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Where To Buy Red Bricks Lego Harry Potter 5 7

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What Does The Gryffindor Common Room Look Like

Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7. Buying and Activating Red Bricks.

The common room was a circular room where Gryffindor students could relax after a long day of studying. It was full of squashy armchairs, tables, and a bulletin board where school notices, ads, lost posters, etc. The common room was decorated in several shades of red, which was associated with the house.

Lego Harry Potter: Years 1

Throughout Lego Harry Potter, there are 24 red bricks which can be bought to help you through your game. Each one will give you a cheat that can be switched on.

There are four bricks which are available from the start of the game, but the other twenty will need to be found before you can purchase them.

Finding Them Is The Easy Part This Is What To Do Next

As the name might imply LEGO Harry Potter Collection is all about collecting. Sure, thats not the real meaning of the title, but the name fits with the unlockable focused collect-a-thon that is the two LEGO Harry Potter games contained in this recently released set on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Youll be collecting LEGO bits, new characters, and various types of blocks. Most of these you just pick up and are good to go, but the special red blocks are unique. These you have to perform a specific task, so heres how to collect red bricks in LEGO Harry Potter Collection.

First you have to find the red brick, obviously. This will depend on the level youre playing, so search elsewhere for tips on that front. Once you find the red brick though you can come back here for the next bit. The key to collecting red bricks in LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 or Years 5-7 is to always look for Hedwig.

No matter where or how you find the red brick, Hedwig will be somewhere nearby. Once you pick up the brick you just have to take it to her and turn it in. This will unlock the feature corresponding to the particular red brick you found, at least in the store. Head to the Owl Emporium for Years 1-4 or the Leaky Cauldron for Years 5-7 and upstairs and you can pay bits to turn that feature on. These include things like bit multipliers or even magnets, making your future adventures that much easier.

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Lego Harry Potter: Years 57

Music from Years 56 composed by Nicholas HooperMusic from Year 7 Parts 1 & 2 composed by Alexandre Desplat

Lego Harry Potter: Years 57 is a Lego-themed action-adventurevideo game developed by Traveller’s Tales and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Released on 11 November 2011 in North America and November 18 in Europe, the game is based on the Lego Harry Potter toy line and is based on the final three books and four films in the Harry Potter film series: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. The game was released for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita, Wii, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, Microsoft Windows, iOS and Android. The first of three trailers was released 6 October 2011, and the demo was released on 1 November.

The game was released on Steam on 5 January 2012. The OS X version of the game was released by Feral Interactive on 7 March 2012. The game was released for the PlayStation 4 on 21 October 2016, as part of the Lego Harry Potter Collection, which bundles the game with its predecessor, Lego Harry Potter: Years 14, and was also released for the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on 30 October 2018.

The game received generally positive reviews, especially to the humour added to the game’s narrative.

Where To Enter Lego Harry Potter Years 1

Lego Harry Potter Years 5

To enter codes in Years 1-4, go into Wiseacres Wizarding Supplies in the Diagon Alley hub . Go outside and head down the street to Wiseacres Wizarding Supplies, then go inside and interact with the board upstairs.

To enter codes in Years 5-7, allows you to enter codes following at any point of the game but pressing pause and selecting Extras on the menu.

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Lego Harry Potter Cheats

Heres all of the Lego Harry Potter cheats you need for the Harry Potter collection. It collects Years 1-4 and 5-7, completely remastered for current gen consoles.

Guideby Jake Green, Guides Editor

Great news Potter fans! Lego Harry Potter Collection pulls together Lego Harry Potter years 1-4 and Lego Harry Potter years 5-7, giving them both a fresh coat of paint. The remastered collection is out now for current gen consoles, including Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4. As with any Lego game, there are cheats to be had, and characters to unlock. So weve collected all of the Lego Harry Potter Collection Cheats Codes and Stud Unlocks, including Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 cheats and Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 cheats.

Lego Harry Potter Gold Bricks Locations Guide Red Bricks Included Too

How to find all Lego Harry Potter Gold Bricks Locations and Red Bricks Locations. These guide videos and tips show you how to get started collecting all 200 Golden Bricks by revealing where they are located in the Wii, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC game. 20 Red Bricks are hidden in the levels as well.

