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Who Plays Voldemort In Harry Potter

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Cedric Diggory Robert Pattinson

Why 5 Different Actors Played Voldemort – Harry Potter Explained

If theres only one actor youve kept hearing about post-Harry Potter, its probably Robert Pattinson. Cedric Diggory only featured in Goblet of Fire, but he still left a huge mark on the series, even coming up in a big way in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. On top of starring in the Twilight saga as the iconic Edward Cullen, Pattinson has starred in tons of movies, including The Lighthouse. Even more importantly, hes been cast as the DCEUs new Batman!

Ralph Fiennes Says He Cant Understand The Vitriol Over Jk Rowlings Anti

Fiennes played the evil Lord Voldemort in the film adaptation of the Harry Potter series

Voldemort Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows/Warner Bros.

Actor Ralph Fiennes, who played Voldemort in the film adaptations of J.K. Rowlings Harry Potter series, said he supported the author after she faced backlash for remarks criticizing transgender people.

In a Wednesday interview with The Telegraph promoting his new touring theatrical adaptation of T.S. Eliots The Four Quartets, Fiennes commented on the backlash Rowling has faced in the last year after sharing controversial and sometimes outright transphobic thoughts about biological sex, gender identity, and transgender peoples rights to bodily autonomy, under the guise of feminism.

I cant understand the vitriol directed at her, Fiennes told The Telegraph. I can understand the heat of an argument, but I find this age of accusation and the need to condemn irrational. I find the level of hatred that people express about views that differ from theirs, and the violence of language towards others, disturbing.

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Daniel Radcliffe and his co-stars Emma Watson and Rupert Grint have openly condemned her views. Warner Bros. also spoke out against her comments and said in a statement last June, we recognize our responsibility to foster empathy and advocate understanding of all communities and all people.

Warwick Davis Played Professor Filius Flitwick And Voiced Griphook Throughout The Series

Warwick Davis donned a cape and mustache as Filius Flitwick, Hogwarts charms professor whose look changed drastically between the second and third films.

Davis also played the bank teller at Gringotts in the first film and provided the voice for Griphook in Sorcerers Stone before fully inheriting the role from the late Verne Troyer in the final two films.

Davisfirst acting role was as Wicket in Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi when he was 13 years old, and he continued his successful acting career with notable roles in films like Willow , the Leprechaun franchise , and Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace .

While filming Harry Potter, Davis also appeared in The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian .

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His Family Had A History Of Incest

The Gaunt family were well known for marrying their cousins, as mentioned by Dumbledore in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. This led to mental instability and violent tendencies and, ultimately, the familys downfall. Sickening though it may be, this is actually a lot more common in the wizarding world than one might think though.

Some of the most prominent wizarding families chose to marry their relatives in order to maintain their pure-blood status. These include the Black and the Lestrange families, both of which harbored their fair share of dark witches and wizards over the years. One of the big exceptions, however, is the Malfoy family, who, according to J.K. Rowling, chose to avoid inter-marrying to avoid enfeebling their bloodline.

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Harry Potter: The Cast Member You Never Knew Was Related To Voldemort Star In Real Life

An Update On The Cast From The Harry Potter Franchise

The director said the family connection wasn’t the reason he got the part

It’s now 10 years on since the last Harry Potter film. Surely there is no info that could emerge that would surprise us.

But it turns out, there are two actors who featured in the series that are, in fact, related in real life.

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In the Half-Blood Prince, we see Tom Riddle Jr. as a troubled child and teenager before he became the most evil wizard of all time .

In one scene, Albus Dumbledore visits 11-year-old Riddle in the orphanage, and explains to him about the magical world, inviting him to Hogwarts.

In this scene, the young Riddle is played by Hero Fiennes Tiffin, Voldemort actor Ralph Fiennes’ actual nephew.

Hero Fiennes Tiffin, now 23, from London got the part over thousands of young actors who auditioned for the role.

Some speculated that he was selected due to the family connection, but Harry Potter director David Yates said this was not the case but admitted the family resemblance was a “clincher.”

Yates described Fiennes Tiffin as “very focused and disciplined” and said he “got the corners and dark moods and odd spirit of the character” as well as having a “wonderful haunted quality that seemed to bring Tom Riddle alive on-screen for us.”

While he was just 11 years old when he is in Harry Potter, Hero has gone on to star in lead roles including of Hardin Scott in the film After.

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James Potter Was Played By Adrian Rawlins

Adrian Rawlins played James Potter, Harrys father.

Before Harry Potter, Rawlins was known for his work in films and on miniseries including The Woman in Black , ITVs Soldier Soldier, BBC Ones Insiders,

Throughout the filming of the series, Rawlins also worked on Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself and the documentary Dunkirk .

Where Harry Potter Actors Who Were Replaced Are Now

A number of major roles were recast during the course of the eight Harry Potter movies, including Professor Dumbledore and Lord Voldemort, due to tragic deaths and behind-the-scenes drama

  • 17:00, 15 Aug 2021

The Harry Potter cast was perfectly chosen and it’s hard to imagine many of the characters being played by anyone else.

