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Which Female Harry Potter Character Are You Zimbio

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Which Female Harry Potter Character Am I

Which Female Harry Potter Character Are You?

Today is September 1st, and you know what that means! BACK TO HOGWARTS! I thought it was the perfect day to release my forth and fifth Harry Potter-themed quizzes. This quiz will tell you which female Harry Potter character you are most like. Obviously, there are a lot of female Harry Potter characters and I can’t fit all of them into one quiz, so I’ve selected seven of the most popular as the results.

For guys, I have a version nearly identical to this one titled ‘Which Male Harry Potter Character Am I?’ Well, I hope you enjoy! And don’t be disappointed if you get a character you don’t like, because you can always take the test again. Also, there may be some serious spoilers ahead, so if you like to be surprised, I would probably leave now.

Created by: goodgirlo

Fred & George Weasley

You showed the closest resemblance to Fred and George Weasley. They are the twin brothers of Ron, who were always pulling pranks.

They are best known for their senses of humor and for their love of pranks. We see their comedic efforts throughout the series.

In terms of negative traits, some of their pranks could be cruel. They were also not ones to follow any rules and could cause a lot of trouble.

Unfortunately, Fred passed away at the very end of the series. His legacy will remain forever though.

If you got Fred and George on this quiz:

Chances are that you love to goof around and dont take things too seriously. If there is a practical joke pulled, you are the first person that gets blamed based on your history.

Where Does Bellatrix Lestrange Come From

Bellatrix Lestrange first appeared in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, published in 2000. A follower of the series main villain, Voldemort, she kills several crucial characters throughout the series.

Like many Harry Potter characters, the name Bellatrix references astronomy. Bellatrix alludes to the third-brightest star in the Orion constellation and means female warrior in Latin.

Bellatrix Lestrange is known for her intense loyalty to, and even obsession with, her master, Voldemort. Her name, however, has become most closely associated with her rather distinctive physical appearance and evil, unhinged behavior, particularly as depicted in the Harry Potter films.

Voldemort, Bellatrix Lestrange, Dumbledore and Harry Potter smiling for a photo.

History In Pictures

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Who Uses Bellatrix Lestrange

In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, shes described as a straggly-haired woman with a gaunt, skull-like face who has been ravaged by her time in the wizard prison, Azkaban. Shes frequently described as disheveled and ugly, with heavy-lidded eyes and a fanatical demeanor. Actor Helena Bonham Carters later portrayal of her in the Harry Potter films featured wild, teased hair, a haggard face, pale skin, and ragged black clothing that came together to form a recognizable aesthetic with a gothic flair. This look became so synonymous with the character that now people can accuse a person of going full Bellatrix Lestrange with an outfit, or describe a hairstyle as having Bellatrix Lestrange vibes.

This chick at Starbucks has straight up bellatrix lestrange hair #wild

Mollie Ann

Bellatrix Lestrange, based on her actions and personality in the Harry Potter books and films, is also used to refer to people exhibiting wild, frenzied behavior.

Some Quiz Results From Our Readers

Which Secondary

Here are results from some of our readers on :

  • : I got Harry Potter and that fits pretty well as I love reading and learning!
  • I got Ron Weasley and am happy with my answer. I love making people laugh, so I think this fits pretty well.
  • Neville Longbottom was always my favorite character so it is an honor to have a similar personality.

So, which Harry Potter character are you? Let us know in the comment section below and make sure to let your friends know on social media! We would also love to know if you have any male characters that you think we should add to this character quiz. We are open to expanding it so we can include more of the most popular characters.

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Quiz: What Kind Of Metaverse Blog

If youve even glanced at Facebook lately, youve seen the surge of quizzes, usually from Buzzfeed or Zimbio.

While I tend to run screaming from obvious time-wasters , I admit that I occasionally am drawn to some of these. Its not that I really NEED to know where I should go for spring break , because Im not going anywhere. Sure, at the time it felt vitally important to know Which Gilmore Girls Guy is Your True Soulmate . And yes, it was through a quiz that I learned that the Reality TV Show Im actually supposed to be on is The Bachelorette. But Im starting to find a certain inconsistency with my results that help remind me this is all fun nonsense .

Taking personality quizzes for fun is nothing new. I remember sitting around the high school library with friends, taking quizzes from Seventeen magazine. It would be something like, How good of a friend are you? with ten questions about what you might do in a certain situation, how often you call your friends , and how long youve had your best friend. Wed all keep a tally, and then someone would read the much-anticipated results. They were fun and meaningless, and killed time between Spanish II and Biology. Later, there were forwards and emails loaded with questions around Have you ever? and When was your first kiss? , and then came the quizzes on MySpace or Xanga , or quiz widgets on blogs.

Susie SouthProject and Community Manager

Which New Girl Character Are You

  • step

You run into someone that you don’t like. What do you say?

  • I ignore them
  • I play nice and say hi
  • I say something rude but witty
  • I like everyone!

You are eating a burger when it falls apart. What do you do?

  • Try to piece it back together
  • Order another one
  • Pick up each piece and eat it
  • Consider it done

You’re playing an icebreaker game, telling everybody in the circle something about yourself. How do you feel when it’s your turn?

  • Anxious
  • I have no feeling

You are sitting in the grass when a spider climbs on your hand. How do you react?

  • I scream and shake it off
  • I scream and swat at it
  • I brush it off calmly
  • I lift my hand and look at it

It’s payday! What is the first thing you pay for?

  • My bills
  • The first thing I see

You are at a formal charity dinner. How do you feel when you leave?

  • Good about myself
  • I’m embarrassed because I probably said something stupid
  • I feel fancy – I don’t usually do things like this
  • I feel cheap because I didn’t have anything to give

The love of your life has just stormed out on you in the middle of an argument. What do you do?

  • Cry – I’m afraid they aren’t coming back
  • Nothing – They’ll be back
  • I chase after them and appologize
  • I text their friends to find out if they know where they went

You are playing a board game with children and one of them is about to win. What do you do?

  • I cheat and beat them all
  • I cheer the kids on
  • I “accidentally” end the game by messing up the board
  • I let one of the kids win
  • I let it go

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