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How Many Harry Potter Movies Is There

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Weekend Estimates: Batman V Superman Hits March Record $170 Milion

How Many Harry Potter Movies Are There

Batman and Superman not only had to fight each other this weekend, but also mediocre reviews. They have come through in some style, however, posting a record for March of $170.1 million, according to Warner Bros. Sunday morning estimate. Our model has the film coming a little below that mark, at $165 million or so, which might mean it wont quite top Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part IIs $169 million, which is currently the studios best ever weekend. But the fact that were comparing the movie to the Harry Potter franchise is nothing but good news for them.More…

Weekend Estimates: Breaking Dawn Posts 8th

The beginning of the end for the Twilight franchise is here, and, as expected, big money is being made by Lionsgate/Summit. While this installment doesn’t look like it will break franchise records, Lionsgate is predicting a $141.3 million opening weekend, which will be the 8th-best of all time, assuming it holds up. New Moon will most likely remain the top opener for the franchise with $142.8 million, although it will be a close-run thing. Twilight will most likely end up the 5th-highest-grossing franchise at the domestic box office, behind only the “box office gods”, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Batman and James Bond.More…

Note: This list contains actors who appeared in at least two movies in the franchise.


Are The Harry Potter Movies On Peacock Or Hbo Max

Wait, didn’t Peacock have the Harry Potter movies? Or was it HBO Max? Yes, they have swapped ownership of the franchise since they both launched. Currently , both services are streaming all Harry Potter movies.

HBO Max streamed the Harry Potter movies when it launched in summer 2020. See, WarnerMedia owns the Harry Potter film franchise. However, the corporation sold the broadcast and cable rights to NBCUniversal, which owns Peacock. But WarnerMedia borrowed them back likely for a hefty fee so that its new streaming service could launch with some big titles.

Then, the Harry Potter movies moved back to Peacock, where they streamed on and off through 2021. They returned to HBO Max over the summer. In October, both streamers have them.

And then who knows what will happen in 2025, when NBCUniversal’s TV rights lapse.

As writer Jess Mason joked on , “Harry Potter is like the child of a divorce where the parents are Universal and Warner Bros and the franchise just keeps being pulled to different homes.”

So many streaming services, all fighting over the same valuable IP.

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Analysis: Sandra Bullock Is Hollywoods Top Actress

With the recent weak performance of films such as Transcendence and Edge of Tomorrow at the box office, theres been a lot of talk recently about how much actors and actresses are really worth to a film. The poor performance of these films hasnt come as a huge surprise to followers of the Bankability Index, which produces valuations considerably below the $20 million that Johnny Depp reportedly earned from his lead role in Transcendence, and we thought this is a good opportunity to look at what the Index says about the most valuable actors and actresses in the business.

With Angelina Jolie making headlines for all the right reasons for her starring role in Maleficent, it seemed only fitting to start with an analysis of the most valuable actresses in Hollywood. For this chart, weve taken each stars worldwide Bankability Index and divided it by the number of films they make each year to get an estimate of the average value they bring to a film, as of June, 2014.More…

Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire Didn’t Wow Fans As Much As The Other Films

How many Harry Potter movies were made?

Audience score: 74%

“Goblet of Fire” is the fourth installment in the “Harry Potter” series.

Although some complained that it felt “episodic,” or like a long “teaser” for the fifth film, others thought it did a fine job ushering in the final chapters of the series.

“A very solid movie in the ‘Harry Potter’ franchise. While it may not have been as good as the third, this is the first movie where you get the sense that these characters have matured, and are no longer the same as when we first met them,” audience reviewer Aiden S. wrote.

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Harry Potter Movies In Order 1

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    Harry Potter Film Order Conclusion

    A final note, whilst it is a good idea to watch the Harry Potter films in order if you are a complete new-comer and hope to fully understand the universe created by J.K Rowling, however, each movie is a thrill ride with a self-containing story that is entertaining and suitable for all the family. The over-arching storyline becomes more important with every movie, but that will not stop you from enjoying this widely revered & critically acclaimed series of movies.

