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How To Watch Harry Potter Reunion

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How To Watch Harry Potter Reunion In Canada

Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts Review

Canadians can watch Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts with a subscription to Crave .

Crave has a 7-day free trial . After that, the Movies + HBO package costs $19.98 CAD per month.

If you’re an American traveling abroad and want to use your HBO Max subscription, you’ll need to look into the best VPN services.

Is Harry Potter Reunion On Hbo Max

As mentioned, the Harry Potter franchise is exclusively owned and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, which is owned by WarnerMedia. Meanwhile, HBO is also owned by WarnerMedia. As such, the Harry Potter Reunion is exclusively streaming on HBO Max in the United States. Other than HBO Max, you cannot watch Return to Hogwarts on any other streaming service in the US.

How To See Them All Harry Potter Movie

All eight of Harry Potter movies are available to stream on HBO Max and Peacock, $5 per month for the ad-free plan or $10 for the ad-free plan.

Hulu subscribers can also add HBO Max to their plan to watch all the movies, but not the 20th anniversary reunion special. The streamers basic plan starts at $7 per month, and you can get HBO Max for free for your first week then you can add it for $15 monthly.

If you want to own it all Harry Potter movies, you can purchase the digital version on Amazon Prime Video or the eight-disc set on Blu-Ray or DVD.

Harry Potter Full 8 Blu-Ray Movies


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Best Vpns To Watch Harry Potter Reunion In Canada

We have tested about 10+ VPN services and found only three VPNs truly compatible with HBO Max and capable of providing a bufferless streaming experience to all the Canadians out there. If youre eager to watch Harry Potter Reunion in Canada, make sure you have a subscription to one of the following VPNs:

How To Watch The Harry Potter Reunion 20th Anniversary Return To Hogwarts

How to Watch the Harry Potter Reunion: Where It

Return to Hogwarts the Harry Potter 20th anniversary reunion special premieres on New Year’s Day . Ready to hop aboard the Hogwarts Express to the year 2001? The Harry Potter reunion is available on HBO Max in the US, and Sky in the UK. Lucky Aussie Potterheads can watch free of charge on Binge. Follow our step-by-step guide below to watch a free Return to Hogwarts live stream wherever you are.

Premieres: 1st January 2022

Cast: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Tom Felton, Imelda Staunton, Gary Oldman

AUS free stream: Binge

US stream:HBO Max

UK stream:Sky Max | Now

Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson are set for an emotional return to the wizarding world of Harry Potter. The cast of Hogwarts have reunited to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the franchise’s first film though interviews with cast members and memories of their time on set.

The unscripted reunion features Tom Felton , Imelda Staunton , Matthew Lewis , Gary Oldman and Robbie Coltrane among others.

“One of my favourite fates that we could never have ever imagined for the Harry Potter films but that I have been told by several friends is that they are fantastic when people are hungover and feeling really crappy about themselves,” said Radcliffe, 32. “That is so lovely to me. That is the real world effect that a film can have on someone’s life. I think that is great.”

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When Is The Harry Potter Reunion And How Can I Watch

If you didnt know already, the Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts special is going to stream exclusively on HBO Max. So if you dont have a subscription already, you may want to sign up. Sadly, the platform doesnt have a free trial, but if youre a Hulu subscriber, you can add on HBO Max and get a seven-day free trial.

Harry Potter Reunion Special

Of course the three main actors Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson anchor the special, just as they did the films. Fellow supporting actors of characters Tom Felton , Matthew Lewis , Alfred Enoch , Evanna Lynch , Bonnie Wright , James and Oliver Phelps and Robbie Coltrane make their way back to Hogwarts as well. Even some of the older generation of witches and wizards reflect on the experience, such as Mark Williams , Gary Oldman , Helena Bonham Carter , Jason Isaacs , Ralph Fiennes and even Toby Jones who voices Dobby the House Elf. Ian Hart and Imelda Staunton briefly appear to contribute input, while directors Chris Columbus, Alfonso Cuarón, Mike Newell and David Yates offer insight into their experiences on the franchise. Producer David Heyman pops in throughout the special as well.

A specific segment of the reunion calls back to actors, actresses and more crew whom we have lost in the years since the films rolled out. Filmic tributes were paid to several key figures in the eight movies, starting with Richard Harris, who played the first iteration of Albus Dumbledore. Other actors who have since died include Richard Griffiths , Alan Rickman and Helen McCrory .

Michael Gambon, who played Albus Dumbledore, and Maggie Smith do not appear in the reunion special and are only briefly mentioned, while Julie Walters who played Molly Weasley does not appear but is given a loving tribute by the actors.

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Is There A Hogwarts Reunion Trailer

Yes, there is both a teaser and a trailer. The teaser doesn’t reveal too much about what we’ll see in the Harry Potter reunion, but a tease did show some of the characters candidly receiving invitations to Hogwarts.

