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When Does The Harry Potter Store Open In New York

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BRAND NEW Harry Potter Store New York | Full Tour & Walkthrough

While we aim to deliver all orders as promised, the safety of our teams is of paramount importance. We will be operating a socially distanced workplace which might cause some delays. We ask for your patience at this time and we are working as hard as possible to get your order to you quickly. Thank you for your understanding and support – stay safe!

Inside And Outside Harry Potter New York

Keeping our fans safe is our number one priority, Durrant says: That will mean that well have reduced capacity in the store, but we know that the digital queuing will help people manage their time. If there is a wait time of a couple of hours to get into the store, they dont have to spend that time in a queue. They can go and get a coffee. The Flatiron District is absolutely beautiful; theres lots to do.

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The store has a distinctive, Potter-esque visual appeal from the outside as well as the inside. He says: We wanted to choose a vibrant location within New York, and the Flatiron District really ticked that box. The building is from 1860, so predates the Flatiron Building. The architecture is very beautiful, and fits perfectly with the Wizarding World.

Outside, we have Harry Potter New York branding, and on Fifth and on Broadway, you will see two bronze statues of Hungarian Horntail dragons over our clock. You definitely cant miss the building.

Its beautifully designed; eye-catching, but at the same time fitting in with the aesthetics of the surrounding area. We really feel that were opening at the right time. Its a good moment. There is a momentum; things are starting to shift.

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Both virtual reality experiences will open later this summer with more details coming soon.

The store will also sell gifts that can be personalized, included wands that can be engraved, journals that can be embossed and robes representing the four different Houses at the fictional Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry that can be embroidered with names.

Visitors with a sweet tooth can pick up Chocolate Frogs or Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans in a section inspired by Honeydukes, a wizard-owned sweets shop in the series.

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And there will be items sold exclusively at the store, including a Golden Snitch wand.

The level of artistic detail and quality of the design inspired by the movies means Harry Potter New York will bring a completely new shopping experience to the city, said Sarah Roots, executive vice president of Warner Bros. Worldwide Tours and Retail. With over 1,000 Wizarding World props on display , the incredible theming, along with experiences such as photo opportunities and the fantastic range of products, there will be something special for every fan.

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What Is The Harry Potter Shop

The Harry Potter Shop is the official online site for all your wizarding needs, housing ranges from Warner Bros. Studio Tour London, the Harry Potter shop at Platform 9 ¾ and Harry Potter New Yorkin one place providing a magical shopping experience, packed with exclusive designs and fan-favourites.

Vr Experiences To Open

The NYC Harry Potter Flagship Store Opening June 3rd

Were aiming at all age groups, he says, We dont really have a specific target, although we do want to make sure that the store has something for everyone.

If you are someone that knows about Harry Potter and wants to come in and have an experience; if youre a fan, if youre a super-fan, or if youre one of the elite uber-fans, you will find something in the store that will appeal to you. Its open for everyone. At any level of fandom, well have something that will surprise and delight.

With regards to entertainment, two state of the art virtual reality experiences will be opening later this year: One is called Chaos at Hogwarts, and one is called Wizards Take Flight. In the first, you can take an adventure around the Hogwarts castle, and in the second you can ride a broomstick down the River Thames.

Fawkes the Phoenix is flying loose in the Flatiron district! Have you spotted our #HarryPotterNY billboard yet? ?

Harry Potter Store New York May 19, 2021

There are fifteen themed areas in the store, each taking inspiration from the Wizarding World.

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Visit The New Harry Potter Store In Nyc

Harry Potter fans have a new spot to visit in New York City! The flagship store dedicated to the Wizarding World opened its doors on June 3rd at 935 Broadway .

With 2 floors spread out over 21,000 square feet, the Harry Potter Store has all the elements to please fans of the books and of the movies. However, as expected, visitors will need to plan ahead due to a huge number of guests wanting to go to the store every day.

In order to avoid big lines around the block, the store set up a virtual queue. The best tip is to go to the store early in the morning and scan the QR Code to secure your place in line. The QR code is placed outside the main door at 7am. A page will pop up on your phone where you can monitor how many people are still ahead of you, as well as the estimated time of entry.

