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Which Is The First Harry Potter

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Youre Going To Be Reading A Lot Of Strange Words

First Harry Potter film, ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, turns 20

Quaffle. Flobberworm. Riddikulus! Get ready for all manner of weird and wonderful words, guys. These are not your every-day books. But dont worry, everything will be explained as you go along, and soon, the words of the wizarding world will be a second language! And if you get really stuck, heres a handy glossary to get you started.

It Resonated With Kids And Parents Too

Critical acclaim isn’t everything, of course. What did young Potterheads make of the movie?

People lined up outside the Odeon cinema in Leicester Square in London’s West End for the first public showing of the Harry Potter movie on November 12, 2001.hide caption

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People lined up outside the Odeon cinema in Leicester Square in London’s West End for the first public showing of the Harry Potter movie on November 12, 2001.

The late NPR correspondent Margot Adler spoke to a bunch of kids and their parents as they left a Manhattan movie theater. She found that most loved the movie, but loved the book more.

“I like the book,” one young viewer said. “It explained more.”

“I thought the book was very detailed and the movie was very good but it sort of just quickened it a little too much,” said another.

He Can Last Be Heard Yelling During The Battle Of Hogwarts

Last appearance: “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2”

Like the rest of his family, Arthur fights against Voldemort in the Battle of Hogwarts.

His last line is him screaming “Neville!” when the young wizard gets stunned while trying to kill Voldemort’s snake.

But in the books, his last line takes place a little bit earlier. He crosses paths with Harry during the battle and wonders where Ron and Hermione are, saying “Haven’t you found ?”

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Uncle Vernon’s First Words Are Birthday Greetings To His Son

First appearance: “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”

In the first movie, Vernon Dursley is introduced at his kitchen table saying, “Happy birthday, son” to Dudley.

Like Petunia, he’s introduced earlier in the books. But in the first chapter of the series, his first line, “Little tyke,” is still directed at his son.

The First Thing Out Of Aunt Petunia’s Mouth Is An Order To Harry


First appearance: “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”

Aunt Petunia first appears in the movies when she wakes Harry up by banging on his cupboard door and yelling, “Up! Get up! Now!”

But she appears earlier in the book, before Harry is left on her doorstep, and her first line is, “No. Why?”

The line is in response to her husband, Vernon, asking if she’d heard from her sister lately.

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Harry Potter Books Into Tv/movies

From the perspective of filmography, the greatly penned Harry Potter series has been made into film adaptations. Philosophers Stone was filmed and produced in 2001 with Daniel Radcliffe being the star. Chamber of Secrets was adapted into a fantasy film and produced in 2002 the starring actor is still Daniel Radcliffe. Prisoner of Azkaban also has a related film adaptation, and starred Daniel Radcliffe. Goblet of Fire was adapted for silver screen in 2005 with the said star. The film adaptation of Rowlings Order of Phoenix followed in 2007, and starred Daniel Radcliffe. Rowlings Harry Potter-based 2005 book, Half-Blood Prince, had silver screen-adaptation and premiered in 2009. Daniel Radcliffe is still the starring. Her 2007 book called Deathly Hallows was been filmed and it premiered in 2010.

His Last Line Is Spoken On The Train’s Platform

Last appearance: “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2”

Ron’s last moment in both the books and movies shows him and Hermione bringing their children to the Hogwarts Express 19 years after the Battle of Hogwarts.

His final line in the movie is, “Here they come,” which he says as Harry, Ginny, and their children approach them on Platform 9 3/4.

In the book, he has a few more lines during the epilogue scene. After people on the platform start staring at Harry, Ron says, “Don’t let it worry you. It’s me, I’m extremely famous.”

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Ginny Is Last Heard Crying Out In Grief For Harry

Last appearance: “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2”

Ginny cries out, “No!” when she sees Hagrid carrying Harry’s presumably dead body during the Battle of Hogwarts.

Though she does appear at platform 9 3/4 with Harry during the epilogue sequence, she doesn’t have any lines there.

But in the book, she speaks on the train platform while she and Harry are dropping off their sons for Hogwarts. Her final words are, “He’ll be alright.”

The Harry Potter Movies In Chronological Order By Date Of Release

A First Encounter | Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone


  • Instant Watch Options

PG|152 min|Adventure, Family, Fantasy

An orphaned boy enrolls in a school of wizardry, where he learns the truth about himself, his family and the terrible evil that haunts the magical world.

PG|161 min|Adventure, Family, Fantasy

An ancient prophecy seems to be coming true when a mysterious presence begins stalking the corridors of a school of magic and leaving its victims paralyzed.

PG|142 min|Adventure, Family, Fantasy

Harry Potter, Ron and Hermione return to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for their third year of study, where they delve into the mystery surrounding an escaped prisoner who poses a dangerous threat to the young wizard.

