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Who Is Harry Potter’s Real Dad

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James Potter Harassed Lily Evans


James was definitely far too pushy with Lily at school. His crush on her knew no bounds, and he tried repeatedly to push her into dating him even though she consistently said no.

This is wrong. If a woman says no stop! She’ll let you know if she changes her mind! Teenage boys, however, can be sadly oblivious to this fact because they haven’t grown up enough to know what borders on harassment. He meant no harm, but it doesn’t excuse the behavior. The moment she said no, he should have raised his hands and backed away. But he didn’t. And that’s not a point in his favor.

Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone

Snape first appears in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, shortly after Harry arrives at Hogwarts. He is the school’s Potions Master, though he is widely rumoured to covet the Defence Against the Dark Arts post. Snape himself confirms the rumour in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Snape is a sinister and malicious teacher who makes frequent snide and disparaging remarks at Harry’s expense. He quickly becomes the primary antagonist of the book, as Harry suspects him of plotting to steal the Philosopher’s Stone, and of attempting to kill him. Only the climax of the book reveals that Professor Quirrell, in league with Lord Voldemort, is the real enemy Snape, suspicious of Quirrell, had been looking out for Harry throughout the book. In the final chapter, Dumbledore suggests that because Harry’s father James had saved Snape’s life when they were both students, even though the two detested each other, Snape felt responsible for Harry in return. As the final book reveals, this is not the full story. In any case, even after Quirrell’s true role is revealed, Harry retains feelings of suspicion and resentment towards Snape, and their relationship remains tense. Snape’s behaviour and attitude towards Harry also remain unchanged.

His Final Words Differ In The Final Movie Compared To The Book

Snape’s death is one of the most emotional moments in the series.

In the film, as Harry is holding a dying Snape in his arms, the professor uses his final words to repeat a line we’ve heard from several other characters throughout the series: “You have your mother’s eyes.”

The book, however, is a bit more subtle. He simply says “Look … at … me …,” presumably, so he could see Lily’s eyes one last time.

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Domhnall Played Bill Weasley

Domhnalls journey in Harry Potter is far more straightforward than his fathers. In fact, he doesnt even make an appearance until the penultimate film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. Domhnall was cast as the oldest Weasley child, William Bill Arthur Weasley. Bill was essential in helping Harry escape from Privet Drive after the trace broke on his 17th birthday. His fiancée, Fleur Delacour, took polyjuice potion to transform into Harry Potter so that the Death Eaters wouldnt know who was the real Harry Potter was.

Funnily enough, The Seven Harrys scene is the only scene in which Brendan and Domhnall act alongside one another in the Harry Potter films. In the following scene, when the Order of the Phoenix returns to The Burrow, Bill announces that Mad-Eye has been killed. As Mad-Eye Moody was one of the most powerful wizards, this is a devastating blow to the Order.

James Family Has Ties To The American Wizarding World

Quiz: Which Harry Potter Dad Is Your Dad?

Earlier this year, J.K. Rowling released a series of writings on Pottermore exploring the American Wizarding World and its own school of witchcraft and wizardry. Among all the information, which was preparing fans for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, was a key connection to the Potter family. In the piece about The Magical Congress of the United States , a list of the original twelve American Aurors was revealed. Among those twelve was a wizard named Abraham Potter, who lived in the US around the turn of the 18th Century.

Although it could easily be dismissed as a coincidence — Potter isn’t a super uncommon name, after all — it’s become safe to say that there is no such thing as coincidence when it comes to J.K. Rowling’s writing. According to Rowling, Abraham Potter’s “distant relationship to the famous Harry Potter would be uncovered by eager genealogists centuries later.” At some point, the Potter family tree must have branched off into America from Great Britain, like so many other Muggle families did during that time. Since there are five Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them films in the works spanning from 1926-1945, it’s possible we’ll get to see James Potter’s parents, Fleamont and Euphemia, on screen at some point.

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Jk Rowling Was Asked To Play Lily In The Mirror Of Erised Scenes

Writers of particularly famous book series sometimes make cameos in their TV or movie adaptations. Diana Gabaldon appeared in an episode of Outlander in Season 1, Stephanie Meyer had a couple cameos in the Twilight films, and even E. L. James supposedly appears in the background of a scene in Fifty Shades of Grey. So how about J.K. Rowling?

According to an archived version of the Rumours section of her website, J.K. Rowling was asked to play Lilys part in the Mirror of Erised scenes during Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone. I really am not cut out to be an actress, even one who just has to stand there and wave. I would have messed it up somehow, she wrote.

Even though Lily was a very minor character in the movies, mainly seen in reflections, photographs, and memories, she did appear in every one of the Harry Potter films at various ages. Aside from having no acting ability, J.K. Rowling probably didnt want to put in the time commitment or become just another recast in the Harry Potter films.

