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Why Do Harry Potter Fans Hate Twilight

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Twilight: There Are Vampires In It

Top 10 Things You Should NEVER Say to a Harry Potter Fan

Not everybody may like the way vampires were characterized in the Twilight franchise. That doesnt change the fact that vampires are one of the most popular supernatural creatures both in films and in literature.

Twilight gives them a lot of space, creating complicated mythology and history. Harry Potter, on the other hand, only has a single vampire in the books who shows up at one of Slughorns parties but doesnt really make an impression.

And Chris Pratt Is Pretty Much Never

If you thought that’s pretty mean of Jennifer Lawrence, let us tell you that it can be worse. Jennifer’s Passengers co-star Chris Pratt is another celeb who very rarely takes selfies with fans. According to The Business Insider, the actor does offer to shake the fans hand instead and while that’s nice and all, a picture lasts way longer!

Oh The Power Of Women

Young adult novels have produced successful attempts to emulate the importance of female characters on an equal levels as their male counterparts. , a 19th century novel and a staple in the English major curriculum, brought a female hero to the forefront. The novel presented a female character that spoke her mind and had her own opinions.

Then bookworms were introduced to Hermione Granger. One-third of the heroic trio, her resilience, courage and smarts made her a strong female character in the eyes of readers. She never took any guff from her friends, enemies, teachers and fellow students, all while expressing her emotions as a simultaneous act of strength.

Bella Swan, on the other hand, has been vastly criticized for the opposite. When her beau Edward decides that he has to leave her in order to keep her safe in New Moon, Bella crumbles into a heavy depression. As indicated by the meme, there is a belief that her sadness negates her as a female hero. There could be a counter-argument that Bellas feelings reflect that of many young girls who go through heartbreak at an early age in a realistic and honest fashion.

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Rowling And The Inklings

Several Christian writers have compared Rowling to the Inklings, a group that included C. S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien, and Charles Williams, who explored Christian themes and morality in a fantasy context. Dave Kopel, citing John Granger’s book, draws comparisons between Rowling’s and Lewis’s common usage of Christian symbols, such as lions, unicorns and stags. He compares the work to Lewis’s Christian allegory: “In the climax of Chamber of Secrets, Harry descends to a deep underworld, is confronted by two satanic minions , is saved from certain death by his faith in Dumbledore , rescues the virgin , and ascends in triumph. It’s Pilgrim’s Progress for a new audience.”

“I did not set out to convert anyone to Christianity,” she told Time in 2007 “I wasn’t trying to do what C. S. Lewis did. It is perfectly possible to live a very moral life without a belief in God, and I think it’s perfectly possible to live a life peppered with ill-doing and believe in God.”

As regards Tolkien, Rowling said in 2000 that “I didn’t read The Hobbit until after the first Harry book was written, though I read Lord of the Rings when I was nineteen. I think, setting aside the obvious fact that we both use myth and legend, that the similarities are fairly superficial. Tolkien created a whole new mythology, which I would never claim to have done. On the other hand, I think I have better jokes.”

How Much Did Edward Make From Twilight

Pin by el gigo on The Harry Potter Phase

His salary for Twilight was reported to be $2 million, Celebrity Net Worth reported, and he earned $12 million for The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Thanks to the success of the franchise, hed earned over $40 million by the time The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 was wrapped up, including 7.5% of the gross

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Occult Vs Fantasy And Fairytale Magic

Regardless, statements such as those in Witchcraft Repackaged that the books depict actual occultist practices of any kind have been roundly criticised. Christian writer Stephen D. Greydanus writes that the magic of the Harry Potter novels is not the ritualistic, invocative magic of Wicca or occultism but the same “fantasy” magic practised in the works of J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis “If anything, the magic in Rowling’s world is even more emphatically imaginary, even further removed from real-world practices, than that of Tolkien or Lewis and, like theirs, presents no appreciable risk of direct imitative behaviour.”Christianity Today columnist Charles Colson asserts that the magic in Harry Potter is “purely mechanical, as opposed to occultic. That is, Harry and his friends cast spells, read crystal balls, and turn themselves into animalsâbut they don’t make contact with a supernatural world. the kind of real-life witchcraft the Bible condemns.” Austin Cline notes that, “The Harry Potter books simply aren’t about Wicca as it is currently practiced. J.K. Rowling researched Wiccan practices and incorporated a few elements in order to give her books a bit more of an air of reality, but she and Wicca are drawing upon the same corpus of ancient traditions and stories so similarities are inevitable. They certainly aren’t a sign that the books work to “indoctrinate” people into Wicca as a religion.”

