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How It Should Have Ended Harry Potter

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Harry & Hermione In Love

How Harry Potter Should Have Ended

The protagonist doesn’t always have to get the girl, right? But even J.K. Rowling has admitted that Hermione would be a better match for Harry, so many fans have thought of an alternative world where the two have a deeper relationship and are together in the end.

High Guardian changed several variables in their fanfic. Besides creating a love story between the two main characters, they also allowed Sirius to live and make some Weasleys jealous and angry.

An Ending Where Remus & Sirius Are Alive

RoxanneReluisant mentions that the original ending made her depressed, so she wrote an alternative conclusion to the story. In this fan fiction, Harry visits Sirius and Remus and talks about his future plans.

The Dark Lord is defeated and the wizards prepare to continue with his life. Harry is with Ginny and they plan to marry when she turns 17. Meanwhile, he prepares to be an Auror and she finishes her studies at Hogwarts. Ron and Hermione are together, but she has gone on vacation for a few days with her parents. It is also revealed that many of those who died during the battle or before survived.

The Baby Of The Snake & The Lion

Not all fans bet on love between Hermione and Ron, nor did they wish for a relationship between Hermione and Harry. Instead, some of them hoped that Draco and Hermione would have an interesting love story.

The fanfic of MoonShadowAMR talks about a new prophecy that will help Harry to defeat the Dark Lord. It focuses on a baby born between a snake and a lion and how this relationship changes the perspective in the battle against Voldemort. Another romantic fanfic between Draco and Hermione, famous among fans, is Isolation by Bex-Chan.

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Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

“If Sirius had just revealed himself to Harry at the beginning of the movie or book, they couldve avoided the rest of the series, and Voldemort wouldnt have come back.

“‘Harry, it is I, Sirius Black, your godfather. I was framed for giving up your parents to Lord Voldemort by a man named Peter Pettigrew, who is currently disguised as a rat and living with a family called the Weasleys. You know them? Your best friend? You dont say.'”

Rubeus Hagrid: Olympe Maxime

How The Harry Potter Series Should Have Ended

Hagrid’s only love interest in the series is Madame Maxime of the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. Their relationship is short and sweet, but there’s no reason for it to end other than physical distance.

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The moments they do share are wholesome and they clearly provide each other with comfort. There isn’t anything obviously problematic about their relationship, but it’s a shame Hagrid didn’t get to settle down in his hut with anyone. On the other hand, Maxime has a taste for luxury – although what matters most is that they care about each other.

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Batman: The Killing Joke

“‘Hey, the sociopathic clown who could destroy the entire world if he put his mind to it is back. Do ya think we should upgrade his cell to be as strong as we can? Maybe even be on a boat in the middle of the ocean, and maybe put a goddamn tracker on him?’

“‘Good idea, Frank. Well use all of those.'”

Ron Weasley: Seamus Finnigan

Though Ron ends up with Hermione in the final film, this may not be the ideal pairing. For one, these two are always fighting. A little bickering isn’t too harmful, which is why Ron might be better off with someone like Seamus. The two don’t share many scenes together, but they’re good friends.

They share the same dorm room along with Harry, Dean, and Neville. Seamus often dines with Ron and Harry in the Great Hall, and they share many classes together. Like Ron, Seamus is a firm supporter of Harry and his cause, but these two would also make a great pair because of their compatible personalities. They’re both goofy, adventurous, and optimistically carefree.

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Why The Harry Potter Film Epilogue Never Stood A Chance

When Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 was filmed, the production team struggled with its famed “19 Years Later” epilogue.

After seven books, eight films, a theme park, and the creation of a veritable merchandising empire, you can hardly blame the Harry Potter production team for wanting to go out on a high note with the final installment of the beloved film franchise. But one final mountain loomed ominously before Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II could wrap: the dreaded epilogue.

This 19 years later segment closes the final Harry Potter book with Harry and company at Kings Cross, sending their own children to Hogwarts. In theory, it provides closure, a happy ending for Harry, and the satisfaction of continuity with another generation of witches and wizards off to school. In practice, it was an absolute beast to film. For one, no one knew the best approach to handle the hair or the makeup required to age the 20-something cast into believable 39-year-old parents of 11-year-olds.

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Harry Potter: How The Series Should Have Ended According To Fan Fiction

Harry Potter and the Best Picture Summary

Harry Potter fans are generally happy about the endings J.K. Rowling chose for her characters, but some fan fiction pieces imagine different stories.

It’s impossible to please everyone and even the most loyal fans can be disappointed with the end of a book or movie series. Harry Potter does not escape this reality. Although many readers and viewers are happy with the ending made by J.K. Rowling, there are details that some would change.

