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How Many Characters In Harry Potter

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Fleur Delacour Clmence Posy

Who Can Name The Most Harry Potter Characters In A Minute? (NEW SHOW!)

Poésys first Harry Potter appearance was midway through the franchise, with Goblet of Fire. She wasnt seen again until Deathly Hallows: Part 1, and Part 2, for her wedding to Bill Weasley and Dobbys funeral at Shell Cottage. After Potter, Poésy has had consistent work, namely a lead role on The Tunnel for 3 seasons. Shes also set to star in Christopher Nolans new film, Tenet, set for release summer 2020.

Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone is the first movie in the Harry Potter Franchise. It introduces the audience to the wizarding world through the eyes of the protagonist, Harry Potter.

The movie follows Harry, who gets informed that he has been enrolled into Hogwarts, a famous wizarding school. Harry meets new friends as well as few enemies as he goes through the school year and discovers more about himself and his parents.

As Harry discovers something secretive is going on at the school, he tries to uncover what it is and alongside his friends meets the person who killed his parents and is now back and after him too.;

How Many Harry Potter Movies Are There And What Are Their Names

The Harry Potter franchise is a massively popular one and most people have at least heard about it. There is a number of movies but most people who arent overly familiar with the franchise wont know how many exactly. The number of books being different from the number of movies confuses people as well. So how many are there exactly?

Despite there being seven books there are actually eight movies that depict the events taking place in the books.

If you want to know the breakdown of each movie and how it corresponds with the books keep reading this article to find out.

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Hermione Likes Almost All Of Her Hogwarts Classes Except For The Ones Taught By This Professor Who Is She

  • Rolanda Hooch
  • Dolores UmbridgeSybill Trelawny
  • Professor Trelawny taught Divination class, which teaches students how to see into the future through the use of objects like tea leaves and crystal balls. Since it doesn’t appear as an “exact science” in the magical sense, Professor Trelawny often received flak for her teaching and her seer talent.

    Kingsley Shacklebolt George Harris

    How Many Harry Potter Characters Do You Know?

    Its been a while since youve heard this name. Harris most famous role was starring as Kingsley in the Harry Potter films, though he also had roles in Raiders of the Lost Ark, Black Hawk Down, and the 2011 Royal National Theatre adaptation of Frankenstein alongside Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller. Since Potter, Harris has kept a low profile.

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    Aunt Marge Pam Ferris

    Most Harry Potter fans will know of Pam Ferris prior to her appearance as Aunt Marge in Prisoner of Azkaban. Ferris played the evil Trunchbull in the childrens classic Matilda back in 1996. Post-Potter, Pam Ferris had a 4-year run on , and most recently had a role in Tolkien, the adaptation of the early years of Lord of the Rings author JRR Tolkiens life.

    Some Characters In The Wizarding World Have Very Identifiable Outer Looks Like This One Who Is She

  • Nymphadora Tonks
  • Arabella FiggMafalda Hopkirk
  • Nymphadora Tonks, or simply known as “Tonks,” is the young Auror who trained under Mad-Eye Moody. One prominent aspect of hers, as elaborated in the books, was her ability to change the color of her hair whenever she pleased, but this wasn’t explored much in the film series.

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    Tom Riddle Hero Fiennes Tiffin/christian Coulson/frank Dillane

    Young Voldemort has had a few actors over the years. The youngest iteration of Tom Riddle was played by Hero Fiennes Tiffin in Half-Blood Prince flashbacks. If that name sounds familiar its because Hero is actually the nephew of Voldemort actor Ralph Fiennes. Hero Fiennes Tiffin can most recently be seen as the lead in Hulus After, based on the best-selling book. Hell be reprising that role in the 2020 sequel After We Collided.

    Diary!Tom Riddle in Chamber of Secrets was played by Christian Coulson . He made multiple television appearances over the years, including Gossip Girl, The Good Wife, and multi-episode arcs in The Good Wife and Mozart in the Jungle.

