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Who Is Pansy From Harry Potter

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The Muggle Prime Minister

Pansy Parkinson logoless scenes

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, referred to as the Muggle Prime Minister by wizards, receives a visit from Cornelius Fudge and Rufus Scrimgeour in the opening chapter of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Using a series of flashbacks, Rowling describes how the Prime Minister is aware of the existence of the wizarding world, through several meetings with Fudge that include his first night as Prime Minister, the night in which Sirius Black escaped from Azkaban, the notification of the incident in the Quidditch World Cup and the announcement of the importation of dragons and a sphinx for the Triwizard Tournament, and finally the Azkaban mass break-out from the fifth book. Rowling intended to include the Prime Minister scene in earlier books, but she thought that it could not properly fit until the sixth book.

In the first chapter of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the Prime Minister recalls his day, during which one of his political opponents had been criticising him and his government for several catastrophes that have recently happened in Britain. Readers discover a little later during the discussion with Fudge, that these catastrophes are, in fact, the doings of Voldemort and his followers. He also discovers that he is protected by an Auror who now works in his office, Kingsley Shacklebolt.

Antioch Cadmus And Ignotus Peverell

The Peverell family is first mentioned in Half-Blood Prince as ancestors of , the maternal grandfather of Voldemort. In the final book of the series, they are revealed to be the original owners of the Deathly Hallows, which, according to The Tales of Beedle the Bard, they received from Death, although Dumbledore believed it is more likely that they created them themselves. The Peverell lineage continues through its living descendants, including Harry and his children.

After Hermione saw the symbol of the Deathly Hallows on Ignotus Peverell’s grave in Godric’s Hollow, Harry recalled Marvolo Gaunt boasting that his ring held the Peverell coat of arms on it, thus realising that the three brothers were the Peverells. Harry deduces that he is descended from Ignotus, as the cloak is passed down through his family. Furthermore, Rowling has confirmed that Harry and Voldemort are indeed distant relatives because of their relation to the Peverells, as the majority of wizard families share common ancestry.

Antioch Peverell was the eldest of the three Peverell brothers, and owner of the Elder Wand. He was killed in his sleep after bragging about the wand’s invincibility, having won a duel with it. The murderer then stole the Elder Wand, thus initiating its bloody history.

Relationships With Other Characters

Pansy often picks on other students, mainly Gryffindors like Parvati Patil, Neville Longbottom, Ron Weasley, Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. She tends to concentrate her aggressions on those less powerful, younger, or smaller than herself. Her friends are other Slytherin girls, and she is often seen giggling with them. In her sixth year, Pansy seems to like fawning over Draco Malfoy, fondling and stroking his hair.

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Pansy Parkinson And Draco Malfoy

Pansy Parkinson was most often described as shrieking rather than speaking. Her natural flair for the loud and dramatic made her the perfect provider of the attention that Draco so often wanted. It was Pansy who simpered over Draco after Buckbeak the Hippogriff attacked him, and they even attended the Yule Ball together. But Harry did get a glimpse of their dynamic when he hid in the Slytherin carriage, on the way to school at the start of their sixth year. Malfoy lay with his head in Pansys lap, allowing her to stroke his hair, and later she waited for him with her hand held out as though hoping he would hold it. It seemed an almost entirely one-way relationship, with Draco only deigning to show any real affection in private, if at all. Certainly not the healthiest relationship on this list.

Harry Potter: 10 Fan Fiction Relationships We Wish Were Real

Pansy Parkinson

There are hundreds of unique relationships that can be found in HP fanfiction, yet here are the ten that have grabbed our attention the most.

If you’re a massive Potter fan like us, chances are you’re already well aware of Harry Potter fanfiction. This widespread platform offers the opportunity for us mere muggles to use our wild imaginations in order to invent scenarios at Hogwarts that fulfill our heart’s desires.

There are hundreds of unique “ships” that can be found in HP fanfiction, yet here are the ten that have grabbed our attention the most.

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The Order Of The Phoenix

Pansy, along with Draco Malfoy, became Prefect for Slytherin House in her fifth year. She joined the Inquisitorial Squad, a group formed by the High Inquisitor and Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, Dolores Umbridge. She helped try to rat out the female members of Dumbledore’s Army by searching the girls’ bathrooms and getting the list of members. Along with other members of the Inquisitorial Squad, Pansy was jinxed during the final rebellion of Fred and George Weasley she received a pair of antlers and had to recover for a day in the hospital wing.

Pansy tried to unease Harry Potter at a Quidditch match by tempting him, but Harry seemed unshaken. She also led a crowd of Slytherins in a chorus of Weasley is Our King at a few matches. She continued to be very rude to others and insulted Harry and Cho Chang, as well as the late Cedric Diggory, after seeing them together.

