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What Is Draco Malfoy’s Wand Made Of

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The Rise Of Conceptual Designs And Non

The Noble Collection: Draco Malfoy’s Wand

The Art of Wand Work,Prisoner“After the third film, there was a lot more development of the concept of the wands. Wands from then on were a lot more liberal in their design, which was great. This is essentially a stick that’s been reinterpreted hundreds and hundreds of times in lots of different ways. From simple wands, we went into all sorts of different finishes, incorporating bone finishes, different metal components. . . inlays, crystals, and on and on.

Fantastic Beasts Jumps Back In Timebut The Wands Get Fancier

Many of the wands take inspiration from the time periodPotter. interview with The Leaky Cauldron“The interesting thing as far as wand designs concerned is an application of period as well. Its a great period in time where in an artistic sense there is a lot of liberation and a sort of rethinking of styles, et cetera, and it really kind of shows.” Harry PotterFantastic BeastsTina and Newt’s wands, with their understated designs and wood construction, are now the exception to the rule

Harry Potter: The 15 Most Powerful Wands Ranked

In order to perform spells, charms, and curses in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, one must have a powerful wand up to the necessary standard.

One of the main components of the Harry Potter universe is magic. The entire story revolves around the Wizarding World and keeping it hidden away from muggles, or people without magical blood. But in order to perform spells, charms, and curses, one must have a wand up to the standard necessary to amplify a witch or wizard’s natural-born ability.

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Wands are made from a distinctive type of wood, whether it be elm, oak, vine, or otherwise, and a special magical core such as unicorn hair, phoenix feather, or dragon heartstring. Here is a listing of the most powerful wands in the Harry Potter universe, ranked.

The Wizarding World continues to bring much needed magic into many lives and with J.K. Rowling having released a new short story, it seems appropriate to revisit her most famous universe.

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Related To His Rivals

The pureblood families who have kept their line free of muggle impurities are known in the British Wizarding community as the Sacred Twenty Eight. We learn in Order of the Phoenix that these families are all distantly related. Indeed, Harry, Ron, and Draco are all related to each other through Phineas Nigellus Black.

Tom Felton & Draco Malfoy Are In Rare Company

I made Draco Malfoy

22) Felton is only one of 14 actors who have appeared in every one of the Harry Potter film. The other ones include Daniel Radcliffe , Rupert Grint , Emma Watson , Matthew Lewis , Bonnie Wright , Robbie Coltrane , Alan Rickman , Warwick Davis , Devon Murray , James & Oliver Phelps , Josh Herdman , and Geraldine Somerville .

23) Rowling has also revealed that Tom Felton is one of theBig Sevenwho she refers to in private. These are the seven actors/ characters who she considers the core of the entire series. The rest are Daniel Radcliffe , Emma Watson , Rupert Grint , Bonnie Wright , Matthew Lewis , and Evanna Lynch .

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Highly Detailed Carvings And Plain Sticks

The third film represents the transition pointStoneChamberGobletof Fireslight departure from J.K. Rowling’s preference for plain, simple sticks of wood.Prisoner

  • Common features
    • Wood* – no metal inlays, no bone. The only exceptions are Professor McGongall’s wand, which has a very subtle glass tip on the handle, and Professor Flitwick’s wand, which was discussed above.
    • Straight, fairly plain shafts
  • Differences
    • Old wands are turned, i.e. rotational symmetry. New wands have carved details that break the symmetry.
    • Handles take on new shapes
    • Natural, organic textures

The master copy of each wand was created in wood, but copies for filming were made with resin, or rubber for stunt work.

Severus Snape Isnt The Only Character With A Theorized Supernatural Alter

The theory that Severus Snape was secretly a vampire circled among Harry Potter fans for years before Rowling debunked it in 2014. But vampires, unlike the supernatural creature Draco has become associated with, never played much of a part in the series.