Index of Lego Harry Potter Guides:

  • This Page: Gold & Red Bricks Locations Guide

There are some easy golden bricks tips:1 gold brick for each level completed = 24 gold bricks total.1 gold brick per level for true wizard = 24 gold bricks total.1 gold brick per level for each completed crest = 24 gold bricks total.

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Red Bricks Locations Guide 1

There are 20 red bricks to collect and getting your hands on these can reveal some awesome bonus features Like stud multipliers and even some more entertaining features like replacing wands with carrots, sound like fun? Then youll need to be on the look out for owl posts, throughout the game youll notice an owl perched on top of a red box in these locations there is an elusive red box hiding somewhere close by.

To activate the brick you must first send it off via owl so take the box to the owl post and it will be flown away to the owl emporium there you can look at all your red bricks and their effects and once purchased that ability will be available for you to use, these special abilities are available through the pause menu and select the Extras menu to activate your Red bricks.

Some of the red bricks are very well hidden so keep your eyes peeled in any location with an owl post and if your looking for a little help why not try using the password for the red brick detector, Go to the Wiseacres Wizard supply store in Diagon Alley and enter the following code: 7AD7HE and once activated you will be helped along by a red triangular pointer on your screen guiding you to the bricks location.

#1. Red Brick Location Singing MandrakeOpen the locked door in the Herbology classroom. Enter the green house on the right. Make the strength potion. Build the stairs from the leaves and pot the three mandrakes for the red brick.

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Gold Bricks Locations Guide

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 – All 20 Red Brick Locations (Complete Red Brick Guide)

There are 200 gold bricks scattered throughout the world of Lego Harry Potter. Heres a few hints that should get you started and closer to that target of 200 and remember once you reach 200 put the bricks together at Knockturn Alley and go into the bonus level. As soon as you enter, then you will unlock the Dark Lord himself, Lord Voldemort, as a playable character.

This video shows where to get the first of the gold bricks in Lego Harry Potter:

#1 Location: Bathroom HallwayTo find this Gold Brick, youll want to follow along the upper path . Eventually youll come to a glass case. Allow the AI partner to clear the pieces out of the way. Drag the case out and then smash it. Now follow the snail that appears. And youll have yourself another Gold Brick to add to your growing collection.

#2 Location: Charms Underground Area Left Note that there is a game-halting glitch in this room if you try to leave when the game is autosaving . To avoid this enter this room as the very last area you enter in the game. So you might want to keep this as the last Gold Brick as well. Youll earn this Gold Brick by building the Dragon. After jumping near him and going back up, youll earn a Gold Brick for your escape.

#3 Location: Charms Underground Area Right This Gold Brick is easily found in the second room after you exit the first area. All you need to do is use LM on the vines . Do this and youll earn this Gold Brick.

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Spells And Magic Abilities

In the guide, spells are referred to by shortcuts take a look at the table to learn which shortcut corresponds to which spell. They are group in order in which you will obtain them in the game. Each learnt spell/ability will give you a Gold Brick.

NOTICE: You dont get a Gold Brick for mastering the Time Turner ability.


Purple 10,000

Hogwarts Crests

In each level, during each year, you will find Hogwarts Crests each consisting of four parts: Gryffindor , Slytherin , Hufflepuff , Ravenclaw . You get a Gold Brick for completing each Crest.

Character Tokens

There are 167 Tokens in total in the game. After collecting each, you have to then buy the character at Madam Malkins in order to be able to use them in the Free Play mode. In the section, you will find a list of all the characters in the order from the shop.

Students in Peril

There are 50 students in total to save in the game. You get a Gold Brick for helping each of them.

Red Bricks

In total, there are 20 Red Bricks in the game . Each time you find a Red Brick, you have to send it using an owl to the Eeyelops Owl Emporium, where, after buying them, you can unlock various bonuses. Below you will find a list of Red Bricks, their cost and the locations where you can get them.

1. Singing Mandrake Greenhouse 2

2. Character Token Detector Dungeon

3. Fall Rescue Harrys Dorm

4. Character Studs Great Hall

5. Score x2 Clock Tower

6. Score x4 Slytherin Dorm

7. Score x6 Muggle Artifacts Room

Gold Bricks

What Is Red Brick 18 In Lego Harry Potter

Red Brick 18 is the only one that cant be unlocked through entering cheats. This 18th Red Brick first shows up on your way to Year 2 Level 2 as you are making your way through Hogwarts. There is a courtyard with a fountain surrounded by four statues. Destroy the statues, and with the remains form a knight.