    The Hogwarts-aged version of Tom Riddle in Half-Blood Prince was played by Frank Dillane. Dillane went on to star in Ron Howards whale blockbuster In the Heart of the Sea, as well as nabbing one of the lead roles in the Walking Dead spinoff show Fear the Walking Dead. Post Fear, Dillane has also had starring roles in three films, including How To Build A Girl alongside fellow Potter actress Emma Thompson.

    In The Wizarding World We See Certain Characters With Very Specific Duties Like This One Who Is This Hogwarts

    Every Death in Harry Potter: A Tribute to 104 Fallen Characters (HP Explained)
  • Silvanus Kettleburn
  • Amycus CarrowArgus Filch
  • Argus Filch is the scary-looking caretaker of Hogwarts, and he is always on the prowl to catch students playing hooky. In the books, he is revealed to be a squib, or those children whose parents both have magical abilities, but they don’t have any magical capability at all.

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    Harry Potter In Translation

    Jump to navigationJump to searchThe Deathly HallowsMoscow

    The Harry Potter series of fantasy novels by J. K. Rowling is one of the most translated series of all time, with the first book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, having been translated into over 76 languages. This includes languages diverse as Azerbaijani, Malayalam and Welsh as well as the dead languages Latin and Ancient Greek. This makes it the longest published work in Ancient Greek since the novels of Heliodorus of Emesa in the 3rd century AD. Additionally, regional adaptations of the books have been made to accommodate regional dialects such as the American English edition or the Valencian adaptation of Catalan.

    For reasons of secrecy, translations were only allowed to begin after each book had been published in English, creating a lag of several months for readers of other languages. Impatient fans in many places simply bought the book in English instead. In France in 2003 the fifth book, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, became the first book in English to top the French best-seller list. Another response to this, and unavailability in certain languages, has been fans creating their own translations unofficially.

    Issues arising in the translation of Harry Potter include cultural references, riddles, anticipating future plot points, and Rowling’s creative names for characters and other elements in the magical world which often involve wordplay and descriptive phonology.

    He’s The Elderly Potions Professor Who Occasionally Invites Important Students In His Select Club Do You Know Him

  • Horace Slughorn
  • Sturgis PodmoreThorfinn Rowle
  • Professor Slughorn is the Potions teacher who came back to Hogwarts, but Dumbledore had a secret agenda as to why he asked the retired professor to teach again. Slughorn was the one who introduced the concept of the horcrux to young Tom Riddle, and Dumbledore asked Harry to find out more about it.

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    This Hogwarts Ghost Was Named Sir Nicholas De Mimsy

  • Xenophilius Lovegood
  • Neville LongbottomRodolphus Lestrange
  • One of best fan theories is that Neville Longbottom was the real chosen one and Lord Voldemort just made a mistake when he chose Harry. A lot of people think that perhaps the entire book series has been following the wrong person and here’s why: Remember that moment in the end when Harry tried to kill Voldemort and failed? And just when all hope seemed lost, Neville rose from the dust and performed the heroic act. There is even a fan fiction that explores what the world of Harry Potter would’ve looked like if Voldemort had chosen to mark Neville as his opponent instead. This long, exciting story makes huge changes to each book.

  • Rubeus HagridViktor Krum
  • The founder of the Order of the Phoenix with a fondness for sherbet lemon, Albus Dumbledore is considered by many to be one of the most powerful wizards of his time. One of the most popular and intriguing Harry Potter fan theories is the idea that legendary wizard Albus Dumbledore is none other than Ron Weasley, grown up and gone back in time. This bizarre idea first surfaced in 2004, known memorably as the Knight2King theory, in which the authors presented a truly impressive amount of circumstantial evidence that Ron/Dumbledore are two sides of the same person.

  • Cuthbert BinnsRegulus Arcturus Black
  • Harry Potter Villains Ranked

    Harry Potter Characters Tier List

    Can you really have a great hero without a great villain? J.K. Rowling is the master of crafting good characters, evil characters, and everything in between. Harry Potter is stocked full of both heroes and villains, though the villains definitely vary from morally ambiguous to pure evil.

