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What Is The Second Book In The Harry Potter Series

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Quidditch Through The Ages

2nd Book Review- Harry Potter Series

Or maybe it’s J.K. Rowling’s smash-hit sport, Quidditch, that tickles your fancy. Today, Quidditch is an actual sport played at over 100 colleges in the United States such is the strength of the grip that it’s exerted on our public imagination. But if you’re interested in the academic side of Quidditch, Rowling’s got you covered with Quidditch Through the Ages, which will tell you all that you ever wanted to know about the history and rules behind Quidditch.

Lily Potter’s First Line Is A Scream

First appearance: “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”

Lily Potter’s first line is a scream in a flashback scene of her death.

That’s her only verbal line in the first movie, but she later speaks in the fourth film when Harry unlocks the spirits of the last people killed with Voldemort’s wand.

She tells her son, “Let go, sweetheart, you’re ready. Let go, let go!”

In the same scene in the fourth book, Lily’s first spoken line actually conveys the opposite message.

She tells Harry, “Your father’s coming … Hold on for your father … it will be all right … hold on …”

Is There A 9th Harry Potter Movie

Ignoring the expansions into the Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts titles, the lack of a ninth Harry Potter movie has caused significant consternation. What is unthinkable is that a decade after the release of Deathly Hallows Part 2, there is no upcoming Harry Potter movie or TV show release planned.

Also Is there a Harry Potter book 9? The Eighth Story is probably the last story in Harry Potters timeline, meaning that Harry Potter 9 wont be happening. Speaking at the Broadway opening of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Sunday, J.K. Rowling said she doesnt expect to continue moving the story forward by creating a Harry Potter Book 9.

Why did J.K. Rowling stop Harry Potter? Question: Why did J.K. Rowling stop making Harry Potter books? Answer:Because the story ended. Because if she keeps continuing the story, its going to get boring and no one will want to read it. You wouldnt want to read a super boring book that repeat itself just so they can continue, would you?

What is the least popular Harry Potter book? Poll

  • 62 votes, 19.8% Ha. Ha.
  • 45 votes, 14.4% Half Blood Prince.
  • 30 votes, 9.6% Goblet of Fire.
  • 24 votes, 7.7% Prisoner of Azkaban.
  • 22 votes, 7.0% Sorcerers Stone.
  • 21 votes, 6.7% Deathly Hallows.
  • 19 votes, 6.1% i havent read harry potter yet. DONT SPOIL!!!
  • 9 votes, 2.9% They were all terrible!!!

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Her Final Line Also Takes Place During A Hearing

Last appearance: “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1”

After a stint as the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher and High Inquisitor at Hogwarts, Umbridge returned to the Ministry full-time by “Deathly Hallows.”

Her final movie line came as she was interrogating a Muggle-born witch as Senior Undersecretary to the Minister for Magic.

She asks Harry, who’s posing as Albert Runcorn, “What on Earth are you doing, Albert,” before he stuns her.

But in the seventh book, her final line is an explanation of the Horcrux locket she’s wearing during the hearing, and specifically how it ties her to a line of powerful, pure-blood wizards.

Hermione And Moaning Myrtles Bathroom

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Book Review and ...

Early on in the second book, Hermione Granger opens up about Moaning Mrytle. She reveals that the ghost haunts a bathroom on the first floor of the castle. But this is then changed later on, with Hermione, Harry and Ron all brewing Polyjuice potion on the second floor of Hogwarts instead.

Harry is on the second floor when he stumbles across Mrs. Norris, who has been petrified, much to the anguish of Argus Filch. And it appears as though Rowling simply forgot shed already claimed Myrtle hung out on a different level of the castle instead. Mrytle is miserable, but grows fond of the Boy Who Lived, and even invites him to share a cubicle with her should he die attempting to rescue Ginny Weasley from the Basilisk towards the end of the source material and movie.

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Mythos Academy By Jennifer Estep

Gwen Frost is out to solve her classmates murder, especially since she thinks she should have been the one who died. Gwen is a 17-year-old student at Mythos Academy, a school of myths, magic, and warrior whiz kids, where even the lowliest geek knows how to chop off somebodys head with a sword.

When students start dying and the second Chaos War is at hand, Gwen uses her power of touch magic to set things right in the first novel, Touch of Frost. Five novels round out the Mythos Academy series, which is aimed at readers 14 and up. In order, they are: Kiss of Frost, Dark Frost, Crimson Frost, Midnight Frost, and Killer Frost.

Lockwood & Co By Jonathan Stroud

Ghosts have taken over England, but only young people can see and eradicate them in Jonathan Strouds five-book Lockwood and Co. series. Narrated by 15-year-old Lucy Carlyle, these action-packed books have all the humor and heart of the Harry Potter series, and a good deal of the mystery and suspense as well.

Older middle school kids and young adults love Lockwood and Co., as do many adult readers. I had no clue this wasnt an adult series, but I was hooked and didnt care, writes on reviewer on Amazon. And like Harry Potter, this series is no less delightful just because it was written with a younger reader in mind, raves another reader.