Some fans believed that Draco didnt become a Death Eater prior to Half-Blood Prince but was instead turned into a werewolf by Fenrir Greybackthe same werewolf that bit Remus Lupin as a young boy. According to the theory, Draco was bitten as punishment for Lucius Malfoy failing to obtain the prophecy about Harry and Voldemort at the Department of Mysteries in Order of the Phoenix.

With this, Dracos arc throughout Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows could be seen through a much different light. Dracos visibly sickly appearance is because of his lycanthropy, not due to the amount of stress hes under to complete the nearly impossible task of murdering Dumbledore. He didnt show Knockturn Alley shop owner Borgin the Dark Markas Harry suspectedbut rather his werewolf bite. It wouldve fit into the larger Malfoy family narrative that, when it came down to it, they would choose blood over loyalty to Voldemort.

Unfortunately for fans, Rowling debunked this one too.

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Harry Potter: The Major Types Of Wand Wood & Core

Wands are very important to witches and wizards, and their composition can be quite meaningful in the magical world of Harry Potter.

The purpose of a Harry Potter wand lies in the streamlining of physiological magic, which might otherwise explode from the body in an uncontrollable manner. Not all cultures require this device, though it is quite prevalent across Europe, North America and parts of Asia and Africa.

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Wands are assumed to be at least partially sentient, explaining why the choice of ownership lies with the instrument rather than with its user. As is already known, they are constructed with various varieties of wood which wrap around an intensely magical center. Here are some of the most important woods and cores used by wandmakers in the Wizarding World.

Which Shop In Knockturn Alley Did Draco Put The Vanishing Cabinet In So Death Eaters Could Get Into Hogwarts

Which Draco Malfoy Wand?

Draco put the Vanishing Cabinet into Borgin and Burkes, which allowed several Death Eaters to get into Hogwarts. As a result, this led to the infamous Battle of Hogwarts, where many witches and wizards died. A fun fact is that Tom Riddle worked at Borgin and Burkes for a few years after graduating from Hogwarts.

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How Did Harry Come To Master The Elder Wand

Harry takes Draco Malfoy’s hawthorn wand, not the Elder Wand. How, then, does he become the master of the Elder Wand, which he never took from its true owner , or touched? Does a wizard lose the allegiance of all his wands if even one of them is taken from him? Pretty risky innit?

Since Draco took the Elder Wand from Dumbledore’s hand , the allegiance of the Elder Wand passed to him .

Later when Harry took the hawthorn wand from Draco, the Elder Wand knew that Draco had been “beaten” and it changed its allegiance to Harry Potter. It was simply waiting for him to gain possession of it.

This is a complicated topic.

What is not made clear in canon, but is explained later by J.K. Rowling, is the fact that

if a wizard or witch defeats another and earns the allegiance of their opponent’s wand, all wands under the control of the opponent switch allegiance to the victor and it is possible for a witch or wizard to be the master of more than one wand at a time, and to lose the allegiance of more than one wand at a time.

Draco Malfoy was master of both his hawthorn wand and the Elder Wand, following his disarming of Dumbledore on the Astronomy Tower the night Dumbledore was killed.

In Deathly Hallows, Voldemort says,

“But then, Potter, Dumbledore as good as gave me the wand!” Voldemort’s voice shook with malicious pleasure. “I stole the wand from its last master’s tomb! I removed it against its last master’s wishes! Its power is mine!

Fenrir Greyback Wand With Ollivanders Wand Box

This high quality, hand-painted wand replica is an authentic recreation of Fenrir Greyback’s wand from the films. Greyback’s wand is brown and slender. With detailed sculpture and design, this wand is a perfect addition for both seasoned collectors as well as newer fans. Made of resin, this wand measures approximately 14 inches long.

The wands of the Wizarding World are unique to every owner and consist of a combination of special wood and core material. Ollivanders, being the most famous manufacturer of wands within Great Britain, are the first choice for the discerning witch or wizard.