Once you get the notification on your phone that its your turn, youll have one hour to approach the store to get in.

A map of the store is distributed at the entrance and in it guests can see where the Enchanted Keys are located. These Keys are placed next to authentic props used by characters in the Harry Potter films. There are QR codes next to the description of each prop and, once scanned, a letter will show up in the Harry Potter Fan Club App. The idea is to find the nine letters throughout the store and discover the secret word. If you get it right, you can claim a prize from the cash desk .

There is also a section where guests can buy Butterbeer and take the mug home.

This Will Be The Largest Store In The World That’s Dedicated To The ‘harry Potter’ Franchise

The store will be the biggest in the world based on the massively popular franchise.

It’s slated to offer new and exciting goodies like personalized robes, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans, and special house wands with a design that will be exclusive to this location.

Located near the Flatiron building in Manhattan on 935 Broadway, the place is three floors and over 20,000 square feet of “Harry Potter” and “Fantastic Beasts” merchandise and sights.;

The official announcement also promises “interactive experiences and numerous photo opportunities,” though it’s currently unclear what these will entail.;

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What Happened To Warner Bros Studio Tour Londons Online Store

Warner Bros. Studio Tour Londons online product range is now available to browse as part of the Harry Potter Shop, as well as ranges from the Harry Potter shop at Platform 9 ¾ and Harry Potter New York all in one magical shopping experience.;The shops at the Studio Tour remain open for visitors to discover a huge range of magical products and souvenirs.;

Are Large Groups Allowed In The Shop

OPENING DAY of the Harry Potter Store New York | HUGE CROWDS

All are welcome to the shop, however If you are with a group of 12 or more people, you may be asked to wait outside and enter the shop in smaller groups. This is to prevent overcrowding inside the shop, and to make sure all our customers have as an enjoyable experience as possible. Group leaders may speak to our security staff for further assistance. Group leaders are responsible for the well being of their group members. Groups will be expected to use the same entrance and exit to ensure the safety of everyone.

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What We Know So Far

Although the store is set to open this summer, not very much is known about its layout aside from the three floors dedicated to the store and the potential for food and drinks to be served. From what fans have surmised, it appears that there will be an outdoor area dedicated to things such as ice cream, coffee, and, of course, butterbeer. Another interesting;detail that has been discovered is a sign;for ‘Wizarding passports,’ which could imply other stores that are set to be built around the world. The latter is just speculation and a wizard-themed passport could mean anything, but it would be pretty amazing if fans could traverse the world via Harry Potter stores.

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Along with specialized and custom merchandise, the official announcement for the store’s opening has also revealed that fans can look forward to unique photo ops and interactive experiences, both of which still remains a mystery but we’re sure that more is soon to be revealed. If the early mock-ups for the store are any indication, fans are in for plenty of surprises as well as a truly authentic experience, since much of the store seems to look like something straight out of Diagon Alley. Luckily, New York City isn’t likely to see fire-breathing dragons circling overhead. Additionally, fans can rest assured that no trips to Gringott’s will be necessary beforehand – USD is accepted!

Dumbledores Patronus Funko Pop


Add this adorable Dumbledores Patronus Funko Pop! to your Funko collection. The Funko comes in the shape of a phoenix, representing Professor Dumbledores Patronus, and is in an iridescent light blue shade. Dumbledore’s Patronus, a phoenix, was first revealed to us when he wanted to summon Hagrid after Viktor Krum was Stunned.

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Harry Potters Nyc Flagship Store Set To Open June : Heres Everything You Need To Know

Harry Potter New York will open on June 3.

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. Fascinated by the world of Harry Potter? Obsessed with the popular boy wizard?

If you find yourself yearning for more and more of one of the worlds greatest literary and film characters of all time, you wont want to miss the grand opening of the Harry Potter flagship store set to make its debut on Thursday, June 3, in New York Citys iconic Flatiron District.

Once inside the magical wonderland a three-story first virtual reality experience located at 935 Broadway and a 3-minute walk from Madison Square Park youll stumble upon a host of original Harry Potter props, authentic set designs, costumes and volumes and volumes of behind the scenes footage from all the Harry Potter films.

