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When Does The Harry Potter Game Take Place

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When Did The Harry Potter Books Take Place

Ranking Every Harry Potter Video Game

I always wondered when the setting of the books was supposed to be. Is it set in the past? Present? Future?

I remember seeing somewhere that there was actual years/dates associated with events in the book.

Is there a visual timeline of all the Harry Potter events somewhere with years/months/days mentioned?

All dates in the HP world trace back to the Death Day party of Nearly Headless Nick in The Chamber of Secrets. It was stated that his it was his 500th Death Day. The cake reads:

Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpingtondied 31st October, 1492

So, it stands to reason that during the second year, Harry Potter was 12, and that it was the year 1992. All dates can be calculated from that moment in time.

It should also be noted that this isn’t strictly adhered to, specifically, Dudley has Playstation before they came out, among other things.

How To Get More Energy Without Spending Gems

One thing youll notice within just a few minutes of playing Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is that its unashamedly a free-to-play experience where every important action tied to progress through the story will drain your characters energy .

Whenever you run out of energy youre given the option of refilling the meter by spending 10, 55, or a 100 gems ostensibly the games premium currency. Unfortunately for players looking to hang onto their cash, those pink crystals are pretty rare and are required to buy the best clothes and accessories for your avatar.

The simplest way to regain energy is by putting the game down and waiting. You start the game with a 24 maximum Energy cap, and if youve kept up with the game which is currently at Year 5 Chapter 26) you will have a cap of 40 units. A single unit takes a full four minutes to recharge even if you close the app. That means itll take 2 hours and 20 minutes to fully refill your energy bar.

Instead of just twiddling your thumbs, however, there are a few ways of regaining energy while still playing. The first is by hitting a new level, which completely refills your energy bar. Take advantage of this if you ever see the level bar about to tick over by burning all of your energy first. This becomes much harder to do as you advance through the years and your level continues to increase though.

  • Lower floor West
  • Tap on the unlit torch to the right of the Great Hall. The torch lights up to indicate a claimed energy unit.
  • What Is The Hogwarts Legacy Story

    Avalanche Software and Portkey Games say that Hogwarts Legacy follows the wizarding world lore set out in the original Harry Potter novels but is an original story from the studio, not written by J.K. Rowling.;

    You’ll play as a student attending Hogwarts in the late 1800s, attending classes and learning magic alongside other students. “You have received a late acceptance to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and soon discover that you are no ordinary student: you possess an unusual ability to perceive and master Ancient Magic,” the studio says. “Only you can decide if you will protect this secret for the good of all, or yield to the temptation of more sinister magic.”

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    How Does Harry Find Out Snape Is The Half

    At the end of the movie Half Blood Prince, when Snape was leaving Hogwarts along with Draco and death eaters, Harry was cursing Snape with Sectumsempra, Snape said to Harry that dont try to curse him with the spells made by Snape himself. Snape then himself revealed that he is the Half Blood Prince.

    When Does Harry Potter Take Place

    Harry Potter: When Exactly Hogwarts Legacy Takes Place

    Time in the Harry Potter franchise seems to function as usual for the most part. In each book and its film counterpart, Harry grows another year older, from 11 to 17. However, one question that isnt answered is when the Harry Potter series takes place.

    While we get plenty of glimpses of the muggle world through the films, there arent any clear features that could provide an exact date. Additionally, in the main Harry Potter series books and associated material, there is enough contradictory information and dates to keep fans guessingeven if Harry Potter does take place in a world that largely mirrors our own.

    In this article, well be sharing the best theory for when the series takes place.

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    The Gryffindor Students Listen To A Song That Won’t Be Released For Another Decade

    The;Harry Potter;novels almost never mentioned the musical tastes of the characters, with the exception of most witches & wizards being a fan of Celestina Warbeck.

    Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix;included a scene where Harry enters the Gryffindor and has an argument with Seamus Finnegan, while the song “Boys Will Be Boys” plays in the background. “Boys Will Be Boys” was a song by The Ordinary Boys which was released in 2005, which means that it was released a decade after the events of;Order of the Phoenix,;which transpired in 1995.

    Third Match Of The Quidditch Season: Slytherin Vs Ravenclaw

    Timing:The second or third Saturday in January towards the beginning of term. This gives the teams time to return to school and get some training sessions in. The weather would likely be bad in January/February whatever the actual date was.

    Notes:PS: By the pattern, the third match of the year.

    CS: By the pattern, the third match of the year.

    PA: The third Quidditch match is mentioned: Ravenclaw played Slytherin a week after the start of term. Slytherin won, though narrowly .