Filch And Madam Pince

In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Harry first voiced his suspicions about the cantankerous caretaker and the vulture-like librarian: Ive always thought there might be something going on between them These suspicions were later somewhat confirmed at Dumbledores funeral, which Filch and Madam Pince attended apparently together. Scandalous! But once you get over the initial shock, it makes rather a lot of sense.

They were both sticklers for the rules, seemed unhappy that students were a necessary accessory to a school, and were given to prowling around their domains after dark. Madam Pince even used similar language to Filch, describing a book that had been written on as having been befouled! One imagines theyd spend long evenings, maybe with a cheeky nice glass of red, comparing stories of students being rule-breaking, grubby little toerags, one of those relationships based on shared dislikes rather than mutual interests. But love, just like magic, works in mysterious ways, right?

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Most: Professor Remus Lupin

Harry never has any luck with his Defence Against the Dark Arts teachers during his time at Hogwarts. Professor Quirrell tries to kill him, Professor Lockhart is clueless, Alastor Moody turns out to be a Death Eater, Dolores Umbridge is a hag, and Severus Snape murders Albus Dumbledore during his only year in the role.

But, Professor Lupin is the one exception, taking Harry under his wing and teaching him how to deal with the Dementors when they swoop in. Unfortunately, he’s forced to quit the job after a year because he’s a werewolf, a creature the magical community won’t accept. It’s a shame, too, because Lupin is just downright lovely.

Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

Harry Potter & Pansy Parkinson – Lolita

Pansy is made a Prefect with Draco and she, along with him, abuses her power, putting students in detention for no reason. Hermione, Pansy’s arch-rival, is quick to notice this. Pansy is also in the Inquisitorial Squad, an organization invented by Dolores Umbridge. Pansy finds Hermione’s register for the organization named Dumbledore’s Army, and Pansy’s evidence is vital in Harry’s criminal record. However, Professor Dumbledore takes the blame and vanishes from the school to protect Harry.

Later, Professor Dumbledore is back as Headmaster and Umbridge is sacked.

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George Weasley And Angelina Johnson

So we all know that Angelina Johnson went out with Fred Weasley they danced exuberantly at the Yule Ball together although for how long is uncertain. It makes her later marriage to George Weasley particularly interesting. Its quite possible they united through a shared grief over Freds death, but couples formed in this kind of intense event often struggle to stay together once the event has passed. It would be particularly strange for Angelina: when she looked at George she would, surely, be seeing Fred in some way too?

But then again, Angelina Johnson, with her towering temper when called for but ability to stay cool in the face of repeated annoyances was really the only match for a Weasley twin. She really wouldnt stand for any nonsense, on or off the pitch, and took that attitude to eventually becoming captain. Angelina was also always the one to call out Oliver Wood for calling the Quidditch team men when there were three women on the team. She had respect for the individual. That would, of course, include George as an individual too.

Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone

Pansy makes her first appearance during the Sorting, and later during the flying class. She mocks Neville and scoffs at Parvati’s defense, saying “Never thought you’d like fat little cry-babies, Patil.”

Pansy watches Draco and Harry duke it out in the air on their brooms and sees Harry do a spectacular catch in mid-air, and she later gloats, thinking Harry is expelled. However, he is merely made a Gryffindor Seeker.

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Harry Potter Star Confirms She Has Married Former Playboy Boss

“My heart is so full.”

Harry Potter star Scarlett Byrne, who played Slytherin student Pansy Parkinson in the movie series, has married former Playboy CCO Cooper Hefner so congrats are in order.

The pair revealed the happy news on their respective Instagram accounts yesterday after tying the knot at a courthouse ceremony.

“Cooper and I are excited to share that we legally married,” Scarlett wrote. “We are looking forward to planning our wedding in the coming months where we will celebrate further with our friends and family.

“I love you Cooper. I am proud to stand by your side, as your partner, your friend, and your wife. I cannot wait to continue building a life together. My heart is so full and I am so grateful for our love.”

Cooper added on his own account: “Scarlett and I have made it officially legal and the two of us could not be happier.

“Cheers to a life full of love, happiness, adventure, and great purpose, Mrs Hefner. I love you dearly and very much look forward to planning our wedding celebrations in the months ahead. I love you, Scarlett.”

Scarlett played Pansy, a close ally of Draco Malfoy, in the final three Harry Potter movies, and also had a recurring role in The Vampire Diaries as Nora Hildegard.

She had been engaged to Cooper since 2015, and the latter was formerly chief creative officer at Playboy as well as the son of the company’s famous founder Hugh Hefner.

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Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry

Pansy, Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

Parkinson attended starting in 1991 and was Sorted into Slytherin with her friends. Parkinson began bullying other students, especially Hermione Granger. In 1993 she began dating Draco Malfoy. She was involved in the Battle of Hogwarts in that she suggested giving Potter to the Death Eaters, causing the dismissal of her entire house. After the battle she proposed to Draco Malfoy, who accepted.