Why Do You Think The Harry Potter Series Is Better Than The Twilight Saga Let Me Know In The Comments Below

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Is Twilight Better Than Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries features more adult content than Twilight. Because of this advantage, the show has far better action sequences and fight scenes than Meyers work, which was targeted at a younger audience. The characters in Twilight are less confrontational, resulting in fewer brawls and battles.

When He Said That Being A Fan Of Twilight Is Crazy To Him

Top 10 Things You Should NEVER Say to Harry Potter Fans

Chatting to Vanity Fair about Twilight fan culture, Robert said: “I cant really understand it even now. It does have an angle which is attached to something quite primal in girls. I guess people want it to define them, like, Im a Twilight fan. Thats crazy to me. I think people really just like being part of a crowd.”

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Vampires Have A Bunch Of Different Powers

Vampires from the Twilight Saga have different powers. For example, Edward Cullen is able to read minds while Alice Cullen is able to see visions of the future. It is very interesting that the vampires in the Twilight Saga have so many different powers that they can use, along with their vampire strength.

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Covens Rarely Exist Due To Fear Of Humans Discovering Vampire Existence

Vampires care about being surrounded by friends, family, and loved ones just as much as humans do! Otherwise, Victoria wouldnt have gone on a vengeful mission over the death of her lover. That being said, covens do exist but they rarely exist because the vampires do not want to be collectively discovered by humans.

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Why The Twilight Movies Aren’t That Bad

The Twilight Saga was a big hit because it appealed to its target audience: teenage girls. The movies had everything the books did and more, and its main cast became pop icons, which only made the fandom grow. Sadly, thats an audience that is very easy to dismiss and look down to, and it doesnt help that the movies, as mentioned above, had little to no plot, making way for all types of jokes. While the Twilight Saga does have its big flaws, the movies are entertaining, which is their main purpose. Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight never aimed to be a great work of literature or cinema, and it was all to please a certain audience, taking some of their fantasies and making them real.

Time has also been kind to Twilight, as the franchise can now be seen in its entirety as a self-contained experience without having to deal with the high expectations and heated discussions of diehard fans. Twilight hate has also died down, so newcomers to the saga can find its charm at their own pace. Some may seriously relate to the romantic drama, while others may acknowledge the unintentionally funny aspects of the movies and embrace it as part of the experience. Twilight was undeserving of all the hate it got, even if it lacked a proper plot and its protagonists were painfully underdeveloped, but those who mocked it for years missed the point of the stories, which was, simply, to entertain a specific audience.

Kristen Stewarts Deep Sadness

Harry Potter vs Twilight

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 came out in 2011 and ended a ten-year-long series of beloved movies, prompting fans and the cast to evidently become emotional about it all. During the premiere of that movie, Emma Watson was spotted in tears as it dawned on her that this was the end of her Harry Potter journey.

The same could not be said about Kristen Stewart during the premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, which happened in 2012. This meme pokes fun at the deep sadness the actress was feeling about the end of the franchise. At the time, Kristen was enthralled by controversies coming from all sides of the media and was surely looking forward to putting an end to her Twilight days.

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Because Vampires And Werewolves Get Boring

The only magical creatures featured in the Twilight series are vampires and werewolves. They also discuss gifted humans, but mostly in the context of how their abilities transfer into vampire powers. In Harry Potter, however, Rowling created a multitude of unique creatures, from the small yet mighty mandrake, to the bone-chilling dementors. Theres even an additional book, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, which describes the history of Magizoology and documents 85 magical creatures. Take that, Stephanie Meyer! Fans curiosity to learn more will be satisfied when a film based on the book will be released in 2016, starring Eddie Redmayne as writer and researcher Newt Scamander. Vampires and werewolves are so 2005.

Got To Love Those Hufflepuffs

Again, with the creepy references. This meme refers to a scene in the first Twilight movie where Bella gets in trouble while walking home after spending time dress shopping with friends. He reads the minds of the perpetrators and systematically dismantles their confidence toward potentially hurting a scared and vulnerable Bella. Edward then takes her out for dinner and Bella inquires as to how Edward was able to locate her. Psych! Harry Potter references abound! Edward travels back into his HP origin as the beloved Cedric Diggory, and the even more cherished Hufflepuff House. The line refers to a quote talking about the Triwizard Tournament.

For the second task, competitors must find someone important to them in the lake outside of Hogwarts. It looks like Edward possess quite a few skills from the wizardry world. In one world, hes a loyal and helpful friend to Harry Potter, and in the other, falls head over fang for the innocent Forks newcomer. Advantages exist for both the excitement of a romantic mix-up, the temptation of a challenge easily met. Little does Bella know that shes dating a Hufflepuff, the kindest of the houses! She should be thankful and maybe get herself a seat under the sorting hat.