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Fans gather on different online sites to discuss the writer’s decisions and have also been inspired by her to write their own stories based on the Harry Potter universe. All of these endings are based on personal opinions about what they think would be best, where the characters make other decisions or live different experiences.

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Harry Potter: Who Each Main Character Should Have Ended Up With

At the end of the last Harry Potter film, some of the characters have married to live happily ever after, but not all of the matches are ideal.

The wizarding world of Harry Potteris vast and populated with diverse characters from all walks of life. At the end of the last film, only a few couples are confirmed, while the fates of other characters are unknown. Harry, Ron, and Hermione are among those who have all married to live happily ever after, but not all of the matches are ideal.

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Other characters don’t end up with anyone, either because they die too soon, or simply because they don’t have any romantic storylines in the series. Fans have their own opinions about which characters should have ended up with whom, but even these pairings aren’t always examples of healthy relationships. Some characters would be better off alone than in an unfulfilling relationship.

Defeating Voldemort Didn’t Magically End All Notions Of Oppression And Wizard Supremacy

At the end of the series, it seems like the entire Wizarding World has deluded itself into thinking that the war was won the minute Tom Riddle drew his last breath.

But for those of us paying attention, it’s abundantly clear that Voldemort was never more than a charismatic demagogue whose rise was a symptom of a much deeper, much older, and much more pernicious disease.

Salazar Slytherin tried to rid Hogwarts of “non-pure-blood” wizards in 990. When Harry arrived at Hogwarts 1,000 years later, wizard society was still enslaving house-elves, denying goblins access to wands, colonizing centaur land, and forcing werewolves out of their jobs.

Despite the strained relationships between wizards and magical creatures, the Fountain of Magical Brethren in the Ministry of Magic depicts a centaur, goblin, and house-elf gazing adoringly at a pair of wizards. When injustice becomes law, propaganda becomes duty.

Voldemort wasn’t even the first villain to use wizard supremacy to amass power. Grindelwald made an enduring blueprint for him, and Voldemort’s defeat merely created a legacy for the next dark wizard.

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How Harry Potter Should Have Ended

I just started cracking up at “I’m pointing my wand as hard as I can!!”

All I could think of was Cell vs. Gohan at the end of the Cell Arc.

For once, I understood every single reference in a HISHE video. Serves to be a Harry Potter nerd.

Funny, your comment applies to me as well, but only because it’s the only HISHE video I’ve seen. 🙂

The convenient destruction of all Time-Turners was in the Battle of the Department of mysteries, right?

There may have been one or two not on the shelves though.

Honey Badger just takes what it wants.

I heard her say that and was like… Luna needs to narrate the entire honey badger video now

“These candles are dripping wax everywhere.

Holy shit. In the entire book series whenever the thousands of candles were referenced I never considered the possibility that they would drip.

Time turners and guns, they sure found some original jokes to use.

“HAHAHAAA!! Take that, you Dark Lord.”

“Why would you do that?”

Oh just saving your life, in the future.

It had a handful of really funny one-liners, but on the whole I thought it was pretty lackluster…Would have liked to see a more original idea.

I was so excited for this, but if Snape had a Time Turner WE ALL KNOW what he would have ACTUALLY done…. Go back and time and save Lily. I was really, really hoping that was the direction they were going to take.

Ginny Weasley: Cho Chang

How Harry Potter Should Have Ended [Legendado em Português ...

Ginny and Cho don’t share many scenes together where they aren’t part of a larger group, but these two women would easily find a lot to bond over – beginning with their relationship with Harry. Having both loved him and supported his cause, they can both be assured that they have similar values.

They may not be in the same Hogwarts house, but Ginny and Cho fought together in Dumbledore’s Army. In The Order Of The Phoenix, both girls get to show off their fighting skills and intelligence. Their matched intellect – as well as their relatively serious but still gentle demeanors – would make them a great couple.

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The Epilogue 23 Years Later

Ailsa wrote an ending where she tried to explain certain details that some of the main characters experienced, such as the emotional sequels after the war of Hogwarts.

In this fanfiction, Harry becomes a Quidditch player and later returns to Hogwarts to teach and be a director. Hermione has a successful career in politics and then as a writer, while Ron discovers a great talent for domestic magic.

Severus Snape: No One

Snape’s worrying obsession with Lily Potter should be reason enough for his solitude. Not only would he be too hung up on Lily to devote himself to any other romantic partner, but he also displays unhealthy behavior in all of his relationships. With Lily, he becomes possessive with Harry, abusive with Dumbledore and even Voldemort, he lacks independence and assertiveness.

Though Snape’s story is heartbreaking, he simply wouldn’t be a good partner for anyone – even Lily. For this reason, he would be better off alone. Snape could have lived a fulfilling life without a romantic partner had he not become so embittered by her rejection.

