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Who Played Sirius In Harry Potter

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Costume And Set Design

Harry Potter meets Sirius Black | Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban [Open Matte 16:9]

Cuarón wanted to establish a more mature tone in the characters’ costumes and the sets. He explained, “What I really wanted to do was to make Hogwarts more contemporary and a little more naturalistic.” He studied English schools and noted, “Each teenager’s individuality was reflected in the way they wore their uniform. So I asked all the kids in the film to wear their uniforms as they would if their parents weren’t around.” Columbus considered the costumes changes as “a reflection of the character development within the books themselves” and their transition to teenagers. Whereas in the first two films the characters are constantly in their uniforms, in Prisoner of Azkaban the characters often wear modern street clothes. Rowling, who had to be consulted on this change, stated, “for me the cloaks and everything makes sense for the academic time but in personal time they would be wearing their own clothes.” joined the film as costume designer, also working on all of the following instalments in the series.

Some sets were either reused from earlier films or used for more than one space. The Defence Against the Dark Arts and Divination classrooms were filmed in the same set. The Honeydukes set was a redress of the set of Flourish & Blotts that was seen in Chamber of Secrets, which, in turn, had been redressed from the Ollivanders set from the first film.

Alecto And Amycus Carrow

Alecto and Amycus Carrow are siblings who participate in the assault on Hogwarts at the end of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Amycus is described as being squat and lumpy, with a lopsided leer and a wheezy giggle Alecto is described as a stocky little woman and shares her brothers squatness and laugh. It is said that after Voldemorts first downfall, they believed that he was gone forever.

Ralph Ineson plays Amycus, and Suzie Toase appears as Alecto in the films, wherein they are reduced to non-speaking roles. In the second part of the final film, Snape deflects a spell from McGonagall which hits the Carrows, possibly to protect the students from their abuses and to show his allegiance to Dumbledore.

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The Harry Potter Plot Hole That Led To Sirius Death

Sirius Black failing to mention his gift to Harry earlier in Order of the Phoenix results in a plot hole that leads directly to his tragic death.

One of the most gut-wrenching deaths in the Harry Potter series is that of Sirius Black. It was also a death that only happened as a result of a plot hole due to an event earlier in the same novel, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Before he returned to Hogwarts after the Christmas break, Sirius gave Harry a badly wrapped package and told him to use its contents to contact him should Harry ever need to talk. However, Harry vowed never to open the present because he didnt want to do anything that might cause his godfather to leave the safety of 12 Grimmauld Place.

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Yet, forgetting Sirius gift was a communication device led Harry to break into Umbridges office to use her unmonitored fireplace to access the floo network so he could speak to Sirius. What seems like an inexplicable plot hole is that Sirius seems to have forgotten all about his gift to Harry as well.

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He Cottoned On To Peter Because Of The Weasleys

Fans of The Prisoner of Azkaban blockbuster get a glimpse of the entire Weasley clan via a Daily Prophet reading. Their faces are splashed across the front page after they win some money and take a cool-looking holiday to Egypt. But this picture has far more significance than merely being used to flesh out the wizarding world.

Its actually how Sirius realizes that Pettigrew is infiltrating the Weasleys by posing as the rat, Scabbers. He notices the creature is missing a toe and, knowing Wormtail had sliced off his own finger shortly before faking his death, he immediately puts two and two together giving him the courage to break out of Azkaban in the process.

Sirius Black Quotes In Harry Potter And The Half

Harry Potter: 10 Little Known Facts About Sirius Black

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceHarry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceChapter Four: Horace SlughornQuotes

could not quite keep a note of derision out of his voice it was hard to sympathize with Slughorns cosseted existence when he remembered Sirius, crouching in a cave and living on rats. Most of the teachers arent in it, and none of them has ever been killed well, unless you count Quirrell, and he got what he deserved seeing as he was working with Voldemort.

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He Escaped By Starving Himself

Before Sirius is successful, nobody has ever escaped Azkaban before. Its a fortress in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by swarms of Dementors that prey on the misery and suffering of others. The third movie of the series doesnt actually explain how Harrys godfather is able to get away but the book does.

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Put simply, he starves himself. He makes sure hes as thin as possible so that, when he transforms into a dog, hes able to slip through the bars. He keeps the Dementors at bay by using his innocence as a happy thought and, consequently, leaves them surprised when hes able to get off the island surprised and angry too.

The Wisest Lines From Sirius Black

Once the whole murder thing was sorted out, Sirius became an excellent godfather to Harry, looking out for him and dispensing excellent advice. These are the best wise quotes from Sirius, most of which he spoke to Harry while trying to help him in any way he could.