Alan Rickman was so perfect as Severus Snape that most of the adult characters were aged up so he could be in the films, while Emma Watson is almost identical to Hermione Granger.

However, for various reasons there were some characters across the franchise who had to be recast.

From tragic deaths to behind-the-scenes drama, some actors had to be replaced during the course of making the movies.

There are the obvious ones, such as Michael Gambon taking over as Professor Dumbledore when Richard Harris tragically died, but many fans might not know who originally played Lord Voldemort.

Here is a look at the Harry Potter stars who were replaced.

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Peter Pettigrew Timothy Spall

A household name before and after Harry Potter, Timothy Spall has been in countless films and television shows over the course of his career. Since Deathly Hallows: Part 2 his most notable roles were in both Alice in Wonderland films alongside numerous other Harry Potter stars, as well as starring in Mr. Turner in which he was nominated for many Best Actor awards.

It’s Probably Best Tilda Swinton Didn’t Get This Harry Potter Role

Ralph Fiennes Talks Voldemort And The Final Harry Potter

When you think of Tilda Swinton, you might think of Doctor Strange or The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. But Swinton could have also been a magical being in the Harry Potter films, had she not had a moral objection to them.

According to Newstalk, Swinton didn’t want the role of Professor Sybil Trelawney, who appeared in three films in the Harry Potter franchise. Instead, Emma Thompson landed the part, and she nailed it so it might have been for the best that Swinton said no. But why did Swinton say no? Well, it turns out that she wasn’t a fan of one particular aspect of Harry Potter: boarding school. “That’s why I dislike films like Harry Potter which tend to romanticize such places,” she told The Scots Magazine. “I think they are a very cruel setting in which to grow up and I don’t feel children benefit from that type of education. Children need their parents and the love parents can provide.”

Clearly, Swinton wasn’t meant to be part of the Harry Potter universe.

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It Took Forever To Convince Him To Play Voldemort

Playing an iconic wizard who slithers around in long flowing robes, perpetuating acts of black magic across the land? Pretty much any working actor would leap at the chance to play Lord Voldemort, but Ralph Fiennes was reluctant and needed convincing. In fact, it reportedly took ages to get him to sign on for the role.

A not-so gentle nudge from one of his sisters pushed Fiennes in the right direction. “I didn’t know the books,” he told Metro in July 2016 “I had seen the first Harry Potter film and I didn’t feel that sort of material was something that appealed to me.” Fortunately, his sister rang him up one day and gave him a piece of her mind: “They’ve asked you to play Voldemort,” she said. “Do you not realize how big this is?” Her kids had been gleefully devouring the books, so Fiennes “suddenly… became aware.”

Once he got the chance to wave his wand and cast a few spells, it sounds like Fiennes really started taking to the whole wizard thing to the point that he traumatized a 15-year-old Daniel Radcliffe, who admits: “Ralph genuinely scared me for a few years.”

Meanwhile, the film industry genuinely scares Ralph Fiennes.

Vincent Crabbe Jamie Waylett

Wayletts only acting roles were in the Harry Potter. He does not, however, get to boast having been in every Potter film, as his time was cut just short and he did not appear in either Deathly Hallows film. In 2009, Waylett was charged with possession of cannabis, and was sentenced to 120 hours of community service. Most recently he was arrested for participation in the 2011 England riots, and was sentenced to two years in prison.

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Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone

Professor QuirrellHarry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Voldemort makes his debut in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. In this story, Rowling introduces him as the Dark Lord who tried to kill Harry Potter because the boy was prophesied to destroy him. Voldemort murdered Harry’s parents, James and Lily, but as a result of his mother’s love and willingness to sacrifice herself for him, baby Harry survived when Voldemort tried to murder him with a Killing Curse. Voldemort was disembodied, and Harry was left with a mysterious, lightning bolt-shaped scar on his forehead as a result.

In the book, Voldemort unsuccessfully tries to regain his dissolved body by stealing the titular Philosopher’s Stone. To achieve his objective, Voldemort uses Professor Quirrell’s aid by latching onto the back of the latter’s head. However, at the climax of the book, Harry manages to prevent Voldemort from stealing the stone.

Nagini Was Integral To Voldemort’s Return To Power

How does the actor look like who plays Voldemort in Harry ...

Nagini was the longtime serpent companion of Voldemort.

Though the exact date and location of their meeting are unknown, we do know that she was with him when he was regaining strength in Albania. Her venom was also part of a potion brewed by Peter Pettigrew that helped sustain his bodiless form.

Eventually, the snake became Voldemort’s final Horcrux after the murder of Bertha Jorkins.

