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How Old Is Albus Dumbledore

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Dumbledore’s More Modest Career Path

How Old Is Dumbledore

In the aftermath of Ariana’s tragic death, Dumbledore’s need for power wholly abated as he later told Harry, he didn’t think he should be trusted with power after his friendship with Grindelwald ruined his family. Turning down repeated offers to take the ultimate seat of power and become Minister for Magic, Dumbledore turned instead to his true love: teaching.

As one of the most intelligent and learned wizards in history, it makes sense that Dumbledore would want to share his wisdom with young witches and wizards, and he returned to teach both Defense Against the Dark Arts and Transfiguration throughout his early tenure at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. As the Transfiguration teacher, Dumbledore encountered a curious young student named Tom Riddle, whom he immediately recognized as a talented yet foreboding presence. Of course, that student would grow up to become Lord Voldemort, Dumbledore’s biggest adversary besides Grindelwald.

Dumbledore’s Boggart Would Have Shape

One of the greatest burdens in Dumbledore’s life was the death of his sister, Ariana. She was a bystander during the duel between her brothers and Grindelwald, and she was accidentally hit with a curse in the cross fire.

In the same fan web chat with Bloomsbury, Rowling said this moment had such an impact on Dumbledore that if he were to encounter a boggart, a creature that takes the shape of a wizard’s worst fears, he would see the corpse of his sister.

Harry Potter: How Old Dumbledore Is When He Dies

Albus Dumbledore was killed in the Harry Potter series, and Fantastic Beasts 2 introduced his younger self. Here’s how old he is in both movies.

Albus Dumbledore was introduced in the Harry Potter series, where readers also witnessed his death in the sixth novel, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Fans reunited with him years later in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, although with his younger self so, how old is he in Fantastic Beasts and when he dies in Harry Potter? Albus Dumbledore made his first appearance in Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, where he left baby Harry Potter with his uncle and aunt, the Dursleys. Once Harry started attending Hogwarts, he immediately bonded with Dumbledore, who served as his mentor through his school years.

Dumbledore did what he could to keep Harry safe in Hogwarts, especially after Voldemort and the Death Eaters rose again, and was on a hunt to find and destroy all of Voldemorts horcruxes. Dumbledore was also the only wizard that Voldemort feared, so the dark wizard had to come up with a plan to defeat him and take the Elder Wand, which would have granted him greater power. Voldemort ordered Draco Malfoy to kill Dumbledore, which he knew from the beginning, but never did anything to stop him nor did he expel him in order to protect him from Voldemort. Draco was unable to kill him, so Snape did it, though it was all part of a plan between him and Dumbledore.

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Dont Judge A Book By Its Dragon Pox

Dumbledore befriended the young Elphias Doge, the man who would write Dumbledores obituary nearly a century later, while the two of the were at Hogwarts. Doge apparently had caught a brutal case of the Dragon Pox, which made all the other students avoid him. Dumbledore, though, was known for his ability to look past the surface, and he quickly befriended the pock-marked Doge.

He Loves Me He Loves Me Not

London lawyer sues Dumbledore actor

Given the revelation about his sexuality, it is widely believed that Dumbledore was in love with his closest friend, Gellert Grindelwald. There is no proof that Grindelwald ever reciprocated Albus feelings though, and it has been argued that Grindelwald could never have loved anyone, because all he cared about was power.

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How Dumbledore Saw Through Tom Riddle’s Facade

Before he fully became Voldemort, many who knew Tom Riddle saw him as a bright, kind, and thoughtful student who was simply desperate to prove himself, Dumbledore, who knew Riddle was capable of great cruelty and vindictiveness from an early age, was always wary of the young wizard. Immediately after Riddle graduated, he applied for the post of Defense Against the Dark Arts professor and was turned down, and when he tried a second time, Dumbledore rebuffed him yet again.

