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How Much Are Harry Potter Robes At Universal

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Do The Universal Studios Harry Potter Robes Come With A Wand Pocket


All robes sold at Universal Studios Orlando and Hollywood come with a pocket on the inside of the robes. This pocket is designed to hold your wand when you are not doing spells or using magic.

Each pocket is large enough and long enough to fit in the interactive wands and normal wands sold within the Universal Studios parks.

Things You Didnt Know About Butterbeer At The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

Be it in Japan or Florida, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is a must-visit for fans. The park also sells Butter Beer. Yes, Butter Beer.

One of the top reasons to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is to try the Butterbeer. Seriously, the list is usually house robes, wand, and Butterbeer. While the beverage is very easy to find, theres more to it than just a sugary drink. Did you know it is recognized as a food rather than a drink? Do you know where to get every version of Butterbeer? Or how about the brain behind the recipe?

Here are 10 things you didnt know about Butterbeer at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

What Does It Taste Like

Honestly? It depends on what kind of Butterbeer you get. The base of all Butterbeers is butterscotch, so you always have that sweetness to count on. The differences really lie in the secondary flavors: Cream soda and shortbread cookies.

The hot Butterbeer is the closest to that pure butterscotch taste, but its honestly the last thing you want in the middle of the summer, be it in Orlando or Hollywood. Cold Butterbeer is really the only one with the cream soda taste since the frozen version isnt carbonated. But the frozen one has more of the shortbread taste. Honestly, though, the Butterbeer fudge is a block of sugar. Prepare yourself for that.

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Where To Find Harry Potter Robes

The Harry Potter robes are in short supply. You find a limited selection of both size and house in the robes, at least in my experience. We have found two places to find the Harry Potter robes.

You can find them at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando and Hollywood. You can also find them on .

The Ultimate Guide To The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Japan

Pin on Costumes

When I first found out about Universal Studios opening Harry Potter World Osaka, I felt two things. First, I felt grateful for still living in Japan at the time. And second, I felt the sudden urge to drop everything and run off to Osaka to go explore what seemed like the coolest place on Earth.

Over the years, Ive become quite a Harry Potter fan. One of the best things about living in Japan is that a lot of adults here are totally OK with carrying their childish side into their grown-up lives. Escaping into a world of fantasy is at times the best reality. So, how good is Harry Potter World Japan at creating this alternate reality?

Overall, it wasnt a perfect experience, but we still had a blast and Im glad we were able to go. Below are some pictures from Harry Potter Japan and my own review of our experience in January.

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Pick Up Souvenirs For Friends Back Home

Since your friends and family will be SUPER jealous that you got to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, it might be nice to pick up a gift or two to take back home to them.

Luckily, Hogsmeade has some fantastic gift options. Dervish and Banges has all manner of magical items such as Sneakoscopes and Omnioculars, as well as Quidditch supplies, Hogwarts House themed clothing, and much more. While you could buy something from here, I would suggest that the best souvenirs are going to come from Honeydukes.

The amazing sweet shop has every sugary treat that you read about in the books: Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans, Cauldron Cakes, Exploding Bonbons, Cockroach Clusters, Acid Pops, and of course, Chocolate Frogs.

The Chocolate Frogs even come with trading cards, although sadly the pictures do not move. A word of caution: the Chocolate Frogs do not last long in the Florida heat, so buy them at the end of your day!

What I Loved About Harry Potter World Japan

The entire design of the Harry Potter World Osaka was simply awesome.

Hogsmeade Village is fantastic.

Hogwarts Castle looks amazing. Its really beautiful though we couldnt help but wonder what the rest of the castle is being used for?? Its so big but we only saw a tiny bit of it. But you can see Dumbledores Office and the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom! We definitely enjoyed the walking tour A LOT more than the ride, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. .

The details inside Hogwarts Castle are impressive and the holograms of Harry, Ron, and Hermione inside the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom look very real.

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Fantastic Butterbeer & Where To Find It

Now that youve got the basics, here is where to find every version of Butterbeer. Cold and frozen Butterbeer can be found at the red Butterbeer carts, which may or may not have a shorter line than the indoor locations. First up, the restaurants!

Both the Three Broomsticks and the Leaky Cauldron carry cold, frozen, hot, ice cream, and potted cream. Unfortunately, the potted cream still isnt available in Hollywood. The Hogs Head Pub has the three liquid versions as well as the red street carts. Except in Hollywood. You need to go inside for the hot Butterbeer.

Honeydukes and Sugarplums Sweet Shop are the only locations with Butterbeer fudge. Both the Fountain of Fair Fortune and the Hopping Pot in Diagon Alley carry cold, frozen, hot, and Butterbeer ice cream. Last but not least, Florean Fortescues Ice-Cream Parlor has Butterbeer ice cream.