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Professor Slughorn Jim Broadbent

Jim Broadbent was a late edition to the Harry Potter cast, first appearing in Half-Blood Prince, but he certainly made his mark in a short time. The prominent roles continued after Potter, where Broadbent was cast in films such as The Iron Lady, Cloud Atlas, Brooklyn, the Paddington films, and a return as Dad in Bridget Joness Baby. He also managed to snag a role on Game of Thrones before the series end, as Archmaester Ebrose of the Citadel.

Tom Riddle Hero Fiennes Tiffin/christian Coulson/frank Dillane

Young Voldemort has had a few actors over the years. The youngest iteration of Tom Riddle was played by Hero Fiennes Tiffin in Half-Blood Prince flashbacks. If that name sounds familiar its because Hero is actually the nephew of Voldemort actor Ralph Fiennes. Hero Fiennes Tiffin can most recently be seen as the lead in Hulus After, based on the best-selling book. Hell be reprising that role in the 2020 sequel After We Collided.

Diary!Tom Riddle in Chamber of Secrets was played by Christian Coulson . He made multiple television appearances over the years, including Gossip Girl, The Good Wife, and multi-episode arcs in The Good Wife and Mozart in the Jungle.

The Hogwarts-aged version of Tom Riddle in Half-Blood Prince was played by Frank Dillane. Dillane went on to star in Ron Howards whale blockbuster In the Heart of the Sea, as well as nabbing one of the lead roles in the Walking Dead spinoff show Fear the Walking Dead. Post Fear, Dillane has also had starring roles in three films, including How To Build A Girl alongside fellow Potter actress Emma Thompson.

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Mrs Weasley Julie Walters

Everyones favorite Wizarding World mom ended her Harry Potter career on a high note. Molly Weasley survived the final film, and had one of the most iconic lines in the series, Not my daughter, you bitch! Unsurprisingly, Walters acting career never faltered post-HP. She continued to star in many UK-centric projects including The Hollow Crown, both Paddington films, Brooklyn, , as well as both Mamma Mia films.

Helen Mccrory Was Almost This Iconic Harry Potter Villain

Voldemort/Tom Riddle ~ Seven Devils

If you watched the Harry Potter movies in their entirety, then you know that, while she might not be the ultimate villain, Bellatrix Lestrange is one of the most annoying and vile characters in the films. She works with Voldemort and is probably the easiest character to hate out of the lot of them other than the Dark Lord himself.

Now, you know Bellatrix Lestrange as being portrayed by Helena Bonham Carter, who totally rocked the role. But before she was cast, Helen McCrory was actually signed on to play the character. However, according to Parade, McCrory got pregnant before she could film, and the role was recast. Later McCrory played Draco Malfoy’s mother, a much smaller role that caused her to be pretty sad when the movies concluded. “But I’m sad it’s coming to an end, especially for people who started right at the beginning,” she told Parade. “Quite frankly, it was their lives, not just a film. It’s a shame that I joined it so late and Narcissa’s part is so fleeting.”

The movies could have been a lot different with McCrory as Bellatrix that’s for sure.

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Hermione Granger Emma Watson

About: Emma Watson

Watson hasnt starred in as many films as Radcliffe did after Harry Potter, but shes been involved with several high-profile projects. She starred in the book-to-film adaptation of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Disneys live-action re-telling of Beauty and the Beast, and The Bling Ring.

Following starring in the Harry Potter series, the actress also attended Brown University. She took some time off over the years in order to make room for acting projects but eventually did graduate with an English literature degree in May of 2014.

In more recent years Emma Watson has devoted a lot of her time to activism and womens rights work. She became the UN Women Global Goodwill Ambassador for HeForShe. She also began a feminist Goodreads book club titled Our Shared Shelf in 2016 to encourage the spread of feminist ideas. In 2019, she helped to set up Rights of Women, a legal hotline for people who have suffered sexual harassment at work.

About: Hermione Granger

Hermione Granger is the only muggle-born witch of her best friends, Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley. Despite both of her parents being muggles, Hermione goes on to become the top of her class. A fact that leads many of her classmates to dislike her, including Harry and Ron at least.

How Harry Potter And Draco Malfoy Are Related

Many families in the Wizarding World are related either by blood or marriage, as is the case of Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. Heres how.

In the Wizarding World, almost every family is related to each other somehow and Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy are a good example of that. Although these two were enemies during their time at Hogwarts, they actually had a few things in common, including some relatives. In 1997, J.K. Rowling introduced readers to the Wizarding World in the novel Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, the first in a series of seven books that told the story of the boy who lived and the darkest wizard of all, Lord Voldemort.

Although Voldemort was the main villain, Harry had to deal with many other not-so-friendly characters, most notably the Malfoys. Harry and Draco were the same age, and started their Hogwarts course the same year. Their rivalry was settled from the beginning, when Draco insulted Ron and his family and thus Harry refused to shake his hand. Harry and Draco were never friends, but by the end of the book series, they made peace and were more civil towards each other. Still, these two had a lot in common, such as their connections with Voldemort and their family background, and not just because they came from families with big reputations in the Wizarding World.

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