    The fact is that so many of the characters in Harry Potter go through intense character development. For example, not all the heroes are always heroic: Harry makes his fair share of stupid decisions, as do plenty of the other good characters. The one thing they have in common is that they strive to do the right thing, even if they donât always know what that is.

    The villains, on the other hand⦠letâs just say the villains arenât as concerned about doing the morally right thing. Theyâve got their own set of morals, which mostly revolve around gaining power and crushing anyone who gets in their way. Sure, some of them arenât that bad â after all, doesnât everyone deserve a second chance? Others, though, have a million chances to switch to the good side, but they instead choose to follow a much darker path. From least villainous to most, here are all the evil characters you love to hate from Harry Potter:

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    Argus Filch David Bradley

    David Bradley is another veteran actor who has the honor of having been in all but one Harry Potter film, the first Deathly Hallows. Hes been in many big name projects including The Strain, Doctor Who, Broadchurch, and playing one of the most hated characters in Game of Thrones. Most recently he played Ricky Gervais dad in After Life on Netflix, and hes set to voice Geppetto in Guillermo Del Toros Pinocchio.

    Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone

  • Snape does not get bitten by Fluffy.
  • Harry, Ron, and Hermione see Quirrell walking up the stairs to the forbidden corridor, and they are seen by Quirrell when they enter Fluffy’s room. In the film and book, they do not know who wants to steal the Stone until the last room, though they believe it to be Snape.
  • The Trio tricks Fluffy with a rubber duck toy in order to distract him so that they can fix the broken Harp.
  • Quirrell and Snape’s rooms to guard the Philosopher’s Stone do not appear.
  • Ron doesn’t fall unconscious during the chess game. Instead, he trips over the chess sword while following Harry and Hermione to the last room.
  • Due to the game’s co-op feature, Harry and Hermione have to fight Voldemort/Quirrell, instead of just Harry. In the movie, Hermione goes and gets Dumbledore.
  • When Quirrell takes off the turban, his head spins backward to reveal Voldemort’s face.
  • When Harry touches Voldemort in the face, his parents applaud for him in the Mirror of Erised. When Harry is knocked unconscious by Voldemort, Harry’s parents laugh at Voldemort, because he can not pick up the Stone because he is only a spirit.
  • In the book and film, Quirrell dies from touching Harry. In the game, Harry fights Quirrell, he pulls Quirrell’s arms off and Quirrell survives but is seen in the Hospital Wing heavily bandaged.
  • The Philosopher’s Stone does not get destroyed.
  • Barty Crouch Snr and Amos Diggory‘s hair colour is grey. However, in the films, they are black.
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    Purists Call Her Mudblood But Her Intelligence Outwits Them All Who Is This Lovely Little Lady

  • Hermione Granger
  • Lavender BrownGinny Weasley
  • Hermione Granger is the bookish know-it-all student who’s just interested in learning at her magic school. For someone who didn’t grow up in a wizarding family, this is fairly understandable, since she can’t get any information from her muggle parents who are both dentists.

    Cornelius Fudge Robert Hardy

    EVERY CHARACTER in LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 (2010)

    Another Harry Potter actor who sadly passed away in 2017 is Robert Hardy. His last Potter film was Order of the Phoenix. He also had roles in Sense and Sensibility with fellow Harry Potter actors Emma Thompson, Gemma Jones, and Alan Rickman; with other Harry Potter actors Kenneth Branagh, Helena Bonham Carter, and John Cleese; Little Dorrit; and Lassie.

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    Seamus Finnigan Devon Murray

    This Gryffindor had a penchant for blowing things up in the Potter films, but hes now put acting on the back burner. You can occasionally find Devon Murray making appearances at fan conventions, but he has mostly traded in films for horses, currently running a stable yard and competing in show jumping.

    Warwick Davis Was 51 Year’s Old This February In Celebration Of The Actor Here Are All Of The Roles He’s Had In The ‘harry Potter’ And ‘star Wars’ Movies

    Warwick Davis is a true icon for two of the biggest fantasy and sci-fi franchises. Fans across the world adore the actor for his various major and minor roles in both series. He’s enjoyed humble appearances in numerous blockbuster movies, so here is a roundup of every single one of them.