Already on his way to becoming Lord Voldemort by the time he asked Dumbledore for a job, he’d already created at least one of his soul-carrying Horcruxes , which can only be crafted by committing murder Tom told Dumbledore that he wanted to pass his storied knowledge onto Hogwarts students, but it was obvious that Dumbledore had some idea of the kind of magic the future Voldemort would end up teaching, and he refused. In that moment, Dumbledore sealed the fate of the entire position: as he later pointed out to Harry, Voldemort jinxed the post, as no Defense Against the Dark Arts professor ever stayed for more than one year after that fateful meeting.

The Field And Harry Potter

In June 1989, director Jim Sheridan cast Harris in the lead role in The Field, written by the esteemed Irish playwright John B. Keane. The lead role of “Bull” McCabe was to be played by former Abbey Theatre actor Ray McAnally. When McAnally died suddenly on 15 June 1989, Harris was offered the McCabe role. The Field was released in 1990 and earned Harris his second Academy Award nomination for Best Actor. He lost to Jeremy Irons for Reversal of Fortune.

In 1992, Harris had a supporting role in the film Patriot Games. He had good roles in Unforgiven , Wrestling Ernest Hemingway and Silent Tongue . He played the title role in Abraham and had the lead in Cry, the Beloved Country .

A lifelong supporter of Jesuit education principles, Harris established a friendship with University of Scranton President Rev. J. A. Panuska and raised funds for a scholarship for Irish students established in honour of his brother and manager, Dermot, who had died the previous year of a heart attack. He chaired acting workshops and cast the university’s production of in November 1987.

Over several years in the late 1980s, Harris worked with Irish author Michael Feeney Callan on his biography, which was published by Sidgwick & Jackson in 1990.

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Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone

In the opening chapter of the first novel of the series, Dumbledore arrives at number four, Privet Drive in , . When the evil wizard kills Harry’s parents before being reduced to a lesser form, Dumbledore decides to place the now-orphaned Harry in the home of . He knows that Harry will be protected by the special magic caused by his mother’s sacrifice. He reasons that they are the only family he has left with Petunia Evans Dursley being Harry’s aunt, who accepting her nephew into their home. This old magic of binding love renders Voldemort incapable of touching Harry. Dumbledore leaves Harry upon the doorstep of the Dursley home with a letter explaining the situation. He departs with the final phrase, “Good luck, Harry.”

His Name Is A Bit Of A Buzz Word

Harry Potter: Hidden details about Albus Dumbledore Explained | OSSA Movies

Dumbledore is an eighteenth-century word for bumblebee, and J.K. Rowling said she liked imagining Albus wandering around the castle humming like a bee himself, which is frankly adorable. Speaking of J.K. Rowlings musings on the headmaster, she also revealed on Twitter that Albus is her favourite character of the series !

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Magical Abilities And Skills

Since a young age, Dumbledore has always shown great magical abilities. During his education at Hogwarts, Dumbledore was known as the most brilliant student to have ever stepped into the school, winning “every prize of note that the school offered”, and in his N.E.W.T.s, “… did things with a wand never seen before”. Rowling has said that Dumbledore is primarily self-taught, although he “had access to superb teachers at Hogwarts,” and, as far as his education is concerned, “Dumbledore’s family would be a profitable line of inquiry.” While he is not vain, Dumbledore also exhibits no false modesty, readily acknowledging that he is unusually intelligent and an exceptionally powerful wizard. He admits a number oftimes to Harry in their occasional meetings in Half-Blood Prince that he makes mistakes, and since he is smarter than most men, his mistakes “tend to be correspondingly huger.”

Dumbledore is an expert at nonverbal spells and is famous as an who has worked with , the only known maker of , and is credited with discovering the twelve uses of ‘s blood. His takes the form of a , a recurring symbol in the books.

His knowledge of the most powerful kind of magic, love, is extensive. He taught Harry about its very essence, and the innate power of his ability to love his parents, which eventually helped Harry realise his destiny to kill Lord Voldemort.

His Father Was Sentenced To Life In Azkaban

It’s revealed in the seventh “Harry Potter” book that Ariana Dumbledore was attacked by a group of Muggles who saw her practicing magic.