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Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban: 5 Characters With The Most Screentime

Harry and his friends feature quite heavily in the franchise’s third installment, but which characters barely escaped the cutting room floor?

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is the third movie in the series, releasing after The Sorcerer’s Stone and The Chamber of Secrets. The Boy Who Lived’s third year at Hogwarts is just as eventful as his previous two, with Harry having to contend with the breakout of Sirius Black from Azkaban and the Dementors being there at every turn.

But, which characters got the most screentime, and who didn’t? We’ll now take a look at the numbers, using IMDB as our guide.

Neville Longbottom And Hannah Abbott

We know from J.K. Rowling that Neville Longbottom and Hannah Abbott, a Hufflepuff in the same year, eventually married, living together above the Leaky Cauldron pub. But we never really saw Neville and Hannah even talking while they were at Hogwarts. We can see it making sense though: they had a lot of opportunities to become friends, such as both being members of Dumbledores Army and the fact that Hufflepuffs and Gryffindors often had Herbology lessons together.

Academic anxiety was, of course, another thing Hannah and Neville had in common, with Hannah bursting into tears during a Herbology lesson and saying that she was too stupid to take exams and wanted to leave school now. Herbology was also the lesson Hannah was taken from to be told her mother had been found dead. A family being shattered by Voldemort and the Death Eaters was something else Neville could understand well. Perhaps the first deeper conversation they had was through bonding over these shared experiences.

Though we dont see it, its easy to believe Neville and Hannahs relationship would have been a lovely one, perhaps not glamorous but steadfast, long-lasting, and based on deep mutual respect, supporting each other and keeping each other strong. The sort of love that makes you feel all cosy inside, like good toffee. Bless em.

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Twenty Random Things About Ron Weasley & Pansy Parkinson

This is a quick meme entry for the Harry Potter Random Facts Fest in which you claim a character or pairing and write twenty random facts about them–things you’d never know or think of until, of course, you do! And then fic writers can come along and use these facts to create lovely stories. It’s an awesome thing run by iulia_linnea and I suggest you check it out, because this has been so much fun

Twenty Facts About Ron Weasley and Pansy Parkinson

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Cooper Hefner Fell In Love With Pansy

(Pansy Parkinson/Blaise Zabini)

Well, not really. But when he saw Byrne playing her, he was hooked. Back in 2016 he was interviewed by LA Weekly and said “Scout Willis was one of my closest friends growing up. And, at the time, she was at Brown University with Emma Watson, so I thought that was my in.” Not so fast says, Scarlett. Poor old Coop spent five years “courting” her on before she would agree to go out with him! The result was an ice cream date in Germany.

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It must have been very good ice cream because the two were engaged in 2015. Cooper, of course, asked Scarlett’s father’s permission and rolled up with “a massive yellow diamond”. Did they do the mega-wedding thing? No way. In 2019 they simply went to the local courthouse and tied the knot without any fuss. Celebrations came later.

Afterward, there was kind of a gush-fest with the two going nuts posting on social media. Cooper posted some pictures of their modest ceremony, saying “Cheers to a life full of love, happiness, adventure, and great purpose, Mrs. Hefner. I love you dearly …” Byrne for her part said how “proud” she was to stand by his side.

Then in August of 2020, little Betsy came along.

The two seem totally, utterly, thoroughly loved up. Harry Potter opened the doors to Scarlett’s personal happiness. Cooper’s too.

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The Prisoner Of Azkaban

Pansy entered her third year in the Prisoner of Azkaban and continued her mean streak. She and the rest of her gangâDraco Malfoy, Vincent Crabbe, Gregory Goyleâteased Harry Potter after fainting on the Hogwarts Express from Dementors and took much joy in it. During one Care of Magical Creatures class, Draco was attacked by the hippogriff, Buckbeack, and Pansy insisted on escorting Draco to the hospital wing. After the attack, she fawned over Draco’s injury and asked if it hurt terribly. She seemed to dislike Rubeus Hagrid, professor of Care of Magical Creatures, as did many other Slytherins.

Other Canon Notes And References

J. K. Rowling has some strong opinions about Pansy Parkinson, the girl bully:

Let my girls be Hermiones, rather than Pansy Parkinsons. Let them never be Stupid Girls.

From a PotterCast interview:

Q: Did he graduate? And who did he marry? It wasn’t Pansy right, or was it?

JKR: No! God, it wasn’t Pansy Parkinson. I loathe Pansy Parkinson. I don’t love Draco but I really dislike her. She’s every girl who ever teased me at school. She’s the Anti-Hermione. I loathe her. Yeah, sorry! Sidetracked there by my latent bitterness. He married Astoria Greengrass.

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