Its cruel that I got to spend so much time with James and Lily, and you so little. But know this the ones that love us never really leave us. And you can always find them in here.Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry: Im not ready for this, Sirius!Harry: You dont have a choiceHarry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Sirius Black: Look, Harry, the Death Eaters at the world cup your name rising out of the Goblet of Fire these are not just coincidences! Hogwarts isnt safe anymore.Harry: What are you saying?Sirius Black: Im saying the devils are inside the walls. Igor Karkaroff. He was a Death Eater and no one, no one stops being a Death Eater.Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

I want you to listen to me very carefully, Harry. Youre not a bad person. Youre a very good person, who bad things have happened to. Besides, the world isnt split into good people and Death Eaters. Weve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. Thats who we really are.Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

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Fiery Tempers Worthy Of A Hungarian Horntail

The very first time we met Sirius Black he was in a murderous rage, determined to kill Peter Pettigrew disguised as Rons rat who had betrayed Lily and James Potter. But this wasnt the only time we saw Sirius lose his temper. Snape, Kreacher and even Mrs Weasley all felt the heat of his temper. And Harry isnt exactly cool-headed either. Remember that time when he shouted in glorious capital letters at Ron and Hermione for keeping him in the dark all summer when theyd been hanging out with the Order? And he just couldnt keep his anger for Umbridge under control at all even after Professor McGonagall warned him of the danger.

We dont know much about James Potters temper, but we do know that he was the Marauder who rescued Snape from a potential run-in with Lupin in werewolf form, even though the two hated each other. Perhaps he had a more rational head on his shoulders than Sirius or Harry?

Harry Potter Star Reveals Which Co

Story of Sirius Black | Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban [Open Matte 16:9]

The Harry Potter film franchise was an unprecedented cinematic event, with an epic cast and crew coming together to bring its eight-film saga to life. In addition to its main ensemble of actors, the series brought in a rotating array of major guest stars and apparently, one key player in the franchise left series star Daniel Radcliffe starstruck. In a recent interview with The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Radcliffe spoke about the experience of working on the franchise, and revealed that the first instance of him getting starstruck as a child was with Gary Oldman, who played Sirius Black beginning in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

“Well, now I’m, like, aware of who they are in a much more significant way than I was when I was nine or ten,” Radcliffe explained. “At the time I wasn’t starstruck by any of those people. The first person I remember being starstruck by was Gary Oldman, ’cause that was the age when I was aware of who he was and his work and also getting more serious about acting myself so, yeah, before that when you meet someone as a nine-year-old it’s sort of hard to, like, gain starstruckness of them later on.”

Radcliffe himself has had a unique experience with fans getting “starstruck”, especially in the years that have passed since the Potter films came to a conclusion.

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Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

Towards the end of the novel, Harry, Ron, and Hermione confront Sirius and Harry nearly kills him however, Lupin’s timely intervention prevents Harry from doing this. Lupin, who has learned that Sirius is innocent, is reunited in friendship with him. Pettigrew is unmasked, and, most importantly, Harry stops Sirius and Lupin from murdering Pettigrew, arguing that his father would not want his friends to commit murder. Harry begins to view Sirius as a surrogate father, although events swiftly turn against him again â Pettigrew escapes, and Sirius is captured by the dementors at Hogwarts and sentenced to the Dementor’s Kiss, a fate worse than death. Harry and Hermione help him escape with Buckbeak, a hippogriff who had also been unjustly condemned. Sirius is once again a wanted man.

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows

As stated by J. K. Rowling during the BBC Paxman interview, 2003, Sirius is “definitely dead.” She has created further intrigue, however, by making a cryptic reference to the communication mirror Sirius gave to Harry before he died: “The mirror might not have helped as much as you think, but on the other hand, will help more than you think. Youâll have to read the final book to understand that!” In the final book, Aberforth Dumbledore uses the two-way mirror – which he bought from Mundungus Fletcher a year prior – to see Harry in the Malfoy Manor cellars, which enables Aberforth to send Dobby to rescue Harry.

Sirius makes his final appearance in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows when Harry discovers the Resurrection Stone within the golden snitch. Appearing as a ghostlike figure alongside Lily, James and Lupin, Sirius supports Harry’s walk into death and assures him that dying is “quicker and easier than falling asleep.” He also promises Harry that the four will always remain a part of him.

Rowling revealed a family tree in the J. K. Rowling Documentary on ITV concerning all of the grandchildren of the Weasley family. In this family tree, it is known that Harry named his first son James Sirius, after his father and godfather.

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He Deliberately Annoyed His Parents

The Black family, just like the Malfoys and Lestranges, are proud pure-bloods. They believe that only magical folk should ever amount to anything in life and that muggle-borns and muggle-sympathizers are whats wrong with the world. Sirius touches on this in The Order of the Phoenix movie but, in The Deathly Hallows book, more details come to light.