Discontinued by Noble Collection

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Draco Is Related To Sirius Tonks Ron And Nevilleand Maybe Harry

The Wizarding Worlds Sacred Twenty-Eight, the list of names that identified 28 pure-blood families released in the 1930s, was designed to help such families maintain the purity of their bloodlines. Its not an entirely accurate listthe Potters didnt make the cut due to their surname being common among Mugglesand some families, such as the Weasleys, resented being on the list.

But for others, it indicated which families were worth associating with or intermarrying with. You dont have to go back very far to discover that many of the characters we met throughout Harry Potter are directly related to one another.

Thats very much the case for Draco, and although our viewpoint on the Malfoy side is fairly limited, we have a far better idea of how wide that spans through Dracos mother Narcissa, whos a member of The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black. Nymphadora Tonks is Dracos first cousin through her mother Andromeda, Narcissas older sister. Narcissa, Andromeda, and Bellatrix were first cousins to Sirius Black, so that would make Sirius Dracos first cousin once removed. Teddy Lupin, who was born in Deathly Hallows to Tonks and Remus Lupin, would be Dracos first cousin once removed, while Delphini from Cursed Child would be his first cousin through his aunt Bellatrix.

If you go back far enough chances are a Malfoy couldve married a Potter at some point. We just dont know yet.

Jk Rowling: Happy 35th Birthday Draco Malfoy


A clever Harry Potter fan realized that Friday is Draco Malfoys, and curious as to how old the character would be, she reached out to the books author on Twitter. J.K. Rowling clarified that Malfoy turns 35 this year, but she wont be celebrating with him .

Im not invited to the party, mainly because I keep telling girls theyre misguided to fancy him, she tweeted Friday.

But why would Rowling steer ladies away from Malfoy? Perhaps she wants to keep them from his bad Slytherin attitude. In a December 2014 Pottermore passage, she warned fans with crushes on the villian that Malfoy is a person of dubious morality.

I have often had cause to remark on how unnerved I have been by the number of girls who fell for this particular fictional character, Rowling wrote. All this has left me in the unenviable position of pouring cold common sense on ardent readers daydreams, as I told them, rather severely, that Draco was not concealing a heart of gold under all that sneering and prejudice and that no, he and Harry were not destined to end up best friends.

Despite that, lets hope Malfoys day is filled with cake, presents, and whatever else Death Eaters do to celebrate birthdays.

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Core: Unicorn Tail Hair

Hair obtained from a Unicorn’s tail is packed to the brim with magical energy, explaining why it costs an arm and a leg for a single unit. This core is purported to be “clean”, in the sense that wands containing it are usually dependable, not to mention the challenges faced by anyone trying to use it for evil.

As a popular option in wandmaking, Unicorn tail hair wands have been employed by Ron Weasley, Remus Lupin, Cedric Diggory, Neville Longbottom, Sybill Trelawney, and Draco Malfoy.

The Real Reason Draco Malfoy Tried To Befriend Harry

There was a time, albeit a short one, when Draco very much wanted Harry to be his friend.

He already knew several children of former Death Eaters before he stepped onto the Hogwarts Express, so he wasnt necessarily in need or want of friends. It was, according to J.K. Rowling, because he wanted to find out whether Harry was secretly a dark wizard that Voldemorts surviving supporters could rally behind. It had long been one of the more persistent theories surrounding Harry, unbeknownst to him, as to how he survived Voldemorts Killing Curse as a baby. It was also a theory that Dracos father Lucius supported.

Unfortunately for Draco, Harry wasnt having it. Harry recognized Draco as the boy from Madam Malkin who insulted Hagrid and voiced that Muggle-borns shouldnt attend Hogwarts. By then Harry had already made a friend in Ron, who Draco insulted for his appearance and familys lack of wealth. After being raised by the uppity Dursleys, Harry recoiled at Dracos snobbery.

