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How To Get The Harry Potter Snapchat Filter

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The New ‘harry Potter’ Snapchat Filter Is Making Fans Lose It

You’re a wizard Harry (with SnapChat filters)

17:42, 31 July 2016 BST| Last updated

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It’s EVERYWHERE today and we’re absolutely fucking loving it. Well, I am anyway. Hopefully, you are too as you have clicked on this link.

Basically, Snapchat has got in on the action and revealed this sweet filter which makes you look like HP himself. And by ‘look like’ I mean ‘puts on some glasses, a scar and a scarf’.

We’ve had a fair bit of fun with it in the office so far…

Twitter’s going mad for it. Including some girl who seems to have burst into tears for some reason.


Snapchat Secondary Filters For Overlay Stickers

There is one other filter trick Snapchat hides from users though, and its arguably even cooler than the ability to use two filters at a time. Overlay stickers offer secondary filters if you tap on them, providing new or additional information, or changing the format of the filter itself.

The Time filter can additionally become the date in two separate styles: 04/16/2019 or April 16th, 2019, for example. This secondary filter is useful when trying to save a snap with the specific date of your event rather than the time.

The Weather filter can also become an hourly forecast, a three-day forecast, or another temperature measurement . The option changes depending on your location and the standard setting for your country. As a general rule, Fahrenheit is for the US while Celsius is for nearly everywhere else. Once youve switched to the other measurement, you can then use the hourly and three-day forecasts in the alternate unit of measure.

The Speed filter can also become your unit of measurement from miles per hour to kilometers per hour, or vice versa. This feature also depends on your location. Tapping the speed filter again will change it back.

We also havent mentioned the additional text and drawing-based effects you can use on Snapchat, but those are options listed in the top-right corner of your display. You can also use emojis, stickers, and bitmojis inside Snapchat. However, these options function less as filters and more as effects or decorations.

Where To Find Harry Potter Filter On Instagram

  • Open your Instagram account and tap the search bar.
  • Now from there, you will have to search Fitriasavira.
  • You will be able to see a smiley face in the bar, it is located over the photo grid.
  • You need to find the filter named as Harry Potter here.
  • Now all you have to do is press the try it button.
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    How To Get The Harry Potter Filter On Instagram

    JordanRead more February 20, 2020

    Harry Potter fans rejoice! The new HP filters on Instagram are all the rage now. If youre a fan of the Harry Potter universe, then youve probably been craving a filter just like this.

    In fact, there are two HP filters. One is like the sorting hat from Harry Potter, which tells you which wizarding house you belong to. The other is a simple HP character matcher for the HP universe. Read on to find out how to get these great filters.

    How To Get The ‘which Disney Character Are You’ Instagram Filter

    What is The Harry Potter Snapchat Lens Filter For?

    Instead of making an online quiz for you to try, Instagram user made a filter you can simply open in Instagram to find your inner Disney character. The actual filter cycles through just about every Disney prince, princess, and villain before landing on a random character, like Mulan, Cinderella, and The Little Mermaid. And you can record the entire experience and share it for others to see.

    There are multiple ways to access this filter. Here is one way:

  • Open the Instagram app on your phone.
  • Go to ‘s profile. You may need to briefly follow them.
  • Tap the “Which Disney character are you?” filter pinned to their profile. It’ll be saved either as a highlight or under the effects section on their profile.
  • Alternatively, you can easily access their filter from here on a mobile device.
  • Once you find and open the filter, tap its name .
  • Tap “Try it” from the menu that appears.
  • With the camera facing you, press the record button when you see the filter appear.
  • Wait for it to scan your face and automatically pick a Disney character.
  • Stop recording when you desire.
  • Matt and I did the Pokémon filter on Instagram, this is rigged.


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    Harry Potter Bitmoji Lens

    You must have Bitmoji configured with and connected with your Snapchat account. If you dont have Bitmoji set up, take care of that first. Once youre done, open the Snapchat app and tap anywhere on the camera view finder screen. This will load the lenses drawer.

    Look for the lens with HP in the thumbnail. It might take a few seconds to load. If you see the Tap to retry error and the lens refuses to load, try this fix for it. Thats about it.

    The Harry Potter Bitmoji lens is animated and features your Bitmoji avatar reenacting the first Quidditch match that Harry ever played. Specifically, its you accidentally swallowing and then coughing up the snitch. You have, of course, been sorted into Gryffindor.

    This lens doesnt appear to be regionally restricted though if you cant see it in the lens drawer, try using a VPN service that lets you fake your location to USA or UK, and then see if you can access it. It should appear regardless if youve just created and connected a Bitmoji avatar or if youve had one for ages.

