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Harry Potter Game Release Date 2022

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When Is The Hogwarts Legacy Release Date

Hogwarts Legacy UPDATE 2022 (First Gameplay Footage Release Date State of Play)

The Hogwarts Legacy release date is in the holiday season at the end of2022, the developers have confirmed. Pre-orders are available now from the likes of GAME and Argos.

Although an exact date or month has not yet been confirmed, a December release right next to Christmas would make perfect sense to us , considering the connection between Potter and the yuletide festivities that was hammered home in each of the books/films.

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What’s The Room Of Requirement For

The Room of Requirement is a special room in Hogwarts castle that only appears to someone in great need of it. As a fifth year transfer student, apparently you qualify. The Room of Requirement appears to function as a sort of customizable base and crafting hub for your student.

You’ll be able to unlock crafting stations for plants and potions or raise animals as friends there. From what we’ve seen, potions and plants and other stations all appear to take time to producethough whether that’s real world time or only time spent playing isn’t clear so far.

What Platforms Will Hogwarts Legacy Be Available On

This is one of the good news that accompanied this announcement, since Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy will be available on all platforms. We will therefore find it on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S, but also Nintendo Switch, but with a little delay for the latter.

Note that this article will naturally be updated over time.

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Hogwarts Legacy Game Set In The ‘harry Potter’ Universe Delayed To February 2023

The magical adventure needs a few more months of brewing.

Oscar Gonzalez

Hogwarts Legacy, the open-world game that lets players create their own student enrolled at the wizarding school from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter universe, has been delayed and is now set for release on Feb. 10, 2023, developer Avalanche Software said Friday. It was previously set to release in time for the holiday shopping season this fall.

“We’re excited about what we’re creating here at the studio and we just need a little bit more time to deliver the best possible experience to everyone,” said Chandler Wood, community manager for Avalance Software, in a video tweeted Friday.

The new date applies to the PlayStation, Xbox and PC platforms. Wood also said the release date for the Nintendo Switch version of the game would be announced soon.

A message from Avalanche Software.

Hogwarts Legacy Release Date Announced

Hogwarts Legacy (2022 video game)

· Updated August 12, 2022

The release date for Hogwarts Legacy has been announced with a slight delay from the original Holiday 2022 release window. The upcoming video game, which will be released on multiple platforms, is now scheduled for a February 10, 2023, release for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. This news comes from the Hogwarts Legacy Twitter account itself.

Hogwarts Legacy will launch on February 10, 2023 for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. The Nintendo Switch launch date will be revealed soon. The team is excited for you to play, but we need a little more time to deliver the best possible game experience.

Hogwarts Legacy

In addition to the platforms listed above, a release date for Hogwarts Legacy on Nintendo Switch is forthcoming, as noted in the tweet.

The Hogwarts Legacy account also retweeted a tweet from the WB Games Avalanche Twitter account that includes a video message from the developers of the game.

WB Games Avalanche

As we previously reported when the game was showcased during the PlayStation State of Play broadcast on March 17, Hogwarts Legacy will be set in the late 1800s, well before the events of the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts series. The heavily customizable open-world game will also feature many locations to be explored and characters original to Hogwarts Legacy. More recent updates on the game have included a look at one of its cutscenes, shown during the Autodesk Vision Series earlier this month.

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Is Harry Potter In Hogwarts Legacy

Nope! Remember, this is set in the 1800s so the kid who lived is several generations from being born. Harry Potter won’t be in Hogwarts Legacy but since you can create your own character you could probably design a wizard student who looks like him if you really want to.

Familiar faces will likely be few and far between, given the time period, but the gameplay reveal did show a very short clip of a student chatting with Nearly Headless Nick the ghost. Perhaps some other less-corporeal cameos are in order.

Hogwarts Legacy Release Date Announced And It Brings Disappointment

Last we had heard, Hogwarts Legacy, the Harry Potter RPG set in a Victorian-era version of the wizarding school, was going to be coming out around Christmas 2022. However, publisher Warner Bros has revealed the final Hogwarts Legacy release date, and weve lousy news.

Yes, the Harry Potter game has been held back again and wont be graduating in 2022. Instead, the Hogwarts Legacy release date is February 10, 2023. And thats if you want to play Xbox Series X, PS5, or PC. Theres worse news for Nintendo Switch fans.

While Warner Bros says its committed to releasing the Nintendo Switch version of Hogwarts Legacy, it cant say when it will be ready. Considering, what the developer revealed at the Sony State of Play, its not surprising getting the open-world RPG running smoothly on Nintendos console is proving a challenge.

Hogwarts Legacy will launch on February 10, 2023 for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. The Nintendo Switch launch date will be revealed soon. The team is excited for you to play, but we need a little more time to deliver the best possible game experience.

The delay into 2023 may be disappointing for you. Still, personally speaking, with so many upcoming games crammed together into the coming months, its frankly a bit of a relief to see a massive game like Hogwarts Legacy take a step back. I want to be able to really immerse myself into school life and not feel pressured to wrap up my campaign to start playing God of War Ragnarok or .