After this event, Albus’ father, Percival Dumbledore, took justice into his own hands and sought revenge on his daughter’s Muggle attackers which was highly condemned by the Ministry of Magic.

Percival worried that revealing the truth of the Muggle attack to the authorities would get Ariana sent away for using underage magic, so instead, he accepted a life sentence in Azkaban prison, where he eventually died.

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Albus Dumbledore And Aberforth Dumbledore

Percival’s son, Albus

Percival’s son, Aberforth

Percival’s relationship with his sons is not very clear. Percival did not seem to be held in high regard by Albus, especially for being imprisoned in Azkaban for an attack on three Muggles, but years later, Dumbledore wished to use the Resurrection Stone to bring back his deceased family and apologise to them even his father, showing that Albus neverthless truly loved Percival despite all that happened. Like Albus, Aberforth may not have held his father in high regard either for his attack on the Muggles who attacked his sister, Ariana and being imprisoned in Azkaban.

Dumbledore And The Elder Wand

Albus Dumbledore

Despite the fact that he pathologically avoided gaining too much power, Dumbledore did allow himself to buy into one myth and take control of one of the most magically powerful artifacts of all time. In the final installment of the series, Harry, Ron, and Hermione learn about the eponymous Deathly Hallows, a legendary trio of items made up of the Invisibility Cloak, the Resurrection Stone, and the Elder Wand. Harry has owned the Invisibility Cloak all along, but the Resurrection Stone and the Elder Wand belonged to another specifically, Dumbledore.

In order to try and bring his family back, Dumbledore tried to break into a cursed ring of Voldemort’s to retrieve the Stone and ended up inflicted with a fatal curse, but he maintained possession of the Elder Wand after his duel with Grindelwald. Since he knew that Voldemort would stop at nothing to get the world’s most powerful wand, he arranged his own death at Snape’s hands, finessing the ownership of the wand until it would fall to Draco Malfoy, a young boy tasked to murder Dumbledore by Voldemort himself. In the end, Harry ends up the master of the wand, but it’s still a pretty incredible feat on Dumbledore’s part to not only hide the wand from evil for so long, but even make sure that it would never truly work for Voldemort’s purposes.

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The Hero Who Ended The Global Wizarding War

As Dumbledore spent his time teaching, Grindelwald was amassing power and followers. Grindelwald’s For The Greater Good revolution was causing terror and devastation on a global scale, but Dumbledore, perhaps the only wizard who could defeat Grindelwald, resisted joining the fight. We see some of this play out in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, and while there’s still a lot of this story left to be revealed, we know the ending. Dumbledore eventually can’t turn a blind eye and confronts Grindelwald in 1945.

The two of them engaged in what is wildly considered to be the greatest duel between two wizards. Dumbledore eventually triumphed and Grindelwald was sentenced to life in Nurmengard, a prison that he built himself. For his part ending the war, Dumbledore was awarded the Order of Merlin , which is kind of like the Nobel Peace Prize for magic people. Now a legendary hero, Dumbledore returned to Hogwarts, but was afraid of holding power and declined positions in the Ministry of Magic.

He Was In Love With Grindelwald

Dumbledore raised his siblings in Godric’s Hollow , where he would eventually meet a young, brilliant wizard named Gellert Grindelwald. Dumbledore and Grindelwald shared much in common and the two of them eventually became close friends, bonding over their intellect and shared enthusiasm of the Deathly Hallows.

Friendship turned to romance, and while Dumbledore loved Grindelwald, it was only recently that Rowling confirmed the two of them shared an intense sexual relationship. However, Grindelwald was not a good influence, and he began to turn Dumbledore to an anti-Muggle point of view. In fact, Dumbledore began to agree with Grindelwald’s idea of wizard domination and helped him plan the early stages of his “revolution.” Dumbledore ignored Grindelwald’s obvious darkness and he would soon pay for it dearly.