The trailer gives a much better look at what to expect and will certainly raise the pulse of any Harry Potter fan. You may even cry . But seriously, here we get to see some snippets of the conversation between our favourite characters and what looks like a spectacular Hogwarts setting for the reunion. It was actually filmed at the Warner Bros Studio Tour London – a must visit for any Harry Potter fan.

How To Watch Harry Potter Reunion On Hbo Max In Canada

Exclusive First Look At Harry Potter Reunion Special

As HBO Max is a US-based streaming platform and geo-restricted in other regions. Then how do you get HBO Max in Canada to stream Harry Potter Reunion? You have to rely on a VPN service to access HBO Max and stream Harry Potter Reunion in Canada. Heres how:

  • Subscribe to a reliable VPN. We strongly recommend ExpressVPN as it is the fastest and has plenty of reliable servers in the USA.
  • the VPN app on your device and set it up.
  • Launch the app and enter your credentials to sign in.
  • Connect to a US-based server from the list.
  • Once connected, head to HBO Max official website.
  • Youre all set to stream Harry Potter Reunion in Canada.
  • Note: HBO Max has the official rights to stream Harry Potter Reunion on New Years Day. The streaming service also reunited the cast of popular sitcom Friends earlier this year. Just for your info, HBO Max also has a collection of all the Harry Potter series from Philosophers stone to the Deathly Hallows.

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    Heres How To Watch The ‘harry Potter’ Reunion

    Anyone who has an HBO Max subscription is in luck when it comes to watching the Harry Potter reunion special. Warner Bros. now has a streaming platform because of HBO Max, and this is why it’s the streaming platform where youll be able to find the reunion. HBO Max doesnt offer a free trial which means that if youre super curious to watch the reunion, youll definitely have to pay for a plan.

    The Harry Potter reunion special has been given an official Jan. 1, 2022, release date. A lot of fans were hoping to lay eyes on the reunion special for Christmas, but it turns out its going to be more of a New Years Day treat. As far as HBO Max subscriptions go, $9.99 a month is the cheapest option but youll have to deal with advertisements. Those willing to pay $14.99 a month can freely watch all HBO Max entertainment without any commercials in the way.

    When Harry Met David

    Chris Columbus, who directed the first two Potter films, couldn’t find anyone to play Harry Potter until he watched a BBC miniseries of Charles Dickens’ David Copperfield. The young actor playing David was 10-year-old Daniel Radcliffe in his acting debut.

    It wasn’t an easy road to hire him, though, as his parents didn’t want young Dan to commit to a seven-film series, especially since at the time it was thought the films would be made in America. But as we all know, Radcliffe signed on, and the rest is magical history.

    “I was a really happy kid who had a really haunted quality,” Radcliffe says with a laugh.

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    How To Watch Return To Hogwarts Online: Stream Harry Potter Reunion In Canada For Free

    Harry Potter fans in Canada can catch the reunion on streaming platform Crave now, arriving on the platform on New Year’s Day.

    There are two plans available and each offers a 7-day FREE trial to new customers. Both plans provide access to classic HBO series, on-demand movies, Crave originals and Showtime content, including addictive TV shows like The Gloaming, Dexter, and 30 Rock, in addition to the latest HBO Max releases and Hollywood blockbusters, such as Zack Snyders Justice League and the Sex and the City follow-up, And Just Like That .

    Crave Mobile is the cheapest plan at CA$9.99 a month . It provides one stream to one registered device via the web or the Crave mobile app, so its ideal for individuals or small households. However, for just an additional $10, Crave Total allows for four simultaneous streams to five registered devices. That, plus you get the best video resolution available.

    What About The Jk Rowling Of It All

    How To Watch The Harry Potter Reunion In The UK?

    Harry Potter creator and author J.K. Rowling will have a small part in Return to Hogwarts, despite all the controversy swirling around her.

    WarnerMedia confirmed in a press release that “comments” from Rowling will be included in the special, though it had originally left her name off of reunion announcements and marketing materials.

    Those comments, EW can confirm, are taken from archival interviews from years earlier. The writer was invited to participate in a new interview for the reunion, but Rowling’s team felt that the previously shot footage was more than adequate.

    Rowling, who states she’s not transphobic, remains a polarizing figure for repeatedly spreading ideology linked to the anti-trans TERF movement , which rejects the idea that trans women are women.

    Prominent LGBTQ organizations and activists continue to denounce such statements. Many Harry Potter stars, as well as Potter fan sites that have fueled the fandom, have distanced themselves from Rowling in recent years.

    The controversy has created unstable ground for many Potter-loving fans, who grapple between their love of the stories Rowling created and supporting the LGBTQ community.

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    Here’s How To Watch The ‘harry Potter’ 20th Anniversary Reunion

    “Hearst Magazines and Yahoo may earn commission or revenue on some items through the links below.”

    • It has been 20 years since Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was released in theaters around the world.

    • Now, the cast of every millennial’s fave film series is officially returning to the Wizarding World.

    • The Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts special is going to exclusively stream on HBO Max starting today.

