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Who Is The Villain In Harry Potter

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Change Of Scenery Change Of Clothes

Who Will Be the VILLAIN in Hogwarts Legacy? – Harry Potter Theory

Lily Evans was the only bright spot in Snapes young life. His parents fought constantly, and many fans believe that he was likely abused as a child. His family struggled financially, and Snape was forced to wear poorly fitting, mismatched clothes. As such, he could not wait to leave this behind for Hogwarts every year.

He would immediately change into his robes upon boarding the Hogwarts Express, glad leave his shabby Muggle clothes behind.

Harry Potter’s Most Vile Villains

There’s no doubt that Voldemort is the baddest Harry Potter villain of them all, but the Dark Lord wasn’t able to rise to power alone. Throughout all seven books and movies, Harry has had nemeses in various forms from fellow students to teachers to house-elves. As we continue to gear up for the very last movie in the series, let’s recount the rivalries that Harry and his friends have dealt with on the long journey to the final showdown.

Magical Abilities And Skills

Rowling establishes Voldemort throughout the series as an extremely powerful, intelligent, and ruthless dark wizard, described as the greatest and most powerful Dark Wizard of all time. He is known as one of the greatest Legilimens in the world and a highly accomplished Occlumens he can read minds and shield his own from penetration. Besides Dumbledore, he is also the only wizard ever known to be able to apparate silently. Voldemort was also said to fear one wizard alone, Dumbledore.

On her website, Rowling wrote that Voldemort’s wand is made of yew, whose sap is poisonous and which symbolises death. It forms a deliberate contrast to Harry’s wand, which is made of holly, which she chose because holly is alleged to repel evil.

Rowling establishes in the books that Voldemort is magically connected to Harry via Harry’s forehead scar. He disembodies himself when his Killing Curse targeting Harry rebounds on him, leaving the scar on Harry’s forehead. In the books, and to a lesser extent in the films, Harry’s scar serves as an indicator of Voldemort’s presence: it burns when the Dark Lord is near or when Voldemort is feeling murderous or exultant. According to Rowling, by attacking Harry when he was a baby Voldemort gave him “tools no other wizard possessedthe scar and the ability it conferred, a magical window into Voldemort’s mind”.

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From Hufflepuff Hero To Killer

Cedric Diggorys claim to fame in the series is being the real Hogwarts champion during the Triwizard Tournament, being very handsome, and becoming one of the first victims of Voldemorts wrath after he returns to physical form. The Cursed Child reimagines a reality where Cedric lived but lost the Tournament, then grew into a bitter and angry man who becomes a Death Eater and kills Neville Longbottom. What a twist!

Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone

Quiz: Which Harry Potter Villain Are You?

Professor QuirrellHarry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Voldemort makes his debut in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. In this story, Rowling introduces him as the Dark Lord who tried to kill Harry Potter because the boy was prophesied to destroy him. Voldemort murdered Harry’s parents, James and Lily, but as a result of his mother’s love and willingness to sacrifice herself for him, baby Harry survived when Voldemort tried to murder him with a Killing Curse. Voldemort was disembodied, and Harry was left with a mysterious, lightning bolt-shaped scar on his forehead as a result.

In the book, Voldemort unsuccessfully tries to regain his dissolved body by stealing the titular Philosopher’s Stone. To achieve his objective, Voldemort uses Professor Quirrell’s aid by latching onto the back of the latter’s head. However, at the climax of the book, Harry manages to prevent Voldemort from stealing the stone.

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Unforgivable Facts About The Villains Of Harry Potter

What would any hero be without their villains? One of the things that made Harry Potter such a global phenomenon was J.K. Rowlings incredible cast of villains. From the nebulous Severus Snape, to the psychotic Bellatrix Lestrange to He Who Must Not Be Named himself, Rowling had a knack for creating compelling characters that you love to hate. But theres more to this incredible rogues gallery than meets the eyeread on to discover more about the villains of the Wizarding World.

Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone

Professor QuirrellHarry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

Voldemort makes his debut in Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. In this story, Rowling introduces him as the Dark Lord who tried to kill Harry Potter because the boy was prophesied to destroy him. Voldemort murdered Harrys parents, James and Lily, but as a result of his mothers love and willingness to sacrifice herself for him, baby Harry survived when Voldemort tried to murder him with a Killing Curse. Voldemort was disembodied, and Harry was left with a mysterious, lightning bolt-shaped scar on his forehead as a result.

In the book, Voldemort unsuccessfully tries to regain his dissolved body by stealing the titular Philosophers Stone. To achieve his objective, Voldemort uses Professor Quirrells aid by latching onto the back of the latters head. However, at the climax of the book, Harry manages to prevent Voldemort from stealing the stone.

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Must Have Had A Great Honeymoon

According to J.K. Rowling, the marriage between Bellatrix and Rodolphus Lestrange was loveless, as Bellatrix only felt any true devotion to Voldemort. Bellatrix had only gotten married out of a sense of duty to marry well.

Ouch. Sorry Rodolphus. Turns out that Voldemort isnt just an absolutely evil, genocidal maniac hes also a bit of a homewrecker.