It didnt take Draco long to abandon the belief that Harry could possibly be a dark wizard. The rest, as they say, was history.

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How The Malfoys Were Scorned Even After Dumbledores Death

As several characters expected, Draco didnt ultimately deliver the deathblow to the weakened and cornered Dumbledore. Even though he succeeded in his plans to bring Death Eaters into Hogwarts, Draco didnt succeed in returning his family to prestige in Voldemorts inner circle. Voldemort knew that Snape ultimately killed Dumbledore. Snape himself apparently tried to cover for Dracos shortcomings. He emphasized Dracos ingenuity and cunning that let the Death Eaters get into the castle and murder Dumbledore.

Even though Lucius was freed and allowed to return home, the Malfoys had become the pariahs of the Death Eaters. Lucius and Draco were both weak failures in Voldemorts eyes. Its not hard to fathom that Voldemort might have made the Malfoy manor his headquarters partially to humiliate the Malfoys even further, keeping them physically close as ever but taunting and barring them from service at the same time. Dracos commitment to Voldemorts cause was certainly not as enthusiastic from then on.

It Wasn’t Clear To Non

Draco Malfoy Wand Review – Noble Collection

If you read the books, you understood that through some convoluted logic that Draco was the one who disarmed the Elder Wand from a willing Albus Dumbledore and “won” it. Voldemort mistakenly thought it was Snape, and killed him to become its master in the meantime, Harry had bested Draco by stealing his wand, thereby becoming the master of all the wands Draco was the master of â including, of course, the Elder Wand. Now, there was no way in hell to make this clear in the film without non-readers going, “Uh wuuuutt?” So this might have been a last ditch effort to make it hit home.

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Snatchers Death Eaters And Voldemort: The Forces Of Evil

Goblet,the prop department had started to tailor wands specifically for individual characters” showy aesthetics. Their masks are made out of filigreed silver, and their costumes are quite intricate, so the idea was that they show off with their wands too.furthest they’ve ever been from “simple wooden stick,”too

How To Create A Simple Draco Malfoy Wand

Our son is dressing up as Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter series for Halloween this year. He paid for the official robe with his own hard-earned money but didnt have enough for the wand. Malfoys wand is notably more simple than most of the wands in the series so I decided to try making one for him.

I ended up making two since one acted as a bit of a prototype and the other was the finished version. Both look roughly the same, though, so its not clear which is better.

Build Video

Reasonably Pliant

As far as I know, Dracos wand is one of only a few wands for which J.K. Rowling specifically mentions the length. It is Hawthorn and unicorn hair. Ten inches precisely. Reasonably springy .

I dont have access to Hawthorn wood nor anything like unicorn hair, but I do have a 1/2 hardwood dowel. Rowling doesnt say what the diameter of the wands are, but 1/2 seems like a reasonable value for a wand, right? I started by measuring off 10 and cutting it on my rough-cut miter saw:

The majority of the shaping was done on a belt sander. I suppose I could have used a plane or chisels or maybe even a lathe, if I had one. But Dracos wand is possibly the plainest wand in the Harry Potter lore and since it just had a few curves in it, the belt sander seemed like the logical choice.

It already had a very rough grit paper in it maybe 60 or 80 grit and so all I needed to do was clamp it down to a work table.

Brown, One Way or Another

Finishing Up

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He Dressed Up As A Dementor

This scene from the books is moderately mimicked in the Prisoner of Azkaban. During their Care of Magical Creatures class, Malfoy and his cronies poke fun at Harry after hearing about his fainting on the train from the presence of the Dementors. In the movie version, they simply raise their hoods and mock Harrys sensitivity of the creatures. In the books, however, they take it much further. When Harry is flying hundreds of feet into the air during a Quidditch match, Draco and his friends dress in hooded cloaks under the guise of a Dementor in hopes that it would freak Harry out. Well, it does work, and Harry sends an aggressive, impressive Patronus charm their way, and they are knocked off their feet.

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