Universal Studios Robe Sizing Help : Harrypotter

Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Haul! | My Hogwarts Robes

I put Brooklyn Nine-Nine dialogue over Harry Potter. 1/12 20.2k 329 comments share save hide report 17.5k Posted by 4 days ago Domhnall gleeson is a underrated actor 17.5k 515 comments share save hide report 17.3k Posted by 5 days ago Dungbomb 17.3k Harry Potter ShopThe Harry Potter Shop: the official online site for Harry Potter merchandise providing a magical shopping experience packed with exclusives & fan-favorites! By clicking proceed you consent to sharing your name, email address, membership status, Hogwarts house

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What I Didnt Love About Harry Potter World Osaka

The prices are extortionist. If I had to make just one complaint about this place, Id complain about the prices. 1800 yen for a tiny box of Harry Potter Jelly Beans?? And of course, there is merchandise everywhere. Wands, robes, candy, keychains, notebooks, shirts, etc. There is a ton of cool stuff, but its very marked up in my opinion.

Of course, theyre able to charge that amount and get away with it so more power to them. I guess thats capitalism. But they even charge you for a bag upgrade if you want handles on your bag which is super convenient and necessary when walking around a theme park. This kinda killed the mood for me after a whileI had to put this cynicism out of my mind to enjoy the park.

The Harry Potter and The Forbidden Journey ride made me very sick. I threw up afterward, though it was a miracle I didnt hurl on the ride. It was miserable, but I am prone to motion sickness. I rode other rides around the park as well that cautioned against such ailments and felt totally fine. Well, unfortunately, the same cant be said for this ride!!

It was hard for me to appreciate the details of this ride because it was too overwhelming to all of my senses. Also, not all Express Passes work with this ride . But, honestly, the best part of this ride was waiting in line because you meander through Hogwarts Castle and can admire all the details inside.

Universal Studios Orlando And Islands Of Adventure

of Harry Potter Attractions Diagon Alley Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts A multi-dimensional 3D thrill ride Universal Studios Florida Madam Malkins Robes for all Occasions Harry Potter Robe ArchivesUniversal Studios Adult Touring Plan Teen Touring Plan Kids Touring Plan Universal Superstar Parade Universal Cinematic Spectacular These particular robes go well beyond the standard Harry Potter costume robe. We have found the best spots to purchase

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Your Guide To The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter focuses on coverage of our visits to, and news about The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and the Warner Bros. Studio Tour The Making of Harry Potter . Additionally, we will share general news and updates surrounding Harry Potter movies, multimedia and attractions. Featured exhibits will include detailed original photography and reviews of certain

Head Straight To Hogsmeade To Ride Hagrids Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure

Harry Potter Collectibles Universal Studios Wizarding ...

Easily the most popular ride at Universal Orlando Resort is Hagrids Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure and since wait times can get to be hours long Ive changed this itinerary slightly to highly recommend this as the first stop.

Hogsmeade is located in Islands of Adventure so head straight there and get in line for Hagrids coaster. Depending on how busy the park is that day and how well the ride is operating you could be on and off the ride quickly or you could have a bit of a wait.

If youre on and off the ride quickly, I would actually suggest getting another ride in if you can wait times will only get longer and if the wait is still listed as 30-60 minutes then I would give it another go now before waits get too long.

Tip: if you stay at one of the Universal Studios Orlando resorts hotels you can enter the Wizarding World of Harry Potter before the other park guests! Read my review of Universals Cabana Bay Resort here.

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Parks Fees Tips And Advice

Personally, we only needed one day at Harry Potter World Osaka. Originally we werent quite sure if we wanted to return again for another day, but one day was more than enough. The park really isnt that big and you can experience everything in just a day. But we dont have kids!

There are plenty of fun shops inside Harry Potter World and inside Universal Studios to buy robes, wands, shirts, hats, everything! Head over to Ollivanders and pick out a wand. But try to get there early enough to avoid the crowds.

The candy shops are pretty much all Japanese style sweets in the park, but the Honeydukes candy shop offers a lot of hard candies and of course, the ever-popular Chocolate Frogs.

Purchase an Express Pass to skip ahead of the lines. This is highly recommended because there will always be a big crowd. We felt the easiest way to purchase the pass is to simply buy it at the counter window when you first arrive at Universal Studios, BUT you risk it being sold out especially in high season.

Fortunately for us, they werent sold out but we did go on a Sunday in January. But we bought the Express 5 pass option which was great, allowing us to bypass the lines on 5 of the main rides. You can try purchasing these passes the day before at official Universal hotels or online if you can read Japanese.

What Different Robes Can You Purchase

At Madam Malkins Robes for all Occasions you can find your standard school robes for each of the four houses Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. You can also find Hermiones Yule Tide Ball gown, Dumbledores robes and Professor Snape.

You can also find a number of other items from t-shirts, school jumpers, Harry and Rons Christmas jumper along with Quidditch Robes from the four houses.

