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How To Make Voldemort’s Wand Out Of Paper

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Mythic Origins Of The Elder Wand

DIY Harry Potter Magical Wands using Paper and Tape – Easy and Simple Way to Make Magical Wands
So the oldest brother, who was a combative man, asked for a wand more powerful than any in existence: a wand that must always win duels for its owner, a wand worthy of a wizard who had conquered Death!
The Tale of the Three Brothers

The Elder Tree from which the wand was made

According to The Tale of the Three Brothers , three brothers suspected to be Antioch, Cadmus, and Ignotus Peverell were out travelling when they came to a treacherous river that had been known to claim the lives of many that had attempted to cross it. Taking no chances, the three brothers pulled out their wands and conjured a bridge out of thin air. However, as they began to cross it, they found a hooded figure blocking their path. It was Death himself, dressed in a simple long black cloak. Death felt cheated that the three brothers had outsmarted him and had not drowned in the river, as many others had.

Death gives Antioch Peverell the Elder Wand

Diy Harry Potter Wands

Fans will love these DIY Harry Potter Wands! They light up making the ultimate wizard prop. This Harry Potter craft will bring out your creative wizard. Follow our instructions to make a one-of-a-kind wand that glows! Just imagine the spells youll be able to cast. Lumos!

This post was originally published on October 17, 2017. It was updated on September 28, 2020 with a new craft template.

If youve read my post on how to make a tombstone prop, you know that both Kevin and I have a background in theatre.; We met back in the summer of 1996 as interns at the Goodspeed Opera House, a time that seems eons away now.

Many things have changedwe are older, grayer, and have new careers. But we still have a deep and abiding love for all things theatrical!

When we talked about possible Harry Potter crafts, wands were an obvious choice. You can dress an actor in Hogwarts robes but no one will believe hes a wizard unless he has some killer props!

So, fellow Harry Potter fans, whether youre a Gryffindor or a Slytherin, this ultimate DIY Harry Potter Wands tutorial is for you!

Why is it the ultimate tutorial? Because they light up, of course! But also because this craft is inspired by a very memorable Halloween.

Lets grab a mug of butterbeer and Ill tell you why making lighted wands is so near and dear to my heart!;

The Quill Of Acceptance

According to Pottermore, the Quill of Acceptance is a magical object which detects the birth of a child with magical capabilities. It is located in Hogwarts School, where it records the children’s names in a large book. Professor McGonagall consults the book and sends out the subsequent Hogwarts acceptance letters by owl once the child turns eleven. It has been made very popular due to its use in registering users for the closed beta of Pottermore.

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More Harry Potter Wand Tutorials

Theres a wide variety of Harry Potter wand making tutorials out there. Some of them are doable with a large group of kids. Others will need to be made ahead of time and just given as party favors. Below are some of my favorites.

  • Red Ted Art uses acorns and other nature finds to turn chopsticks into magic wands.
  • Instead of using chopsticks, Mama Smiles uses sticks to create DIY Harry Potter Wands. The results are fantastic.
  • Kitchen Counter Chronicles creates beautiful,;colorful magic wands;with;embroidery floss, beads, and twigs.
  • Adventures in Mommydom gives DIY wands personality with beads and aluminum foil.

How To Make Harry Potter Waydich The Owl With Fondant

How to Make a Wand Out of Paper: 6 Steps (with Pictures)

How To Make Harry Potter Waydich The Owl With Fondant?

What did Harry do with the Elder Wand?;In both the book and the movie, Harry resolutely disposes of the Elder Wand, either by laying it back in Dumbledores tomb or snapping it in half and throwing it off a bridge. In both cases, Harry claimed that no one should have that kind of power.

Is cake a food?;Cake is a form of sweet food made from flour, sugar, and other ingredients, that is usually baked. The most commonly used cake ingredients include flour, sugar, eggs, butter or oil or margarine, a liquid, and a leavening agent, such as baking soda or baking powder.

Who did Dobby drop the cake?;Behind the scenes

In the film, instead of dropping it on the floor, Dobby drops it on Mrs Masons head. Even though it is destroyed, Mr Mason tastes it.

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Drawing On The Hieroglyphs

Nobody knows the meaning of the strange hieroglyphs on the handle of the wand, but they will hopefully be one of the easiest parts of the build to replicate.

If you haven’t got the steadiest of hands when it comes to painting, you may want to begin by giving this section of the wand another coat or two of white paint before you add the symbols.

Using a steady hand and a fine-point marker pen, carefully draw out the symbols onto the wand. Take your time with this step and remember to use plenty of reference images.