Snape Resented James Potter For More Than Just His Love Of Lily Evans

Harry Potter: What The Villains Were Supposed To Look Like

From Redditor u/Obversa:

TLDR: I think its entirely possible that Severus Snape was resentful of James not just because James bullied him for years, but because James was everything Severus wanted to be: loved by his parents, the heir to a Potions business empire, a Pureblood, handsome, talented, popular, etcas stated above, James Potter was “the boy born with everything”.

While the books make it clear that one of the reasons that Snape resented James Potter so much – and, in turn, his son, Harry Potter – was because James and his friends bullied Snape while they were at Hogwarts, I think a lot of people don’t realize that Snape’s bitterness and resentment towards James goes far deeper than just that aspect. For example, from the above sources, which cite Rowling’s books and other writings, James had the following, which Snape did not:

  • “Loving, doting parents” who cared about their son, contrasted with Snape’s neglectful parents.
  • Pureblood blood status and heritage, contrasted with Snape’s half-blood blood status and Muggle father.
  • An ancient potioneer bloodline and surname going back centuries, contrasted with Snape’s Muggle surname.
  • A famous potioneer, or potions master, for a father, and likely mentor, contrasted with Snape’s abusive father.
  • A vast amount of wealth, riches, and a lavish lifestyle, contrasted with Snape’s poverty and working-class one.
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    The 9 Most Sympathetic Villains In Harry Potter Ranked

    Harry Potter is a series with a lot of villains – and while Voldemort and Umbridge are irredeemable, these bad guys aren’t.

    The Harry Potter series has some competition when it comes to the most-hated villain, with the seemingly obvious Dark Lord often edged out by the pink-clad Umbridge in fans’ minds. Both are, of course, truly horrifying – Voldemort, with his obsession with ‘purebloods’ and obvious parallels to Hilter, and Umbridge, who manages to be more terrifying because she isn’t a Dark Wizard, but a horrifying person who is driven by hatred. And while Voldemort has his own tragic backstory, it’s hard to find any sympathy for either of these characters.

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    However, there are plenty of other villainous characters and people who do terrible things in the series that do earn some sympathy from fans. Whether these are villains who struggled against extreme adversity or people put in impossible situations, it’s possible to have real understanding for some of the darkest figures in the Wizarding World.

    Every Harry Potter Villain Ranked From Worst To Best

    From cartoonish failures, to the curse casting, half blood berating, child torturing monsters.

    There’s a reason why Harry Potter is as popular as it is. It has brilliant production values, incredible music, very solid direction, and one of the finest ensemble casts in British cinema. It comes as no surprise that a cast with this much talent and great British pedigree makes for some truly compelling characters. Among these characters are the villains, who stand out as some of the best characters of the saga.

    There are villains who are weak and subservient to evil, those who are corrupted, and those who delight in pain and death. Seeing as Gellert Grindelwald has been in the news recently, there’s no better time to rank all of the evil-doers in the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films from worst to best.

    A few ground rules: any character who is unnamed in the films will not be making an appearance on this list, which rules out ‘Death Eater’. Snape also won’t be included, as he ultimately isn’t a villain.

    Take it away Ernie, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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    Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

    Voldemort does not appear in the third book, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, either in person or as a magical manifestation. He is, however, heard when Harry passes out from the harsh effects of a Dementor. Towards the end of the story, Sybill Trelawney, the Divination professor, makes a rare genuine prophecy: “The Dark Lord lies alone and friendless, abandoned by his followers. His servant has been chained these twelve years. Tonight, before midnight, the servant will break free and set out to rejoin his master. The Dark Lord will rise again with his servant’s aid, greater and more terrible than ever before. Tonight… before midnight… the servant… will set out… to rejoin… his master…” Though it is initially implied that the prophecy refers to Sirius Black, the book’s ostensible antagonist, the servant is eventually revealed to be Peter Pettigrew, who, for the 12 years since Voldemort’s fall, has been disguised as Ron’s pet rat, Scabbers.

    The Harry Potter Franchise Is Its Own Mythical Beast That Just Keeps On Giving This Week We Rank The Top 10 Best Characters From The Movies That We Absolutely Loathe

    The 25 Strongest Villains In The World Of Harry Potter ...

    10 Quirinus Quirrell

    The first baddie Harry Potter faced turned out to have a rather interesting reason to hate the title character so much he had Lord Voldemort on the back of his bloody head. Always playing his meekest character traits to a T, Quirrell deserves a spot on our list for that reveal that nobody saw coming .

    Most memorable moment: When that turban comes off

    9 Argus Filch

    At first, Filch was quite the adversary for Harry Potter and his friends at Hogwarts the caretaker and his loyal cat Mrs. Norris proved to be an annoying presence for the youths. However as the films went on, the Squib donned more of a comedic role, one that you almost felt sorry for. Also, his best friend is a cat which isnt very menacing.

    Most memorable moment: When Mrs. Norris gets petrified.

    8 Rita Skeeter

    Rita Skeeter is known to leave a bit of a nasty taste in your mouth after an encounter with her and wed expect nothing less from a journalist who will do anything for the full scoop. As great as her presence is in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, we wish she had been fleshed out more in the films that followed, as she is in the books.