In order, the five books of the Lockwood and Co. series are The Screaming Staircase, The Whispering Skull, The Hollow Boy, The Creeping Shadow, and The Empty Grave. Stroud has also written a short story in the Lockwood and Co. series, The Dagger in the Desk, which is available for free on Kindle.

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His Last Line Is Spoken To George

Last appearance: “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2”

In Fred’s last film line, he responds to George’s question about him being OK and says, “Yeah.”

Fred and George are standing side by side getting ready to fight, and the next time Fred is shown on screen, he’s already dead.

In the book, Fred’s last lines are spent marveling over his estranged brother Percy joining them for the fight and cracking a joke.

He’s described as gleefully saying, “You actually are joking, Perce … I don’t think I’ve heard you joke since you were ” immediately before his death.

Harry Potter: A Journey Through The History Of Magic Curated By The British Museum

J.K. Rowling and the second Harry Potter book

Ever wonder why a mandrake screams? Youll find out in Harry Potter: A Journey Through the History of Magic. Compiled by the British Museum as a companion piece to an exhibition, the book includes some of J.K. Rowlings early drafts and sketches of the Wizarding World. Its exactly what you should read after finishing the Harry Potter series. Theres an American edition that features artifacts not included in the original British edition.

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His Last Line Is Spoken On The Train’s Platform

Last appearance: “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2”

Ron’s last moment in both the books and movies shows him and Hermione bringing their children to the Hogwarts Express 19 years after the Battle of Hogwarts.

His final line in the movie is, “Here they come,” which he says as Harry, Ginny, and their children approach them on Platform 9 3/4.

In the book, he has a few more lines during the epilogue scene. After people on the platform start staring at Harry, Ron says, “Don’t let it worry you. It’s me, I’m extremely famous.”

The Ending Of Harry Potter Finally Explained

For millions across the globe, the Harry Potter book and film series was the closest thing they’d ever come to experiencing actual magic. The journey of the young wizard, from a stowaway orphan who lived under the stairs at his cruel aunt’s home into the prophesied hero who defeated the world’s darkest villain, was nothing short of epic. The final installment of the story was as complex and at times bleak as it needed to be, to wrap up seven chapters’ worth of sorcerer storytelling.

So, to make sure you caught everything important there at the end, let’s shed a little lumos light on everything that happened in the conclusion to the Harry Potter saga.

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Her Last Line Comes From A Deleted Scene

Last appearance: “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1”

Aunt Petunia is only on screen for a few seconds in the final film as she gets into the car with her husband and son to leave Privet Drive.

But there’s a deleted scene where she has a final conversation with Harry.

Her last line there is, “You didn’t just lose a mother that night in Godric’s Hollow, you know. I lost a sister.”

Since Aunt Petunia usually prefers not to acknowledge Harry’s mother at all, it’s a surprisingly sweet moment.

In the book, she uses her last words to say “Well goodbye” to Harry. But it does say that she looks like she had something else to say to him, which might explain the deleted scene.

Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone

What Is The Second Book In The Harry Potter Series

Harry Potter is an orphaned boy brought up by his unkind Muggle aunt and uncle. At the age of eleven, half-giant Rubeus Hagrid informs him that he is actually a wizard and that his parents were murdered by an evil wizard named Lord Voldemort. Voldemort also attempted to kill one-year-old Harry on the same night, but his killing curse mysteriously rebounded and reduced him to a weak and helpless form. Harry became extremely famous in the Wizarding World as a result. Harry begins his first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and learns about magic. During the year, Harry and his friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger become entangled in the mystery of the Philosopher’s Stone which is being kept within the school.

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How To Watch Harry Potter Movies In Order

Everyone came into the Wizarding World through the Harry Potter books and movies, which introduced us to a gifted 11-year-old, his friends Ron and Hermione, and their hallowed school of magic, Hogwarts. Watching the Harry Potter movies in order, seeing the story unfold chronologically in-universe, used to be as easy as finding the one where Daniel Radcliffe looks youngest and starting from there.

But the series has expanded now with the Fantastic Beasts movies, set some 70 years before The Sorcerers Stone. So to watch the Harry Potter movies in order, your journey now begins with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, set in 1926 and starring Eddie Redmayne as Newt Scarmander. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is set in 1927. The third Fantastic Beasts intends to release July 2022, with two more movies to close out the Scarmander and Grindelwald saga.

Then the story of Harry himself begins, starting with Sorcerers Stone and concluding in the second-part of The Deathly Hallows, for eight Certified Fresh movies in a row. Theres also a Harry Potter series early in development for HBO Max. For now, see our guide below on how to watch all Harry Potter movies in order.

Molly’s Last Words Have Become Iconic

Last appearance: “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2”

During the Battle of Hogwarts, Molly Weasley delivers her last line of the film series.