Known Masters Of The Elder Wand

Ron Weasley

The Elder Wand was the most powerful wand in existence. Its owner could have used it to cast spells more powerful than any believed to be magically possible. For example, Harry Potter was able to repair his regular Phoenix feather wand using the Elder Wand in 1998, even though broken wands were held, by experts such as Garrick Ollivander, to be damaged beyond magical repair, and despite not having any training in wandlore. Both Ollivander and Voldemort believed that the wand’s legendary powers is the only one capable of overpowering the bond between the latter and Harry, which created such an effect that Harry managed to overcome Voldemort’s attempt to kill him.

Dumbledore duelling Voldemort with the Elder Wand

Voldemort casting the Shield penetration spell with the Elder Wand, to breach Hogwarts protection

When Lord Voldemort used the Elder Wand without mastering it he claimed that the wand only unleashed his regular level of magic and not the unbeatable effects it was rumoured to possess. It’s unknown if the wand would work this way for another who hasn’t mastered it though, as Voldemort has used the wands of others in the past with no handicap, it’s likely that this is his own power rather than that of the Elder Wand.

It did have one redeeming quality like all other wands, however: it refused to harm or kill its master nor those under sacrificial protection.

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Weapon Of The Dark Lord

Over the course of his years at Hogwarts, Riddle’s personality became darker and darker in secret, while to the outside world he appeared to be a model pupil. Inside, however, he was cruel, greedy and murderous, with a disregard for anyone but himself and seeing all others as either obstacles to be overcome or tools to be manipulated. The ends to which Riddle put his wand were less than noble and at times violent in his school years. Although Riddle rose to stardom in the eyes of much of the Hogwarts staff, he was never fully trusted by Albus Dumbledore due to their first encounter at Riddle’s orphanage, where he accidentally let his true personality show in Dumbledore’s presence.

Shortly after this, Riddle created the name of Lord Voldemort from an anagram of the letters of his true name to spare himself the memory of his “filthy Muggle father.” Obsessed with immortality, he began studying Horcruxes from books in the restricted section of the Hogwarts Library and used his wand to create one using his childhood diary through the use of his earlier indirect murder of fellow student Myrtle Warren by means of the Basilisk of the Chamber of Secrets. He later questioned Potions Master Horace Slughorn about what would become of the wizard who made more than one Horcrux, inadvertently revealing his desire to make his soul a seven-part soul. Riddle continued to perfect his use of the Ollivander wand throughout his school career, eventually graduating from Hogwarts in 1945.

How To Make A Wand

Harry Potter Wand from Toilet Paper – Paper Hands

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If you or your children are fans of Harry Potter or just general fantasy, you may want to make a wand. You can also make a wand for use in religious ceremonies. This is a fun, easy activity that can require few tools and materials, so read below for a few different ideas and approaches.

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Make A Simple Natural

  • 1Collect a suitable stick or twig. Pick one that you like the most. Some people choose the wood very carefully for its special meaning or properties. If that idea appeals to you, you may need to spend more time and dedicate more research to finding the appropriate wood.
  • 2Cut the wand to a length that reaches from the tip of your middle finger to your elbow. This is your personal cubit.
  • 3Scrape all the bark off it. Or, leave some bark on it if you prefer a more gnarled, natural appearance to your wand.
  • 4Round off the ends using a cutting knife. Do this very carefully so as not to cut yourself. For those of you making a wand for fun , you can stop here if you like. Your wand is done!
  • 5Make additions to your wand if you wish. If you want to create a friendship token or you wish to incorporate your wand into religious ceremonies, you may wish to add items that carry significant meanings for you. These can include a crystal, a bunch of mixed herbs, or any type of magical stone. Use these items and rub them over the wand. You could also attach them if desired.
  • If you are making a friendship token, it is a good idea to look up the meanings of the wood and herbs so that you can reflect the nature of your friendship through the meanings of the plant material that you use.
  • 7
  • Restoration Of Lord Voldemort

    Cedric’s murder and the ritual

    Bone of the father, unknowingly given, you will renew your son. Flesh of the servant, willingly given, you will revive your master. Blood of the enemy, forcibly taken, you will resurrect your foe.
    Peter Pettigrew conducting the ritual to restore Voldemort

    Harry and Cedric were both transported to the graveyard of Little Hangleton. Voldemort ordered Pettigrew to “kill the spare,” and Cedric was struck with the Killing Curse. To his horror Harry saw a flash of green light then heard the sound of a body hitting the graveyard’s ground. He was then restrained to Tom Riddle Snr’s grave marker so that Pettigrew could cut his arm open and take some of his blood to use in a Darkpotion to restore Voldemort to full power and strength. While taking Harry’s blood Pettigrew refused to make eye-contact, possibly feeling some reluctance regarding his actions.