    Most memorable moment: Her interview with Harry in a broom cupboard.

    7 Gilderoy Lockhart

    Most memorable moment: Duelling against Snape at the Duelling Club.

    6 The Dursleys

    Most memorable moment: When all of the letters arriving becomes too much for Uncle Vernon.

    5 Bellatrix Lestrange

    3 The Malfoys

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    Antioch Cadmus And Ignotus Peverell

    The Peverell family is first mentioned in Half-Blood Prince as ancestors of , the maternal grandfather of Voldemort. In the final book of the series, they are revealed to be the original owners of the Deathly Hallows, which, according to The Tales of Beedle the Bard, they received from Death, although Dumbledore believed it is more likely that they created them themselves. The Peverell lineage continues through its living descendants, including Harry and his children.

    After Hermione saw the symbol of the Deathly Hallows on Ignotus Peverell’s grave in Godric’s Hollow, Harry recalled Marvolo Gaunt boasting that his ring held the Peverell coat of arms on it, thus realising that the three brothers were the Peverells. Harry deduces that he is descended from Ignotus, as the cloak is passed down through his family. Furthermore, Rowling has confirmed that Harry and Voldemort are indeed distant relatives because of their relation to the Peverells, as the majority of wizard families share common ancestry.

    Antioch Peverell was the eldest of the three Peverell brothers, and owner of the Elder Wand. He was killed in his sleep after bragging about the wand’s invincibility, having won a duel with it. The murderer then stole the Elder Wand, thus initiating its bloody history.

    With A Name Like That She Has To Be Evil

    Voldemort comes from a long line of evil, sadistic witches and wizards. Not only was he descended from Salazar Slytherin, another of his ancestors was a sinister witch named Gormlaith Gaunt. Living in the 1600s, Gormlaith killed her her sister and her Sisters husband, then kidnapped their five-year-old daughter, Isolt.

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    Why The Villain Of The Harry Potter Movies Wasn’t Actually Voldemort

    You might think you know who the real villain of Harry Potter is… but you would be wrong.

    Throughout the Harry Potter film franchise, it seems like Lord Voldemort , the Dark wizard constantly hunting Harry and trying to overtake the wizarding world, is the ultimate Big Bad of the series. But the real villain is even more powerful and insidious than Voldemort himself.

    In the second installment, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry finds himself in hot water with magical authorities after a rogue house elf, Dobby uses a Levitation Charm in Harry’s Muggle-run household, potentially endangering the secrecy of the wizarding community. Suddenly, Harry is introduced to the Ministry of Magic, and though he gets in some trouble with the Ministry, it’s nothing compared to the strife he’ll face at the Ministry’s hands later on. Here’s why the corrupt, poorly-run Minister of Magic the final word in the wizarding community is the real villain of the Harry Potter movies.

    He Was Pretty Ungrateful

    Top 10 Harry Potter Villains

    Do you guys remember Hagrid? Hagrid was nothing but utterly devoted to Harry and his friends, going above and beyond to care for Harry. Heck, lets talk about Arthur, a man who did not have much to share, but went out of his way to share what he had with Harry â even when it almost cost him his life. At the end of the day, who did Harry name is youngest son after? A headmaster who used him as a pawn in a grander game, and a dude who really only vaguely helped him because he had the hots for Harrys mom. Okay, it makes sense that he might not honor his current father-in-law due to the idea that maybe Ron would or due to the fact that he probably thought it was an honor enough that he married his daughter. But what about Hagrid?

    It goes deeper than that. As a child Harry loved Hagrid, visiting him any chance he got. But as he grew up, he sort of shed his devoted guardian. Did Harry bother to help Hagrid with Buckbeaks trial? Did he ever once go and visit Grawp after Hagrid asked him to? Did he bother to warn Hagrid that he wasnt going to take Care of Magical Creatures anymore? No. Once he no longer really needed Hagrid, he basically stopped caring. This was the man who cradled Harry as a baby in Sirius flying motorcycle, who cried at the notion of leaving poor Harry on the steps of the Dursleys what thanks did Hagrid get?

    Image: Warner Bros, Giphy

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    Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire

    In the fourth novel it is revealed that Hagrid is of mixed wizard and giant parentage, his mother having been the giantess Fridwulfa, who left his wizard father when Hagrid was a baby. Since giants have a reputation for being brutal, and were once allies of Voldemort, Hagrid keeps his parentage a secret and allows people to imagine other reasons for his great size . Hagrids parentage is exposed in the Daily Prophet by Rita Skeeter, who portrays him as dangerous and incompetent. Hagrid is gravely affected by this and attempts to resign from his post as teacher, though Dumbledore does not accept his resignation. During the novel, Hagrid develops a romantic interest with Olympe Maxime another half-giant witch and Headmistress of the French magic school Beauxbatons. Hagrid is also one of the very few people who, since the beginning, believes Harrys word that he did not apply to enter the Triwizard Tournament. Later in the book, Alastor Moody suggests Hagrid should show Harry that the first task of the Tournament would involve dragons. Hagrid also provides Blast-Ended Skrewts for the third task.

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