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Early Career At Hogwarts

Dumbledore: “I had proven, as a very young man, that power was my weakness and temptation. I was safer at Hogwarts. I think I was a good teacher.
Harry Potter: “You were the best.
A discussion in limbo regarding power and leadership

Shortly thereafter, Albus, who had been exchanging owls with the famous researcher as far back when he had been a student at Hogwarts, travelled to France and spent some time in Paris studying the ancient art and science of alchemy under the tutelage of Nicholas Flamel. He presumably did so in order to both give his brother some space, as well as to get away for a bit and spend his time grieving more productively than he otherwise would have done simply wallowing in his own misery. It is unknown when exactly he returned to Britain, but around the time he did, Albus had become intrigued with the study of dragon’s blood, and was ultimately credited with the discovery of no less than twelve new uses for it ) an accomplishment that earned him widespread recognition and ultimately played no small role in the subsequent offer he received of a teaching position at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Having always had a deep fondness for the old school and felt drawn towards teaching even as a student, Albus was happy to accept.

Dumbledore teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts

Dumbledore teaching Newt Scamander, Leta Lestrange and other students the Boggart-Banishing Spell

Bonus: Is Leta Lestrange Connected To Bellatrix Lestrange

Albus Dumbledore & Gellert Grindelwald Origin/Relationship Explained

Letas backstory is complicated, and we learn more about it through a powerful flashback. We learn that Leta is the daughter of CorvusLestrange and Laurena Kama.

Corvus is the patriarch of a powerful pure-blood Wizarding family. Death Eaters Rodolphus Lestrange and his brother Rabastan are likely descendants of Corvus.

Bellatrix Lestrange is a Lestrange-by-marriage .

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Camelot Again And Henry Iv

For a while in the 1980s, Harris went into semi-retirement on Paradise Island, in the Bahamas, where he kicked his drinking habit and embraced a healthier lifestyle. It had a beneficial effect. Harris’s career was revived by his success on stage in Camelot, and powerful in the West End run of Pirandello’sHenry IV.

He was the subject of This Is Your Life in 1990, when he was surprised by Michael Aspel during the curtain call of the Pirandello’s play Henry IV at the Wyndhams Theatre in London.

His film work during this period included: Triumphs of a Man Called Horse , , Strike Commando 2 , King of the Wind and Mack the Knife plus the TV film version of Maigret, opposite Barbara Shelley. This indicated declining popularity which Harris told his biographer, Michael Feeney Callan, he was “utterly reconciled to”.

His Power Was Immense

Dumbledore was such a powerful wizard that he had no need for an Invisibility Cloak. In Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, Dumbledore tells Harry that he does not need one of those fancy cloaks if he wishes to be invisible. Dumbledore most likely could perform such a powerful Disillusionment Charm that it made him impossible to see.

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The Mysterious Life And Death Of Ariana Dumbledore

We have witnessed many acts of evil, mostly at the hands of the Death Eaters and their supporters. But it is striking, given the powerful potential of Dark magic, that the perpetrators of one of the very worst acts of evil seen in wizarding history were a group of ordinary Muggle boys.

The victim of this act was a six-year-old girl, Ariana Dumbledore, the younger sister of brilliant future Hogwarts headmaster Albus and future Hogs Head barman Aberforth.

When my sister was six years old, she was attacked, set upon, by three Muggle boys. Theyd seen her doing magic, spying through the back garden hedge: she was a kid, she couldnt control it, no witch or wizard can at that age. What they saw scared them, I expect. They forced their way through the hedge, and when she couldnt show them the trick, they got a bit carried away trying to stop the little freak doing it.Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

The brutal attack on young Ariana left her scarred and damaged, mentally unstable and afraid to perform magic. Her powers turned inwards, which was extremely dangerous. Aberforth described her as mostly sweet, and scared, and harmless, but when she was upset or angry, magic would explode out of her and she would become strange and dangerous.

He is, of course, Gellert Grindelwald, the brilliant wizard who might have earned the title of the most evil wizard of the last hundred years if Voldemort hadnt pipped him to the post a generation later.

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