Prince Harrys Parents Prince Charles And Princess Diana Were Known To Be Unhappily Wed

Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer in a lavish ceremony at St. Pauls Cathedral on July 29, 1981. While many assumed that it was a love match, in fact, Diana was selected because of her noble birth and because she was 19 years old with no history of boyfriends or scandals behind her.

She quickly found out that Charles was really in love with Camilla Parker Bowles, now his wife and the Duchess of Cornwall, and had been for many years.

He famously carried on an affair with Bowles during his marriage to Diana. He eventually married her, though it was years after both his divorce from Diana and her tragic death.

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Voldemort Killed Snape Who Was Protecting Harry As A Father Even He Has A Sarcastic Character

Voldemort ordered to kill Snape because he thought that he was the master of Elder Wand an immensely strong and powerful wand that Voldemort deeply desired, as well as one of the Deathly Hallows. but in reality, Harry was the master of Elder Wand. After Snapes death, Harry ensured that his portrait must remain in Hogwarts and he honored him as a hero, despite having personal differences. Furthermore, Harry named his son Albus Severus Potter inspiring Snape and Albus Dumbledore who help Harry to kill the evil Voldemort.

Why Did Voldemort Trust Snape So Much

Who is Prince Harrys Real Father ?

He played a double role as being a trusted servant of Voldemort, he killed Dumbledore and informs the secret, but in reality, he was a spy and was protecting Harry from the cruel Voldemort.

4.Why do people think that Snape was Harrys father?

In the first series, there was little confusion, that Snape is Harry,s father because he loved his mother Lily. But when you will watch the whole series you will know James is his real father.

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Severus Snape And The Order Of The Phoenix

Dumbledore assigned Snape yet another task, and it may have been Snapes biggest mission yet: to hang out with Harry Potter. Alright, it was actually to teach Harry Occlumency, the delicate art of defending your mind against intrusion specifically, Lord Voldemorts intrusion. It was difficult magic to master, and required an immense amount of mental control.

He may as well have been teaching a Flobberworm to tap-dance.

Far worse than being useless, however, was Harry being an impertinent sneak the kind who stuck his head into your Pensieve when you were out of the room. Who does that?!

Nonetheless, he aided Harry multiple times throughout the year: giving Dolores Umbridge fake Veritaserum lying that he had run out of it when pressed for more passing on Harrys message about Siriuss capture to the Order of the Phoenix and therefore deducing that he had walked into a trap at the Ministry.

Despite all his efforts, everyone still thought he was the worst.

Alan Rickman After All This Time Always

You may not fully agree with our opinion of Professor Severus Snapes character, but what almost all fans of this series will tell you without Alan Rickman, Severus Snape wouldnt be as powerful as he was.

According to MTV News poll conducted among fans, Professor Severus Snape has named the best character of all time in the Harry Potter series. We are sure the credit belongs to Mr. Rickman.

Rickman himself admitted his frustration with the role of the series antihero. He even wanted to quit filming the sequels, after Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, but J. K. Rowling explained to him what lies behind the magic word Always. So, he stayed.

However, Ms. Rowling pointed out his hard work commitment which contributed to the success of the series around the world. Even the producer of the series, David Heyman, didnt remain indifferent with his performance:

I know, at times, you are frustrated but please know that you are an integral part of the films. And you are brilliant.

Thanked Rickmans role as a naughty professor, Snape became one of the most iconic and memorable characters of the books/films. And this is about what critics and fans both agree.

Considering all this, well take Professor Severus Snape, not as a strictly negative person, but more like a man whose coldly bitterness and controlled exterior conceal deep emotions and anguish.

But Harry had his mothers eyes.

One of the most famous Rickmans quotes going viral was this one:

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James Potter Was Privileged

It’d be a lie to claim James Potter didn’t grow up a very obviously privileged kid and it gave him a bit of an ego in school. As a child, we can safely assume James didn’t know hardship. He was a pure-blood, so faced no discrimination at Hogwarts his parents were both rich and loving and he was automatically popular due to his charisma.

Privilege doesn’t always automatically create bad people, but it can certainly give them an inflated sense of self-importance and boy, it sure did create that in James.

Jim Broadbents Marriage Began Long Before His Harry Potter Days

We Bet You Didn

With his comically awkward quips and sometimes sleazy intentions, Jim Broadbent made his mark on the franchise as potions teacher Horace Slughorn in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. That being said, it sure seems hes a bit smoother than the wizard he portrayed. The Oscar winner has been married to Anastasia Lewis since 1987, according to Broadbent is stepfather to her two sons.

It seems the happy couples secret to success is in part their privacy and their hobbies. Lewis is a painter and a former theater designer, according to her website, while Broadbent has a handful of quirky hobbies himself, including chiseling and painting wooden figures at their home near Lincolnshire Wolds. Im sure its therapeutic, he told The Guardian in 2015. It stimulates me, gets me up in the morning so its a passion as well. Broadbent also shared that he steers clear of social media. You never know what youll find. Its dangerous, he said. More chiseling, less scrolling.