    While the lens doesnt appear to be regionally restricted, it will eventually disappear like all lenses do. This lens likely marks July 31 which is the fictional lead characters birthday but it may stick around or more variants of it might appear in the coming months since a new movie set in the Harry Potter universe is set to be released in November this year and Snapchat will most likely commemorate it.

    What Is The Harry Potter Snapchat Lens Filter For

    Snapchat lenses alter the appearance of anyone who uses them. The most recent snapchat lens turns you into Harry Potter.

    The Harry Potter snapchat lens is kind of strange. The Harry Potter snapchat lens has come out out of the blue. Nobody knows why the Harry Potter snapchat lens has come about. If you have any idea what the new Harry Potter snapchat lens might be promoting feel free to comment below. It could be promoting a new movie or just reviving the brand. Below you will find a description of the Harry Potter snapchat lens along with an image of the lens applied.

    What is The Harry Potter Snapchat Lens For?

    It is strange that this Harry Potter snapchat lens has come out not long after the Forrest Gump snapchat lens. Both lenses have no explaination. The Harry Potter snapchat lens turns you into Harry Potter complete with the glasses and the lightning bolt scar. Once activated, the lens rains down cards and you will have a scarf and wand from the movie. Comment below what you think about the Harry Potter snapchat lens filter.

    Happy Snapping!

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    Here’s How To Get The Harry Potter Filter On Instagram:

  • Tapping on that will show you how it works and if you want to try it for yourself, just tap the ‘Try it’ option.
  • Now you’ve got the filter, it’s time to see whether or not you’re a wizard, Harry.
  • Press and hold the middle icon to start a video and a bunch of Harry Potter characters will flash up on the screen, it’ll cycle through them before landing on one.

    Did you get who you expected?

    Harry Potter Snapchat Filter & Lens

    How to Get Which Hogwarts house do you belong in Filter on Instagram

    Harry Potter Snapchat filter is for all the Harry Potter fans in the world. Even though the movie series ended a long time ago no one can forget how amazing Harry Potter was. Recently Harry potter Snapchat lens went viral after some people made some cosplays. However, some people still dont have a clear idea of how to enable and use the Harry Potter filter on Snapchat. Hence I decided to create this post on it. Also if you are a Jumanji fan check out our Jumanji Snapchat filter.

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    How To Use It

    To use your Bitmoji lens, you need to face the camera while using Snapchat. Take a nice picture of your face and swipe through the various lenses available on the app. Once you find it, select the lens. The AR lenses offered by the app make the snapping experience much more worthwhile. Apart from taking snaps, you can do much more with the app.

    The augmented reality lens shows you a highly appealing world of Harry Potter with your Bitmoji at hand. You can make modifications as allowed by the app.

    Havent used Bitmoji?

    If you havent used the Bitmoji app to create your Snapchat avatar, youre never too late. You can download the app from here and start creating your desired avatar right away. Bitmoji avatars help to make your Snapchat experience much more fun and exciting. Your avatar also appears in the text suggestions and stickers drawer.

    For more tips and updates from the digital world, keep checking in as we bring more interesting stories to the table.

    Liked reading it? Feel free to share your valuable feedback in the comments section below.

    What Is The Harry Potter Tiktok Filter

    A new Harry Potter filter is becoming hugely popular on TikTok, and its become the basis of a viral challenge.

    Million Dollar Listing LA | Season 13 | Preview Trailer

    Its one of Instagrams popular AR filters and when applied, the it flicks through each different Harry Potter character and lands on one.

    Find out exactly how to get it below.

    Hogwarts march X WAP astrid

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    What Are The Disney Pokemon And Harry Potter Instagram Filters

    , even user-created ones. Filters are effects that augment a user’s face and or surroundings during a video recording. These include user-created Instagram filters, such as the “Which Disney character are you?”, “What Pokemon are you?”, and “Which Harry Potter character are you?”.

    Without any user input, these filters essentially serve up a Disney character or Pokemon or Harry Potter character. They’re meaningless, of course, in determining who you really are, but they are pretty funny.

    updated my Instagram so I could try this disney filter


    Tiktok: How To Get The Harry Potter Instagram Filter Try The Latest Hogwarts Challenge

    The New

    Theres a brand new Harry Potter Filter thats become the basis of a popular TikTok Challenge heres exactly how to get it.

    If youre a Harry Potter fanatic, there are a whole host of different filters on TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat that relate to the films. Recently, one of the most popular has been the Welcome To Hogwarts Filter which quickly went viral on both Instagram and TikTok.

    But now, theres a brand new filter that TikTok users are obsessed with, and theres even a challenge related to it.

    Heres everything you need to know about the new Harry Potter Filter including what it is, where to find it and how to do the TikTok challenge!