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Harry Potter And Other Film Series

Harry Potter

After reading J. K. Rowling’s 1997 fantasy novel , Columbus expressed a strong desire to direct the film adaptation. In 2000, he convinced to select him as director for it. The film is the first installment of the and was written by and produced by . The story follows ‘s first year at and his self-discovery as a famous wizard. Columbus relocated to the United Kingdom with his family to focus on directing. Columbus said the casting process was “very intense”, but , , and were eventually picked for the lead roles. Filming began on September 29, 2000 and lasted for 180 days. The film premiered at the in London on November 4, 2001 to critical and commercial success, grossing $975.1 million worldwide. The film was praised for its sets, costumes, casting, musical score, cinematography and special effects. In addition, it was nominated for three Academy Awards for , and .

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows

Or as its known colloquially, Harry Potter and the Worst Camping Trip Ever. After the events of the previous book culminating in another major characters heartbreaking death Harry vows to personally destroy every one of Voldemorts Horcruxes. These Horcruxes are objects containing pieces of Voldemorts soul, rendering him effectively immortal. Which means that if Harry wants even a chance at killing Voldemort face-to-face, hell need to locate and eliminate the Horcruxes first. Its this daunting prospect that leads to the Worst Camping Trip Ever though of course, its brightened somewhat by the presence of the ever-faithful Ron and Hermione.

To be fair, the events of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows arent as quotidianly miserable as the events of OotP at least we know the characters are suffering for a greater purpose. But that doesnt stop this from being, as you might expect, the darkest book in the series. From the corrupting influence of a locket that causes Ron to abandon his friends, to the tragic prophecy that Harry uncovers through more of Snapes past memories, this book truly tests the readers tolerance for beloved characters in distress.

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Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

Harry Potter’s third year sees the boy wizard, along with his friends, attending Hogwarts School once again. Professor R. J. Lupin joins the staff as Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, while convicted murderer Sirius Black escapes from Azkaban Prison. The Ministry of Magic entrusts the Dementors of Azkaban to guard Hogwarts from Black. Harry learns more about his past and his connection with the escaped prisoner.

A Guide To Collecting Harry Potter Books

20 Crazy Details Behind The Making Of The First Harry Potter Movie

The Harry Potter series only began in 1997 and yet J.K. Rowling’s books have become highly collectible. It usually takes decades for a book to become collectible and gain significant value on the rare book market. AbeBooks has sold hundreds of copies of Rowling’s books at high prices, including a first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone that sold for $37,000. Do you have a valuable Harry Potter gathering dust under your bed?

Demand for collectible Harry Potters has not decreased even though the last book in the series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, was published in 2007. The movies, Rowling’s high profile, and her non-Potter novels have kept interest alive.

One simple guideline to collecting Potter books: anything signed by JK Rowling has significant financial value. A book signed by one of the illustrators is much less valuable.

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Snape’s First Line Immediately Sets The Tone For His Strict Teaching Style

First appearance: “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”

Professor Snape is introduced in the Great Hall during the welcome feast, but his first line doesn’t come until he enters his classroom for Harry’s first Potions class.

He brusquely walks in saying, “There will be no foolish wand-waving or silly incantations in this class,” before launching into a monologue about the course.

In the first book, Snape starts the class by taking roll call, and his first line is, “Ah yes, Harry Potter. Our new celebrity.

Design And Special Effects

Judianna Makovsky served as the costume designer. She re-designed the Quidditch robes, having initially planned to use those shown on the cover of the American book, but deemed them “a mess.” Instead, she dressed the Quidditch players in “preppie sweaters, 19th-century fencing breeches and arm guards.” Production designer Stuart Craig built the sets at Leavesden Studios, including Hogwarts Great Hall, basing it on many English cathedrals. Although originally asked to use an existing old street to film the Diagon Alley scenes, Craig decided to build his own set, comprising Tudor, Georgian and Queen Anne architecture.

Columbus originally planned to use both animatronics and CGI animation to create the magical creatures, including Fluffy. Nick Dudman, who worked on Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace, was given the task of creating the needed prosthetics, with Jim Henson’s Creature Shop providing creature effects. John Coppinger stated that the magical creatures that needed to be created had to be designed multiple times. The film features nearly 600 special effects shots, involving numerous companies. Industrial Light & Magic created Lord Voldemort‘s face on the back of Quirrell, Rhythm & Hues animated Norbert and Sony Pictures Imageworks produced the Quidditch scenes.

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Fred Joins In On George’s Joke For His First Line

First appearance: “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”

Fred goes along with George’s joke in his first movie line.

He tells his mother, “Honestly woman, you call yourself our mother,” which was actually the second half of Fred’s first line from the book.

Fred’s first book line is, “I’m not Fred, I’m George.”