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    Daily Box Office: Ralph Is Breaking Record Books

    Its Thanksgiving long weekend, which means many studios are closed and are not reporting official numbers. However, one of the studios that is reporting numbers is Disney and they are reporting record-breaking numbers. Ralph Breaks the Internet earned $18.5 million on Wednesday, which is significantly more than either Coco or Moana managed the previous two years. In fact, this is more than Frozen managed during its record-breaking wide expansion back in 2013. This films reviews are great and it earned an A minus from CinemaScore, so it should have good legs and could top Frozens $93.59 million five-day opening. In fact, some studios think it has a real chance of $100 million during its five-day opening. Im not that bullish, but even if it only earns $90 million over five-days, it will still be a monster hit and way more than we predicted. More…

    Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix Impressed Many Fans

    Harry Potter: What Happened to Rupert Grint? | OSSA Movies

    Audience score: 81%

    Fans praised director David Yates for miraculously condensing the longest book in the series into a film that’s just over two hours.

    However, many fans felt that “Order of the Phoenix” was more of a transitional moment in the series.

    As audience reviewer Daniel M. wrote, “‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’ is a middling installment in the franchise which contains potential but lacks focus in its execution.”

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    Draco Malfoy Funko Pop

    Draco Malfoy fans were gifted with a necessary Pop to add to their Slytherin worshiping collection when this Harry Potter Pop finally graced us with its presence. Draco looks snooty as ever decked out in his Slytherin robes and Hogwarts uniform. His hair is slicked back in its classic manner, eyebrows tilted with arrogance. His wand is at the ready for some sort of duel, and the challenge in his posture can be felt by everyone.

    This Harry Potter Funko Pop showcases all of Draco Malfoys snark and attitude with little effort, and you cant have a Harry Potter collection without adding him to it. You definitely wont regret purchasing this Pop.

    Limited And Vod Releases: Tragic Fate For Those Who Miss These Films

    There isnt a huge selection of limited releases this week, but there are several earning excellent reviews, such as 120 Beats Per Minute, , Tragedy Girls, and others. Additionally, films like The Killing of a Sacred Deer and Wonderstruck are earning merely good reviews, but have enough buzz that they could still do well in theaters. More…

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    Ginny Weasley Funko Pop

    Ginny looks adorable as she poses, feather quill in hand ready to write her deepest secrets into Tom Riddles accursed diary. Of course, at the time, she has no idea that shes giving up her soul to a ghost. She just believes she has a found a friend who listens to her, until her life starts going more and more haywire.

    Her ginger hair is parted in the signature center, freckles dotting her cheeks while a little blush rogues her cheeks. This Ginny is still young and foolish and has no idea what is in store for her. This Pop is perfect for your shelf and should stand with the other Pops important to this particular scene.

    Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them: The Original Screenplay

    Harry Potter Movies in Order. Typically kids from age 7 to ...

    Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The Original Draft is an official book that contains J. K. Rowlings original script for the film of the same name.

    On September 1, 2016, Pottermore unveiled the final covers for the screenplays UK and US versions.

    Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima, the designers of MinaLima, designed the cover artwork and inner illustrations.

    The book does not include Rowlings original version but has been edited to correspond with the films final theatrical cut.

    As a result, it has no deleted or expanded scenes and has been revised to include ad-libbed or edited dialogue.

    Gellert Grindelwald arrives at a run-down chateau and kills five Aurors.

    He strides by their bodies, his gaze fixed on the night sky. In 1926, a montage of newspaper articles from around the world depicts Grindelwalds many cases of abuse.

    Grindelwald is being sought all over the world. The last essay depicts the Statue of Liberty. Newt Scamander is perched on a bench on a submarine as it sails past the Statue of Liberty.

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    Lucius Malfoy Holding Prophecy Funko Pop

    This Lucius Malfoy follows all the details of the other Lucius Malfoy Harry Potter Funko Pop, only this one is an exclusive that holds the prophecy cradled in his right hand. Hes clearly taunting Harry with the prophecy the young wizard is so eager to get his own hands on.

    The prophecy shows as a tiny crystal ball and really adds a nice touch to the overall Harry Potter Pop itself.