Sirius, being against his familys ideology, did everything to enrage them. He draped his room in the red and yellow of Gryffindor house and even had the nerve to clad his room in posters of muggle girls, with the photos not moving. We have to say, we admire his courage. No wonder his mother blasted him off the family tree

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Early Life And Education

Talk:Sirius Black

Gary Leonard Oldman was born in , , on 21 March 1958, the son of Leonard Bertram Oldman , a former sailor who also worked as a welder, and Kathleen . He has stated that his father was an alcoholic who left the family when Oldman was seven years old. His older sister, Maureen, is an actress better known as she performed in Oldman’s directorial debut , before taking on her most famous role of in the soap opera .

Oldman attended West Greenwich School in , leaving at the age of 16 to work in a sports shop. He played piano as a child, but he gave up his musical aspirations to pursue an acting career after seeing ‘s performance in the film . In a 1995 interview with , he said, “Something about Malcolm just arrested me, and I connected, and I said, ‘I wanna do that.'”

Growing up in south London, Oldman supported his local football club, , but also followed because he idolised . In 2011, he learned from his mother that his father had played for Millwall just after : “Just after the war, ran a for football playersMillwall players. And I knew that my dad was involved somehow with the reserve team. But two weeks ago my mum said, ‘Oh yeah, your dad played for Millwall. When he was young he had a couple of first team games.'”

He won a scholarship to attend the in , south-east London, from which he graduated with a BA in Acting in 1979. Oldman described himself as a “shy” but diligent worker during his time there, performing roles such as in ‘s .

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Daniel Radcliffe Confirms Which Harry Potter Film Is His Favorite

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe says Order of the Phoenix is his favorite film in the series thanks to his time acting alongside Gary Oldman.

Daniel Radcliffe finally confirmed which Harry Potter movie is his absolute favorite of the bunch, and while each Potter movie has its fair share of fans, the actor’s answer still came as an unlikely pick.

The film adaptations of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter novels are some of the most beloved movies of all time, so it can be tough to pick a favorite. The saga has eight films to choose from , and countless Potter buffs around the world would argue that each installment is a masterpiece in its own right. Radcliffe, the leading actor behind the taped eyeglasses and the lightning bolt scar, revealed his own favorite Potter entry in an interview with Wired. While he conceded it wasn’t the most popular opinion, Radcliffe said that Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was his favorite film in the series, confessing, “I actually love the fifth one.”

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“I was sort of a little bit older at that point, so I was kind of able to appreciate that more,” Radcliffe said.

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All eight Harry Potter films, including Radcliffe’s favorites, are available to stream now on HBO Max.

Sirius Black Quotes In Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanHarry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanChapter OneQuotes

Non-magic people were particularly afraid of magic in medieval times, but not very good at recognizing it. On the rare occasion that they did catch a real witch or wizard, burning had no effect whatsoever.

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Harry Potter: Every Actor To Play Lord Voldemort

Lord Voldemort is the arch-antagonist of the entire Harry Potter story, but the dark wizard was portrayed by a number of actors on the big screen.

Lord Voldemort is one of the most famous characters in the Harry Potter book and movie franchise, but he’s been portrayed by a succession of different actors on the big screen. Initially spoken of in hushed tones, J.K. Rowling introduces the legend of Voldemort in the very first book, depicting a fearsome wizard who terrorized the entire magic world, only to be defeated while attempting to kill a young Harry Potter.

After his clash with the most dangerous baby of all time, Voldemort loses his physical form and spends the first few books attempting a revival. The first time fans witness Voldemort, he’s secreted on the rear side of a teacher’s head, for example, and can later be seen as a deformed, blanket-covered bundle of evil. Only in The Goblet of Fire does Voldemort regain his true form, and this regular changing of appearance necessitated a series of actors when adapting Harry Potter for film. Furthermore, Rowling often delves back into Voldemort’s past as the Hogwarts student Tom Riddle, resulting in an even wider selection of actors playing the villain.

While one or two Voldemort actors are widely known, others may only be recognizable by sight, and some perhaps flew under the radar altogether. Here are all the actors who played Lord Voldemort on the big screen.

A Vandalized Hogwarts Express

Dementors attack Harry and Sirius | Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban [Open Matte 16:9]

The filming of the movie had to be slowed down for a while, after the Hogwarts Express train was ransacked and covered with graffiti. Four years later, the episode was repeated on the set of Harry Potter and theOrder of the Phoenix, during which all the windows of the train, parked in a shed, were smashed with a hammer.

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