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Hermione Wont Read Twilight

Hermione Granger is known for being a voracious reader. She knows everything and everyone in the Wizarding World, having read famous authors such as Newt Scamanders Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and Bathilda Bagshots Hogwarts: A History, and even Gilderoy Lockharts autobiography Magical Me. But according to this particular meme created by Harry Potter fans, even Hermione would skip reading the Twilight books.

To be fair, Hermione did seem torn by the love triangle between her, Ron Weasley, and Viktor Krum in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, so maybe she would feel some sort of empathy toward Bellas situation in the Twilight series. However, with so much to read for her classes at Hogwarts, it does seem unlikely that a young Hermione would waste time with romance novels about vampires.

Harry Really Hates Twilight

What I hate about Harry Potter…

This meme borrows a picture from a Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire scene in which Harry is crying over the dead body of Cedric Diggory, played by Robert Pattinson, who would later play Edward Cullen in the Twilight films. In the meme, however, Harry doesnt seem to be crying about Cedrics death, but about how strongly he hates the Twilight series of movies.

Robert Pattinson joined the Harry Potter franchise in 2005, and only in 2008 would he become the protagonist vampire in Twilight. There was no way the actor or the fans could anticipate that the two franchises would develop such a strong rivalry against one another, and that Robert Pattinson would be the one real-life link between these two young adult fantasy worlds.

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Religious Debates Over The Harry Potter Series

Religious debates over the Harry Potter series of books by J. K. Rowling are based on claims that the novels contain occult or Satanic subtexts. A number of Protestant, Catholic, and OrthodoxChristians have argued against the series, as have some Muslims. Supporters of the series have said that the magic in Harry Potter bears little resemblance to occultism, being more in the vein of fairy tales such as Cinderella and Snow White, or to the works of C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien, both of whom are known for writing fantasy novels with Christian subtexts. Far from promoting a particular religion, some argue, the Harry Potter novels go out of their way to avoid discussing religion at all. However, the author of the series, J. K. Rowling, describes herself as a practising Christian, and many have noted the Christian references which she includes in the final novel Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

In America, calls for the books to be banned from schools have led to legal challenges often on the grounds that witchcraft is a government-recognised religion and that to allow the books to be held in public schools violates the . The Orthodox church of Bulgaria and a diocese of the Orthodox Church of Greece have also campaigned against the series. The books have been banned from all schools in the United Arab Emirates.

Are Kristen And Robert Still Friends

Twilight brought Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart together, but theyre still friends. In recent interviews, Kristen Stewart revealed shed have married Robert Pattinson if it came to that. The pair fell in love on set during the Twilight years and faced a lot of public hysteria over their relationship.

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The Heir Of Gryffindor

In Chamber of Secrets, lots of Hogwarts students believe that Harry Potter is the Heir of Slytherin thanks to his public Parseltongue outburst. However, what if the opposite was true, and Harry was actually the Heir of Gryffindor? Since Tom Riddle is actually Slytherin’s heir, the final battle between Harry and Voldemort would be the final conflict between the descendants of two feuding founders. It would also explain why Harry was able to pull the Sword of Gryffindor out of the Sorting Hat! Still, you’d think someone would have told Harry if he did have this heritage…

If Snape Says It It Is So

Pin by Antroubles on Twilight

Once again there is another reference to the average belief of what a vampire should look and act like. I remember the distinct moment when my sister and I went to see the first Twilight movie. The hopes were high, the expectations, even higher. A packed full theatre of similarly expectant men and women. The opening scene progresses, the emotions are running high. The most exciting and build up scene was coming up, Bella following Edward into the forest, having an intense and fervent conversation in close proximity.

Finally, Edward steps into the sun, revealing why he and his vampire family must avoid the dying star. His already pale skin begins illuminating, dividing into even diamond shaped divots. Then, abruptly, out of no where, like a vampire leaping out of the tree, wind chime sounds start echoing through the crowded theatre. The absolute horror that painted on my sisters face, was memorable, in all of the wrong ways. The latter of fairy dust reverberating from the speakers was enough to put my sister off the film versions for life, but it did not deter her from re-reading the series from the perspective she trusted the most, her own. Snape agrees, to the point of removing a staggering 50 points from the Hufflepuff clan.

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Was The Guy From Twilight In Harry Potter

Robert Pattinsons efforts in impacting pop culture havent gone unnoticed. The Batman actor is most known for bringing Edward Cullen to life in the Twilight sagas film franchise, and before that, he played Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

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