    Harry Potter W/ Sorting Hat Funko Pop

    The sorting hat looks like it has a lot to say to Harry, as we all know he does. His mouth is wide open, eyes narrowed, as he chastises Harry and claims he would do very well in Slytherin. Harry perches a bit nervously on the stool, thinking maybe if there were a Hogwarts House for those who were slightly queasy then he would fit right in.

    This Harry Potter Funko Pop fits right in with the rest of the trio and their sorting hat Pops from earlier, and he is a must have for anyone who believes the real nostalgia to be found are in these scenes from the first few movies. All of the Harry Potter Pops look cute and will add tons of personality to your collection.

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    Harry Potter Movies In Chronological Order Of Events

    Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

    Set in 1926, roughly seven decades prior to Harry Potter beginning his education at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the first Fantastic Beasts movie focuses on the New York adventures of Newt Scamander , a British wizard and Ministry of Magic employee who finds himself embroiled in an insidious scheme involving the Magical Congress of the United States and a powerful wizard named Gellert Grindelwald , who believes wizards should reign over non-magical humans.

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    Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

    A few months after the events of the first Fantastic Beasts, Newt is back in England, but hes soon tasked by the by Albus Dumbledore , who will one day look over Harry as the Headmaster of Hogwarts, to track down Credence Barebone , a troubled young wizard who is also being sought out by a recently escaped Grindelwald. In addition to Dumbledore, The Crimes of Grindelwald introduces other characters who will later play a significant role in the Harry Potter films, including a young Minerva McGonagall and Nagini, a circus performer whose blood curse will permanently transform her into a giant snake.

    Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone

    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

    Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

    Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

    Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

    Hogwarts: An Incomplete And Unreliable Guide

    Harry Potter: CGI vs Practical Effects | OSSA Movies

    Pottermore Presents is a compilation of J.K. Rowlings writing from the Pottermore collections, consisting of short reads that were first published on

    These Pottermore-curated eBooks can take you past the Harry Potter stories as J.K. Rowling shares her motivation, detailed descriptions of characters lives, and surprises from the wizarding universe.

    Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry: An Incomplete and Untrustworthy Guide leads you to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

    Youll explore the Hogwarts gardens, get to know its more permanent inhabitants, learn more about lessons, and uncover castle secrets.

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    International Round Up: Harry Potter Puts A Spell On China Crosses $1 Billion Worldwide

    The slow march to recovery at the box office continued in international markets at the weekend as theaters opened up and moviegoers continued to return. Progress is being slowed by the lack of new films, particularly from US studios, but catalog titles are filling the void. China took advantage of an opportunity to release a movie from the Harry Potter archive for the first time in the territory, and Australian film fans got a chance to enjoy some original Star Wars. Some local films are also doing well, partly thanks to the lack of competition.

    Heres a round-up of whats playing around the world, and how markets are recovering.More…

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    Who Was In All 8 Harry Potter Movies

    This is most likely the final narrative in Harry Potters history, which means that there will not be a Harry Potter 9 movie. J.K. Rowling, speaking at the Broadway premiere of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Sunday, stated that she does not anticipate continuing the plot forward by writing a Harry Potter Book 9.

    Analysis: Why Havent There Been Fifty Shades Of Grey Copycats

    How many Harry Potter movies were made?

    This weekend the Fifty Shades franchise is expected to surpass $1 billion in total worldwide box office with the release of the final installment, Fifty Shades Freed. All that income comes from films with an estimated combined budget for all three films of $150 million. The last time Hollywood saw this kind of success with an erotic drama/thriller, it created an entire subgenre that ate its way all through the 90s. Yet, after this year, it seems Valentines Day weekend will be left without a Fifty Shades replacement. So why the hesitancy from Hollywood to step up to the challenge this time?

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    Cedric Diggory Funko Pop

    Our favorite Hufflepuff is here at last in Pop form, looking like they stuck a cedric head smack dab on the same body they used for Harry Potter, unfortunately. It can be annoying when Funko chooses to not put too much effort into their Pops, but this one does happen to make a little sense. Since they base the pops on the movies clothing designs, they were stuck with the fact that Cedric and Harry were dressed pretty much the same, and they worked with what they had.

    Regardless, if you are a Hufflepuff then this pop is certainly a must have, because there wont be too many of poor old Cedric. He was the spare after all.

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