There is also a number of different styles of apparel from t-shirts, pjs, leggings, shorts and hats with different slogans, colours and Hogwarts Houses on.

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Should You Buy Robes Before Going To Universal Studios

There is no definitive answer to whether you should buy your robes before your trip or during your trip. It depends on your budget and how much you want to wear a robe during your time at Universal Studios.

Many people buy second hand Universal Studios robes from eBay to pack into their luggage to bring to the parks with them. Alternatively, you can buy robes from supermarkets or costume shops are at a cheaper rate.

If you are working within a budget or just trying to be friendly to your wallet look at purchasing your robes or interactive wand before heading to Universal Studios .

Another bonus if you are located in the USA is that you can buy your official Universal Studios robes online and get them delivered to your door. This makes a great surprise for anyone for birthdays, Christmas or even before a trip.

How Do You Tie A Tie In 10 Seconds

My homemade Harry Potter Hogwarts Robe DIY

The Fastest Way to Tie a Tie How to Tie a Tie in Less Than 10 Seconds

  • Step 1: Hand Tricks. Twist you hand and insert you hand into the hole, then hold it with you thumb.
  • Step 2: Turn It Over.
  • Step 3: Hold It With Your Thumb.
  • Step 4: Hold the Tail With Your Right Thumb.
  • Step 5: Adjust It.
  • Step 6: Thats All.
  • Step 7: See.
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    Dumbledores Patronus Funko Pop


    Add this adorable Dumbledores Patronus Funko Pop! to your Funko collection. The Funko comes in the shape of a phoenix, representing Professor Dumbledores Patronus, and is in an iridescent light blue shade. Dumbledore’s Patronus, a phoenix, was first revealed to us when he wanted to summon Hagrid after Viktor Krum was Stunned.

    Bonus Buy It In Wizard Money

    No matter what you end up buying, its way more fun to do it with Wizard Bank Notes!

    You can swap muggle money for Wizard Bank Notes at the Money Exchange in Diagon Alley. Bank notes are in $10 or $20 and an even trade.

    Inside the Money Exchange, youll interact with a Gringotts goblin who will ask you questions and respond to yours as you swap your money!

    Wizard Money can be spent anywhere in Universal Orlando but its more fun to spend it throughout the Wizarding World Lands!

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    Well You’re In Luck Because Here They Come

    Harri potter costume clothes robe cloak with tie scarf wand glasses cosplay for harris costume. Hogwarts potter robe hermione granger cape cloak girls women halloween wizard cosplay costume. Long and comfortable, each robe was carefully made in the colors of a hogwarts house, with pockets and embroidered details to make it even more special. Well you’re in luck, because here they come. Perhaps you’ve been but want to see what new merchandise has been. If you do not meet these requirements, best find someone who does. Harry potter robe, deluxe wizarding world hogwarts house themed robes for adults, movie quality dress up costume accessory: This item has been successfully added to your list. Between the creamy butterbeer, the universal studios cast members dressed in robes, and the tinkling harry potter music throughout the village, i. Here, you can pick up authentic harry potter writing supplies like inkwells, feather quills, and wiseacre’s wizarding equipment is the gift shop for harry potter and the escape from gringotts. Wear your robe proudly and youll fit right in at gryffindor, ravenclaw, hufflepuff or slytherin. Harry potter world at universal studios, orlando. At and avail huge discounts and offers.

    Can You Marry Google

    Wait Until You See What the Inside of the New Wizarding ...

    Indian users have accepted Google Assistant quite well and it went to the extent that users have asked Google to marry them. Indians have asked Googles voice-based virtual assistant, Ok Google, will you marry me? among other queries. Google has received as many as 4.5 lakh marriage proposals in India.

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    How Much Do The Robes Cost

    The official Universal Studios Harry Potter robes cost $115. This is within the park grounds and are at the highest price.

    You can, however, purchase robes elsewhere before you come to Universal Studios at a more affordable rate and save the extra money and put it towards a wand or magical creature.

    Whats Available At Diagon Alley

    A wide variety of merchandise is available in Diagon Alley, much of it unique to the area. As such, the prices all vary wildly depending on the shop youre in and the souvenirs youre looking to snag. You can find apparel such as robes, scarves, Hogwarts uniforms, hats, and jewelry at a number of stores, with prices ranging from $30 for a t-shirt to $110 for a Quidditch sweater. A Time-Turner necklace will run you $50, while a Deathly Hallows ring is priced at $33. Collectible souvenirs offered in Diagon Alley include everything from Death Eater masks to plush owls and pygmy puffs, with many more unique options available depending on the particular shop you choose to visit.

    One of the most popular items you can buy in Diagon Alley is your very own wand, either from Ollivanders or Wands by Gregorovitch. A character-replica wand costs $55, while an interactive wand costs $59. Whats the difference, you ask? Well, the character ones are collectibles, but the interactive ones can be used to cast spells in various spots around Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley.

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