    GF: The school matches this year are cancelled due to the Triwizard Tournament.

    OP: By the pattern, the third match of the year.

    HBP: By the pattern, the third match of the year.

    DH: There is no information on any school matches taking place this year as Harry is not at Hogwarts.

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    Hogwarts Legacy Story And Setting

    The game takes place around the late 1800s at Hogwarts, though Warner Bros. revealed that we’ll be visiting both new and old locations. Players take on the role of a student who has the ability to perceive Ancient Magic and holds the key to a secret that can “tear the wizarding world apart.” With choice playing a major role in the game, players can decide whether they want to protect this secret or use it for evil.

    The trailer teased that there’s a much larger world outside of Hogwarts, and we briefly saw Hogsmeade, meaning we’ll be taking some trips to the village outside of the school grounds. We’ll also be able to explore parts of the Forbidden Forest. Thankfully Aragog and his offspring haven’t been born yet, but I’m sure there will be plenty of threats that await. The Forbidden Forest has been known to home thestrals, werewolves, unicorns, centaurs, and many more species.

    Avalanche, the developer behind Hogwarts Legacy, ensures that this is a wholly original story. Because it is set before the books take place, we will not be seeing many of the characters we’re familiar with. Dumbledore attended Hogwarts in the late 1800s, though, so there’s a small chance he could appear depending on what year this game takes place.

    Harry & Ron Pass The Wrong Tower

    Hogwarts Legacy Game UPDATE (Release Date) – Harry Potter News

    In;Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,;Harry & Ron are prevented from entering Platform 9 3/4 by Dobby, so they decide to use the magic Ford Anglia to fly to Hogwarts. The invisibility spell that protects the Ford Anglia is faulty, which means that several Muggles spot the car as they fly past. When the boys arrive at Hogwarts, they are told that they were seen flying past the Post Office Tower.

    The problem with this line is that the Post Office Tower had its name changed to the BT Tower in 1984. The BT Tower is also south of King’s Cross station, which means that Harry and Ron would have been flying in the opposite direction.

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    Fifth Match Of The Quidditch Season: Hufflepuff Vs Slytherin

    Timing:A Saturday in late March or early April the date played may depend on when Easter falls that year. It could possibly be as late as early May

    Notes:PS: By the pattern, the fifth match the year.

    CS: This match was cancelled due to the Chamber of Secrets being open.

    PA: This Quidditch match is inferred: As Slytherin were leading the tournament by exactly two hundred points , they must have won this match against Hufflepuff.

    GF: The school matches this year are cancelled due to the Triwizard Tournament.

    OP: This match is mentioned: .Slytherin had been narrowly defeated by Hufflepuff in their last match.

    HBP: By the pattern, the fifth match the year.

    DH: There is no information on any school matches taking place this year as Harry is not at Hogwarts.

    What Is Hogwarts Legacy

    Hogwarts Legacy is an open-world RPG set around the late 1800s that allows you to customize your own character in the Harry Potter universe. Warner Bros says that players can “craft potions, master spell casting, and upgrade talents,” among other things. Judging from the trailer, it looks like one of the ways we’ll be learning new spells and potions is by going to different classes.

    It’s clear that Warner Bros. wants this to be your adventure. Hogwarts Legacy will immerse you in the Wizarding World like never before in a video game. Its name, Hogwarts Legacy, refers to the legacy that players will create while attending the school and battling Dark Wizards. How Warner Bros. will deal with the conflict of you creating a legacy that somehow no one in the books or movies ever references is unknown, but this is a trap that a lot of licensed IP falls into.

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    The Cars In Privet Drive Were Made In 1999 In The Year 1991

    We never saw much of the Muggle world in;Harry Potter,;with the bulk of the books taking place in and around Hogwarts. The most we see of the non-magical world happens during Harry’s time at Privet Drive over the summer.

    The first;Harry Potter;movie shows us Privet Drive as it’s being bombarded with letters from Hogwarts. There’s a scene where we see lots of owls sitting outside of the house, much to the despair of the Dursleys. All of the cars shown on Privet Drive are Vauxhall Vectra Estates, which were not made available to the public until the year 2000, even though the start of;Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone;takes place in 1991.

    Diagon Alley At The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

    Harrys first terms at Hogwarts: ranked

    The second land added to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is Diagon Alley . If you are entering from the front of the park walk straight until you hit the mummy attraction and make a right, then continue until you see the Knight Bus. The area outside of Diagon Alley is themed to fill like London, and you will need to make your way through the brick wall until it opens up as Diagon Alley.