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    Psa There Is A Hp Snapchat Filter

    Finally a reason for me to use the app

    Now normally I don’t use snapchat but this is cool! 😀

    I can’t remember how to find filters on snapchat haha. I just watch people, I don’t actually post. I feel so stupid.

    you just hold down your face! Then, when the things pop up, slide it until you find the one you want 🙂

    I got way too excited when I saw this post about the filter

    Leo season! Happy birthday, ‘arry!

    Weird! Maybe try restarting the app or your phone?

    I had it, could only take one picture with it and now it’s gone? 🙁 Only have Terminator 2 filter and a gazillion other ones, but I want the Harry filter! What happened?

    Hogwarts Dreams In Snapchat With Harry Porter

    The application added another Harry Potter-themed lens that transports you into the popular wizarding school so you can practice spells.

    Like other shoppable lenses, it transforms into a mini-game that expects you to practice different spells from the books by drawing on your screen. This is what it would seem that in real life. While the lens will probably be a hit with the applications Harry Potter fans, the lens is likewise one more illustration of why Snapchats new lenses are so amazing.

    Big reality lenses are turning into the main part of Snapchats application. As Facebook and Instagram keep on pounding the company on the Stories front, lenses are probably the absolute best at drawing in users such that Facebook cant. Furthermore, what preferred approach to demonstrate that over with some ordinary wizard sorcery.

    Since Instagram offers the best kind of Harry Potter filters, you can on the other hand make a selfie or video there and post it either on Snapchat stories and TikTok. Other than them, you can post it on different social media sites where you can flex your amazing Harry-Porter themed videos and photos and tell your followers that you are one of the biggest fans of the series.

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    What Is The Harry Potter Character Instagram Filter And How Do You Use It

    Whether it’s actually magical or just a random selection process is up for you to decide but it’s great fun regardless.

    To use the new ‘Harry Potter Test’ Instagram filter all you have to do is this:

    1) Make sure you have the latest version of Instagram on your phone.

    2) Search syilers on Instagram and find the filter creator’s page.

    3) Swipe to the left on their photos to access their filters.

    4) Press on the ‘Harry Potter Test’ filter option to see it.

    5) Click ‘Try It’ in the bottom lefthand corner.

    6) Hold the bottom button to film yourself.

    7) Tap the screen with another finger.

    8) Find out your future.

    You can also save the Instagram filter to your filter options on stories. To do this, all you have to do is go to Step 5 and then, instead of clicking ‘Try It’, press the downward arrow button on the bottom right corner to download the filter. The filter will then appear as one of your main options on the left when you next go to post an Instagram story. Enjoy fellow wizard.

    How To Get The Sorting Hat Filter On Instagram Harry Potter Fans Can Find Out If Theyre More Hufflepuff Or Slytherin

    Harry Potter Snapchat Filter

    When Instagram introduced their Story feature, it put a nail in Snapchats coffin. Then Instagram introduced filters, cementing its place as the queen of social media apps.

    But the latest Instagram filter is proving to be one of its most fun and viral trends.

    The new animated filter feature reveals which character from your favourite franchise you are. So far, weve seen Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Disney and Harry Potter take the lead on this trend. Want to know if your true character lies more with Malfoy than Harry, or Scar than Simba? This is the filter for you!

    Given the immense popularity of the Potterverse, its no surprise theres been another Instagram filter addition from the wonderful world of Hogwarts.

    Heres how to get the Sorting Hat filter on Instagram!

    • WHO ARE YOU: Guide to getting the Disney character filter on Insta

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    Get The Filters From Arno And Julia

    The other alternative way of getting these great filters is by taking them from official IG accounts of their creators. This is also rather simple, just follow these steps:

  • Log into Instagram.
  • Look for Arno Partissimo or Julia Roga on Instagram by using the search feature.
  • Give Arno or Julia a follow. Then you will see their filters, and the Harry Potter filters should be there.
  • Tap the filter you like and select the Save option to keep it in your story filters selection.
  • Where To Download Harry Potter Wizards Unite

    Unlike the release of Pokemon Go, Harry Potter Wizards Unite hasnt yet reached APK download sites such as APKMirror. However, as the file could be added at any time its worth checking regularly. For now, though, the only way to download Harry Potter Wizards Unite is from the Google Play Store, which you can find a direct link to below..

    If you are outside the release zone the easiest way to install Harry Potter Wizards Unite is to do it from your PC. First use a VPN to connect to one of the release locations, then sign into Google Play with your account. Once you have done so, use the link above to get to the Harry Potter Wizards Unite installation page, even if it says Pre-Register click the option, then click install when it appears. If you are signed into the same account on your Android device wait a few moments and Harry Potter Wizards Unite will install on your device. Just remember the only real requirement is that you use the same account for the entire process, on both devices.

    Note:You if you have a friend or family member within the release zone, you can get them to sign into your account, acquire the game, then wait for it to download to your device. Just keep in mind that you will have to share your login information to do so. Something you should only do if you truly trust the person.

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