    The core ‘Harry Potter’ franchise

    Davis has had three roles in all eight movies of the ‘Harry Potter’ series. Originally cast as an elderly-looking Filius Flitwick the Charms teacher in the first two movies, the professor got a youthful overhaul from ‘Prisoner of Azkaban’ onwards. It was a welcome change, making the character less goblin-like.

    Speaking of Goblins, Davis also played one of Gringotts bank-tellers in ‘Philosopher’s Stone.’ Fast-forward six movies, and he then reprised his goblin role as the conniving Griphook in the final two ‘Deathly Hallows’ movies.

    The actor hasn’t turned up yet in the ‘Fantastic Beasts’ prequel series.

    The core ‘Star Wars’ franchise

    Davis’ first-ever role in the ‘Star Wars’ franchise came in 1983 when he was still a child. Playing Wicket the Ewok in ‘Return of the Jedi,’ it was Davis’ kickstart into the world of blockbuster movies .

    The actor didn’t appear in the franchise again until 1999’s ‘The Phantom Menace.’ Davis had no less than four roles on his return; he played childhood friend to Anakin Skywalker, Wald; weapons dealer Weazel; a Tatooine street trader; and also stood in as Yoda’s body double.

    The ‘Star Wars’ spin-offs

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    Dolores Umbridge Imelda Staunton

    After a perfect performance as the villain you loved to hate, Imelda Staunton went on to star in multiple theatre roles in London in which she received 5 Olivier Award Nominations, including a win for her performance in Gypsy. She has also kept up appearances on the silver screen with roles in both Maleficent films, both Paddington films, and an appearance in the Downton Abbey movie, alongside her husband, and Downton Abbey star, Jim Carter.

    List Of Harry Potter Characters

    10 Harry Potter Characters Who Would Have Done Better In ...

    Below this list you will find; a list of every Harry Potter character in both the books and the movies. The first section is a clean list of Harry Potter characters from the novel, and the second section will be list of HP characters in the film series. If you were looking for a list of Harry Potter Movies, including release dates, click here.

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    Lily Potter Geraldine Somerville

    Geraldine Somerville had a spattering of appearances throughout each Harry Potter film, and continued after Potter with a variety of roles. She recently appeared in The Gentlemen, Guy Ritchies latest film, alongside many Hollywood A-listers. She also had roles in My Week With Marilyn and The Riot Club, as well as in more British-centric projects like 2012s Titanic, and 2017s Prime Suspect 1973.

    Harry Potter And The Half

    The sixth movie follows Harry amidst his sixth year while most of the public is torn between believing that Voldemort is back and following the Ministry promoted opinion which disproves that.

    Harry works with Dumbledore over the course of the year to find Voldemorts weakness and exploit it in the wake of the final battle. Dumbledore brought back his old friend Horace Slughorn as the DADA teacher as he believed Slughorn has crucial information important to defeat Voldemort.

    The movie ends with a group of Deatheaters broke into Hogwarts using Dracos help to do so and killing Dumbledore. This act also reveals a person who was tough to be on the side of our protagonists as a Deatheater.

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    Godfathers Also Abound In The Wizarding World And He Acts As One To Harry Potter What’s His Name

  • Sirius Black
  • Barty Crouch Jr.Cornelius Fudge
  • At first, Harry thought Sirius Black was just another demented prisoner of Azkaban who escaped to kill him. But it turns out that Sirius and Harry’s father go way back, and Sirius is, in fact, his godfather. Harry immediately feels a strong bond with him when he discovers this fact.

    Draco Malfoy Also Had Goons Of His Own And This Guy Is One Of Them Can You Name This Baddie

    Harry Potter: How to Write Characters like J.K Rowling
  • Ernie Macmillan
  • Vincent CrabbeZacharias Smith
  • Vincent Crabbe is one of young Draco Malfoy’s henchman, if you will, along with another Slytherin stooge named Gregory Goyle. But their bravado only lasts for as long as Draco’s, so when his falters, theirs also dissipates, like that time Hermione punched Draco in the face.

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