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How To Get The Nine Clams In The Black Lake Stage


How to get the nine clams in The Black Lake stage?

All the clams are located in the area before you assemble a fish to knock over obstructions. If you activate the red brick house detector cheat the coloured arrows will point to the whereabouts of each of the clams.

If you are still looking for help with this game we have more questions and answers for you to check.

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Lego Harry Potter: Years 5

Lego Harry Potter Years 5

Between gold bricks, character tokens, crests, students in peril, and red bricks, there are a whopping 600+ objects to collect in Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7. If you want to make finding them all a snap, you just need to collect the Red Bricks first. These magical Legos act as modifiers that do anything from multiply the value of studs to detect other collectibles. So yeah, you want the red bricks – and we know where to find all 20 of them.

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Why Was Hermione Bad At Divination

Divination was an elective subject available beginning in a students third year. Hermione Granger had great difficulty with Divination because it is not exact and woolly, and she developed a disdain for the subject because it a subject in which studying and books cannot help if one lacks the natural ability.

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Prepping For The Hunt

The way the game is designed, youll have to beat most of it to get every red brick, and all of it to claim every other collectible. Before you start hunting down red bricks, progress through the story, having fun and finding what you can, until you can roam around Hogwarts freely in year 7. At that point, youll have all the spells you need and have access to the characters tokens required. Just make sure to have about four million studs saved up to buy those characters.

Youll need a character capable of casting dark magic and a Ravenclaw character. Finding a Luna token is easy , but you may have trouble finding a dark magic user. Heres one of the first youll have access to:

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How Do You Use Red Bricks


  • When you find a red brick you must give it to an owl that should be nearby then it is available to buy in Diagon Alley. User Info: Joshua547. Joshua547 10 years ago 4 1.
  • As an addendum that can be activated by going to the pause menu and going to extras to toggle them on. User Info: Seitei.
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    Which Store Do You Buy The Red Bricks At

    Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7. Red Brick, Extra Hearts.

    Question for LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7

    Which store do you buy the red bricks at?

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    Where Do You Drop The Red Bricks In Harry Potter

    Drop through the opening, then head right along the ledge. Watch out for the grates. Claws will come out of them if you pass over them, knocking you down to the lower area. If that happens, head left and bounce back up to high ground using a spiderweb trampoline, then try again.

    Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Red Bricks. Throughout Lego Harry Potter, there are 24 red bricks which can be bought to help you through your game. Each one will give you a cheat that can be switched on. There are four bricks which are available from the start of the game, but the other twenty will need to be found before you can purchase them.

    Drop through the opening, then head right along the ledge. Watch out for the grates. Claws will come out of them if you pass over them, knocking you down to the lower area. If that happens, head left and bounce back up to high ground using a spiderweb trampoline, then try again.

    They are group in order in which you will obtain them in the game. Each learnt spell/ability will give you a Gold Brick. NOTICE: You dont get a Gold Brick for mastering the Time Turner ability. The most commonly used spell it lifts up objects. / Dark Magic the equivalent of for bad character.

    Additionally you have to buy every Character Token, Red Bricks and additional spells Destroy everything you come across collecting studs will allow you to get the True Wizard title and will also come in handy for buying characters and other bonuses at the Diagon Alley

    Lego Harry Potter Red Bricks

    So I was wondering if red bricks are cheats. Beacuse I dunno. I was saving up studs for Accio cuz I thought I can magnet studs. Then I collected some red bricks and saw abilities like score multipler and stud magnet. So I bought multipler 2x,6x and 8x ,a stud magnet and just to be sure a prevent from fall stuff. Being true wizzard and collect fair amount of studs was quite challenging but after these bricks activated I enter a level and I am true wizzard in seconds and for the end of level collect more than 1,5 millon. Plus knowing these abilities can be turned on/off in extras menu includnig other things like Christmas theme, carrot wand it seems to me a cheat. You know like in oldschool games when cheats could be activated in menu . Just to be clear. The game with these abilities is more fun and finally I see some progress with studs. I can buy characters,charms, gold bricks but I dont wanna play as a cheater. So long story short: Is this the way Lego Harry Potter meant to be played? Or should I turn’em off for a normal game experience?

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