    The rebirth in progress, Voldemort emerging from the cauldron

    Pettigrew also took a bone from the grave of Tom Riddle Snr and his own hand as part of the potion. Voldemort regained a corporeal body and therefore was returned to full power. He ordered Pettigrew to stretch out his uninjured left arm, bearing the Dark Mark. Voldemort touched it and at once Death Eaters who were loyal or evaded capture came to him at once.


    Main article:Duel in Little Hangleton

    Voldemort tortures Harry with the Cruciatus Curse twice

    The wands of Voldemort and Harry Potter connecting in Priori Incantatem

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    Wand Making At The Harry Potter Party

    Materials Needed:

    • clear glue

    At the party, each child chose a wand. I showed them my example wands for inspiration and provided them with embroidery floss in a rainbow of colors, glittery washi tape, and adhesive gems. They also had washable markers on the table from decorating their goodie bags.

    We used the washi tape to attach the embroidery floss to the wands. You can also tie the string on or use a dab of glue. Sometimes the washi tape needed a little glue as well. I used clear Elmers glue so it wouldnt affect their designs.

    Each child chose a different method of decorating their wands. Some chose to add color or designs to the wand with the washable markers or embroidery floss. Others chose to add washi tape and adhesive gems. Some kids used a combination of materials. Each wand was personalized and unique.

    I should have taken pictures of all of the wands they created, but the party was busy.

    How Do You Make A Chocolate Wand


    Melt chocolate or candy melts to dip your pretzel in. Then take more melted chocolate and drizzle it over the one end of your pretzel to make it look like your wand handle. While the chocolate is wet sprinkle on some fun sugar sprinkles or star sprinkles to add to the magic! Allow your Pretzel wand to cool and enjoy!

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    Using A Wooden Dowel Or Stick

  • 1Get a wooden dowel that is between 10 and 13 inches .XResearch sourceXResearch source You can find them at craft stores; they are usually sold in packs. You can also get a longer dowel and cut it down using a hacksaw.
  • You can also use a stick that you found outside. Make sure that it is no thicker than your finger, close to the length you want it, and fairly straight.
  • 2Sand down one end of the dowel so that it is rounded. This will make the tip.XResearch source You can even sand the wand so that it tapers slightly, just like the wands in the movies. Start with a coarse-grit sandpaper and finish off with a finer grit.
  • If you are using a stick, you’ll want to sand down any sharp, pointy, or jagged ends. You can leave the bark and knobs on the stick, or you can cut/sand them off.
  • 3Use hot glue to build up the handle part, if desired. The handle part is usually about the length of your finger. Use the hot glue to cover the entire handle of your wand. Let the glue harden, and add 2 to 3 more layers, if desired.XResearch source
  • Not all wands have to have a handle. For example, Hermione’s wand did not have a handle on it.
  • Once the hot glue hardens, you can “carve” designs into it with the hot nozzle of the glue gun.
  • Don’t worry about the color; you’ll be painting it later.
  • Consider using watered-down acrylic paint so that the wood’s original texture shows through.
  • Why Cant Voldemort Kill Harry With Malfoys Wand

    Because Voldemort contains Harrys blood, as long as Voldemort is alive he preserves Lily Potters charm, so Harry cant die at his hand. That is why Harrys wand recognized Voldemort and defended against him, turning a bit of Voldemorts highly potent magic back against him and destroying Luciuss wand.

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    Make An Awesome Harry Potter Wand From A Sheet Of Paper And Glue Gun Glue

    Now that Harry Potter fever is upon us once more, I thought you would like to have a go at making some really nice Harry Potter Wands. This is such a simple but effective instructable. With a sheet of paper, some glue and a bit of paint, and about 40 minutes to spare this instructable will show you how you can make a Harry Potter type wand that would not look out of place in the film itself. I designed it and I have already made a load for my kids, even my girlfriend and her 18 year old daughter and her boyfriend wanted one each! For the frist few stages I have drawn pictures of what you have to do and then for the painting part I have taken photos to show you exactly what to do. It’s very simple but the effect is fantastic. For more projects like this visit dadcando where there is more Harry Potter type wizarding projects and a load of other craft printables and templates.If you like this but want more of a challenge which not try it with added magic in the instructable A really magic Harry Potter wand for Lumos and Reveal Your Secrets charms, you get to make a wand with a UV LED at the tip that can reveal secret and otherwise invisible writing. .

    How To Draw Voldemort

    How to make a paper wand.

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    Also known as Tom Marvolo Riddle, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, You-Know-Who, and the Dark Lord, Voldemort is Harry Potter’s archnemesis, the last descendant of Salazar Slytherin. He’s a frightening-looking guy, but don’t let that stop you from learning how to draw him.

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