Harry Potter New York will open on June 3. Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

Along with tons of fan memorabilia, the New York location also will be home to the Butterbeer Bar a spot to enjoy the famous wizarding world drink spread out over more than 20,000 square feet, and a huge model of Fawkes the Phoenix gazing down from the ceiling.

Nearly 1,000 bottles will rise from the floor and float over the bar as Butterbeer moves magically across the ceiling through copper pipes. Choose from draft Butterbeer, Butterbeer ice cream and bottled Butterbeer, as well as a range of wizarding-world inspired treats.

Harry Potter New York will open on June 3.

Fast Facts About The Store


Harry Potter New York has already confirmed that it will be home to the single largest collection of merchandise in the world, making this experience one that’s filled with excitement and anticipation for many fans. It will also be located right next to yet another iconic building, New York’s Flatiron Building, which will make it all the more alluring to tourists and fans alike.

Fans will find rare collectibles, hand-signed items, and exclusive merch that won’t be available anywhere else; the store itself;will also be wheelchair-accessible. Senior Vice President for Worldwide Tours and Retail at Warner Bros., Sarah Roots, said of the store: “This will be the largest dedicated Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts store in the world and will become a must-visit fan destination where Wizarding World enthusiasts can engage with interactive experiences and numerous photo opportunities as they step into the magic.” If we said we couldn’t wait to don our best house colors and dive into this flagship store, it would be an understatement.

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My Promotional Code Was Not Applied What Should I Do

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We do not currently accept any other promotional codes other than the Wizarding World Gold discount.

What Is Harry Potter New York

Harry Potter New York will combine breath taking design,exciting interactive elements and exclusive products inviting fans into the Wizarding World in a way they have never before experienced. Spanning three floors and 20,000 sq. ft., the store will house the largest collection of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts products in the world.

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How Do I Return A Product

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·;;;;;; Please contact our Customer Services team using the;Contact Form;with your name and order number to arrange a return.

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Your statutory rights will not be affected. The above items may be exchanged, if faulty.

Something Positive After The Pandemic

Harry Potter flagship store opens in New York City

Opening the Harry Potter Store New York at the beginning of June will be, he feels something positive after a very dark time.

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Its been a very difficult time for many people. Were aiming to bring a bit of magic back into peoples lives. Were managing the opening as safely as we can, conscious of the current situation.

As of our planning right now, were opening with a reduced capacity to make sure we can maintain social distancing in the store. All of our staff will be wearing a face mask.

We will be asking all of our guests to wear a mask when they come into the store; if they dont have one, they will be provided with a free mask. Were also upping our cleanings in the store, and offering hand sanitising stations at all points through the store. Were also operating a virtual queuing system for the Grand Opening.

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Visitors to the store will scan in with a QR code, which will give an estimated wait time, followed by a reminder 15 minutes before they can enter, to give them time to return to the store, if they have left to do something else in the interim. They will then scan their phone, and enter the store.

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Inmate On The Run After Early Morning Escape From Nyc Hospital Doc Custody

Like many of her fellow Potter-heads, Brittany Sanders spent most of her Thursday sitting on the sidewalk, perhaps wishing that the time-turner Hermione used in the “Prisoner of Azkaban” was real. She wasn’t surprised at the turnout, given the fanbase’s passion for all things wizarding.

Lines and crowds like the ones in front of the store Thursday have been rare sights since the pandemic began, with the only places seeing long lines were grocery stores in the early days of the shutdown. But those who were turned away said they expect to come back and try again another day, and expect to encounter more lines when they do.

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Harry Potter Store New York

New York is considerably more interesting than I expected.- Newt Scamander

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Harry Potter New York is the first official Harry Potter flagship store in the heart of New York City next to the iconic Flatiron building at 935 Broadway.;Now open, the store houses the largest collection of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts products in the world from pocket money items to rare collectibles. Spanning three floors and over 20,000 sq. ft., the flagship store offers exclusive lines, magical photo opportunities and lots more!

Planning a visit to Harry Potter New York? To manage demand, our newly-opened flagship store is operating a virtual queueing system, check our website for more info.

If you are unable to visit our;magical experience at 935 Broadway, you can shop from a hand-picked selection of Wizarding World products and Harry Potter New York exclusives in our online store.

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