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Hogwarts Legacy Delayed To 2023

Wannabe wizards and witches will have to wait

Hogwarts Legacy, the open-world adventure set in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, originally given a holiday 2022 release window, is now a 2023 game. On Friday, publisher Warner Bros. and developer Avalanche Software announced a delay and new release date for Hogwarts Legacy: Feb. 10, 2023.

The team is excited for you to play, but we need a little more time to deliver the best possible game experience, . It also noted that the new date applies only to the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X versions of Hogwarts Legacy the Nintendo Switch version does not have a new release date.

Hogwarts Legacy will launch on February 10, 2023 for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. The Nintendo Switch launch date will be revealed soon. The team is excited for you to play, but we need a little more time to deliver the best possible game experience.

Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is set in the late 1800s, about 100 years before Harry Potter enrolls. The player character is a new wizard or witch, except theyre starting as a fifth-year student at Hogwarts, where theyll learn advanced magic techniques like brewing spells and casting spells, make friends, and contend with rivals and dark wizards at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Biggest Aaa Video Games Coming In 202: Ps5 Xbox Series X Switch Pc Stadia & Steam

Hogwarts Legacy – 10 NEW Things You Need To Know

2022 is a huge year for video games and heres all the biggest titles coming to PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and more with release dates.

2022 continues to be a massive year for video games. Between franchises such as God of War, Pokemon, and Harry Potter, the PS5, Xbox Series X, Switch, PC, and Stadia have some mammoth titles to host. Heres a look into the biggest games and potential release dates.

The start of 2022 signaled over a year since the PS5, and Xbox Series X took video games to the ninth generation of consoles. Developers have had plenty of time to chew the fat and harness the power of the consoles to create immense AAA experiences.

Theres also plenty of mileage left for the Nintendo Switch, and of course, PC, Stadia, and Steam are always pushing the envelope.

With 2022 already delivering Horizon Forbidden West, Elden Ring, Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Rainbow Six Extraction, and Gran Turismo 7, the remainder of the year is also looking to bring the heat. Heres a look at the top AAA video games coming in 2022.

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What Platforms Can I Get Hogwarts Legacy On

Hogwarts Legacy will be available on next-generation consoles the PS5 and Xbox Series X, as well as the PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC release also confirmed. A Hogwarts Legacy Switch release has been confirmed as well. There’s no sign of a Google Stadia or Amazon Luna release, though, so bad luck if you were hoping to play on those platforms.

Hogwarts Legacy Release Date: Holiday 2022

There have been many Harry Potter movie tie-in games, but there still hasnt been an authentic RPG experience that lets you become your own wizard until Holiday 2022.

Hogwarts Legacy will let fans worldwide finally live out their dream of attending Hogwarts, and the game allows players to select their House, the classes they do, and customize their character, all the while fighting monsters and completing quests.

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Which Locations Are In Hogwarts Legacy

There may not be familiar faces in Hogwarts Legacy due to the time period it’s set in, but it looks like we can definitely expect some standard places. Avalanche say that it’s an open world game, so there will likely be plenty of exploring to do in and out of the castle. Throughout your school year, seasons will come and go as you explore areas outside the castle as well.

Hogwarts CastleIt should come as no surprise that we’ll be spending a lot of time in Hogwarts Castle itself as students. In the reveal trailer we got a good look at the expansive great hall and a look at the exterior we know so well too.

HogsmeadeThe nearby village of Hogsmeade seems like it’s going to be prominent. Parts of the story will take place there, as will buying potion ingredients and outfits for your character.

Forbidden ForestAlso from the reveal trailer we can spot a venture into the Forbidden Forest where a student is fighting against those unknown dark wizards.

What Do We Know About Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay

Hogwarts Legacy: Everything We Know About The New Harry Potter Game

The team from Warner Bros Games, which will publish Hogwarts Legacy under its Portkey Games label, revealed a 14-minute gameplay video on Thursday 17th March 2022, during one of Sony’s PlayStation State of Play live-stream events.

To watch the Hogwarts Legacy gameplay footage for yourself, you can check out the video below. Make yourself a cup of tea, grab a chocolate frog, and prepare to be amazed! The developers from Avalanche Software have certainly been busy.

It looks like there will be plenty of combat opportunities in the game, with the video above showcasing an array of fights where the player can use various spells, environmental aids and magical plants to overcome their enemies with clever combos.

You’ll also be able to explore various hidden areas of Hogwarts itself, as well as venturing out into the grounds and even going as far as Hogsmeade village. Players will stumble into dangerous dungeons as well as finding puzzles that may have been placed by Merlin himself.

Players will be able to upgrade their magic spells and improve their abilities using a series of skill trees, and you will also be able to visit the Room of Requirement to pick up handy items. You’ll even be able to make your own den-like area that’s tailored to your own tastes, which seems like a nice touch.

One thing you shouldn’t expect is Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer, with the developers recently ruling out the idea and stressing that this is a single-player game.