    It’s is finally finally happening! It has been 20 years since Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was released in theaters around the world, and the cast of every millennial’s fave film series is officially returning to the Wizarding World. The original cast will be together once more, and they get to chat and reminisce about the good ol’ days at Hogwarts. OHand I cannot stress this enoughMY GOD.

    IDK about you, but I’ve been fragile since I first heard this Harry Potter reunion news. I’m going to have tissues ready for waterworks, a blanket to stay cozy while walking down memory lane, a mug of hot chocolate for added effect, and a group of friends to be nostalgic with. These are basically my New Year’s Day plans.

    If you’re planning to make this a whole event, then you might want to know all the important deets that come with how to watch the Harry Potter reunion. We’ve got you covered.

    How Can I Watch Harry Potter Movies

    Luckily, all 8 Harry Potter films are available to stream on HBO Max. Yep, that means from Harry Potter and the Sorcerors Stone to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, fans can binge the entire film franchise all on one platform. The Harry Potter movies are also available on Peacock, thanks to NBCUniversals seven-year rights deal with Warner Bros. Domestic TV Distribution that ends in April 2025.

    Harry Potters 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts will also feature appearances from Tom Felton, Gary Oldman, Helena Bonham Carter, Ralph Fiennes, and more. J.K. Rowling, who created the book series that inspired the film franchise, is not scheduled to appear in the anniversary special but will be featured in some capacity via archival footage.

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    What Else Can I Watch On Hbo Max

    In addition to the entire “Harry Potter” collection, HBO Max has a ton of great content to watch. If you’re looking for more fantasy and nostalgia, all three parts of “The Lord of the Rings” are included with HBO Max.

    Fans of “The Matrix” can also watch all of the movies on HBO Max, including the newly released sequel “The Matrix Resurrections.” The newest entry is only available with the ad-free plan, however.

    Heres How To Watch Harry Potter: Return To Hogwarts To See The Magical 20th Anniversary Reunion

    HARRY POTTER: Return to Hogwarts Trailer (2022)

    If youre a Potterhead, you may want to know how to watch the Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts reunion online for free to see cast members like Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint reunite for the first time since the Harry Potter movies ended in 2011.

    The Harry Potter series, written by J.K. Rowling, released its first book, Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone in June 1997. The serieswhich consists of seven books in totalfollows a young wizard named Harry Potter and his friends, Hermoine Granger and Ron Weasley, as they attend the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, while defending the wizarding world from Lord Voldemort, a dark wizard who killed Harrys parents and wants to rule both the magical and non-magical universe.

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    After the Philosophers Stone , Rowling went on to publish six more Harry Potter books from 1997 to 2007: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

    So how can fans watch Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts online for free? Read on for our tips and tricks to watch Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts online for free to see the magical, 20th anniversary reunion.

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    How To Watch The Harry Potter Reunion

    Harry Potters 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts comes out at 3 a.m. ET/12 a.m. PT on New Years Day . The special is only available on HBO Max, which is WarnerMedias streaming service that launched in May 2020. If youre a Harry Potter fan that doesnt have HBO Max, that needs to change now. An ad-free HBO Max subscription costs $14.99 a month, while a subscription with ads costs $9.99. If youre already subscribed, then youre all set for the Harry Potter reunion. The special will not be available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Peacock, or any other streaming services. Just HBO Max!

    After a few months, Harry Potter fans can watch the special through a different option other than HBO Max. Return to Hogwarts will also debut on TBS and Cartoon Network in spring 2022 ahead of the Warner Bros. Pictures theatrical debut of Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore. The films release date is currently set for April 15, 2022, but this could certainly change due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Fire Alarm At Hogwarts

    There’s a beautiful scene in 2005’s Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire where the other magical schools arrive to compete in the Triwizard Tournament held at Hogwarts. Hundreds of lit candles hang magically in the air. But in the special, Radcliffe reveals those were real candles — or at least some were — and they began burning through their ropes and falling.

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    Whether You Are A Gryffindor Or Slytherin Stan And Wondered How You Would Be Able To Watch The Harry Potter Reunion Heres All You Need To Know

    A Harry Potter reunion special is coming to US streaming platform HBO Max to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first films release.

    Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts will also be available in the UK on 1 January 2022, after initially only being set for a US release.

    The films three main leads Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson will join Chris Columbus, director of the first two films in the franchise.

    Ahead of the reunion special Watson, who played Hermione Granger, shared an emotional tribute on Instagram: I am proud not just of what we as group contributed as actors to the franchise but also as the children that became young adults that walked that path.

    I look at my fellow cast members now and I am just so proud of who everyone has become as people. I am proud we were kind to each other that we supported one another and that we held up something meaningful.

    Harry Potter author JK Rowling is understood not to be appearing in the reunion special. Her views on transgender issues have been challenged by all three of the franchises stars, but she will appear in archive footage.

    HBO Max described the TV special as a magical first-person journey through one of the most beloved film franchises of all time.

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