    Be prepared especially if you are a die hard Harry Potter fan as the attention to detail is unmatched in Diagon Alley. You will be in the middle of shops and cooked buildings, as well a fire breathing dragon nestled over Gringotts Bank!

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    Love The Game But I Have Some Suggestions

    As a hardcore Potterhead, I love how Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery puts you into the world of Harry Potter! I absolutely love all the options and how they are always adding new customization options. With lots of hair colors, hair styles, clothing options, and dorm customizations, you can make the story YOUR own journey in the Wizarding World. I have a few ideas for upcoming updates. If you are uninterested in my update ideas, you dont need to read the next paragraph. 😀 As I said, I have some ideas for future updates. 1: Friends. I know that Hogwarts Mystery already has computer generated characters that you can befriend, but I think it would be fun if you could befriend real people to do certain missions and events with. Me and my sister love to play this game but we want to play together sometimes. Like, in game together. 2: Energy. I think that you shouldnt have to wait a full 4 minutes for 1 point of energy. Maybe like 1 or 2 minutes for 1 energy. In my opinion, its kinda ridiculous to have to wait a whole 4 minutes for 1 point of energy. And another thing is I think if you choose for your character to say something to keep them out of trouble you could just walk away. Although this might mess with the way the story is so maybe not. Thanks for reading! Sorry it was so long.

    Second Match Of The Quidditch Season: Hufflepuff Vs Ravenclaw

    Timing:The fourth Saturday in November, although possibly early December so that the matches are finished before breaking up for Christmas

    Notes:PS: This match is assumed to have been the one taking place after the Gryffindor vs Slytherin game since: neither team had played yet and if they had a match before Gryffindor vs Slytherin then Harry would have known something about how Quidditch matches are played.

    CS: By the pattern, second match of the year.

    PA: The second match of the year is referred to: .the fact that Ravenclaw flattened Hufflepuff in their Quidditch match at the end of November .

    GF: The school matches this year are cancelled due to the Triwizard Tournament.

    OP: By the pattern, the second match of the year.

    HBP: By the pattern, the second match of the year.

    DH: There is no information on any school matches taking place this year as Harry is not at Hogwarts.

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    Is There A Trailer For Hogwarts Legacy

    How to Play Harry Potter Potions Challenge Game by Spin Master Games

    Yes! The game was finally revealed with a cinematic trailer during September 2020 PlayStation 5 Showcase. You can check it out for yourself below.

    From the trailer, we can see that despite taking place in the late 1800s, many Hogwarts traditions are still present. For example, owls still seem to play a large role at Hogwarts. As do the haunted decor items.

    We can also see Hippogriffs in the trailer, as the narrator mentions the world outside Hogwarts. Perhaps you can travel the land using flying creatures like Hippogriffs?

    We also get a look at a masked person in a few shots. Like all masked people, they appear rather fearsome. Perhaps this person is the game’s villain?

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    Hogwarts Legacy Release Date

    It turns out we muggles will have to wait a little longer for our own Hogwarts Legacy to begin. As shared from the official Hogwarts Legacy twitter account, the game will now come out in 2022, so that the studio can give “the game the time it needs.”;

    That’s industry talk for “we need to make sure it’s not a buggy mess, where the jokes about how unstable it is become bigger than the game itself,” as happened with Cyberpunk 2077.

    Originally, as we learned from the first trailer at the Sony PS5 event confirmed what was already reported by ;Bloomberg, Hogwarts Legacy was to come out in 2021 . The game was expected to make its public debut in summer 2020 at E3, but that event was cancelled.

    It’s finally official: Hogwarts Legacy, 2021

    In that Bloomberg story, Jason Schreier confirmed the Harry Potter RPG’s existence with two people currently working on the game which is being developed by Avalanche Software, a Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment-owned studio.

    Where Does Harry Potter Live In The Chamber Of Secrets

    STORYLINE Harry Potter lived at Number Four, Privet Drive with his horrible uncle and aunt and their hateful son, Dudley. Harry was often locked in his room and even though he was a wizard, he couldnt escape because he wasnt allowed to do magic when he was away from school. One evening, a house-elf named Dobby appeared

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    Is The Hogwarts Legacy A Next

    The official website for Hogwarts Legacy confirms that the game will come to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. The next-gen versions that were leaked in the aforementioned Bloomberg report confirm that the game is in development for PS5 and Xbox Series X, and it sounds like the game will be exclusive to next-gen consoles.

    There seem to be no plans for Nintendo Switch or Google Stadia versions of the game.

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