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What Spells And Abilities Will Be In Hogwarts Legacy

Here are the confirmed spells and abilities that will be in Hogwarts Legacy – more will likely be announced as the release date nears.

  • Accio The power to pull things towards you.
  • Avada Kedavra A spell that kills!
  • Descendo Lift an object and hit it into the ground.
  • Diffindo Cut things into pieces and rip them apart.
  • Disillusionment Charm Want to be cloaked? This is the spell to use.
  • Expelliarmus Disarm your enemy or knocks any object out of the other persons hands.
  • Incendio Lights an object on fire.
  • Lumos Form a sphere of light to see in the dark.
  • Petrificus Totalus Leaves an opponent immobilised.
  • Protego Forms a shield and deflects spells and weapons sent your way.
  • Reparo Restore broken items.
  • Stupefy Stun foes for a short period of time.
  • Wingardium Leviosa Let’s you float!

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Hogwarts Legacy Release Date Platforms Story Gameplay

Everything we know so far about the latest adventure into the world behind Harry Potter, including the expected Hogwarts Legacy release date

Hogwarts Legacy is one of the most anticipated upcoming games. Set in the familiar wizarding world and giving us a glimpse at the school of Hogwarts decades before Harry Potter graced the world, the RPG is expected to offer a lot of player choice, from which lessons you can take, to how you spend your time outside of the classroom.

Announced in 2020, the game has suffered some setbacks due to the COVID-19 pandemic, pushing the Hogwarts Legacy release date back. However, development has continued and it looks like were set to get our hands on the game this year. This will be the first big-budget Harry Potter game for consoles since the final movie tie-in game for the PS3 and Xbox 360, released all the way back in 2011.

Continue reading on to find out what we know about the Hogwarts Legacy release date, story, and activities you can get up to with your fellow classmates.

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Hogwarts Legacy Release Date Delayed Until Early 2023 Switch Version To Come Later

Looks like Harry Potter fans are going to be saying “accio” for a little while longer.

The official Hogwarts Legacy Twitter account has announced that Hogwarts Legacy will no longer be releasing this holiday season. Originally scheduled to hit shelves in 2021, the latest release date for the open-world RPG is now February 10, 2023. However, this is only for the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC versions of the game. For those looking to pick up the game for Nintendo Switch, it looks like your wait will be even longer.

Hogwarts Legacy will launch on February 10, 2023 for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. The Nintendo Switch launch date will be revealed soon. The team is excited for you to play, but we need a little more time to deliver the best possible game experience.

Hogwarts Legacy

Set in the wizarding world of Harry Potter, Hogwarts Legacy takes place over 100 years before the events of the popular book series. The game allows players to create their own character, choose their house, and attend classes, all while an original story involving a goblin rebellion unfolds around them. Developer Avalanche Games has confirmed the game will feature no multiplayer element or microtransactions, opting for a story-driven, single-player experience instead.

For more information on Hogwarts Legacy, including a look at its trailers and more details regarding gameplay, check out everything we know about Hogwarts Legacy.

When Is The New Hogwarts Legacy Release Date

Hogwarts Legacy – State of Play Official Gameplay Reveal | PS5, PS4

The new Hogwarts Legacy release date will be sometime in 2022 for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. Portkey Games did not mention a specific date.

“We would like to thank fans from around the world the tremendous reaction to the announcement of Hogwarts Legacy from our Portkey Games label,” read a tweet from the game’s official account. “Creating the best possible experience for all of the Wizarding World and gaming fans is paramount to us so we are giving the game the time it needs.”

“Hogwarts Legacy will be released in 2022.”

Fans have plenty of Harry Potter games to keep them occupied you could always buy Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 and Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 on Steam to whet your appetite. Those of you looking to explore a magical castle might want to check out The Academy as well. In the meantime, you can stay apprised of Hogwarts Legacy developments on its official website.

Are you disappointed by the Hogwarts Legacy release date delay? What’s your favorite Harry Potter game released thus far? Let us know in the comments below!

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Hogwarts Legacy Release Date Announced Just Not For The Switch

  • 848

Image: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Hogwarts Legacy, the upcoming action RPG based on the world of Harry Potter, has bagged a firm release date… Just not for the Switch.

If you’re on PlayStation, Xbox, or PC, you’ll be playing Hogwarts Legacy on February 10th, 2023. It seems, however, that developer Avalanche Software needs a bit more time with the Switch version to “deliver the best possible game experience”, though this statement could potentially have applied to all versions of the game given it had a projected launch window of “Late 2022” until today.

Hogwarts Legacy will launch on February 10, 2023 for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. The Nintendo Switch launch date will be revealed soon. The team is excited for you to play, but we need a little more time to deliver the best possible game experience. Hogwarts Legacy

So, the release date for Switch is up in the air for now, and it almost begs the question: will Hogwarts Legacy for the Switch be a Cloud Version? Hmm… Food for thought.

Nevertheless, we’re still looking forward to seeing how this one turns out, and delaying a game with a goal of improving upon its overall quality is a win in our minds.

When do you think Hogwarts Legacy will launch on the Switch? Let us know in the comments!

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