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Order Of The Phoenix Members

Fred Weasley: “Git.

Snape’s relationships with some members of the Order of the Phoenix have already been established: Lily Evans, the , Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger and Minerva McGonagall.

Snape was not particularly gracious towards Nymphadora Tonks, probably because she was so close to Remus Lupin. When they met at school in 1996, he maliciously said “I was interested to see your new Patronus. I think you were better off with the old one… the new one looks weak.” Snape did, however, respect Tonks’ abilities as he was her Potions master whilst she was a Hogwarts student and she earned an O in her O.W.L. This is evident as he never let one with a lesser grade take the N.E.W.T which was a requirement to be an auror. Tonks was shocked when Snape killed Dumbledore and never learned that Snape was on their side, as she was killed by Bellatrix Lestrange during the Battle of Hogwarts.

Snape had a mixed relationship with the Weasley family. While he disliked their children, he seemed to be on civil terms with Arthur and Molly. However, when he murdered Dumbledore, the Weasley family obviously turned against him. Snape also accidentally cursed off George’s ear, during the Battle of the Seven Potters, while he was trying to hit another Death Eater. The Weasley family learned that Snape was on their side in 1998, except Fred, who was killed in the Battle of Hogwarts.

Harry Potter Actor David Thewlis Keeps His Personal Life Private

David Thewlis was a fan favorite for his portrayal of the brave and amiable James Lupin, a friend of Harry Potters father and a part-time werewolf. While the British actor is known for his roles in films like Wonder Woman and The Omen, hes managed to keep his personal life discreet. According to the Daily Mail, he was attached to actor Anna Friel for nine years before the two split amidst rumors that work commitments were getting in the way. They have one daughter together. In 2017, The Guardian noted Thewlis has since married a French artist.

The two have kept their relationship completely under wraps, with Thewlis keeping details like her name private from the press. Still, the Golden Globe nominee has let some details slip, such as his propensity for the romantic woods near their house where you can, as he said in a 2020 interview with INews,get deep enough you could imagine youre in Canada, as well as whos his toughest critic: his daughter. Gracie is not impressed by me at all, Thewlis told the outlet. She hasnt even seen Harry Potter. Wingardium Levios-huh. How about that.

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Jk Rowling Tells Muggles Why Harry Potter Named His Son After Snape

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows came out eight years ago, but apparently you muggles are still hung up on the fact that Harry named his second son after Dumbledore and Satan Snape.

And J.K. Rowling gets it she does. But Snape, like most mortals, is more complex than the reductionist view offered by this fan would suggest:

As Rowling explained in a series of tweets, Snape loved Harry’s mother, Lily, and his unrequited affection drove him to resent Harry’s father, James and by extension, Harry himself. But, despite his maltreatment of Harry and the complicated killing of headmaster Dumbledore , Snape did sacrifice his life for Harry at the Battle of Hogwarts.

Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

Harry Potter Cast Real Life Couples: Inside Their Love Lives (Rupert is a dad!)

In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Snape demonstrates his expertise with potions by brewing the complex Wolfsbane potion for the new Defence Against the Dark Arts professor, Remus Lupin. Throughout the third book, Snape suspects that Lupin may be helping Harry’s godfather Sirius Black enter Hogwarts castle Sirius had been convicted of murdering Peter Pettigrew and innocent bystanders, and betraying the Potter family’s hiding place to Voldemort. This suspicion stems from Lupin’s friendship with Sirius and Harry’s father, James, while they were all at Hogwarts as students. Near the climax of the book, Snape attempts to apprehend Sirius, but Sirius escapes with Harry’s aid. Snape informs Dumbledore of this circumstance, and when Harry and Lupin are not punished, Snape retaliates by revealing to the entire school that Lupin is a werewolf, forcing the latter to resign his post.

Prisoner of Azkaban reveals more details about the connection between Snape and James. While in school together, Sirius once tricked Snape into almost entering the Shrieking Shack while Lupin was there, transformed into a werewolf. James realised the danger and stopped Snape, saving his life this is the incident Dumbledore referred to at the end of the first book. Snape, however, believes James’ actions were self-serving, to avoid being expelled.

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Severus Snape And The Goblet Of Fire

As Hogwarts celebrated the return of the Triwizard Tournament, Snape had bigger fish to fry.

For his days of being a Death Eater were coming back to haunt him, and his Dark Mark a magical stamp tied to the Dark Lord was becoming more and more pronounced. His worst fears were confirmed later in the year when it was revealed that the Triwizard Tournament had inadvertently helped provide a cover the return of his old master, Lord Voldemort.

Cometh the hour, cometh the Severus. Upon Dumbledores request, Snape ended the story by embarking on a dangerous, top-secret mission: to once again join the Death Eaters, and become a double agent.

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