His Last Lines Are Also Spoken To The Titular Character

The Harry Potter Trio’s First Screen Test – Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts (2022)

Last appearance: “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2”

Although he appears in later parts of the film, Draco’s last lines are spoken inside the Room of Requirement during the Battle of Hogwarts.

He tells Harry about having to use his mother’s wand, saying, “It’s powerful, but it’s not the same. Doesn’t quite understand me. You know what I mean?”

In the books, Draco uses his final lines to plead with the Death Eaters at the Battle of Hogwarts.

He cries, “I’m Draco Malfoy, I’m Draco, I’m on your side!” before Harry stuns the Death Eater to save him.

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Molly Weasley Speaks First At King’s Cross Station While She’s Bringing Her Children To The Hogwarts Express

First appearance: “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”

Molly Weasley’s first line in the movies is, “It’s the same every year packed with Muggles, of course. Come on,” which Harry overhears her saying as he’s trying to find Platform 9 3/4.

Her first line is similar in the book, although there, Harry only catches her saying, ” packed with Muggles of course .”

Professor Mcgonagall’s First Line Is A Greeting To Dumbledore

First appearance: “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”

Technically, Professor McGonagall’s first line is a meow since she starts the series in her cat Animagus form.

But her first spoken line in the movies is, “Good evening, Professor Dumbledore.”

This differs from the book, where her first line is, “How did you know it was me?” in response to Dumbledore’s greeting.

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Her Last Line Comes From A Deleted Scene

Last appearance: “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1”

Aunt Petunia is only on screen for a few seconds in the final film as she gets into the car with her husband and son to leave Privet Drive.

But there’s a deleted scene where she has a final conversation with Harry.

Her last line there is, “You didn’t just lose a mother that night in Godric’s Hollow, you know. I lost a sister.”

Since Aunt Petunia usually prefers not to acknowledge Harry’s mother at all, it’s a surprisingly sweet moment.

In the book, she uses her last words to say “Well goodbye” to Harry. But it does say that she looks like she had something else to say to him, which might explain the deleted scene.

Harry Potter Fandom Also Paved The Way For The Mainstreaming Of Fandom And Geek Culture

Harry Potter: How well do you know the first movie?

Harry Potter has a tremendously outsized cultural reach: One 2011 survey suggested that a third of all American adults ages 18 to 34 at the time had read at least one of the books. But what really makes Harry Potter stand out is the way people loved Harry Potter.

First and foremost, the series helped make it cool to be a geek. People generally didnt read the Harry Potter books in isolation they wanted to talk about it with their friends, and then find more friends who loved the books as much as they did. This pattern coincided with the rise of Web 2.0 that is, an increasingly interactive and social internet. As more Harry Potter fans became more active online, they made discussion of YA fiction, fantasy, and science fiction seem commonplace.

And Harry Potter fans creativity is still being felt in and outside of the fandom. In the early 2000s, Harry Potter fan forums, fanfiction and fan art archives, and email discussion groups exploded across the internet. Harry Potter conventions drew thousands of fans, and Harry Potter cosplay became a well-known sight at larger geek and comic cons.

A number of Harry Potter fans also went on to make significant marks on mainstream culture. As a member of the University of Michigan theater troupe Starkid, a young Darren Criss starred as Harry Potter in the viral YouTube video A Very Potter Musical, and his popularity catapulted him into the role of Blaine on Glee and a career on Broadway.

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Publication And Reception In The United Kingdom

Bloomsbury accepted the book, paying Rowling a £2,500 advance, and Cunningham sent proof copies to carefully chosen authors, critics and booksellers in order to obtain comments that could be quoted when the book was launched. He was less concerned about the book’s length than about its author’s name, since the title sounded like a boys’ book to him, and he believed boys preferred books by male authors. Rowling therefore adopted the nom de plumeJ.K. Rowling just before publication. In June 1997, Bloomsbury published Philosopher’s Stone with an initial print-run of 500 copies in hardback, three hundred of which were distributed to libraries. Her original name, “Joanne Rowling”, can be found on the copyright page of all British editions until September 1999. The short initial print run was standard for first novels, and Cunningham hoped booksellers would read the book and recommend it to customers. Examples from this initial print run have sold for as much as US$471,000 in a 2021 Heritage Auction.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone won two publishing industry awards given for sales rather than literary merit, the British Book Awards Children’s Book of the Year and the Booksellers’ Association / Bookseller Author of the Year. By March 1999 UK editions had sold just over 300,000 copies, and the story was still the UK’s best-selling title in December 2001. A Braille edition was published in May 1998 by the Scottish Braille Press.

Arthur Weasley’s First Words Are Spoken At The Burrow

First appearance: “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”

Arthur Weasley first appears when he arrives at the Burrow after a night of work for the Ministry of Magic.

His first line is almost exactly the same in both the movie and book. He greets his family by saying, “What a night. Nine raids. Nine!”

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