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Viral Video Of The Day: How ‘harry Potter’ Should Have Ended

How should “Harry Potter” have ended? If you haven’t read the final book or seen the movie “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2,” stop reading now.

The video, illustrated in cartoon format, points out a lot of unanswered questions from the series and answers them. For example, they argue Snape shouldn’t have died because he should have been smart enough to see Voldemort’s betrayal coming.

Also, they question why the Time Turner never got brought up again after being mentioned in just one book. The folks at How It Should Have Ended use it to kill Voldemort again — which really could have been done when he was younger anyway, before Harry Potter entered the scene, by Dumbledore or someone else.

“The time turner could save EVERY character that dies following Prisoner of Azkaban as well as any person prior. But J.K. had the time turners destroyed in the books and the movies didn’t even mention them after the 3rd film. We felt this was not done by accident. 🙂 So in a place like Hogwarts where they keep EVERYTHING no matter how dangerous, Hermione would never just give back something like time travel,” the HISHE staff explains.

Probably the funniest and most valid point, though, asks why parents send their kids to Hogwarts school in the first place? It’s obviously a dangerous place even without the boy wizard with the lightning scar. There’s Aragog, Whomping Willows and more perils all on the campus, let alone the crazy tests the students have to do.

An Ending Where Voldemort Wins

How Harry Potter Should Have Ended

It’s been a year since the battle of Hogwarts and Harry still hasn’t returned from the forbidden forest. Voldemort hasn’t declared himself the winner either, so everyone thinks Harry managed to beat him. But then many people start to disappear, especially those linked to the Order of the Phoenix.

In the fanfiction of Paper-rose16, Hermione and Ron must face a mysterious figure, and there, they discover where Harry has been all this time. He was unable to destroy the last Horcrux, so Voldemort’s soul possessed Harry’s body, forcing him to watch as he continued to kill his loved ones.

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Harry’s Final Thought In The Last Chapter Of ‘deathly Hallows’ Proves How Limited His Success Was

In the last sentence of “Deathly Hallows” before the series’ epilogue, we learn Harry’s thoughts after the Battle of Hogwarts:

“… He turned away from the portraits, thinking now only of the four-poster bed lying waiting for him in Gryffindor Tower, and wondering whether Kreacher might bring him a sandwich there …”

Kreacher is essentially Harry’s personal slave. In the Wizarding World, house-elves are imprisoned and forced to do manual labor, despite the fact that wizards could easily accomplish those tasks using, you know, magic.

But hierarchies aren’t about pragmatism. They’re about power. In this world, that means maintaining the status of “pure-blood” wizards.

Voldemort used wizard-supremacist ideals to justify his brutal ascent to power, and Harry spends his entire adolescence fighting to defeat him. But mere hours after his ultimate triumph, Harry endorses the very system that Voldemort personified … because he wants a snack.

But maybe we should cut Harry some slack. After all, he was only 17 when he cast the charm that ended Voldemort’s life. And the battle that the house-elves also fought in must have been tiring.

Sirius Black: Remus Lupin

Of all the proposed Harry Potter spin-offs, a story about the Marauders is one that fans would most like to see. Sirius becomes close friends with James and Remus in his Hogwarts days – along with Peter Pettigrew, who later betrays them.

Sirius often speaks fondly of James and Remus, which has led some fans to theorize that there may be something romantic to the relationship. Of course, James ends up with Lily, and if they hadn’t married, Harry would never have been born. Lupin ends up with Tonks, but Sirius still seems to look back upon his Marauding days as the best of his life. This trio clearly had a lot of fun in their youth and already share a rapport, so Sirius could have easily ended up with either Remus or James.

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Voldemort Defeated By Love


This ending is very similar to the original, but in this one, Thisisemmie makes it possible for the three friends to fight against Voldemort together. This last battle is dominated by love and Hermione gives a speech about what it means for them to risk their lives for the safety of their loved ones.

The final curse was pronounced by all three at the same time, and after they were able to defeat He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, all their friends joined them to celebrate that the Dark Mark was no longer threatening in heaven.

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Luna Lovegood: Neville Longbottom

Neville and Luna are one of the pairings that the Harry Potter franchise does get right. Though it’s not confirmed in the final film whether they remain together, they do share a sweet moment after the Battle of Hogwarts.

Clumsy Neville is the unexpected hero, and not just on one occasion. Similarly, Luna defies expectations and turns out to be a persistent fighter, and a key contributor to the destruction of the Horcruxes, particularly the Lost Diadem. Neville and Luna both have their heads in the clouds, which is probably why they’re drawn to each other when nobody else is.

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