She yells, “Not my daughter, you b—-!” at Bellatrix when she sees the Death Eater trying to duel with Ginny.

The line is now well-known, but it’s not actually Molly’s last in the book.

After yelling the line at Bellatrix, Molly continues to duel the witch, and her final words are, “You will never touch our children again!”

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Is Harry Potter Based On Ww2

In truth, although she is strongly influenced by her own culture in England, Rowling, like numerous other modern writers, is equally inspired by literature, culture and historical events of countries around the world. In particular, the author draws parallels to Nazi Germany during the Second World War.

Will there be another Harry Potter movie in 2022?

Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return To Hogwarts will be released on New Years Day, 1st January 2022 on HBO Max and on Sky Max.

Will there be Harry Potter and the Cursed Child? The latest buzz around the same is that the film is finally in the works. Yes, all the Harry Potter fans can rejoice as Warner Medias CEO, Jason Kilar, just dropped a hint about the Wizarding World movie.

What is the 10th Harry Potter movie? Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is a 2011 fantasy film directed by David Yates and distributed by Warner Bros.

Every Harry Potter Book Ranked

Two NEW Harry Potter Books Are To Be Released In October

From the beloved main series to the OK sequel, here is every Harry Potter book ranked, according to Goodreads.

It is common knowledge that the brilliant Harry Potter series is not just a film franchise, but rather first came from the phenomenal book series created by J. K. Rowling. The book series was an instant hit and inspired a worldwide phenomenon and kicked off a fandom which rages on to this day as well as some of the biggest movies of all time.

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The book series is acclaimed and beloved by both casual readers and massive bookworms. A good place to go and see just how popular and well-liked the books, or any books for that matter, is Goodreads. That is exactly where this list will go so, here is every Harry Potter book ranked, according to Goodreads.

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The Magicians By Lev Grossman

If youre looking for a series like Harry Potter with a healthy dose of Narnia thrown in, The Magicians Trilogy by Lev Grossman is it. The series focuses on Quentin Coldwater, a high school math genius obsessed with Fillory, a fantasy land from a childrens book. When hes admitted to a secret college for magicians, Quentin quickly learns that Fillory is real and home to some very dark secrets.

The three-book series, which has also been adapted as a television series for SYFY, consists of The Magicians, The Magician King, and The Magicians Land.

Molly Weasley Speaks First At King’s Cross Station While She’s Bringing Her Children To The Hogwarts Express

First appearance: “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”

Molly Weasley’s first line in the movies is, “It’s the same every year packed with Muggles, of course. Come on,” which Harry overhears her saying as he’s trying to find Platform 9 3/4.

Her first line is similar in the book, although there, Harry only catches her saying, ” packed with Muggles of course .”

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Book : Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows

This book is a fun romp through the fully established magical world that we all know and love. Rowling doesnt waste any time explaining the concepts she has created and developed up until now. She simply expects us to get it and enjoy the ride through her world. And while this book breaks free of the restraints caused by the predictable school year plot of the previous books, it also is hampered by this fact.

Until now, Rowling had established a bankable formula for her work, revolving around the magical mundanity of life at Hogwarts. Taking her cast of characters away from this setting does not play to her strengths, and it shows in the final book. However, there are some great moments as well, like the sword in the lake, and, of course, The Princes Tale.

Sirius’ First Line Is Misinterpreted By Harry Ron And Hermione

Book Review for âHarry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets ...

First appearance: “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”

When the trio first meets Sirius Black, they still think he’s a dangerous murder who escaped from Azkaban prison.

His first line, “Only one will die tonight,” makes Harry, Ron, and Hermione distrust him even more because they think he’s trying to kill Harry.

In the book, however, Sirus’ first line is the Expelliarmus spell. He disarms Harry and Hermione with Ron’s wand when they enter the Shrieking Shack.

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Book : Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince

Prince sets an almost impossibly high bar for the ending of the series, and introduces a lot of vital information about the Wizarding World we just didnt know before. This book is actually incredibly light in tone, especially when compared to the previous book. It has incredibly funny moments, and shows a deeper side to the anti hero of Harry Potter Severus Snape.

Dumbledores death at the end of the sixth is a tragic moment, but it was pretty necessary in order for Harry to come into his own and defeat Voldemort in the seventh, so well forgive Rowling for tugging at our heartstrings.

Cedric First Speaks When He’s On His Way To The Quidditch World Cup

First appearance: “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”

Cedric Diggory makes his first on-screen appearance when he and his father meet up with the Weasleys and Harry to travel to the Quidditch World Cup by Portkey.

Arthur introduces everyone to Amos Diggory, and then when his son appears, he asks, “And this strapping man must be Cedric, am I right?” Cedric responds with his first line, “Yes, sir.”

Cedric is actually introduced as the Hufflepuff Seeker in the third book, but his first line still doesn’t come until “Goblet of Fire” when he says “Hi” to everyone traveling to the World Cup.

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