarda is used by Hermoine in The Prisoner of Azkaban when breaking Sirius out of a Hogwarts holding cell, which allows him to escape with Buckbeak. The charm simply detonates the target in a compact explosion, but there is also a stronger version called Bombarda Maxima.

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    This is used in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by Dolores Umbridge, when blasting through the Room of Requirement’s walls, in order to detain and bring an end to the DA club. Bombarda was actually on the Charms class curriculum at Hogwarts, with fourth years being taught the spell, but Harry was never seen using it, opting for other destructive and forceful spells instead.

    Care Of Magical Creatures

    Printable Harry Potter Spells and Charms Matching Game ...

    Care of Magical Creatures is the class which instructs students on how to care for magical beasts. Classes are held outside the castle. In Harry’s first two years, the class is taken by Professor Silvanus Kettleburn who then retires “in order to enjoy more time with his remaining limbs”. Dumbledore then recruits the gamekeeper Rubeus Hagrid to accept a teaching position along with his gamekeeping duties. Although Hagrid is obviously very experienced and knowledgeable, he doesn’t “have a normal person’s view of what’s dangerous”, an example being that the Care of Magical Creatures students were required to get a literally ferocious textbook called the “Monster Book of Monsters”, and so consistently misjudges the risk that the animals he uses in his lessons pose to his students, which sometimes results in chaos. When Hagrid is absent, his lessons are taken over by Wilhelmina Grubbly-Plank, a witch and an acquaintance of Dumbledore’s.

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    Is It Any Good

    There are less expensive magic wand apps but none that offer as much authentic Harry Potter atmosphere as this one from the movie studio. The music, graphics and clipped English voice welcoming you to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry set the properly magical mood before you must delve into the serious business of learning your incantations and how to wave your device. Older teens might not be enchanted, but true Potter fans will have fun pretending, especially if there’s a similarly equipped friend they can invite over for a duel.

    Does The Lumos Spell Work On Android

    You can get the Lumos spell to work on Android, too, with a bit of charm preparation.

    Android phones don’t have built-in voice assistants, but many users have downloaded Google Assistant, which works in the same way as Apple’s Siri.

    The free app needs to be downloaded and can be set to activate when you hold down phone-specific buttons. From there, you can say, “Hey Google, Lumos” and the spell will work a charm. This also works for Nox and Accio commands.

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    Lumos Solem Was A Stronger Variation Of Lumos

    Lumos is a commonly used spell throughout the Harry Potter franchise, but it also has its different variations, allowing it to be more than a simple illumination spell. Hermione uses Lumos Solem to deal with the Devil’s Snare in the first movie, but despite audiences just assuming that she knew this because she is clever, it is insinuated that the spell was taught to all students in their Herbology classes, with Hermione trying to recall what Professor Sprout had previously taught them.

    Lumos Solem is an exaggerated form of Lumos in the sense that it produces a blinding flash and radiance of sunlight, making its usefulness stretch far beyond simply lighting up a dark room.

    The Gray Lady And The Story Of The Ravenclaw Diadem

    How Is A Spell Created? – Harry Potter Explained

    While everyone else is preparing for battle, Harry must find Voldemort’s last Horcruxes and destroy them before he can fight him. These are the Ravenclaw diadem, Nagini, and himself . In the book, Harry realizes it’s the diadem through a telepathic moment with Voldemort, then finds the Gray Lady via Nearly Headless Nick. In the film, it’s Luna Lovegood who both thinks of the diadem and points Harry toward the Gray Lady.

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    The movie also changed and streamlined the story of the diadem itself. In the book, Helena explains to Harry that she stole the diadem from her mother, Rowena Ravenclaw, and that when her mother was fatally ill, she wanted to see her one last time, so she sent the Bloody Baron to get her. Helena hid the diadem in a forest, and when she refused the Baron’s advances, he killed Helena, then killed himself out of guilt. Centuries later, a charming student named Tom Riddle convinced Helena to give him the location of the diadem and later, Harry figures out the diadem must be in the Room of Requirement. In The Deathly Hallows Part 2, however, Harry convinces Helena to tell him where the diadem is because he wants to destroy it.

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    Siri Harry Potter Spells Explained

    Using iOSs Siri you can access a handful of Harry Potter-inspired features.

    Working on both iPhones and Androids, on the other hand, is the spell Lumos. In the films and novels, saying this spell allows you to illuminate the room.

    It works the exact same way with your phone, as saying it turns your flashlight on. If youre having issues getting it to work, it may be worth saying Hey Siri beforehand. To get it to turn off, on the other hand, simply say Nox.

    Although this sounds like it may have been introduced for the recent reunion special, it turns out that some Potterheads discovered this wonderful feature as early as 2016.

    Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts | Official Trailer | Amazon Prime

    Anapneo Would Be A Real Life Saver

    Albus Dumbledore went to great lengths to bring Horace Slughorn back to Hogwarts for a second spell as a professor, such is his pedigree as a wizard. The potions master takes great pride in the fact that he taught several students who went on to achieve great things, Harry Potter’s mother among them. He decides to reopen the so-called Slug Club for admission upon his return to the school, inviting a handful of promising youngsters to a dinner party where he can assess them in person.

    Harry is of course on the guest list , and so is Hermione Granger. Also in attendance is a Ravenclaw student named Marcus Belby, whose uncle invented the Wolfsbane Potion. He seems more interested in the food than the conversation, however. Belby shovels so much down that he ends up choking, though that’s nothing to panic about in a world where Anapneo exists this spell instantly clears the airway of the target. It’s the Heimlich maneuver without the hard work.

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